Fetish Discovered

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(This story is purely based on fiction)

I was around 13 years old and studied in 8th class. I was an average student and had struggle to score good marks. Every day I had my school form 7 am to 3 pm followed by my cricket coaching till 5 which was then followed by my tuition from 6 to 8 except on the weekends there was a holiday.

I studied at a private school. While I was at school, I was committed to my studies. At breaks, I would hang out with my friends and check out on girls at my school. I liked several girls but my major crush was this girl called Harshita. She was very cheerful and friendly by nature. Her body was slim and her curves were just flawless. But the most fascinating features she had were her eyes and her smile. Her light brown eyes hypnotised me and her smile melted my heart. Her hair was black and was always in plaits. I had never seen it open as per the strict restrictions of our school.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon. On Saturdays, I had no tuition. my mom used to take me to her beauty salon so that she could supervise me while I studied. I was sitting at a corner reading my science textbook. while I was at the salon I always checked out on the girls entering the salon. I had my eyes on the door as usual. As the door opened I was keen to check the girl. My heart skipped a beat on seeing the girl who entered the salon. I got so nervous I hide my face under the book but I was too late, Harshita had already spotted me. She made her way in my direction.

Taking my book away she asked,” Raj.what are you doing at a women’s hair salon?”. 

I was feeling so embarrassed that I couldn’t utter a word from my mouth” I…mmmm…I…l was…”.

She began laughing on seeing me that disturbed.

“Oh silly, don’t get scared I am just kidding I know that your mum runs this place,” she said while she still laughed.

l took a breath of sigh relaxing myself a bit and inquired “Why are you here, Harshita?”.

“Obviously I am here for a haircut, in fact, I have an appointment,” she answered.

Upon her saying this I kept looking at her hair which was in a high bun. She looked pretty in that hairstyles.

“what are you looking at?” she inquired.

I replied in a formal tone”Nothing, I was just looking at your hair as I have never seen them loose.”.

On hearing this she opened her hair and turned around. As she turned her hair hit my face. I had never felt this sensation and I was so delighted.her soft hair touched my cheeks as if it was butter. I could smell the fragrance of her hair, It smelled so fresh as if a flower. I opened my eyes which revealed me her hair length. Her hair looked super clean, it passed her mid-back and barely reached her waist. Her hair had layers which gave it a decent amount of volume. It looked eye-pleasing with those soft waves. I was feeling excited but I didn’t know why. I was eager to touch her hair, which I did. I touched her hair and tried untangling it. To my surprise, she had no objection. I continued caressing her hair. I felt cold shivers down my spine. I had never experienced this feeling before and I loved it. I could feel my down arousing.

She then turned back toward me and asked: “Who is it? Do you like it?”.

I answered back with a compliment” they are simply beautiful.”.

She replied flipping her hair around her shoulder “I know, right?”.

“Why are you even cutting them in the first place?” I added.

Elaborating her decision she said”You won’t understand but long hair requires a lot of care, also maintaining such hair takes a considerable amount of time daily. I even get late for school at times. I am just fed up of this routine now, I want a change.”.

” I could only imagine what problems you are going through. But how short are you going to get it cut anyway? “I asked.

“I was thinking about getting a bob as it is easy to maintain. How do you think about it?” she inquired.

Before I could reply to her mom cut the conversation”It’s about time for your turn Harshita dear.”.Hearing this she left, waving at me.

Harshita sat on the barber chair. mom secured a long white cape around Harshit’s neck as Harshita grabbed her hair and held it high above her head. Upon seeing this scene by down hardened like a stone, I could feel butterflies in my stomach as my mom brushed Harshita’s hair. Her long hair covered most of the chair.

After the brushing was done mom asked Harshita that was she sure about the haircut to which Harshita replied yes she was aware and her decision was final.

Mom clipped Harshita’s hair on her crown, the loose ends hanging on the front covering her face. She made a section on the back of Harshita’s head and combed it. She put her hand in the pocket of her apron and pulled out a pair of shears. She placed it directly at Harshita’s nape. My heart started pounding faster and my feets felt numb. The shears chopped through her lovely locks, slowly revealing her neck. Seeing her hair raining as it gathered on the floor making a heap was satisfying to watch. Hearing the sound of the shears snipping her thick hair was the most satisfying things I had ever experienced. Mom opened the clip on her head. As her hair fell on her back is gave an impression of a bun drop. Mom tilted her head forward and started chopping the rest of Harshita’s hair at the nape. The heap of hair on the floor kept increasing as the scissors made their way through Harshita’s hair.

After the back was done mom sectioned the hair at the sides. She tilted Harshita’s head on the right as the scissors made their way through the left. Long tresses of hair were all over Harshita’s shoulder which slowly sailed towards her lap. Harshita removed her hand from the cape and clenched some of the hair on her lap. Her eyes and her smile revealed me how excited she was.

It was such a treat for me to see half of her hair cut short while the other half still long. I didn’t know why I was so excited about seeing her hair get chopped. it was so eye-pleasing as I could compare how drastic of a cut it was. Every snip by the scissors made my heart skip a beat. Mom made her way to the other side. She started to snip it making the hair equal on both sides. As the shears made progress more and more of a mess it made on Harshita’s Cape. Her white cape covered with those lovely black tresses made a beautiful contrast. The heap of hair on the floor had increased significantly.

Mom softened Harshit’s hair with a thinning scissor giving it finished look. She turned the chair around and combed Harshita’s hair over her face. It looked really tempting as if they were inviting me to take a snip. Mom held the scissors above Harshita’s eyebrows and over her forehead. The scissors slowly made their way through her forehead raining her soft strands over her delicate cheeks, revealing me her beautiful eyes that were closed at the moment. As she opened her eyes we had a brief moment of eyes contact. We both were feeling nervous and gave an awkward smile at each other.

Mom turned the chair around again. She grabbed Harshita’s hair and clipped it on her crown for the second time. She put her hand in her pocket and to my surprise, she pulled out a razor. I had butterflies in my stomach. Harshita getting a head shave was the first thing that popped in my mind, but I could only hope for it. Mom tilted Harshita’s head to the front until Harshita’s chin touched her chest. She gently applied foam on Harshita’s nape with a brush. As the razor ran down her nape peeling the foam, it revealed me Harshita’s bare neck. I had never seen it naked and that clean. It was so tempting, I had an urge to kiss it.

Mom then began dusting the hair across Harshita’s face and shoulders which meant that the haircut we officially over. As mom opened the cape all the loose tresses of hair on the cape slid down to the floor adding further to the heap. I felt like clinching the heap of hair and moving it over my cheeks to feel it’s softness and recollect the sensation I had a while ago when it was still a part of her head. Mom blow-dried Harshita’s hair giving it a nice shape around her face. She was looking super hot in short hair.






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