Garrett’s and Emma summer haircuts

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hi readers I hope you enjoy this story. There will be Mommy kink and MDLB AND PEGGING in this because that’s what I like and also femdom!

It was the first day of summer, June 20th in the northern hemisphere. The weather so far this spring and summer has been extremely hot, the hot weather has been bothering Garrett.

Garrett laid in bed trying to figure out what he wanted to do on the first day of summer. He opened his phone and checked the weather it read 95f. After checking the weather he texts his long time girlfriend Emma.
“Good morning love, happy first day of summer!” He texts her.

She texts back, “good morning baby aren’t you awake a little early today. Happy summer to you too love.”

“Yes, first day of summer I wanted to start it off right, do you have plans for today?”

“Garrett baby, I’m getting my haircut today! I’m cutting my long hair off for the summer”

“I can’t wait to see it when it’s cut love. Maybe I should cut my hair for the summer too???”

Emma has been waiting for the day for when Garrett would mention a drastic haircut idea. She always wanted to see his brown shaggy hair getting sheered off.

Emma texts back really quick, “I will come pick you up as soon as it gets done! But yes baby boy, you should cut your hair for the summer, it’ll be so much cooler you won’t have to worry about it being in your eyes and it’ll be easier for the summer. If you don’t feel comfortable going to the barber and getting it cut baby, I’ll do it for you.”

“Would you please cut it for me, you know I get anxious going to the barber.” He texts back, “id even let you cut it however you want mommy”

This is what emma has always wanted, to sheer her boyfriend, to take all of his long hair.

“Of course baby I’ll do it for you, after I get my haircut let me run to the store to get some scissors and some other things then I’ll be at your place okay” she texts back, “I’m getting my haircut in five minutes”

Garret runs his fingers through his hair, realizes his hair will be at the mercy of Emma later he texts back, “okay love I can’t wait for that later and can’t wait to see your hair”

Emma walks into a little fast service haircut place like great clips, knowing she didn’t make an appointment anywhere but she decided today that her waist length blonde hair needed to be cut for summer.

She swings the door open and there’s not anyone waiting.

“Did you sign in online?” Says a stylist.

“No” replies Emma “I just decided to walk in”

“Come on back then let’s get you in before anyone else walks in”

Emma noticed the stylist’s hair, is a very chin length brown bob with eyebrow length bangs, she probably had it cut a day or two ago. She walks back to the chair where the bobbed stylist is standing , and sits down.

“Oh wow you have very long hair it’s beautiful, what do you wanna do with it today? A trim or something drastic” says the stylist, “it is getting hotter out there”

Emma looks through the mirror and sees the stylist playing with her long blonde hair. “Well I think I want something drastic maybe boob length??”

the stylist stops playing with her hair and says, “oh honey if we’re going drastic it needs to be shorter than that.”

Emma gets anxious in the chair and doesn’t know what to say, “umm umm umm give me what you have just a little shorter then. Make my bangs shorter and make the length shorter than yours.”

The stylist smiles in the mirror strokes Emma’s hair one last time and says “good girl that’s a good choice”

The stylist grabs a pink cape and throws it around Emma. She buttons the cape super tight. “Needs to be tight can’t having any of that gorgeous hair getting on you.”

Emma looks at her self in the mirror and sees the pink cape her head sticking out and her long blonde hair about to be cut.

The stylist grabs some scissors and a comb. She combs Emma’s hair, and stops right at her lip, the scissors come closer to Emma’s hair, snip snip snip, a cascade of blonde hair falls to the floor. The stylist continues to comb the hair to her lip and sinks the scissors to make every cut precisely at the desired length. She snips more and more hair.

Emma just watches in the mirror the longed hair goddess that walked into this shop, is now being turned into a short haired girl. She can’t believe it but she did want a summer change but she didn’t think she would’ve went this short.

“My favorite part is next” says the stylist

The stylist finishes cutting the longer tresses to a short suitable length just at the lip length.

The stylist combs down the top of Emma’s hair and puts the scissors, half an inch above her eyebrows.

Emma can’t see how short the bangs will be but she’s ready for it. snip snip snip, her blonde hair falls down from her eyes, and she sees her bangs that are so short.

“Wow my bangs are really short.” Says Emma, “I didn’t expect them to be that short”

The stylist continues to snip the bangs to make sure they’re perfect “shorter bangs are better for you they suit you”

The stylist continues to cut more and more hair until Emma is finished with a blunt lip length bob that is straight but above the eyebrow.

“Oh woww that’s short, I can’t believe all my hair is gone now” says Emma sadly looking in the mirror.

The clippers fire up the stylist attached a two guard to them, she combs and pins up Emma’s hair in the back.

“Oh honey I didn’t tell you I have my nape buzzed to a 4 so yours is going to be a 2.”

The stylist brings the clippers to life and starts sheering away at Emma’s nape, few inches of blonde hair falls to the floor and the sound of the clippers fill the room.

Emma is shocked she didn’t expect the clippers today.

The vibrations of the clippers on the back of her head has her silent. It feels so good the movements of it, she doesn’t want it stop she doesn’t care how short it is she loves the feeling of it. Then the clippers stop, the stylist grabs the blow dryer and blows all the hair off of Emma and the cape gets pulled off.

“All done, I think you needed this haircut for so long, you better come back to me for trims”

Emma is shocked she can’t believe her hair is this short now. “Yes… yes… I will come back here for you to do my hair from now on.” She’s almost speechless

The stylist smiles and runs her hands through Emma’s now bobbed hair. “That’s a good girl.” She slips emma a card, “you can call or text me anytime okay.”

“ok I will thank you for my haircut. I deserved it” says Emma. She stands up hands the stylist 40 dollars and says thank you and walks out.

Emma grabs her phone and texts Garrett but sees he texted her first.

From Garrett I went out and bought clippers scissors and every guard for the clippers so come on over whenever you get done with your haircut mommy.

Emma texts back and says, baby boy my hair is so short now I hope you’ll love it.

Garrett doesn’t live to far from where Emma got her haircut. She makes the walk there and surprising her new hair feels really cool, and she loves it.

She pulls out her phone to take a selfie with her now bobbed hair. She opens up the camera and sees herself. The once longed hair Emma can’t believe her eyes, the short bangs and bobbed hair just makes her look like someone else.

She arrives to Garrett’s house. She knocks on the door and quickly it opens. Garrett sees her new hair for the first time. His eyes open wide.

“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD ITS SO SHORT EMMA I LOVE IT. The bangs are so cute, you look so hot omg.” Garret kisses Emma.

“Thank you baby, it’s really short I don’t know how I feel about it.” Emma says, “not really what i wanted”

“you look gorgeous I promise, I love it this length you look amazing.” Garrett says, “I got everything you’d need to cut my hair.” He walks Emma to the table and she sees everything lined out.

“Okay baby, I have an idea, you can’t know what I’m doing. just sit in the chair and take your shirt off and I’ll get to cutting.” Says Emma, “I’d like that more.

Garrett nods his head and sits down, submissively obeying Emma.

“Good boy for your mommy, take off your pants too okay.”

Garret says ”yes mommy” then he pulls his pants off.
Emma can already see that Garrett is a little excited.

“Good boy, so I can cut your hair however I want, I think I have an idea. I actually got the clippers used on my hair today. I had a two guard used on my nape so that’s what you’re going to get. I want us to match so you can tell everyone that you’re mine.” Emma reaches down on the table and grabs the clippers with a two guard. “You’ve let this hair get too long baby boy, little boys like you need short hair, so your getting a buzzcut”

A buzzcut? Garrett thought that’ll be so short but he was enjoying the moment to much he just whimpered out, “yes mommy whatever you think is best for me.”

Emma fires up the clippers and pauses, “babyboy tell me boys like me don’t deserve long hair”

Garret’s penis got harder and he said submissively “little boys like me don’t deserve long hair, mommy thinks I need a buzzcut and I do”

Emma runs her fingers through his hair and says “good boy.” She fires the clippers up and goes straight through the middle of Garret’s hair. Lumps of brown hair falls on Garrets’s shoulders, his once treasured Hair being shorn by his girlfriend. Another pass of the clippers more of his long hair falls, then another pass of the clippers his once long hair being mowed down in seconds. “Baby, this is looking so much better already”

The top of Garret’s hair has almost been shorn all the way down to the two guard. Emma makes a few more passes to make sure she doesn’t miss a spot. Then she moves to the back, she buzzes right through his duck tail, which she always hated it. She takes the clippers through the back of his hair over and over sheering more of his hair.

Emma stops for a second whispers in his ear, “your almost dome being buzzed for mommy” she can see that Garrett is fully hard now. She’s trying to get the haircut done quicker. Emma takes the clippers through the left side of Garrett’s hair, quickly sheering it off then again on the other side.

When the sides have been completed, Emma takes her hand and rubs the top of Garrett’s head and says “my freshly buzzed baby boy”

Garret runs his hand through his buzzed hair and says submissively “thank you mommy for buzzing me”
She smiles and says “of course baby but grab the broom and clean up your mess throw away your hair while I grab something”

Garret stands up fully erect he grabs the broom from the corner and starts sweeping up all of his hair. Looking at all the lushes hair that once was on his head. He puts it all in a dust pan and throws it away. Garret can hear her foot steps in the background. “Mommy I threw all my hair away and cleaned up the mess” which pained him to say but it had to be done for her

Emma walks back in with a strap on, and says “good boy, now take off the underwear and bend over.”

Garrett drops his underwear to the floor and bends over for Emma to peg him.

She puts some lube on the 6 inch dildo, and inserts it into garrets asshole.

Garrets moans quietly while his penis drips with precum. Emma fucks him slowly and to make sure he’s enjoying it.

“Mommy ha…. Harder please”

Emma starts to fuck him harder and harder.

“Ugh mommy I’m close” desperately Garrett says.

She stops fucking Garrett and gets in front of him, she grabs his dick with her hand slowly strokes him off. She makes eye contact with him and says “cum for me baby boy” she quickly takes her shirt off not wearing a bra, Emma says “cum on my boobs baby” Emma strokes Garrett a few more
Times and he busts his load right on her boobs.

“Thank you mommy”

“Of course baby my turn now” Emma lays down on the couch, with her legs opened wide, and Garrett starts to eat her out. Slowly, with every tongue movement, Emma’s body palpitates, she loved every moment of today from her haircut, giving Garrett his and fucking him so hard. “Oh baby faster please” Emma says. Garret goes faster and faster down on her. Emma lets out a deep moan and cums from garrets touch, he kisses her to finish the job.

“Thank You baby” says Emma, “lay with me on the couch please.”

They cuddle on the couch together, at some point garret gets up to go to the bathroom. Emma stands up goes to her phone and finds the card from earlier and texts the number and says hi this was the long blonde hair girl, until you cut my hair short today, my name is Emma, I really really love my hair and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to long hair, can we set up another cut in a week?”

Emma waits for a moment and the text back says, hi Emma, glad I know your name now. I’m taylor, I enjoyed your haircut alot today, and by what you left in the chair I know you did too, yes I can do a home visit.

That sounds great, thank you so much. I can’t stop thinking about it honestly. She sends the text and realizes was she wet during the haircut?

Nevertheless Emma gets back on the couch and lays

Garret comes back to the couch and says “I love my haircut can you keep my hair short for me?”

Emma smiles and says “Of course baby, I love it buzzed so much. If you like mine short.

“Yes oh my gosh I love it Short.” Garret gets into Emma’s arms and they fall asleep again.

Tooo be continued…..

This will have a part two and part three got some good ideas with the dominant stylist Taylor.

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  1. Fantastic story! I absolutely loved the interaction between Emma and Garrett, and the interaction between Emma and Taylor. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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