Forgive Me Honey. I’m a Bad Girl

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Sandra and James had a good relationship and they have been in love for over six years. Sandra is a good looking girl with an Irish descent while James is tall, bald, handsome and profound in each of his every word. James known to be very punctual and no nonsense in every action that he takes. They both met in Law School.

After graduating they still in love for each others. Sandra and James always know how to fulfill each others need even through the dark days. They planned to get married as soon as possible since they can’t wait for it too long. After they get married they live in an apartment located in the middle of the city. James receive an offer to work as an attorney in a law firm. James refuse to let Sandra to work on her own since James want the best for their future kids. Sandra agrees and she will follow everything that her husband said even though both of them planning not to have kids yet until they gain stability.

It is James first day working as an attorney in his new law firm. Both of them woke up early and Sandra prep a breakfast for her husband. Sandra is very excited for James and give him an enormous amount of support. James feel very grateful to have such a beautiful and supportive wife in his life. After James leave to work, Sandra planning to go out to town to do some groceries.

It is so busy in town just like another ordinary day with crowds all over the places. Sandra don’t want to spent too much time so she quickly buy all what she needs and went back to home. When she reach at home she realize that she must has dropped the house key somewhere. Sandra follow back the path earlier and she attentively looking for the key. She thought it must be somewhere around the groceries store and luckily she found it later. Sandra feel very tired and she make a decision to rest on the bench placed opposite of a men’s barbershop. The barbershop is empty with no customers but there is a huge pile of long hair around the floor. Sandra thought there must be a customer came earlier this morning. After that the barber shows up and he is very tall with a beard and his age must be around 41. Sandra want to leave the place but suddenly she saw a woman with hair reaching her shoulder around her age enter the barbershop. Sandra feel intrigue and want to know what a woman do in a barbershop. It is almost late and Sandra couldn’t stay there for too long so she decided to went home after all.

Later that night, James and Sandra sit on the table for a dinner having a few conversations..

Sandra: How your first day at work honey?

James: It’s all good plus I’ve met my old friend Howard from the high school , let’s not talk about me what are you doing today honey?

Sandra: Well that must be one hell of a reunion babe..I just went to town for some groceries unfortunately when I reach home the key is missing..but I found it!

James: That must be very terrible, but are you okay? you look weary

Sandra: I’m fine baby..just need to sleep with you tonight

James: Okay baby..

Sandra went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and she can’t stop thinking about the woman in the barbershop. She just ignore what is playing on her mind and rush to her bed. Both of them laying on the bed and they kiss each other passionately. James start to grab her hair and said she is so beautiful that night ( P.S probably that is the last time James got to touch her wife long hair). They went on romantically and begin to make love. Light shut off.

Today is a second day for James to serve himself as an attorney at his law firm. As usual Sandra fixed him a breakfast and kiss each other before James leave to works. After James leave, Sandra went to the bedroom to clean and tidy the places. While Sandra cleaning the table she accidentally stood in front of the mirror. She sit down and look at her hair that reflect on the mirror. Sandra is a brunette with a thick long hair almost reaching up to her waist. She never cut it short in her lifetime only a trim could suit her well. After a long period of thinking she have an idea maybe she can find a salon today to trim her hair since she never had it trimmed for a long time.

Sandra dressed up and put her hair into ponytail and leave the house to take a walk to town. She walk slowly as to find a perfect salon to trimmed her hair. There is many variety of salon but it is all full with people. Sandra don’t want to give up and she want to keep find it. Lastly she found a perfect place to do her hair and she thought this will be the right place. The salon is called ”Hair Galaxy” and it is empty so Sandra think this could be a perfect time. Sandra enter the salon and wait at the waiting area. The owner of the salon is women and she said that Sandra have to wait because she has something else to be done and Sandra agrees to do so. It is almost like an hour and Sandra get very bored and want to go out to get some air. Suddenly she notice a barbershop that she looked yesterday is just near the salon.

The barbershop is empty like yesterday and no one is there. But the floor is clean and no hair pile up on it. Sandra feel a butterfly on her stomach and she knows she want something different but she just afraid to admit it. Then the salon owner came back and Sandra apologize that she can’t do it today because she have to leave as there is personal thing happened. Sandra just lie to the owner of the salon for a reason. She took a step hesitantly to the barbershop and slowly open the door..

The barber: Hello lady, how can I help you?

Sandra: I know this is a bit peculiar, but can I ask you something?

The barber: Anything you want in the world

Sandra: I saw a woman came to your barbershop yesterday, and I wonder what she’s doing here? I’m sorry I don’t mean to intrude you personally I’m just curious (laughing)

The barber: (laughing more loudly) she went here to get her haircut

Sandra: So you cut women’s hair here?

The barber: Yes, but not the type usually you get in the salon (laughing)

At this moment, Sandra start to feel anxiety and ecstasy merging..

but she’s already there, why not for just a trim? she said to herself

The barber: How can I help you lady? You want me to cut off all your beautiful long brunette hair?(Laughing)

Sandra: No..I just wonder if I could get a trimmed that would be enough, could you?

The barber: Anything for you young lady, (smiling)

Sandra walk to the barber chair and nervously waiting for the barber to trim her hair. The barber put her on a cape and loose her ponytail. Her pussy is so extremely wet right now. Sandra actually have a hair fetish since her childhood and she’s been hiding it for a long time. She is afraid to tell anyone about her secret as she would be afraid to be labeled as weird. Sandra have an ideal intimate relationship of her own which is very cunning. She wants to have an affair with man who can use her hair as a fucking tool especially a barber and Sandra would let him to do anything that he wants. But no matter what she will love James more than anything.

The barber: You sure you only want a trim?

Sandra: Yes

The barber: Okay that will do

The barber start to trim her hair.

Sandra get very aroused at this point..

Sandra: Cut it shorter

The barber: I’m sorry what are you saying?

Sandra: I said cut it shorter

The barber: I can hear you honey but really how short?

Sandra: Cut it til it reach above my shoulder but use the clippers

The barber don’t response to what she is saying and just take the scissors from the drawer

At this time, the barber beginning to cut her beautiful tresses

” snip..snip..snip..”

and Sandra’s hair now is reaching to a mid length and suddenly she speak

Sandra: Why you use the scissors? I said the clippers! 

The barber don’t response again and lift the clippers from the place that he used to keep

The barber: I guess I need to teach you a lesson beautiful lady

The barber use a big Wahl clipper and it’s start to roar the whole shop..

He put the clippers below her ear and cut it shorter than what Sandra tell him to do.

Sandra: Thats..thats…very short

Sandra never cut her hair so fucking short in her life. This is her wildest dream

She just can’t bear it and start fingering her pussy.

She moan slightly “uhhhhhhh”

Unluckily the barber notice how weird she is behaving..

The barber: I know what you are doing down there 

Sandra: I’m sorry but I did nothing?( trying to hide it from the barber)

The barber: I know a lot of women who have a hair don’t need to be shy

Sandra: Yes I do..but I’m scared to share it with anybody..even with my husband..

The barber: Don’t you try to talk to him?

Sandra: I didn’t cause I surely know he will hate me and I don’t want him to love me because of my weird fetishes..I secretly want a barber who got the same fetishes to fuck my hair everyday..

The barber: Well explained honey..I think I can take care of it

The barber walk towards the door and flip the open sign to closed. The barber close the blind so anyone could see as it is closed on that day.

He start to zip off his pants and pull out his cock. Sandra feel extremely horny at that time and said “please fuck my hair and my pussy baby”

The barber execute the process as Sandra wish and proceed to fuck her new chin bob hair and penetrate her wet pussy..

He cum on her hair and her mouth in a huge amount and Sandra take it all pleasantly with cum dripping all over her hair.

After that Sandra quickly leave the barbershop and heading back to home in a confusing way.

Sandra went home and felt extremely horny than before. She don’t have any idea of what she’s been doing to herself. She don’t know what will happen if James know about her experience with the barber. But Sandra feel regret because she don’t ask for more severe haircut from the barber. Sandra went to the bathroom to play with herself. She masturbate and moaning in exhilarating way. Suddenly she saw a clippers that must be belong to James. Sandra impulsively put the clippers to alive mode and start to take off the guard to zero. Then she place the clipper on the middle of her forehead and push it backward. Every lock of her hair start to fall on the floor little by little. Her new chin bob is severely cut now. She will not stop buzzing until all her hair is gone.

Sandra run her hand all over her head and she can only feel extremely short stubble left. She stood in front of the bathroom mirror and take a deep breath and look at the huge pile of her hair that stick all over her body. Suddenly she took a shaving cream and apply it on her whole head. She pick a sharp razor that James always use and begin to shave her stubble very slowly. She repeat the same process all over again until it is smooth and shiny. She start to masturbate again and imagining the barber to cum on her shaven head. Sandra know that she has gone too far but the only hope that she has is not to let James know about her filthy desire. She don’t know how to explain it to James when he see her with a bald head. Yesterday she was a beautiful girl with a long hair reaching up to her waist but its all gone all of sudden..

Later on that night James return to home from his work

James: Hello honey I’m home

But there is no voice try to respond to James, he enter the house to look for his wife suddenly..

James: what…what…the hell you’re doing to yourself

And Sandra replied

Sandra: I just..I.. wanted to shaved all my hair off for a long time..

Ever since that tragedy, her husband don’t mind about her shave head but the worst thing is that James find out that she’s having an affair with the barber. James file a divorced and both of them separate. Sandra always visited the barber regularly and he will shave Sandra’s head and pussy to the skin followed by an intimate sexual act afterward. And eventually they both married and Sandra is fulfilling her dream for what she want. Sometimes Sandra used to sit alone and reminisce her past with James and she speak to herself “forgive me honey..I’m a bad girl”.


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