Feeling The Chair – Part 2

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Holy hell! What have I done?

Someone has stripped my identity down to nothing and took away every precious strand that I have grown meticulously over the years. I had cared, coloured and conditioned every week, maintaining the shiny blonde long locks of love and as I stand now before the mirror, all I see is a woman with a mannish haircut and the glassy smooth scalp all over the back and sides. The worst feeling was that I thrived in it. I was aroused in my humiliation, turned on when the vibrating clippers crawled all over my head and let two men shave me until they were satisfied.

Fuck. What have I done?

Ever since then, every time I touched my head and petted the short hairs and smooth scalp, I was reminded of my reluctant submission. I was yet to come to terms, but at the time, I was aware how wet it made me between the legs. 

“I think it will be short,” I heard the client on the chair hesitate as Adam caped him. It was another day at the barbershop as Seth and Adam convinced their clients on the chair to cut their hairs shorter than they had planned. And I had witnessed how their vulnerable protests got lost into the loud whirring of the clippers.  

“I think it will look great,” Adam pushed and then signaled for me. “Ruby, come here and show him your haircut.” 

Not again, I groaned. 

Sighing, I walked over to the chair as Adam put a firm hand on my nape and lowered my head. “Touch the sides and back,” he guided the man. “It’s so smooth.”

“The top is a little too short,” he concerned, letting his fingers slither all over.

The stranger took a generous feel of my scalp and then petted the short hair on top as I was made to stand like a mannequin and complied. It had become a daily affair as Adam or Seth would let the clients take a feel of my head to persuade them to go shorter. Although I knew how embarrassing it was, I could not help but feel stimulated. And the barbers noticed it too. So they simply leveled up my humiliation.

“I will try and keep the top longer for you,” Adam said. “Ruby here, actually needed a short haircut. In fact, Seth and I decided that she will only have short haircuts from now on.”  

“That’s really brave.”  

“It’s a barbershop,” he said, letting go of my nape. “People who work here are meant to have short hair, and Ruby has taken it quite well. We might try something shorter for her the next time.” 

The client widened his eyes. “She will be practically bald.”

“Nonsense. She will get used to the short haircut,” he punctuated and then ordered me back to the reception. 

The entire conversation was about me and I was spoken for by my dominant employers who deemed it fit to cut my hair and keep it short to their liking. While I hated the feeling, I could not stop getting wet between my legs.

Every time, I’d watch the barbers shear their reluctant clients, wielding some kind of power over them, it turned me on and I could not wait to go back home and rub myself over the image. 

It was one of those slow days and we were planning to wrap up early to leave when all of a sudden, Seth made a comment. “Your hair grows fast.”

“I guess.”

“Let’s clean it up then,” he said.

“Now?” My heart beat wildly. “But I had it cut…like two weeks ago.” 

“That’s fourteen days and way too long for short hair maintenance. Ideally, every week it should be clipped,” he scolded. 

Adam chipped in. “For the back and sides, I’d say, every alternative day to keep it smooth. That stubble is disgusting now.”

I felt trapped. I knew what was coming my way, and even though a part of me was thrilled, I was still shitting in my pants. “But, I thought…”

Seth had already taken me by the elbow and was dragging me towards the chair. “C’mon, let’s get you on the seat and clean you up. You knew it was coming anyway.” I seriously didn’t.

I watched Adam get to the blinds and closed them and then locked the door. “Why don’t you remove the dress and get comfortable?” He suggested stripping was a casual thing. “You don’t want the fine clippings into the fabric now, do you?” 

The men shared a knowing smile while I stood pressed to the counter where the ominous clippers were all on display. 

“Let me help; it will be easier.” Seth offered.

Before I could protest, feebly still, he had me turn towards the mirror and pulled down the zipper of my dress. He wasted no time to yank down the fabric and let it pool around my legs. And with that, my degradation was complete. I knew what they were looking at, and the knowledge painted me red.

“Look at that, what a little slut we have,” Seth cooed as ran his hands all over the nakedness. 

“What kind of a girl comes to work without her panties?” Adam asked sternly, slapping my ass. 

“The kind we like, Adam.” Seth grabbed one of my asscheeks and squeezed. “Did you always come here without panties, girl?”

“Sometimes,” I groaned slowly. 

Another slap hit my ass. “Is this because you like to watch the men getting short haircuts? Or perhaps, when I shave them bald?”  

I moaned. “Yes.”

“Bend over and spread your legs,” came the command.

I met their eyes on the mirror, hesitating but the hard spank had me comply. Holding onto the counter, I took a few steps back and bent over with my legs apart. Adam kicked it apart, having my pussy exposed to their leering sight. 

Seth wasted no time and ran a finger over the moist folds. “You like when I run the clippers over their heads and cut their hair shorter than they want?”

“God, yes,” I whimpered. 

Adam, on the other hand, knew how to inflict the right amount of pain as he struck over the ass cheeks alternatively until it began to sting. “You like how helpless and submissive they are in the chair?”  


Another spank — harder. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir,” I keened.

“Do you imagine yourself in their position?” Slap. “Do you rub yourself at night, remembering how we had cut your long, blonde hair?”

I nodded.

Another spank, on the back of my thigh. “And you want to be in that chair again, feeling helpless and submissive, too?”

“Yes, yes, please.”

“You know, we can do whatever we want and you can’t do anything about it. You will be tied to the chair and if you scream, we will gag you.”

I nodded, moaning and whimpering. Adam grabbed a paddle brush and slapped three times in succession on both cheeks while Seth alternately pinched my clit and the nipples. And every time, I’d try to rise from the position, a sharp spank landed right on my pussy.

“Oh, God, please, please.”  

“Are you begging us for a haircut or punishment?” They laughed. 

I had no idea what I wanted. All I needed was to climb over the edge and reach my climax. But the men had other plans. 

Adam grabbed my ass and gave a rough squeeze. “We can improvise the haircut and give you a nice horseshoe flattop. A small strip of hair in the front while the entire head will be shaved to the bone. It will remind you that once upon a time you had hair on your head.”  

I panicked a little. I have seen horseshoe flattops, and in my opinion, it was one of the worst haircuts I have ever seen. It was like a punishment.

“What do you think, Ruby girl?” Adam crooned. “You don’t like horseshoe?” 

“I’d say shave her whole head — a nice, smooth cueball,” Seth interjected. 

“Or we can do that, too. And then we’d let every man who comes into the barbershop have a feel of your head,” Adam said, adding another spank over a sore spot. 

“Hell, yes. And these gorgeous breasts are for us to feel.” Seth took the liberty and reached out for the nipples, pinching one at a time and moved his hand between my legs to get a copious feel. “And the wet pussy.”

“What do you think of that, girl?”

“Please, just…” I croaked.

“Please what? Let you come? Or shave your head?”

“Both. Both, please.” I just wanted to come. I did not care how dirty it sounded, but I simply wanted to chase the high of the climax. And when the next slap landed right between my legs, over the engorged clit, my body shook with need and desperation. 

“What a little wanton slut she is! But we will take care of the business first.” 

I was made to climb up the barber chair, sitting naked and without a cape. Seth took the lead, grabbing the large clipper off the counter and pushed down my head. 

“Say goodbye to whatever little hair you have.” The firm hand cupped the back of my head while the whirring teeth attacked the shortest length on top. I was forced to watch as the clippings rained down my lap. Once he was done with the top, he had simply pushed my head to the side and buzzed down whatever little stubble I had grown previously. While I could not see the mirror, I knew that I was not leaving the chair with any length whatsoever. That knowledge alone quivered my pussy, making me flinch.

“Do not come!” Seth warned, and then twisted my left ear to shave around the path. The humiliation added fuel to the fire, driving me to the edge further as I grabbed the armrests tighter and whimpered. Finally, the incessant buzzing came to a halt. 

Adam was already shaking the shaving can and squirted a dollop on top of my head and took all the pleasure to spread them generously over my head. He, then, picked up the razor and stroked it over the leather before taking hold of my head. I could feel the way he would hold the skin taut and shave it; the rough, grating sound of the razor against my scalp droning in my ears. It was both a thrill and a dread, knowing I’d be a bald woman at the end of this ordeal. And the fact that it was a non-consensual act added to my stimulation.

“Every alternative day, you will present yourself before us after closing the shop,” Adam whispered in my ears. “And you will do it naked. Seth and I will take turns to shave your head and polish it smooth and then you will thank us both.” 

“Yes, sir,” I moaned.

Seth teased the leather strop between my legs often used for sharpening the razor. “If you slack or make excuses, you will get ten strokes with this.” To make a point, he lightly snapped it on my thighs, intensifying the feel. 

“And we will do it in front of the first customer of the day so he can see what a naughty employee we have here before we shave you bald. Is that clear, girl?” Adam asked over the rasping sound of the razor scraping my crown. 

“Imagine yourself naked, bent over with a nice red ass to show for. And then a stranger gets to see you getting shaved.”

I could no longer hold onto my orgasm as the crude image of my debasement flashed before my eyes and I came on the chair with a shuddering climax. The explosion was so intense that I did not realize that the men had to hold me down; a pair of hands grabbing my legs while the other pair held me by the shoulders. 

“Oh, what a little hair slut we have,” Seth crooned.   

Adam had finally released my head and grabbed a bottle of oil. He poured a few drops and massaged onto my head, making it obvious that I no longer have a speck of hair. I was bald—smooth as a cue ball and it wasn’t even by choice. It was a dark fantasy that I didn’t even know that I had harbored until it came alive at the hands of two dominant barbers. 

“Look at yourself, girl,” Seth ordered, forcing my gaze into the mirror. The jarring reflection of my baldness split me in half and I felt more naked than I was. “No more short haircuts for you. You will remain like this — bald little slut.”

“You won’t wear wigs; you won’t cover it with a scarf and you definitely won’t hide your baldness. Is that clear?” Adam asked with his fingers stroking in and out of the moist channel. 

“Yes, Sir.” 

“Let’s clean up this hairy pussy now,” he said. “The less hair you have, the better.” He chose a small trimmer, one they often use for cleaning up the edges and poised it over my mound. Without a preamble, he spread my legs as wide as he could and ran the humming machine all over. He took the liberty to open up my pussy, gently enough, and shaved around the outer lips. The vibrations brought forth renewed orgasms as I writhed against the chair. He finished it off with lather and a safety razor, and then bent me over to shave the area around the butthole. I lost count of the pleasures by the time the entire event ended. 

The men had carefully dusted off the small clippings from my body as I gingerly put the dress on. “Remember, no hiding,” Adam said, rubbing my bald head one last time.

“You belong to us now and so does your hair,” Seth added, sealing the deal with a nipple pinch. “And as long as you work for us, we will keep you bald, horny and naked.”

Dazed, I stared into the mirror one last time before leaving the shop and felt the polished scalp. It was my present and future, as long as I chose to be here. And when I walking back home, feeling the breeze against my scalp, I realised that I have never felt so sexually liberated until today.


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