Fourth Date – Part 1

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‘And done!’ Lana thought to herself as she clocked out of her Thursday shift, excited to begin her weekend. It was only 4pm, but as a phlebotomist working at the hospital, she had a unique schedule where she essentially worked three consecutive 12-hour shifts per week. This was perfect for a 25-year-old woman living in downtown San Diego, because it gave her the flexibility to have long weekends to travel and enjoy life.


She had just moved down to the Gas Lamp District in San Diego 9 months ago to take the hospital job because the hours and pay were so great. In those 9 months, she fell in love with the city and knew all of the fabulous restaurants and bars it had to offer. That wasn’t the only thing she liked however, she loved the dating scene. Having grown up in the rural town of Rosamond, California, dating prospects were slim. Even with the advent of dating apps, it was usually the same handful of 50 or so guys she could date – many of which had zero aspirations.


Moving to San Diego really opened up a new world of possibilities for her. She was often going on multiple dates per week, with different guys, and enjoying the casual fun of it all. Though the men she met were fun, the usual age range she tended to attract didn’t seem to have much depth or maturity to them, so it never went past a third date.


This was partially due to her look. Lana stood at about 5’3, with a petite athletic frame. She was in fantastic shape because of her rigorous weekend workout routine at cross-fit, and she filled out her clothes nicely with her squat enhanced bubble butt and perky B-cup breasts. Despite this, she was always carded for alcohol, and even for tobacco… people often thought she was barely 18 years old. This was because she had a bit of a baby face, and the way her long straight black hair framed it, made her look quite younger than she was. Consequently, despite being 25-years old, she was regularly attracting men her age or younger.


Lana had noticed that when she wore her hospital scrubs, and her hair was put up in a bun as per hospital policy, she received more respect, and looked more her age – or even a few years older. Moreover, she noticed that some of the doctors would pay more attention to her when she was on the hospital floor with her hair up, as opposed to the break room or back office when she would let her hair down.


As a result, she was on the verge of doing something drastic, by contemplating taking an acquaintance she met at work up on an offer for a haircut.  The acquaintance, Sarah, was the daughter of a patient that Lana saw regularly. Earlier today, Sarah had casually mentioned to Lana “I can tell you have really long hair, if you ever want to try out some different styles, I would love to use you for my portfolio – take my card”.


Lana had never previously thought about cutting her long hair, which she felt was a big part of her identity. It was long, thick, shiny, and beautiful. It was black, perfectly straight, and reached all the way down to the small of her back. It was often the envy of many of her girlfriends.


“Oh wow, thank you, I’m not sure I could ever do that, but I’ll keep it in mind” Lana responded to Sarah.


“Well, you never know, just a suggestion. Keep me in mind” Sarah responded with a smile.


After her shift and on the drive home, it was all Lana could think about. ‘Should I cut my hair? I’ve always worn it long… will it even look good?’


She stared at herself in the small vanity mirror of her car’s visor at every red light, and continued to contemplate as she played around with putting her hair up to look more closely at her facial features.


‘It does make me look more my age when it’s up…but how short will she cut it?’


All of these thoughts racing through her head was giving her both a healthy dose of anxiety and excitement. ‘Fuck it, let’s just see what happens, maybe I need a change anyways’ she thought to herself.


With that, she reached into her scrub pocket, pulled out Sarah’s card, and nervously dialed the numbers at the next red light. ‘Here goes…’ She said to herself before hitting “call”.


“Hello?” Answered Sarah’s voice on the other end.


“Hi, Sarah? It’s Lana.”


“Oh hey Lana! What’s up?” Said Sarah


“Well, you’ve planted the bug in my head, do you really think I should cut my hair?” Lana responded.


“Wow! I didn’t think I’d hear back from you so soon after our interaction earlier… I caught a glimpse of you on your break when I was bringing my mom for her bi-weekly treatment the other day. You have beautiful hair, but it must be such a burden at work…” Said Sarah


“Well, that is true… but I’ve never worn it shorter than my shoulder blades” Responded Lara


“Look, you have great features and I think you could benefit from a more updated style. Come by sometime and let me take you through a few styles, we can do it in stages and you can stop at anytime.”


This made Lana feel more secure. ‘Ok, we can just cut a little at a time, and I can stop whenever, that should be ok…’ She thought.


“Ok! Cool! Let’s do it! Are you free now?” Lana quickly blurted out.


“Oh wow. Today? I wasn’t set up for it, but sure. I can do it, I don’t have anything else going on this afternoon other than a workout. My “studio/salon” is in my guest house by the way, I don’t have a traditional salon space, hope that’s ok” Sarah responded.


“Oh I love that. Yes, that’s perfect. I prefer it that way actually.” Lana replied.


“Great! I’ll set up and see you here in say, an hour? I’ll text you the address” Sarah responded as she hung up.


‘How unexpected and spur of the moment!’ Lana thought to herself. The last thing she thought she would be doing today after work was getting a haircut. And not just any ordinary haircut, a potentially large change because everything felt so vague.


Upon receiving Sarah’s text, she noticed that it was about a 25-minute drive with traffic to Sarah’s home salon. That didn’t really leave her anytime to change out of her scrubs. ‘What the heck, I’ll just go like this’ She decided, and went to grab a quick bite to eat and a coffee before heading over to Sarah’s.


Sarah lived in the quiet suburb of Torrey Pines, about 10 miles from where Lana worked. She arrived at the front of Sarah’s beautiful modern home, which was easily worth upwards of two million dollars.


“I’m Here!” She texted Sarah.


“Great! Come on through the side gate to the guest house in the back” Sarah responded.


‘Ok. Here goes!’ Lana said with a quick exhale as she traversed Sarah’s beautifully maintained front yard which led to the side gate. Upon walking through the gate and the side of the home, she saw the “guest house” located just beyond the pool and walked right over to it.


It was large, modern, and beautiful pool house, with large sliding glass doors.  It had one large room spanning approximately 800 square feet with high 12’ ceilings. In the center was a beautiful salon station with a large vanity mirror, salon lamps, marble accents, and a cabinet which housed all sorts of hairstyling and cutting tools.  To the left of it, was professional looking photography set up, complete with umbrella lights, tripods, and even a green screen. To the right of the salon was a minimalist kitchen, built into the cabinetry of the unit, with a small floating island and barstools.


Sarah was sitting on one of the stools eating from a veggie crudité assortment when she noticed Lana walk in. “You made it!” She exclaimed.


Sarah was looking much different than the way Lana was used to seeing her. It was clear that she was an attractive woman in her late 30’s, but she was usually dressed in mom jeans with very little makeup and a loose fitting t-shirt.


“Sorry, I just finished my yoga class, and was starving, hope you don’t mind. Feel free to help yourself” She continued.


She was wearing a white form fitting top that exposed her midriff, with dark grey athletic leggings that looked a size too small and hugged her curves beautifully, showing off her excellent toned lower body. Lana also noticed that she was wearing a bit of eye makeup and lipstick. But what really took Lana by surprise was Sarah’s hair. It was beautiful and long, with different layers that fell down almost to her waist. It was a mix of blonde and brown, and it was ombred.


“No thank you, I’m not hungry…Wow, your hair!” Lana responded.


“Oh yeah, I usually put it up when I’m in the hospital. Plus, I had an Ombre appointment today, so I’m letting it breathe. Do you like it?” Sarah asked.


“It looks spectacular… I didn’t realize you had such long hair… why did you suggest I cut mine haha?” Lana continued, chuckling.


“Oh, I just have a good eye for these things. Your hair makes you look like a high schooler!” Sarah responded with a grin as she walked over to the salon chair.


“Well, you aren’t wrong about that….” Lana replied.


“Alright” Sarah said as she patted the seat with her hand, “come on over here and have a seat before you change your mind”


Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion as Lana walked over to the salon chair. ‘Is this the last moment I’ll have my long beautiful hair?’ She thought as she sat down. ‘When I get up from this chair, is it going to be short? How short?’ Her thoughts continued.


Sarah gave the chair a few pumps, wrapped a rosé-colored cape around Lana, and fastened it.

“Let’s take this bun down first” She said, as Lana’s beautiful straight black mane cascaded down the cape. “It’s nicer than I thought! Wow. No tangles, I don’t even need to brush it.” She continued. “Shame we’re about to cut it off, huh?” She said with a smirk and a wink.

Long Hair

As soon as Sarah said that last sentence, Lana felt butterflies in her stomach and her pulse raise. Something about this attractive slightly older woman cutting off her beautiful hair… and teasing her about it was starting to arouse her. ‘What the fuck?’ she thought to herself. ‘Does this mean I’m into women?’


Before she could dive further into this new sensation, she was brought back to reality by Sarah rummaging through her tools, as she saw her grab a pair of rose-gold shears and large toothed comb.


*Snip* *Snip* She heard as Sarah opened and closed her shears.


“Since your hair is so straight, I’m just going to do the first cut dry. Nothing major, I’ll only be taking off a few inches from the bottom.” Sarah explained.


‘Well that’s a relief…’ Lana thought ‘Maybe I’ll just get a trim and call it a day’


Sarah combed and cut, combed and cut, and then combed and cut some more. Lana couldn’t tell how much length was coming off, and the butterflies were making it difficult for her to concentrate. The anticipation, coupled with the sensation of Sarah touching her with her soft hands, was really putting her in it’s own trance.


“Ok, that’ll do it for now. I only took off about 4 inches to give it some life. Get up and take it for a spin!” Sarah said excitingly


‘Dammit. That was too fast.’ Lana thought. ‘I was really starting to enjoy that’


Sarah undid the cape and invited Lana to stand up to take a look at herself in the large vanity mirror.


‘Oh wow, she barely took off any length’ her thoughts continued as she noticed that her hair had been cut in a blunt trim, right around her bran strap. It still looked absolutely spectacular, with perfect volume and shine… but she noticed that this style still made her look 18.


“You look disappointed!” Sarah said with a laugh “Don’t worry, I’ll be taking more off, I promise” She continued. “Come over to the photography station, I want a few photos of this ‘before’ cut for my portfolio.”


“Ok, sounds good” Lana said as she followed her over to the other side of the room.


Sarah picked up her expensive camera, adjusted the umbrella lights, and proceeded to give Lana modeling directions as she took several photos of her.


“You don’t think it’s weird in my scrubs?” Lana inquired.


“No, the main focus is your spectacular hair anyways.” She replied as she continued snapping away. “Alright, that should be more than enough. Come back over and have a seat and let’s get rid of the glorious mane of yours.”


She certainly had her way with words. Why on earth was the way Sarah threatened to chop all of her beautiful hair off, while acknowledging it’s attractiveness, turning Lana on. All of this confused Lana, but she loved it and didn’t protest.


‘I wonder how short she’s going to go….is she going to ask me?’ The thoughts raced through her head as she sat down in the salon chair and was being caped by Sarah.


“Let’s got to the fun part” Sarah said as she grabbed her scissors and comb.


Lana wanted to speak up, but the thought of feeling completely powerless to this attractive older woman with a killer body really gave her a thrill, so she chose to keep quiet.


Sarah combed Lana’s hair straight down and sectioned off the right side from her temple to about her ear, letting it fall straight down in front of Lana’s shoulder.  She then pushed the remaining amount of hair behind her shoulder, as she prepared to begin cutting.


She then grabbed the comb, slowly moved it down Lana’s hair until she found the right spot just below her chin, steadied her shears, and began to cut across. *snip* *snip* *snip* Nearly 18” of Lana’s illustrious mane fell from her head to the cape.


“Holy Crap!!!” Lana yelled out.


“Easy now, I promise this will look good once we’re done. You don’t need all that hair anyways…” Sarah responded sternly.


“It’s just…I thought we were going to do it in stages…” Responded Lana.


“Well, I changed my mind.” Replied Sarah, this time, with a bit of attitude, putting her left hand on her hip.


Lana couldn’t believe Sarah cut off so much without consulting her. The authoritative and catty response she received however really excited her and made her want to submit.


“Ok, I trust you” Lana responded.


“Good girl” Sarah replied with a smile and wink, gently patting the top of Lana’s head.


Sarah then proceeded to the left side, and did the same thing, cutting the length just to middle of Lana’s neck, sending a large volume of shiny black hair into the light colored cape Lana was wearing.


Working with more pace, Sarah moved behind Sarah and combed out the rest of the hair that remained, cutting it directly across until it all matched the rest and was one length.


Lana looked ahead into the mirror and couldn’t believe the woman looking back at her. Her long beautiful hair was now replaced with a very boxy looking bob haircut that lifelessly hung just past her chin. She felt like the cut looked awful, but for some reason that only added to her excitement. The fact that Sarah kept telling her how nice her hair was, only to completely ruined it, only turned her on even more. ‘What the fuck is going on with me?!’ she thought to herself.


“Don’t worry, I’m not going to let you leave looking like this. We’re just getting the length right so that I can shape it and style it for you. It’s not a cut that’s done completely dry anyways, but I wanted to try to do as much of it as possible dry because your hair is so thick” Sarah explained, after sensing the look of shock in Lana’s face.


Sarah continued to work feverish combing and cutting bits and pieces of Lana’s rough bob, giving it some shape. When she finished, it looked better, but still a bit ragged and boxy. ‘I guess that’s a bit better?’ Lana thought to herself.


Thereafter, Sarah clipped part of Lana’s hair to the top of her head, letting the majority of the hair from the front , side and back lay down, grabbed a spray bottle and began to spray the back and sides of Lana’s hair.


“I’m going to blow dry the ends and give it some shape to finish it up” She explained.


Over the course of the next 15 minutes, Sarah used her hands to shape the ends of the bob with the blow dryer on the low setting, making the bottom curve in a bit to give the bob some shape and make it go up just a bit to be level with her chin. After she finished, she cut a bit more from the bottom to make sure it was all level with Lana’s chin, and then she sprayed some product to give it a bit of shine.


“All done! take a look.” Sarah said, invitingly.


Lana inspected herself in the mirror and was shocked at the dramatic difference the blow-drying and styling made. The cut looked amazing. She was still in shock about all of the hair she lost, but it was undeniable that this style made her look her age. Part of Lana was sad that the cut was over, as she developed a girl-crush on Sarah in the process. ‘I really enjoyed that, maybe I’ll have to come back soon…’ she thought


“Now you look like you’re in your mid-twenties.” She continued. “This cut will require some maintenance; I suggest every 2 months. I won’t be able to do it however, I’m going on an extended cruise for the next 3 months, but I’ll be happy to do it for you when I get back!”


‘Oh no!’ Lana thought. And just when she was beginning to look forward to having Sarah touch her hair again…


“Oh darn, Ok. I hope you have a safe trip, maybe I’ll just it be until you get back…” Said Lana.


“Oh no, it’s an easy cut to maintain, just tell whoever to trim and shape the ends in about 6 weeks, you’ll be ok” Replied Sarah as she un-caped Lana, sending all of her now lifeless beautiful hair to the floor.


“I’m going to go get a different camera lens so we can do some after shots, do me a favor and grab that broom over there and sweep up all this hair and toss it in the bin.” She continued, again with a slightly condescending tone.


‘How degrading, she’s going to make me sweep and throw away all of my hair!’ Lana thought. The thought excited her even more. The act of being told to now perform the menial task of sweeping and throwing her own hair away, which just 30 minutes ago was to the small of her back, by the woman that just severed it from her head, was making her insides gush.


“Sure, no problem…” Lana responded as she proceeded to sweep the maintain of her hair into a dustpan and toss it in the bin.


Meanwhile, Sarah finished adjusting the lens of the camera. “Come on over when you’re done tossing that hair out” She called out.


“Coming!” Lana responded submissively, enjoying every moment of it.


Over the course of the next 10 minutes Sarah took photos of Lana from every different angle.


“Ok, were done, I’ll text these to you now so you have them too” Sarah said as she abruptly finished with the shoot. “Sorry to usher you out so quickly, I need to get ready for dinner, but thanks for stopping by!”


“Oh it’s no problem! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, and I love the cut!” Lana responded excitedly as they hugged goodbye, and Lana held Sarah for a bit longer than normal.


It was only 6pm, and the sun was still out when Lana left the pool house on the way back to her car. She felt the cool ocean breeze on her newly exposed neck as she went to open her car door and it sent tingles up her spine – as she thought about the experience she just had.


‘What just happened!?’ She thought to herself. The entire experience was so spontaneous, and the more she thought about it, the more excited she became. Just an hour ago she had hair that was nearly to her waist, and now she was sporting a sexy and sophisticated short bob.


Just then, her phone chimed with text from Sarah with the “after photos”.


‘I really look my age in these…Let’s put them to use.’ Lana thought as she began uploading the new photos to her online dating profile…


…To Be Continued

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