Fated Strands

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The minute hand on the clock touched the twelve sending books into backpacks, under shoulders, and generally out the college
lecture hall doors. Julie was in the front row, always the first one in and last one out of her elective course on ancient
mythology. About to ascend the stairs she was called by her professor, a short stocky woman of over sixty years who the class
jested should be part of the curriculum.

“Miss…” the professor searched the air for Julies last name. “Hundreds of students, a hundred different names… Doesn’t
matter. I wanted to talk to you about your last essay.”

Bewildered at the request Julie walked over. “You gave me full marks, what is it you want to talk about?”

“Yes, yes it was very well researched. It’s the tone I wanted to discuss. You see, you wrote it in a way that made it seem like
you believed these myths were real.”

“I found writing the essay as a true history helped it come together easier. That wasn’t a good choice?” Julie half defended her
ideas of the world.

“You research well. But, you would do well to write them as the myths they are,” the professor made it be known in her tone
that the discussion was over.

Julie left the conversation unfazed by the advice given. Up the stairs she went to meet the afternoon with the wonder it deserved.
As she walked down the hall she removed a single hair stick from her bun. Letting her hair cascade freely down her back.


With a spring in her step Julie blissfully continued her two mile trip home to her off campus apartment. From the front she was
a slim, tan girl, with the tone body of happy-go-lucky person that walked anywhere when given the opportunity. From behind she was
a thick curtain of dirty blonde strands, so straight they defied any method of curling or waves Julie had yet tried, a curtain that gleamed
in the sun, ending amid her thighs.

Julie was humming a made up tune when a large black bird, too big to be a crow, took flight from a lamppost above her. Intrigued by this new creature Julie stood still, her head swiveled to follow. The bird flew effortlessly around a corner. Julie laughed in awe as she lost track of the bird. She ran after it, her hair shined as it blew behind her. Moments later she was alerted to its resting spot by a *KAW*. Julie stopped, causing the strands of her hair to drop into their proper places. The bird, a raven Julie surmised, was perched on a sign affixed above a door with a  small pane of glass at head height.

“Fated Strands?” Julie had not seen this business before. She walked closer, placing her eyes cupped by her hands against the small
window. On the inside she could see a well cushioned red chair was beautifully lit by light that had no source. The floor was fine marble, polished to an absurd perfection. Before she could make out more the door nob turned. Julie backed away, not sure which way to go.

“Greetings, Julie.” A woman of striking beauty stood in the doorway surrounded by golden curls gesturing for Julie to come inside.
“I believe you have an appointment.”

“I do?” Julie was certain she did not.

The woman nodded, then walked back inside.

To the end of her days Julie could not say what made her follow. If ever she was asked, she would reply “It just felt right.” As
she entered the minor discomforts of the outside world disappeared. The temperature was just right, the air moved with a comforting
touch, and the lights – even without a source – illuminated the room and every object in it with perfection.

“You’re special. Do you know that?” The woman stood beside the chair.

“I am?” Julie looked back to the door that lead back to a sane world.

“You believe. We’ve waited a long time for someone like you.” The woman made no movements.

“Am I supposed to sit in that chair?” Julie kept her distance. The chair, and the stone counter it was in front of were things she
was happy to not be further acquainted with.

“Forgive me. It’s been so long. There is nothing in this place that will force a single thing upon you.” The woman turned to a second
doorway at the back of the room. “Follow me, when you are ready to know more.”

Julie considered her predicament, the chair clearly meant for her, and what she assumed to be shears that were placed on the cushioned
inside of a large shell. The battle between her curiosity, and her fears was brief, her fears won. Moments later she was in the normal
sunlight of the early afternoon.


A very odd way to get customers, Julie thought while she sipped her tea at an outside table of a coffee shop. A themed salon, that’s what it was. A very odd, themed salon.

The large black bird sat perched upon a light pole across the street.

“Does that bird hang out there because people feed it?” Julie asked a female student at the table next to her.

The student looked in the direction Julie was indicating. “What bird?”

“The black one. I think it’s a raven.” Julie saw the student visibly confused about the top of the light pole. “It must have flown off.
Oh well.”

It was half a sandwich later before Julie got the nerve to ask her next question. “Are there any salons close by? I’m in need of a trim.”

The student, persuaded by the amount of hair Julie had massed along her right side and below the chair bottm of the chair, accepted this
question as more reasonable than the last. “A few blocks north, that’s where everyone I know goes.”

“There’s no place closer?” Julie avoided asking about a salon lit with no lights.

“No, that’s the closest. Unless you want the barbershop? That’s a block closer.” The student chuckled, and went back to her studies.

“The salon should be fine. Thank you.” Julie sipped her tea. “I’m losing it,” she thought. “Full on losing it.”

She stayed at her table long after her food was finished. The Raven watched patiently from its perch. “You win. What are you hiding behind that door?” Julie cleaned up after herself, then proceeded back towards the impossible salon.


The Fated Strands sign hung where she left it. The door to the mysterious salon still left open from her hasty retreat.

“Hello?” She slid inside, closing the door behind her. She moved a piece of her hair behind her ear. “Are you still here?” The doorway at the back of the room was open. From it a cool breeze chilled the room. “In for a penny…” Julie gulped. “Hello?” The air grew colder as she passed through the doorway. Behind the doorway there was darkness, at the far end of that darkness was daylight. As she walked the daylight lit the mouth of what must have been a cave, the it illuminated four figures.

“Welcome back, child.” The voice of the woman from before carried towards Julie.

“Is this real?” Julie stood as stoic as she could in front of the woman, and three figures working on a tapestry.

“For you, yes. For others… they’ll never know,” The woman spoke in calming tones. “Let me explain what I can. These are The Fates,” The three shapes gestured in agreement. “They weave destiny. I am, was, a Goddess.”

“The actual Fates?” Julie scoffed. Then realized she was the one out of place in this cave overlooking mountains, and valleys that ran on forever.” The actual Fates…”

“You have a rare gift. Strands grown from belief in destiny, in gods, in what many would call the impossible,” The woman paused for Julie to ask questions. “We have long since been moved from our homes by people who no longer believe. This has reduced us to nomads, wanderers. Gods, and spirits that wander in search of nothing they can remember.”

“Strands?” Julie’s mind had trouble catching up to the rest of the woman’s story.

“These,” The woman lifted a piece of Julie’s hair, letting it fall down a strand at a time. “These can be woven into their tapestry, into destiny. Allowing us to move the world in the slightest of ways to ensure we live on a while longer.”

“My hair has that power? Destiny made from my hair? This hair?” Julie considered her thigh length locks having more than just vanity, and power over horny men. “Can you use it to weave my destiny?”

“We can. In exchange for your help, we will help shape your life in a way that you desire.” The woman put her hand gently on Julie’s shoulder. “Will you sacrifice your hair, so that we may live?

“Sacrifice? All of it?” Julie grabbed her hair protectively to her breast. “But, I get to choose my destiny?”

“Correct,” The woman gazed deeply into Julies eyes. “Will you help us?”

Julie gulped. Diving into her probable psychosis head first. “Yes.”

“Then follow me,” The woman glided to the back of the cave.

Julie followed. At the doorway between the dark cave. and the perfectly lit salon she hesitated. “Anything I want for my Destiny?”

“You can stand by the fates as they weave it themselves,” The woman stood once more at the chair.

“Hair like yours? Money for whatever I need? A life of wonder?” Julie worked on her destiny as the chair melted away her last apprehensions.

“That, and more will be your reward for your sacrifice.” There was no cape, no questions of surety, no last chance to back out. The woman lifted a lock of Julies hair, just enough to slide the old shears between it, and Julies scalp. The slice was somehow pleasurable to Julies ears. Strands she grew with love separated from her without drawing a tear.

“I should be sad, but I feel… pleasure?” Julie felt as if she was having a romantic evening with a passionate lover. She enjoyed each slice of the shears more than the last. “What is going on?”

“Is it too much?” The woman placed a lock amongst the others on the stone counter.

“No, this is the best I’ve felt in ages,” Julie’s face glistened with sweat. As she relaxed, letting herself get lost in the moment she felt the pleasure grow in intensity. Her hand wanted to explore her moistened sex.

“Let me deal with that. I have many more years than you when it comes to those ways,” The woman sliced another lock millimeters from Julies scalp.

Without being touched Julie moaned. Whatever this woman was doing it was beyond her past lovers.

“I will let you have release when we are finished,” The woman touched her hand to Julies shoulder. “Few experience my ways, you are truly special.”

Julie lost herself in the bliss, being edged to each sheared lock. The chair moved before her, caressing her, not allowing a moment of discomfort. Her mind emptied of all but the most pleasant of primal emotions.

The woman followed Julies head as it moved. Shearing each strand at exact height of the last.

As her head neared nudity Julie plead. “Please, I ne- I need to cum,” she squirmed.

“Soon, soon your sacrifice will be complete,” The woman kissed Julie on the cheek. “Soon.”

“PLEASE!” Julie screamed.

“One more,” The woman placed the penultimate lock on the counter while Julies plea still echoed around the room. “For you,” the shears closed on the last lock.

Tsunamis of pleasure moved through Julie, causing her to soak the red chair. For longer than she could comprehend Julie road her climax.

“When you are ready, we will join The Fates in the cave,” the woman waited. “Until then, I am here for as long as you need.”


It was some time before Julie fully recovered from her experience. And in the end the she, and the chair were reluctant to part ways. As she walked with the woman into the cave, the cool breeze chilled her scalp. “About my destiny.”

“Anything you want, within the rules of your world,” One of The Fates spoke as Julie approached.

“Change of hair color?” Julie ran her hand over her head.

“That we can do,” The Fate inserted a strand of Julie’s hair into the fabric. “Golden, I suppose?”

“Yes, like the woman’s.” Julie looked out at the vista of mountains,  then began to list her desires.

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