Finding the Old Roommate’s Slave Contract

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Erica still told stories of her weird roommate from time to time. Tammy had sublet a room in her rented townhouse for a few months, three years ago. In that short amount of time, she had claimed to work for the CIA, the NSA, and the WNBA, as well as claiming that she co-created Bitcoin and was the illegitimate daughter of Leonardo DiCaprio. The only time they spent more than five minutes together was when Tammy asked if she could tag along to Wal Mart. She purchased a single cucumber, a webcam and lubricant, and offered no explanation. Despite her claims of being an elite hacker, Tammy didn’t own a computer or smartphone and frequently needed to borrow Erica’s laptop, ostensibly to apply for jobs. Then, one day, she vanished. She left most of her belongings, didn’t tell anyone where she was going, and never paid her last month’s rent.

Erica had just bought a new MacBook. She was going through her old one to see if there were any files she needed before getting rid of it, when she found Tammy’s folder. It wasn’t very well hidden, but somehow Erica had never noticed it. Out of curiosity, she looked at the files inside- three videos and a PDF. She almost closed the video immediately when she saw Tammy’s naked body, but she couldn’t help being a bit envious of it. Maybe she really was the daughter of Leo and some model under the age of 25. As the video continued, Tammy slathered a cucumber in lubricant and then inserted it into her anus.

Erica slammed her laptop shut in disgust. Then she opened it and watched the next video. This time, Tammy fit the entire cucumber into her mouth. Erica didn’t need to watch the third video to guess where the cucumber was going, but she watched anyway and her guess was correct. She just hoped that Tammy hadn’t filmed those videos in the order that she’d watched them.

The last file in the folder, the PDF, was a contract. Erica read with a combination of skepticism and revulsion. It read as follows

Contract of Servitude

I, _________, heretofore referred to as Slave, agree to serve Mr. R. J. Johnson, heretofore referred to as “Master” and Mrs. S. H. Johnson, heretofore referred to as “Mistress” for a period of no less than one year. During that time, I will live in their home, free of charge, perform household tasks such as cleaning and maintenance when requested, and respond to the following commands:

Two Claps: When Master or Mistress claps twice, Slave will perform fellatio or cunnilingus on the indicated recipient until commanded to stop. Slave must dispose of all cum with its mouth.

Three Claps: When Master or Mistress claps three times and orders Slave to assume a position, Slave will assume said position

Four Claps: When Master of Mistress claps four times, Slave will perform any task requested of me which does not violate the limits of this contract listed below.


Master and Mistress may not require Slave to perform any of the following:

Any actions which leave permanent marks or risk severe injury.

Any sex acts on any party other than Master and Mistress unless it has given affirmative consent.

Any sex acts which carry the risk of pregnancy performed without contraceptives.

For the duration of the contract, Slave may not do any of the following:

Wear clothing unless requested by Master or Mistress

Masturbate or otherwise touch genitals without being commanded

Make any alterations to any hair on body or head without being commanded, or refuse any alterations which are commanded

Slave will be paid a salary of $1 per year. For the duration of the contract, 50% of all profits from content will be deposited into a bank account, to be disbursed to Slave upon termination or completion of content. Slave may terminate contract at any time. If contract is terminated early, Slave forfeits all future royalties from sale of content.


Holy Shit! Was this real? Did Tammy play some weird prank on her? Maybe, but then again, she thought the Wal-Mart thing was a weird prank for years too, up until 5 minutes ago. Every time Erica’s curiosity got the better of her, she went online and tried to find the content that was mentioned in the contract. She found nothing at first, but on her 7th attempt, on the third page of search results, she found the website. Slave Slut Omega was the name of the site. Erica wasn’t 100% sure that the girl in the image on the main page was Tammy- she had a huge ring through her septum, wore a ball gag and had bright pink hair that appeared to be a wig. When she checked the “About” page though, that removed all doubts. The description of the content contained within was exactly what was spelled out in the contract left on the laptop. Unfortunately, everything except the main page and About page were hidden behind a paywall of $40 per month.

It took Erica a couple days to come around to the idea of subscribing. It seemed weird and voyeuristic at first, and she worried a website like this would steal her credit card info if she used it to pay. When she was buying groceries a couple days later, she saw some prepaid Visa cards in the checkout line and impulsively threw a $50 card in with her groceries.

As soon as she got home and put the groceries away, she signed up to view Slave Slut Omega, using the burner visa card an a ridiculous-sounding fake name from Key & Peele’s East/West Bowl skit. The website at one point had a live feed, but it appeared to have been down for a long time. There was another page with archived videos that appeared to be in chronological order, with one video per week. She viewed the first one.


Video 1

The video started with a well-dressed man and woman, probably in their late 30s, in a room that looked like a large basement. The man opened a large cardboard box. Inside the box was Tammy, gagged, with her wrists and ankles tied. She was wearing Erica’s black yoga pants and blue striped top that had gone missing three years ago. The man and woman lifted her out of the box and stood her up. First, the contract was read out loud to her. When the clause about not wearing clothing was read, Mistress produced a pair of scissors and cut the stolen clothes off of her, discarding them. Then Mistress slid her own panties off, clapped twice, and lifted her dress. Tammy… or Omega as she was now known, dutifully licked her cunt. Once she was satisfied, and Tammy had cleaned the area with her tongue, Master dropped his pants and clapped twice. Tammy sucked him off with impressive efficiency and swallowed the load.


That was shocking, but also maybe a little tamer than expected. Erica looked at the view counts on the videos and saw that the 5th video had way more views than the ones before and after it.


Video 5

The video began with Tammy bent over, wearing nothing but a stainless steel buttplug, counting the strokes as Master whipped her ass. When he got to 20, he put the instrument away and she stood up and thanked him. He clapped once and she sucked his cock, swallowing the load with a smile. Now it was Mistress’ turn with her. Mistress stripped off her clothes with robotic speed and precision. She pointed at her cunt.

“I’m tired of the job you’ve been doing with these cheap, disposable razors. You need to learn to shave me with a real razor.”

She produced a straight razor from a cabinet next to her and swiped it across a leather strap a few times to ensure its sharpness.

“You’re using this from now on” She said as she handed her slave the razor “But I’m not letting you touch me with this unless you prove to me that you know how to use it.” Mistress clapped three times. “Spread your legs.”

The camera zoomed in on Tammy’s cunt. It didn’t look like it had been groomed in a while, and the dark hairs stood in stark contrast to the strawberry blonde locks on her head. Mistress spread a layer of white shaving foam over it. Tammy scraped off the foam, timidly at first, but she seemed to become more comfortable as she went along. When she was finished, there were a couple spots on her labia where she missed some of the hair, but she seemed to have avoided drawing blood.

“This is unsatisfactory” Mistress scolded Tammy sternly. “Now do your legs next”

Though it was an easier surface to work with, Tammy struggled with the angle and did nick herself a couple times with the blade. Mistress again berated her for her mistakes and ordered her to raise her left arm. The armpit hair had grown in noticeably, and Mistress once again spread a layer of white foam. This time, Tammy was extra careful and managed to remove all the hair without cutting herself.

“Ugh” Mistress complained “That’s too slow, if you groom my whole body at that speed I’ll be hairy again by the time you’re done. You need to work on your technique. Let me show you.”

Mistress poured a glass of water over Tammy’s head. She stood unflinching as Mistress ruffled her hair. Mistress placed the razor at the very front of where Tammy’s hair parted, and without hesitation, shaved off a lock of hair right in the middle of Tammy’s scalp.

“You’ve gotta hold the blade at an angle like this where it’s almost parallel to the skin” She explained as the patch of bare skin on Tammy’s head grew larger and larger, now at a point where it was impossible to cover up. Tammy remained still as a statue as her wet hair was thrown to the ground like pieces of trash.

Mistress clapped four times.

“Now finish the rest of it” Mistress commanded. She held up a hand mirror so Tammy could see herself as she rendered her scalp smooth. Tammy began to get the hang of it, and in a surprisingly quick amount of time, she was completely bald.

“Finally, carpet matches the drapes!” Mistress joked. “Oh you missed a couple spots!” she pointed at tammy’s eyebrows and spread shaving foam over them. Dutifully, Tammy scraped the razor over them until nothing but skin remained.

“You are to practice on yourself daily, until you have proven to me that you can remove every single hair on your body without cutting yourself, and in a timely manner. Are we understood?”

“Yes Mistress!” Tammy proudly barked back

“And now, it’s time I play with my shiny new toy!”

Mistress strapped a gag around Tammy’s face with a large dildo attached and ordered her to lay on a pillow. She rode her slave’s face until she orgasmed, rubbing the newly-exposed skin the entire time. After a couple rounds, she got off Tammy and took the gag out, clapping twice and ordering her to clean the dildo.

Erica almost fell out of her chair watching. That was insane! She couldn’t believe she just watched her former roommate be ordered to shave herself bald, and do it without so much as a word of protest. She watched the first few minutes of the next few videos. Each one started with a compilation of Tammy shaving herself over the last week, with increasing efficiency. Mistress was timing her with a stopwatch, challenging her to shave her entire scalp in under 5 minutes. Mistress didn’t tell her whether or not she got done in time, but promised her that if she were able to complete the task in time, she would get to cum. Each time she finished shaving herself, she was allowed to masturbate, and each time, she was made aware of her failure by a bucket of cold water being dumped on her as she was about to reach orgasm. By the fourth week, she finally finished shaving herself in under 5 minutes and was allowed one orgasm. Other than that, though, the videos were a bit boring. Other than the shaving, they were pretty vanilla BDSM scenes, as well as Tammy scrubbing toilets and cleaning dishes naked and bald. Aside from the baldness, nothing Erica hadn’t seen hundreds of times on Pornhub. But then she noticed there was a video near the end with even more views than video 5.

Video 47

This time, four people were present in the room, other than Tammy. There were the familiar Master and Mistress, as well as a tall blonde woman in a black leather jacket, and a naked brunette, standing with her legs spread and hands behind her back. She had huge rings pierced through each nipple. The camera panned and zoomed to the naked woman’s crotch, showing the tattoo above her cunt of a cartoon devil and the word “SLAVE”. She had a pierced clit hood and two silver rings on each side of her labia.

Master introduced the two strangers “We have a very special guest today. This is a good friend of ours, Mistress Regina Rex, and she’s brought her slave, who goes only by the name ‘Mouse’.”

Right from the beginning, Regina Rex was infatuated with Tammy’s bald scalp, to the point of completely ignoring her own slave. She asked Mistress a question. “How do you get her head this smooth?”

“We require her to shave herself with this” Mistress responded with a smile, holding up a straight razor. “She shaves herself head to toe every day, and if she can finish her head in 5 minutes for 30 days straight, she is allowed one orgasm.”

“Interesting” Regina responded with a devilish grin “Lets see a demonstration.” She pointed at her slave. “Mouse! Bring that chair over here and sit down.” Dutifully, the slave girl followed the order and sat down, looking into the camera.

“I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds… but perhaps I could make a deal with your slave.” Regina asked. “Sure” Master responded.

“Lets see how fast you are. I’m sure it’s easy to shave the miniscule amount of hair you have in 5 minutes, but lets see if you can work that quickly on a head with real hair. If you can get Mouse’s head as smooth as yours in under 5 minutes, you’ll be allowed an extra orgasm this month. Fail, and your deal will change to only allow you one orgasm per 60 days”

“Yes Ma’am” Tammy responded, trying her hardest not to smile.

She poured water over Mouse’s long brown hair, which hung to the middle of her back, and rubbed it in to wet her scalp. Mistress handed her the razor and set the stopwatch. “And… go!”

Brown locks began to fly off and bare, pale skin appeared in its place. Working the blade with masterful skill, Tammy moved out from the center until all the hair was gone from the left side of the slave girl’s head, then did the same on the right side, finally rubbing a bit of water on her eyebrows and removing them with two strokes.

“4 minutes and 9 seconds. Not bad!” Mistress cheered.

Regina rubbed the bare scalp of her slave which just a minute ago housed luscious brown locks.

“Wow, I love it! This feels so nice!” she exclaimed. “I have to ask, though, why haven’t you sought out a permanent hair removal solution for your slave yet?”

“Oh we’d love to, and Dick and I have looked into it” Mistress replied “But it’s in her contract. Nothing permanent is allowed. At least not for now.”

“Ah, I see” Regina responded. “Well, fortunately, Mouse’s contract contains no such stipulations, and I won’t always have such a skilled hand available, so I’ll definitely seek out a procedure to make this permanent. There is actually only one restriction on my contract with Mouse.”

“And what is that?” Mistress asked back, smiling because she knew the answer. Regina pointed at her slave and directed her to speak.

“Regina may do whatever she wants to me, so long as she is willing to have the same done to herself.”

With that revelation, Regina smiled at the camera and tossed her jacket aside, revealing her bare breasts underneath, with the same oversized ring piercings. She slid off her pants to show off the five rings in her pussy and the devil tattoo above it with the word “QUEEN”, then sat down in the chair.

“Lets make it double or nothing” She winked at Tammy “You get 4 minutes this time. Finish my whole head in that time, and I’ll fuck you right here until you cum. Fail, and no orgasms again, ever!”

“Deal” Master and Mistress responded in unison.

Tammy wet Regina’s hair and readied the blade as Mistress reset the stopwatch. This time, she started at the crown and went outward in a circular pattern. her blade sliced through Regina’s long, blonde locks like a hot knife through butter as she hastily worked her way around the scalp. Regina began to masturbate and moan loudly, but Tammy remained focused. After severing the last locks from the head of the cruel dominatrix, she quickly went over the eyebrows and then dropped the razor to the ground.

Mistress did not read the time off the stopwatch. Instead, Regina fastened a strap on to herself and instructed Tammy to get on all fours. She fucked Tammy from behind, slowly at first, then with increasing force and frequency, until Tammy’s moans reached a crescendo. Master readied a bucket of cold water, and prepared to dump it on Tammy as she got closer, but as she started to cry out in ecstasy, he put the bucket down and let her finish.

“3 minutes, 59 seconds! You barely made it in time.” Mistress congratulated her slave.

“Anyway” interrupted Regina “Since your slave has shown how talented she is with a straight razor, how about Mouse demonstrates her skill with a piercing needle.”

That was even crazier than the first video where she shaved herself, thought Erica. Was that other mistress really serious about permanent hair removal on their scalps? Is that even a real thing that laser hair removal places will let you do? Surely she was just saying that for dramatic effect. There were only 5 more videos of Tammy, and none came close to the excitement of video 47. Erica tried to find more videos of Mistress Regina Rex, or Slave Mouse, but as far as she could tell, none existed, at least not in any corner of the internet that google, bing or duckduckgo could find. She couldn’t find anything else with Master and Mistress either, whatever their names were. Mistress referred to master as Dick, but even if Dick Johnson was actually his real name, there were so many Richard Johnsons that it was like finding a needle in a haystack, so she never did find out who he was. Eventually, she started telling her friends about it. People didn’t believe it at first, but she showed them the contract, and screenshots from the videos. It began to be an urban legend from her friend group. Eventually, she told the story to her friend Erin, who she had been close to when Tammy was her roommate.

“No way, the Tammy you lived with?” she asked incredulously.

“Yeah, remember her?” Erica replied

“Well… I think she remembered me. I ran into her when I was in Salt Lake City 6 months ago. Her hair was really short, like a pixie cut but a little shorter. I asked her about it, and she said she’d just gotten back from doing missionary work in Uganda and kept it short because they didn’t have hair care products there.”

“Wait WHAT!?” Erica responded, shocked “But… the videos ended over 2 years ago!”

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