Feeling the vibration

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Summers on the coast were brutal. The heat and humidity from the tropical weather did no favors for Lucy’s butt length, sun damaged brunette hair. Most days she would tie it into a ponytail to keep it off her nape. 


One Tesday afternoon, Lucy was walking home from school through town. She passeda

shop that she had never noticed before. Lucy looked up to see a blue, red and white striped, pinning pole. The sign that accompanied the pole said ‘Theo’s Barbershop’. As she was staring at the sign, Lucy realized she was standing in the middle of the front window. She looked into the window and saw multiple men looking at with smiles, 2 were sitting on a bench down the side wall, and one man was sitting in a chair getting a haircut from the barber. Lucy’s eyes widened but suddenly felt at ease and smiled back. Lucy walked to the door and opened it. A bell rang from above her which startled her and she looked up at it. The barber giving the haircut grinned and asked the girl, “First time in a barbershop, young lady?” 


Lucy replied “umm yes sir”


“Well young lady. Why don’t you take a seat and we’ll get your hair summer appropriate”


Lucy smiled at the barber and took a seat to the two men.


As she sat there, Lucy watched the man getting his haircut. The barber had spun the chair to face the window so the man was to the side of the mirror. His haircut was quite short and the barber seemed to be using an electric cutting machine. She was amazed at how much faster it was at cutting hair compared to using scissors. It glided over the man’s head with such ease. The sides and back of this man’s head were basically bald. She could see the light reflection in the side. The man sitting next to her looked over at her staring in awe at the haircut. He knew this was going to be a great afternoon.


Suddenly, another man walked out from the back of the shop. He was dressed in black pants, a white shirt and a bowtie. The man walked to the vacant barber chair and called over the man on the end of the bench. Lucy’s attention was now on the other barber chair. He sat in the leather barber chair and the barber tied a white thing around his neck. She wasn’t sure what this was or what its use was. The barber then threw a cape over the man and clipped it at the back. He then folded the white tissue over the collar of the cape. The barber asked The man what haircut he would like. 


“A flattop please steve”


The barber nodded and went to his counter. He grabbed a pair of those cutting machines and flicked them on. Lucy was surprised at how loud the hum was. It echoed through the shop like a low rumble. She began to enjoy this sound. While she was watching this man get his shaggy mop buzzed down,Lucy didn’t see the other barber finish the man’s haircut and he left.the barber then called up the man sitting next to lucy. She didn’t hear what he said but the adjacent man said in his loud old voice, “I can wait. She looks like she a needs a haircut more than me”


Lucy suddenly looked at the man because she definitely heard what he said.


“Well then young lady. You’re next”


Lucy looked up at the barber and smiled. The barber chair was now facing her. She stood up and walked to the barber’s chair. The barber was standing there with the cape draped over his arm and one of those tissue things in his hand. Lucy stepped up onto the footrest and sat down. She couldn’t believe how soft and comfortable the chair was. She placed her hands on armrests and relaxed. When the barber wrapped the tissue around her neck, Lucy was shocked to find out that this tissue wasn’t soft like she thought it would be. It was slightly rough but she liked the feeling. The barber then draped the striped cape over her and clipped it quite tight. Then like clockwork, the tissue was folded down over the collar. Lucy surprisingly enjoyed the sensation of the cape being clipped just that one clip too much. 


“So young lady. What will it be?” Asked the barber as he was tinkering with some things on his counter.


Lucy was slightly confused as to why she didn’t get spun around to face the mirror, but she locked eyes with the man on the bench and they smiled at each other. She snapped back into it and replied, “Hi. Im Lucy. I’d like something more appropriate for this heat. I need this hair off my neck”


“What about a nice bob and I’ll buzz your nape. That will be much cooler for the summer heat.” said the barber


“Ok. That sounds like a good idea” replied Lucy as she smiled again at the man on the bench.


“Very well,” said the barber.


He grabbed a rubber band off the counter and tied her long brunette hair right at her chin line. While the barber was changing the blade on his clippers, he said, “my name is Theo and this is my shop. What made you come in?” 


Lucy replied, “um, I’m not sure. I knew I wanted a haircut but I was going to go to my usual salon. It was when I walked past here and was in awe from the second I saw the spinning pole. This seems like such a welcoming and calming place and I’ve loved every step so far.” 


“Well i must say, clippers sound more relaxing than hairdryers and gossip” replied Theo as he smiled and flicked his clippers on. He flipped them over and grabbed Lucy’s ponytail. Theo flicked the switch and the low hum of the clipping machine filled the room. He then pushed the clippers into the ponytail just above the rubber band. Lucy couldn’t believe this feeling of her hair being shorn from her head. It was like a gentle tugging, but within seconds, it was over. Theo took her ponytail and dropped it into her lap. The ponytail was so heavy that she could feel it between her thighs. This caused Lucy to look down in surprise. Her beautiful shiny brunette tresses where laying lifelessly in her lap. All of a sudden she felt a hand on her head. 


Theo pushed Lucy’s head down further so her head was touching her beasts and then he placed the humming clippers on her nape. With this feeling on her neck, Lucy became instantly infatuated. The sensation was nothing like she’d ever experienced. Lucy was in love. 


Theo pushed the clippers into her hair which left a clean strip of bare skin behind its path. You see, Theo had attached the #0 guard. He continued the path up the back of her nape about 3 inches. He then proceeded to shave Lucy’s nape to the same 3 inch line. Lucy lightly gripped the armrest and smiled in excitement at the feeling of those clippers running up the back of her head. She began to hope it never stopped. 


After a few minutes, the buzzing stopped and the stern hand was lifted from Lucy’s head. She was hoping the clipping wasn’t over. Theo grabbed his scissors and began shaping the ends of Lucy’s bob. Lucy then said in a soft voice. “Could you please use that machine on my head again? I like feeling of the vibration very much” 


Theo was slightly hesitant when he heard this but being a professional, he sought to fulfill her request. “Of course, young lady. They are called clippers by the way. How about a high n tight or a flattop or maybe a zero all over?” replied Theo as he walked to his counter again to his clippers. 


“I’m not sure. What about a high n tight? Will you use the clippers?” asked Lucy


“well miss. A high n right is the shop’s most common haircut. We will most definitely be using clippers” responded Theo with a ginger smile. 


Theo proceeded to attach the #0 are to his clippers. He turned back to Lucy to see her head was already pointing down. She was still staring at her ponytail. He placed his hand on her head again and pushed the clippers into her nape once more. This time however, he didn’t stop at the 3 inch line. He pushed them right up her nape and over her head. Right up the middle. All of Lucy’s locks from the middle strip cascaded over her forehead and into her lap. This gave Lucy an overwhelming feeling as the vibrating clippers buzzed over her head. This felt even better to her than the nape shave. 


Theo made another pass of the clippers over the back of her head towards her forehead. He then brought the clippers to the front and pushed them back into her hairline. Lucy realised at this point, she was getting all her hair cut the same length. Very very short. 


“Excuse me, mr. Why is it called a high n tight?” asked Lucy, with her head now upright


“Please, call me Theo. It’s known as a military cut. Shaved high up the sides with the top nice and tight” he replied. 


“my name is Lucy” she said, smiling at the wall. 


Theo continued reducing Lucy’s locks to stubble, pass after pass. He shaved her sideburn and around around the ear, and watched of all Lucy’s gorgeous shiny hair fall into her lap on the floor. Theo showed no mercy as he stepped on her beautiful hair laying on the floor. A few minutes pass and the clippers stop. “don’t worry lucy. I’m not finished yet.” said Theo


Lucy just smiled nervously as to what was next. She heard the clippers come to life again and it filled her with excitement once more. Theo now had his balding Wahl clippers with the #000000 guard on. He brought the clippers to Lucy’s sideburn and pushed them up. He watched as Lucy’s smile winced at this feeling. He pushed the clippers up 2 inches above her ear. What remained was a skin bald patch where her sideburn used to be. Theo continued to shave the side of her head up to the same line as the first pass. He worked around the side to her nape. He then pushed her head down and started shaving Lucy’s nape. Lucy looked into her lap and smiled again at the sight of shorn brunette locks laying in her lap. She could feel the pile on her thighs. 


Theo finished shaving her nape up to her crown and moved to her right sideburn, following the line he’d created. He grabbed Lucy’s chin and lifted her head back up and began to shave her sideburn. Theo finished shaving around her ear and clean up any missed areas. What remained on Lucy’s head was an oval of hair about 1mm long on the top of her head. Theo smiled at his work and rubbed Lucy’s head. She absolutely loved the feeling of someones hand on her buzzed head. She grew a big smile as she looked over at the old man on the bench, who smiled back. 


“all done young lady. This one’s on the house” said Theo, while he removed the cape and neck tissue. He then spun the chair around to face the mirror. Lucy didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror. She was filled with emotions and couldn’t believe the haircut she had gotten. It was so short. She was basically bald. 


Lucy moved her head around to examine her haircut then stepped up out of the chair and down from the footrest. She shook Theo’s hand and thanked him for the haircut. 


“I hope to see you again, young lady” 


She turned and smiled at him as the bell rang and she walked out the door. 

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