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When Anita was studying her 5th std she had a friend named Gowtham. They both were very good friends and mostly they used to tease each other and play everytime. One day Gowtham didn’t come to school. She asked teacher for the reason and she got to know that he went to some temple and won’t come for a week. Anita got bored for a week due to absence of Gowtham. After 1 week she’s waiting for Gowtham at the school gate and finally Gowtham got down from bus. Gowtham was wearing cap and after seeing Anita he’s simply ignoring and moved forward. Then Anita ran towards him by following him and stood infront of Gowtham. She quickly removed the gowtham’s cap and shocked by his look. Gowtham is having no hair on his head as it is shining white and smoothly shaved. She’s asking what happened to him and what is this look. He told that his parents lied him and shaved his hair in temple. But she’s seeing Gowtham hairless for the first time and she felt something new. She kept on watching gowtham’s bald head everyday, touching and enjoying his smooth bald head. Gowtham is annoyed by this behavior of her and asked her one day straight.
Gowtham: Don’t touch on my head hereafter.
Anita: No. I’ll touch
Gowtham: I said don’t touch. That’s it.
Anita: Please Gowtham. I’ll buy you chocolate please.
Gowtham: You can buy me chocolate but I don’t like u touching my head.
Anita: Please Gowtham. I like your bald head and I feel like touching and rubbing everyday.
Gowtham: Because of you everyone in our class are teasing me and calling me by nicknames. Please understand.
Anita: Ok. I’ll not touch your bald head in class but I’ll touch outside class.
Gowtham: That’s fine. You’re mad.
Anita has got liking towards bald head and short haircuts but she’s afraid to share this thing with other friends as they will tease. She only shared it with Gowtham. She told him that after she saw him in bald head she got this new interest. After 2 years she understood that her liking towards headshave is not just interest but it’s a feeling. She then searched in internet about these feelings and come to know that it’s nothing but hair fetishism. Since then she started watching all headshave videos and haircut scenes from internet and developed more interest towards that. And she thought of trying out the same on her but always worried about the look and other’s responses about her bald head. Now she’s studying 9th std and she has a boyfriend named Ravi. One day she wanted to talk to ravi about headshave.
Anita: Hi Ravi
Ravi: Yes Anita tell me
Anita: Your hair is so messy dear
Ravi: Yes I had to get haircut this week
Anita: No dear don’t get haircut
Ravi: Why
Anita: Instead of haircut go for headshave and it looks good on you
Ravi: Are you kidding?
Anita: No dear seriously I’m saying go for headshave and you’ll seriously look good on that look
Ravi: No way Anita. Everyone will tease me I’m not gonna do that
Anita: Please Ravi. I’m asking you right. Please shave your head for me
Ravi: I can do whatever you ask but not this
Anita: No you have to do this only
Ravi: Are you mad Anita? Why are you asking me like this?
Anita: Because I want to see you in bald head
Ravi: But why? Every girl wants her boyfriend to be good looking and stylish and you want me to shave hair
Anita: Yes I like to see you in headshave
Ravi: That’s not gonna happen Anita
Anita is so upset that Ravi is not listening to her wish and got one idea in her mind. She immediately smooched him deeply. Ravi left speechless as they both were kissing for the first time. Then she’s telling him that if he shaves his head then she’ll give him kisses like this regularly. Ravi has no choice as he liked her kiss so much and wanted to enjoy the same. He said yes to her and she felt so happy.
Next Monday Ravi came to school with bald head and Anita ran towards him and saw him for the first time without hair and she was so happy and couldn’t explain him in words. She then rubbing his smooth head continuously and enjoying the feel. Then one day she got interest of shaving her head in temple. But in her home no one is having this habit of shaving head even in temples. One day she’s asking her mom about this.
Anita: Mom. I saw my friend latha today but she got her head shaved in temple.
Mom: Ohh is it? It must be a vow
Anita: Yes mom. It’s a vow and her entire family got shaved their hairs.
Mom: Good
Anita: I have seen many of my friends families doing this as part of their tradition lots of times. But why we don’t do this?
Mom: Don’t worry Anita. I’ll not ask you to shave your head as our family don’t have such tradition of shaving heads in temple.
(Anita mind voice: I need you to ask me to get shaved then I wanted to get happily shaved.)
Anita: Why we don’t have mom?
Mom: Don’t know dear it’s a part of traditions that our ancestors are following since generations.
Anita: Ok mom.
Anita felt so sad after hearing this that she won’t be able to shave her head just like her friends are doing. She thought of different ideas about shaving head and one day she’s telling her mom like this.
Anita: Mom! Do we get good marks if we shave our heads in temple? One of my friend shaved her head and she got very good marks in the class.
Mom: Ohh is it! Good for her. I would have shaved your head and made you to score well but in our family there’s no chance for that.
After hearing this she simply went outside on herself and feeling sad about not able to get shaved. She’s so shy that she was not able to tell her parents that she like headshave and want to do that. Then she thought of spoiling her hair so badly so that she’ll get hair problems and that she can get shaved. For few days she’s not maintaining her hair properly and not having hair wash regularly. Due to this her hair started falling, dandruff increased and even it got affected with lices. She told her mom and cried badly that her hair is affected too badly and she was afraid to get rid of hair. She even told mom about a treatment of her friend that she got shaved and then everything got settled in a good way. Mom told her that not to worry and headshave is not allowed in their homes and she’ll not ask her to shave her head. With no options she got her hair treatment from popular doctor and she got rid of problems that she wantedly did to herself. She understood that nothing can be done. Years passed.
Anita started going college. She was not living in girl’s hostel and her fetishness is increasing more. Once her roommate geeta got hairfall problem. Anita got one idea in mind and she pulled some of her own hair and threw nearby her place and multiple places across room. Anita has done this for weeks and her room geeta saw so much hair on the floor and thought that it’s her own hair. Geeta was so much worried and asking her solution for the same.
Anita: Since you have visited doctor and no use so only one solution is there.
Geeta: Tell me what’s that solution I’m ready.
Anita: I don’t think so you’ll accept.
Geeta: Tell me Anita it’s fine.
Anita: Shaving your head with razor to smooth bald.
Geeta: What! Are you kidding?
Anita: No I’m not kidding. Check in internet that’s the only effective solution for immensive hairless.
Geeta: No way. I’m not gonna lose my whole lot of hair.
Anita: See I told you that you won’t accept. It’s your wish.
Geeta: There might be some other solutions.
Anita: You have seen tried that for yourself. And if you apply more medicines consisting chemicals it’ll give your hair more side effects and damage your hair. Finally one day you’ll become permanently bald and you don’t ask me that time for solutions.
Geeta: Why are you saying like that Anita? I’m so worried.
Anita: I know dear you’re worried. Thus I have given you one effective solution for hairfall. Your hair will grow thickly and also new cells forms.
Geeta: I’m not sure what to tell. Let me think.
Next day geeta is thinking about what to decide about her headshave.
In the meanwhile Anita keeps everything ready in place like razor, shaving foam, blades amd towels. After seeing that geeta started to cry. Anita quickly caresses her and motivates her by showing bald beauty pics and told her that she would look really beautiful in bald.
Head shaving started. Anita made her to sit on the balcony and tied big towel around her neck. She loosen her hairs and poured water on her head. She made her wet in such a way that no cracks should appear while shaving. Anita took the razor and feeling so happy inside herself that she’s gonna shave a girl’s head for the first time. She was not able to describe that happiness infront of geeta but maintaining her sadness towards her. Now Anita started to shave from the middle and slowly her long silky locks of hair is falling on her laps. She’s shaving so slowly so that geeta should enjoy the tickling sensation while shaving. Anita forcefully pushed her head down and started shaving her backside hair with domination and attitude. Her backside neck part of hair is cleared and appearing clean shaved. Now she’s applying more water at front of her hair and started shaving her front side. Geeta was sitting helplessly and watching her long locks falling over her laps. She’s crying and holding her long hairs tightly. Now headshave is completed. Anita brought a mirror and showing her to check her bald head for any unwanted hair. Geeta first time placing her hand on her head without hair. She got surprised and started crying a lot. Anita hugged geeta and caressing her shoulders.
After this incident Anita’s fetish increased even more. She badly wanted to go bald anyhow. Same method she applied in her home also. She throwed her hairs everywhere around the home and when maid asks about hair she tells everyone that it’s her hair and it started to fall very badly. Anita soon started to cry infront of everyone by telling that she’s afraid of her hairfall. Her mom consulted her to doctor. Doctor gave medicines but Anita is not taking medicines as her hairfall problem is a drama. She again started to spread hairs over home and everyone is worried about her hairfall. Her mom took to beauty parlour and she got her a close cropped boycut. She’s having a haircut this short after her childhood and feeling very happy but still somewhere in her mind she’s worried about not able to go bald.
Few months later Anita got married and she moved to different city along with her hubby. One surprising thing she found about their mother in law and her hubby’s sister is they were in close cropped hair similar to boycut look. She asked her hubby about the reason of their short hair. He said that ladies of their family should get shaved every year once due to family’s tradition. Anita suddenly laughed whole heartedly with full of happiness. Her hubby asked her why she’s laughing. She said that it’s her wish since childhood to shave her head but it’s not fulfilled due to some traditions in her home and now because of same traditions she’s gonna get her head shaved. After listening that Anita’s hubby felt happy that he was so afraid to tell her about this and that now she’s so understanding and he like her so much. She asked her hubby when is the time to get their heads shaved. He said that next month all ladies should get their heads shaved. Anita is so happy and feeling lucky that she’s not able to enjoy and satisfy her fetishness. She also asked her hubby to shave her head in home itself. He agreed for that. The day of headshave arrived. Anita sat on stool. Her hubby loosened her hair and poured water then started massaging. Anita is feeling like she’s on cloud 9 and enjoying the massage so nicely. Then he inserted new blade in razor and started shaving her hair from the front. Anita bites her lips so tightly and enjoying the shave. She’s feeling so hot while the razor touches her scalp. All the long hairs are falling on her lap. He completed the shave. Anita asked him to reverse shave by applying shaving foam. He applied shaving foam so much on her bald head and started to shave from backside. Anita closed her eyes and enjoying the cool breeze. Her headshave was completed. They both had sex that night. Anita requested her bubby to get her headshaved twice every year. He agreed for that as it will be more good thing according to his tradition. Finally Anita’s long desire for headshave is getting fulfilled every year and that too twice. Also she went to her home one day with smooth shaved head by rubbing her head by her hands continuously and looked at everyone in a dominating and attitude manner. She looked them in such a way that they didn’t allowed her to go bald since childhood and now that she achieved to get bald.
The End

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