First Clippering. The Vet Lady.

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I got there at 3 o`clock in the afternoon. I had cycled out to the farm. I was afraid of how he would react because i was late.

My three week haircut was supposed to happen today.  I had agreed to abide by their haircut rules if i were to get engaged with Tara. so, every three weeks it was haircut time.

When i entered the yard there was a  green company car parked in front of the barn. The sign on the sides read ,” Waterford Veterinary.”

I assumed it was a cow due to calve soon. At the same time Inga, her mom, came out on the steps to the house.

– Oh, there you are at last. He will cut your hair out in the barn today `cause the vet lady is there with him waiting. Look here. –

She handed me the box with the familiar haircutting instruments.

-Take it and hurry up, he is waiting on you ! –

I quickly went the few steps to the barn door and entered. It was damp and clammy in there. He stood in front of the door to the cows talking to the vet.  I glimpsed her behind him. She was dressed fully in  green rubber work clothes and plastic gloves.

I felt insecure and excited at the same time. She was in her mid 30`s with a dark brown shortish bob with cute short bangs. Much sweeter than i thought a lady of her profession would be.

She looked over at me knowingly before turning away and going inside.

There was placed a metal stool in the middle of the room already. He pointed at it, – undress and sit over there, and hurry now , you should`ve been here hour ago and now the vet lady is already here ! –

He was a bit pissed. I have felt so humiliated in my entire life. This would be a very special afternoon !

I do as he says and lower myself down on the  metal surface it`s cold against my naked tighs. I look around the room watching him taking down a well used plastic mac from a peg on the wall. Shakes it and comes over to me. The gray plastic surface is grim and smells strange. Is he going to use this as a hairdressing cape on me ? I mostly want to get up and run away. But, at the same time i feel a growing excitement building up inside me. The next half an hour will be something to remember.

The cape is draped over my naked shoulders and fastened tight around my neck, very thight !

Behind me i hear the vet lady talking to him . In my wildest dreams i couldn`t have imagined this ! Her prescence arouses me biggly !

On a bench in front of me he opens the box with clippers and scissors.

– Now, let`s get this over with. Sit still and do as i say ! –

I know this haircut or more likely severe shearing will not be much different from the brutal shearing he gave me three weeks ago. That much we both know. I cannot get the sight of this very attractive vet lady out of my mind. I rising horniness is building up under the cape. Suddenly he moves to the back of the stool. His left hand on top of my head bending it down with mild force. Then i feel the dreaded hand clippers hungry teeth bite into the hair on the back of my neck.  He is flexing his fingers rapidly letting the blades clip all hair in their way. It feels like they glide easily on the skin of my nape. It`the clipper oil.

I start to breath fast. With a flick of his hand he dumps the clipped hair built up on the blades on the cape covering my crotch and stiff cock ! He eases the pressure on my head and i lift it and look straight into her eyes. She stands only a few feet away with a wry smile on her lips , almost mocking.

-Oh, you are taking him very short i see, very short indeed. Is he the one who is dating your daughter , Tara ?-

– Yes, she is coming from the town today so i have to make sure he is freshly cut before he arrives. It`s been three weeks now, so he`s long overdue. –

The haircut talk makes me hornier. She comes closer and i can smell her perfume. A fresh mix of sweet and natural sweat. She touches my left shoulder and picks up some tufts of clipped hair andlet them sprinkle onto my lap.

– Sorry, i didn`t mean to disturbe the cutting. – She steps back. – It`s just so fascinating , i haven`t seen a guy being sheard with such instruments before. Have ever used electric shavers on him. ?

I start to shiver visibly.

– no, i only use this old manual clippers. They may tug and pull a bit, but… – He shrugs.

– So let`s get this haircut finished before she arrives, Be a good boy and don`t move.-

He guides the clippers into the hair on my left cheek moves them up and suddenly it pulls. I jerk and try to twist my head away from the machine. He responds by tightening the grip of my head and just drives the clippers further up to the temples, leaving a strip of 5 cm. white skin in its path, like nothing happened.
The vet lady has taken a seat on a milk pail and watches closely  the degrading process that is going on in front of her.

He clips up behind and over my left ear before he consentrates on the other.  The erotic clack, clack, clack sound of the clippers increases my arousal. Tufts of hairclippings glides slowly down my plastic covered body and drops the the cement floor. I lower my eyes to avoid showing the vet lady how excited i am. On the brink of a loong explotion !

– So there, i`m soon finished with you, just a finishing touch on you nape. –

He opens the cape in the back takes the clippers with the finest teeth, oil the well and start to clippershave my lower neck.

He hands the haircape to the vet lady who shakes any small hairclippings. As i turn away from the stool  i hear a car pulling up outside and doors opens and closes. Tara and some friend are back.

to be continued….

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