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This is the first time I write my experiences down. I have more experiences I can share, but that would be longer stories. Please leave me information of the way of writing is pleasant or not. So I can learn about it before my other stories. Thank you and enjoy.

A few months back. I went to the barber. It was a while since I was there because of the Covid lock down. My hair had grown about two inches more and I felt horrible. It was to long and thick, began to curl a little bit and where to long at my ears. It was possible to grap it and hold it, something I was (and am) terrified of due to my past. I sat down in the barber chair and felt embarrassed: I need my hair short. As short I can not grab it, or anyone else.

He grabbed a cape and put it on me. The barber asked: what can I do for you? My face turned red of shame. He saw something was wrong. ‘Can you please cut is as short I can not get a hold of it, like a crew cut?’ Yes of course I can he replied without further questions. He took his scissors and started on top. His fingers tight to my scalp, my hair between his fingers. He looked at my in the mirror and asked: ready? I nodded slowly and he cut off every hair above his fingers. I felt a relieve: it was happening! He worked in the same way every time again till the top was reduce to half an inch or a little bit more. I was very happy to see him working on reducing my hair.


He took clippers and put a small comb on it. I could not see the number he took. Was it like a number 1 of more a 2 of 3. He started shaving and put the clippers on the right side. He looked at me in the mirror and smiled. He saw  in my eyes I wanted to know: you will see. He pushed the clippers up to the temporale lobe, and I saw my hair felt without resistance. I distressed and relaxed, it was happening. He took a number 2 comb and worked around my head. He took smaller and bigger tools to clean sideburns and blend in the smaller and little  longer hair (on top).

After the chippers he took a thinning shear and started cutting on the top. In the process he didn’t spoke much. While I relaxed more every minute, he talked about the weather and the news. Just small-talk. I loved it. He asked: is it short enough for you, or do you want it shorter? I hesitated. He said: you can feel it if you like. Slowly my hand moved towards my head. It felt wonderful. Thank you so much sir. He smiled: your welkom. He untied the cape and I stood up. ‘Do you like to keep it short, you can come in every two weeks. You don’t have to fell like you felt anymore. I can keep it short for you.’ I looked down to my shoes and said: isn’t it strange to keep it short? ‘No of course not… he paused: also not as a female.

Since that day I come in every two weeks. Sometimes I would like to try a slightly longer top. But two weeks later he has to reduce it back and sometimes even shorter, because I can not handle it. When I turn red again, while he asks the question how I would like it that day: he knows. And without explaining he reduces it to the length I need. Right know it is about 1 centimeter on top and a number two on the back and side. He helps me to be calm and every two weeks I go to the shop and feel relax again.

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