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I arrived at the lecture hall two hours before class per the professor’s instructions from our talk the day before. Concerned about my grade, I went to him during his office hours and asked for some extra credit. He told me that, if I agreed to be his living anatomy model, he would give me a guaranteed A. Desperate to not fail his class, I agreed without asking what doing this would entail. Like an idiot!

In front of the lecture hall, there was a wire rack. The professor told me to strip naked head to toe and get into the rack. Startled, I started to object, only to have him point out that I agreed to be his model. How could I do it fully clothed? Besides, he will be covering me in body paint. Still willing to do almost anything for that A, I stripped naked and got into that rack. Looking almost bored, he secured my hands and feet to it. Then he cranked my legs apart, so they were spread eagle. Fully displaying what was between my legs. Then he secured my neck.

“There. Ready to be shaved,” he said, picking up a pair of huge clippers.

I had lovely chestnut brown hair that just covered my tits. Without any hesitation, he plowed those huge clippers right down the center of my scalp. I might have screamed. Unfazed by my objections to being shaved, he worked quickly, piling up years of growth on that floor.

Rubbing my buzzed head, he said, “Don’t be dramatic. How else would you be displayed? You need to be bald head to toe for this. Stop your fussing, or I will be forced to gag you.”

Well, considering how upset I was over the sudden and unexpected loss of my hair, I did continue to fuss, and, as promised, he inserted a clear mouth gag that forced my mouth open and bared all my teeth.

With my screams silenced, he lathered me up, head to toe, and shaved me smooth. Including the folds of my pussy. He didn’t handle me laviciously. Throughout my whole ordeal, he looked bored. He was just creating a blank canvas for him to work on. I have to admit that, when he started painting me, it felt nice. Especially on my newly exposed scalp. I began to settle down as he swept up my fallen hair and waited for me to dry.

Until my fellow classmates arrived. All of them recognized me immediately and whipped out their phones to memorialize my humiliation. Every girl that was jealous of me, every guy that I ever turned down, they all saw me shaved, painted, and tressed up on the lecture hall stage. Tears started trickling down the corner of my eyes.

Still looking bored, the professor started giving his lecture. Everyone begrudgingly put their phones away. It was very standard anatomy stuff. Until he started talking about sexual intercourse and arousal.

Putting on latex gloves, he said, “It’s quite extraordinary how the human body will react to sexual contact.”

All my classmates whipped out their phones as he started to finger me. Much to my surprise, my pussy was so wet that it took his finger willingly. I started to moan and droon as he, with that same bored expression, stirred up pleasure in me. Once I reached climax, he pulled it out.

“See?” he said, “Extraordinary.”

And, with that, the lecture was over. He waited until everyone left to release me from my bondage.

As he helped clean me off, he said, “Would you be interested in being the model for my Human Sexuality course next semester? It would be another guaranteed A. It would require you to maintain your new look though.”

He then held up mirror to show me my new blank yet ugly reflection. To emphasis how bald I was now, he took my hand and made me run it down my bare scalp. I shivered.

Looking up him, throughly humiliated and completely aroused, I said, “I would love to, Professor.”

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