Finding Her True Nature

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Like many disasters this one started out as a perfect spring morning. JJ had just arrived at the camp ground and as she finished setting up her tent an errant breeze blew a handbill against it.

It was an advertisement for a spring break party to be held at the Rec Center of this very camp ground by the infamous Delta Tau Chi fraternity.

Brushing a stray lock of silky red hair from her face JJ decided that this party was just the thing to get her spring break off to a good start. Tonight she would wow hot young studs and piss off their girlfriends just like she used to do back in her college days. They wouldn’t stand a chance.

Getting her makeup and hair just right was a challenge under these conditions but, after an hour or so she adjudged the job a rousing success. Next…came The Outfit. JJ knew just what to wear in order to get young hearts racing and young cocks hard. Half an hour later she was walking down the trail to the Rec Center wearing Daisy Dukes cut off just high enough to show off what her Mamma gave her and a button down shirt sans the buttons but tied off nicely below her perky breasts. A shinny pair of “hiking” boots and a straw cowboy hat rolled tightly at the sides completed the look.

The music was loud, the students were drunk and the party just hitting its stride as she sauntered sexily into the clearing around the Rec Center. Though JJ was a bit older than most of the party attendees many of them stopped and took notice. The men assessed her as a possible conquest but, the women scrutinized in minute detail. There was no love lost there!

As she approached the beer keg a very handsome young man excused himself from the young ladies he’d been speaking with and approached the stunning young red head.

“Well, well, well…” he began with a sly smile, “You’re new around here aren’t you?”

Filling her cup JJ nodded politely and turned to walk away. After all, there was no use in allowing the first guy to approach her to cut her from the herd. She would have plenty to choose from before the night was over.

The young man, sensing her disinterest snorted derisively and returned to his click without a second glance but, the ladies he’d left to check out JJ were paying very close attention,

The night wore on. JJ drank, she danced and generally had a good time but alas, No one really caught her fancy. As she wondered around the center a commotion of sorts caught her eye. A large crowd had gathered around the horse shoe pits of all places! She approached and soon saw the reason for the excitement. Two women were at the pitch playing a spirited game. As JJ watched a tall stunning blond took her last shot. Clink! A ringer!

The audience went absolutely wild as the looser, a very pretty Asian girl remover her bikini and tossed it into the crowd! Stark naked, she walked to the loser’s circle pumping her fist as though she’d won where she joined a small knot of 4 other equally naked girls.

“NEXT?” yelled the unofficial “official” of the game, the very same young man she’d spurned by the beer keg.

No one came forward.

“Come on ladies, we need at least one more girl for the round robin!”

Scanning the audience his eyes rested upon JJ. “You!” he said. “You look like a bad ass…come on over and play.”

JJ shook her head, She wasn’t here for this kind of game. She had other things on her mind.

The crowd began to chant “Play, play, play…” as the “official” guy egged her on. “Come on”, he said. “it’ll be fun!”

Still, she had no interest. There was no upside to this game for her.

Then…he said it. “What’s the matter? CHICKEN?”

There was only one thing in the world that got JJ’s competitive dander up and that was being called “chicken”

“Chicken? I’ll show you who’s chicken!” she said as she handed her beer to the guy standing next to her and stepped up to the pitch.

The tall blond let out a dismissive snort as she took in the small yet compact frame of her challenger.

“OK Ladies!” began the official, “Here are the rules. Four shoes each. Best score wins and the looser…”

“GETS NAKED!” answered the crowd with a roar.

“After this game” he continued, “comes the round robin. Looser of that competition stays TOTALLY naked AND must submit to the winner completely for the duration of the weekend!”

Little did they know that JJ had played horse shoes all her life. There was no way she was going to lose this competition!

JJ, as challenger, went first. Clink, clink, clink, clink. An amazing 4 ringers in a row left the audience in stunned silence and the champ looking very worried.

Two minutes later, the champ regained her confident smile as the fourth ringer came to rest atop the previous three.

“HO-LEE SHIIIT!” shouted the official. “It’s a frickin’ tie!”

After a bit of consultation with his frat bros it was decided that the contest should be decided by a “sudden death” round. Each player would sling a shoe in turn and the first one to miss would lose.

Five pitches later…it was still a tie, The tall blond tossed a sixth shoe…ringer! JJ confidently approached the pitch. She could do this all night! Her arm swung back, she stepped into the pitch and her foot slipped on a buried stone! The shoe sailed none too gracefully through the air and hit the post square on! Just as she began to celebrate the shoe circled the post and…came off!

The crowd erupted and JJ began to look nervously around but, before she could make an exit, the tall blond was in front of her holding out her hand for her winnings. JJ had no choice so, she put on a brave smile, gracefully undressed and handed over her clothes to the tall blond who victoriously tossed them into the cheering crowd.

In spite of the warm air a chill ran down JJ’s spine. It was one thing to show off her tight little body to a guy or two ON HER OWN TERMS but, it was quite another to be unwillingly butt naked in front of a crowd of a couple hundred guys and jealous women. Still, she was pretty confident that she could take the field at horse shoes.

“Not to worry!” she told herself over and over again. “In an hour or so this will be over and one of these bimbos will be the toy de jour. After that, I can get back to my own fun and games.”

The first pair approached the pitch. The cute Asian she’d seen earlier and a perky red head. as the Asian girl took aim the emcee suddenly called a halt to the proceedings.

“LADIES!” he began. “In the interest of keeping things…interesting, we have decided to add a little twist to the competition.”

As he spoke a pair of frat bros approached the contestants and secured something around each girl’s pitching wrist. It looked like a series of small black pillows held on by Velcro. Wrist weights!

Again the Asian girl stepped to the pitch. Her arm swung back she pitched the shoe which fell a good 3′ short of the stake!

Obviously, this addition was going to make thing s a bit more difficult.

The redhead won the match handily and was escorted to the sidelines where she was handed a beach towel with which to cover herself. As the evening wore on each girl had the chance to play the others. JJ one her first mach but, lost her second and once again found herself naked. In the final round (against the redhead) she lost once again. This placed her in a play off against the Asian girl who also had lost 2 matches.

The air was tense with excitement as JJ pitched her first shoe. RINGER! the Asian girl struggled and overshot the stake. This was going to be easier than she thought!

The next pitch was a tie and the next as well. On the 4th shoe JJ’s arm was tiring and the shoe made the circle but fell short. With great effort her opponent managed to sew up the tie and suddenly…it was sudden death.

JJ’s first shot ringgered the stake as did her opponent’s but, her second shot was off the mark and fell short. The petite Asian girl was sweating profusely as she tossed the shoe…

RINGER! JJ bowed her head in defeat but, just as the redhead was resigning her self to a weekend of nakedness something odd happened. The crowd began to cheer and suddenly JJ was born aloft on the shoulders of two young studs as though SHE was the winner!

Smiling in confusion she waved to the crowd as she was paraded around the grounds to…a stage.

“This can’t be good” she whispered to herself as the boys set her down in the stages apron. The champ and the emcee stood at center stage flanking a wooden chair and indicating with grins that she should have a seat.

Warily, the tiny redhead approached and sat down.

The emcee cleared his throat and addressed the audience.

“Ladies and Gentlemen…”he said. I give you your winn…er looser!”

The crowd roared.

“As per our agreement, she will remain TOTALLY naked throughout the week and is under the total control of our winner…Mandy!”

As the crown began to cheer Mandy stepped forward and called for silence. The cheering abated and she addressed the audience in a loud, clear voice.

“As the rules dictate she will spend this week TOTALLY naked.”

The audience milled in confusion. Wasn’t JJ already totally naked?

JJ turned and asked what she would later think of as the stupidest question of her life, “How much more naked can I get?”

Mandy, sporting a toothy grin turned to her and replied, “I’m very glad you asked.”

Reaching beneath the chair she dragged forth a rather bulky canvas bag. From it she withdrew a large pair of shears. Without a moments hesitation she grabbed a lock of JJ’s luscious red hair and severed it deftly near the scalp.

“What the…” exclaimed JJ. “Why did you do that?”

“Um…’cause I can!” she answered as she swiftly cut another lock.

“STOP THAT!” shrieked the redhead as she protected her hair with her hands. “There wasn’t ANYTHING in the rules about this!”

“The rules” said Mandy “clearly stipulate that the looser is to be TOTALLY naked for the duration of the week and besides, even if YOU don’t think this includes your hair they also say the looser has to do what ever the winner wants and I WANT you to sit there quietly while I cut your hair…understood?”

Mandy was right and JJ knew it. Never one to welsh on a bet she sat silently as Mandy scissored away lock after lock of JJ’s wondrous red hair.

“Well,” she reasoned to herself, “I can always get it styled next week and who knows, I might rock the short hair look.”

Her attitude changed a few minutes later when Mandy turned to the crowd and asked “Is this naked enough?”

Predictably the crowd’s answer was “NO!”

JJ visibly jumped when the clippers sprang to life with a pop. Before she could even form a clear thought Mandy had brought them to her forehead and plowed a strip right down the middle of JJ mangled hair.

She sat there in shock as Mandy ran the clippers over her poor head removing strip after strip of shimmering red hair until, at last all that remained was a vast expanse of white scalp sparsely populated by a fine reddish stubble.

JJ”s mouth fell open and the crown roared with approval as Mandy quickly ran the clippers over her eyebrows and virtually erased them.

Ladies in the front row pointed and laughed at poor JJ’s condition. How strange she looked with her head of stubble and no eyebrows.

“NOW…is she naked enough?” shouted Mandy.

“NO!” answered the crowd with a roar.

“Well,” replied Mandy, “I guess there’s only one place left to shear!”

The two studs who had carried JJ to the stage suddenly appeared and each took a knee and pulled her forward, thighs spread wide.

So as not to obscure the audience’s view Mandy deftly reached around JJ from the rear and viciously attacked her pubic hair with the clippers. In seconds it too had been stolen away.

Mandy hauled the shocked girl to her feet and once again asked, “Is this naked enough?”

“YES!” yelled the crowd.

“NO!” answered Mandy.

The audience muttered in confusion and even jj managed to wondered to herself “what more is there to take?”


Something hot and sticky hit the top of JJ’s head. “What the…?” she thought. As Mandy pushed her back into the seat the answer hit her like a ton of bricks…shaving cream.

Mandy was going to take EVERYTHING.

Half an hour later, the razor was scraping the last of the stubble from JJ’s shiny bald scalp.

“Mustn’t forget these” she added ad she removed the last remnants of JJ’s once finely arched eyebrows.

JJ meekly complied as Mandy ordered her to spread her shapely legs for the final stage of her transformation from beauty to baldy.

Once again, Mandy reached around so as not to obstruct the audience’s view. She spread the shaving cream liberally over JJ’s pussy rubbing and caressing as she went and to her surprise (and jj’s as well) the ex redhead began to respond.

In no time at all Mandy had her at the edge of orgasm and seconds later, much to her chagrin the bald girl came hard in front of a hundred or more eager frat boys and coeds. Once her passion had subsided Mandy made good on her promise and deftly shaved away the last of JJ’s pubic hair.

After she finished the tall blond securely fastened a rhinestone dog collar around JJ’s neck. To this she added a lead. Pulling up sharply to get the bald girl’s full attention she said “Here are the rules for the week. 1) you will report to me every morning at 8:00 am for a shave. 2) You are my pet bitch for the entire week. You will walk on all fours at all times. You will piss and shit on the grass and you will bark. No talking allowed. 3) You will fuck who I say you will fuck and no others. Obey these simple rules and everything will be fine. Disobey and you will be punished.”

1 week later

The bald girl awoke early in the morning to resume her duties. In another hour or so the young guys would begin to arrive to fuck her. She wasn’t exactly sure but she thought that by now she may have fucked every guy in the campground and more than a few of the women. As she crawled to the showers to get cleaned up her scalp began to itch again. She had been stupid enough to stand up and stretch a few days back and true to her word, Mandy had punished her. The cream had burned like fire as Mandy slathered to all over JJ’s head and slight body but, the pain had quickly subsided to an tolerable itch. Since that day there had been no further need for Mandy to shave her.

“I wonder if what she said was true?” she thought as she made her way back to her tent. “Is there REALLY such a thing as a permanent hair remover?”

Still on all fours she came to a stop outside her tent and ass high, lowered her hairless head (even her lashes were gone now) to the ground.

A figure came up behind her and dropped two bucks in the jar by the tent door before dropping his pants and plunging his cock unceremoniously into her cunt (she was now always wet with excitement). She came almost immediately as Mandy had conditioned her to do and smiled a moment later as the man came, got up and left. two dollars in change hit the bottom of the jar as her next customer climbed aboard.

It was going to be a fine day.

The end

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