Free Haircuts! Girls Only!

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forenote: i have seen this story ripped off on a number of occasions, some of which on this site. the following is the original story as it was written several years ago


I felt very carefree as I walked down the sidewalk in the late afternoon sunlight. I was wearing a nice blue sundress and a comfortable pair of walking sandals. I chose not to wear jewelry because I wasn’t meeting anybody or going anywhere in particular. It had been grey for a very long time and I felt as though I hadn’t seen the sun in weeks, and it felt like such a beautiful day that I had to go and take a long walk. I checked my phone and saw that I had been walking for almost 90 minutes. I sat down on a bench near an open grassy area and texted some of my friends for a few minutes. I was just enjoying such a beautiful day when I looked across the street and saw something strange.


There was a sign in the front yard of a house that caught my eye. “Free Haircuts! Girls ONLY!” is what the sign said. I sat there staring at it for a moment, and even told my friend about it through text. She texted me, “LOL, you were complaining about needing one! If its free I DARE you to get one there!” I chuckled and put my phone away. I did really think about it, and remembered saying that I wanted a trim. I picked up a small lock of hair and studied the ends. There were a lot of spits in there. “What the hell,” I thought, “I need to get a trim. It might be free. I can always walk away if I don’t think the person who will be doing the cutting knows what they’re doing. I’ll give it a try.”


I took a deep breath, stood up and walked across the street. I felt my heart beating louder and louder in my chest as I approached the front door. I was trying to think what I was going to say if either the hairdresser was a man or someone who didn’t look like they had a clue what they were doing. I was still trying to come up with a good excuse in my head when I finally reached the door. I took the bronze knocker and knocked it a few times. I stood there for only a moment before I heard the latch to the door unlocking and the handle turning. The door was pulled back and I saw a woman standing there. She was a shapely woman, although she was a touch overweight. She was wearing a very tight pair of black leather pants with matching boots. Her top was a sleeveless leather shirt that zipped up the middle. Her hair was red, and quite short. It almost looked like a man’s haircut because it was completely off of her collar and above her ears in a slicked-back style. She wore very little makeup. I have to admit that I found her to be very attractive because she was so different than other women I had seen.


“Hello there,” she said. This broke me out of the short trance I felt like I was in while I took in her image. “Hi,” I said, “I was wondering if you could help me?” “With what hun,” she said, “I’ll need you to be more specific.” She spoke very quickly and seemed to have lots of confidence. “Oh well I saw you sign and was wondering if I could get a quick haircut,” I replied. “Oh of course darlin,” she said with a slight smile in her face and I could tell she was looking at my long hair, “Step inside.” It felt more like a command than an invitation. I didn’t know what else to do so I obediently walked through the door.


The inside of her house seemed simple enough. I figured this would be taking place in her kitchen so I began walking over towards it. “Where are you going,” I heard her ask. I jumped a little and turned around quickly and saw that she was standing next to a door, holing it open and gesturing through it. I turned around and walked through the door, which if I wasn’t being led to for a trim, id have guessed it was a bedroom. The room turned out to have tan walls and a hardwood floor, the same as the rest of the house. There was a very large red-leather hairdressing chair placed in front of one wall where there was a full length mirror and a counter. It actually looked more like a barber chair, and I also noticed some things hanging from the armrests. I thought it was an old-fashioned strap like the ones barbers use to sharpen their straight razors. I guess I had stalled in the doorway for longer than I thought because I felt her hand reaching under my hair from the left side and grab my neck.


She held my neck firmly and began to guide me into the room. I guessed that it was time to sit down and get this over with, but instead she turned me towards a door that was on a different wall. It opened to a bathroom. She quickly pushed me inside and closed the door. I stood there looking down at the bathtub, which had strange things that seemed to be a part of it. After a moment I felt her grab my hands and move them up over my head. “Hold still,” she barked when I tried to lower my arms again. I froze with my arms in the air trying to think what might be happening. She grabbed the bottom of my dress, and in one motion, she pulled the whole thing off over my head. I squealed a little bit and tried to pull it back down, but the lady was too quick and threw it back out into the other room. I tried to walk out after it, but she pushed me back into the room and reached behind my back and began working with the hooks on my bra. I was too scared to move, and just stood there as she pulled my bra away.


I don’t know what had come over me. I guess it was a combination of fear and slight arousal towards the woman who was stripping me naked. She also pulled my panties down to my ankles with my sandals. “Turn around and get on your knees on the pad,” she ordered curtly. I quickly turned around and kneeled down on the middle of the leather cushion. She reached down and pulled off both my panties and my sandals. She threw them back into the other room and then pushed me forwards so that my knees were right against the edge-wall of the bathtub. Once she had me positioned, she wrapped a leather belt around the back of my hamstrings which pinned me in place


Once that belt was fastened tightly, she wrapped a cloth belt around that one between my two legs. She forced both of my hands through this belt and pulled it tight which immobilized my hands and arms. Then she finished by pushing on my back and forcing me to lean over the edge of the tub and wrapping a belt around my back which would keep me from being able to lean back up.


I stared down, pondering my own predicament. Here I was, totally naked, tied to the edge of the bathtub with my head leaning down inside of it, bound by a very dominating woman wearing all leather after asking for a free haircut. “what the hell were you thinking,” I whispered to myself. I tried to move, but the belts were unrelenting. I was trapped


I heard her footsteps behind me. Her boots clicked on the floor as she got closer. I felt her hands sweeping all my hair forwards over the top of my head and into the tub. I didn’t have a clue what to expect next, until I heard her turning on the water. She fiddled with the temperature for a minute or two and then picked up the shower hose and turned it on where it wasn’t splashing me. “Alrighty then hun,” she said cheerfully, “Let’s get you washed up!”


With that, she put the hose over my head and I felt the warm water begin to seep over my scalp and wet my hair. She massaged the hot water through my hair for a short time and then turned it off. I heard a familiar noise and smelled citrus as I felt her beginning to scrub my hair with a fragrant shampoo. She was quite rough with the scrubbing and put a lot of pressure on my head. “Keep still,” she said as she forced my head back up. I didn’t reply at all and kept both my eyes and mouth tightly shut to avoid getting soap in them. My back was starting to ache from being bent over the tub and my neck was straining from pushing against all of her strength as she roughly scrubbed my scalp. Finally she stopped, and washed the shampoo away. I thought it was over and opened my eyes. I felt my hair sticking to my head from the wetness and all I could see was wet black hair hanging into the bathtub. She wasn’t finished with me though. She quickly began to rub conditioner throughout my hair in the same rough manner as before. Soon enough, she was rinsing out the conditioner and toweling down my hair.


What happened next surprised me a little, because id always had my hair washed, cut and dried at the salon. “I don’t like wet hair,” she said, “I’m gonna dry it right now.” She turned on a loud blow dryer. She didn’t take her time drying my hair and this was certainly no salon blow-out. She was very rough as she pulled up bits of my hair and blasted them with the hot air. When my hair wasn’t dripping anymore she undid the belt on my back and leaned me up again. She picked up a brush and began to give me a very rough blow-out. She dragged the brush through my hair as she blew it completely dry. Again and again, she pulled the two items through my hair until it was completely dry. “There we are now,” she chimed, “We don’t want to be cutting dirty, wet hair now do we sweetheart?” I guessed it was a rhetorical question, so I didn’t say anything back to her. She laughed when I didn’t say anything and unfastened both of the belts on my legs and hands. “Come on,” she said, “we don’t have all day. Now do we?”


I reluctantly stood to my feet and walked back into the other room. I tried to move towards my wrinkled clothes, but she grabbed me and forced me towards the barber chair. It only took a few steps before I was standing right in front of the chair. She quickly turned me around and I was face-to-face with the leatherclad woman. She looked the same as she did before, except that now she seemed to be beaming with confidence whilst I felt very meek and helpless. She gave me an evil grin as she shoved me back into the chair. I felt my skin slam against the cold leather.


Immediately, she grabbed my right arm and held it on the armrest. Once it was there, she picked up the strap, wrapped it around my wrist and buckled it tightly. The process was repeated on my left arm. She finished by fastening thick belts around my ankles, waist and one over the top of my breasts and chest. I was firmly restrained to the chair, and I couldn’t move anything other than my head.


All I could see in front of me was this dominant lady. She had the biggest smile of satisfaction on her face as she looked at me in her chair. I know I must have looked scared sitting there. I could feel goosebumps forming on my arms and chest. She dragged a finger over my bare skin as she walked around behind me to the counter. my mouth was so dry that I don’t think I could even speak.


She began stroking my hair with her fingers as I sat there. “MMMMMMMMM,” she purred and whispered in my ear, “Such………BEAUTIFUL hair! I can’t wait to have some real fun with it!” I felt the warmth of her breath and the wetness of her lips as she kept whispering very close to my ear. “ZZZZZZZZZZZ,” she purred in my right ear as she reached around me and started to lightly play with my nipples, “such a pretty little girl…..” she whispered seductively in my left. I felt warm between my legs as she kept playing with me and whispering in my ears. Eventually she stood back up and began stroking my hair again.


“You’re so submissive,” she said, “I don’t think you would twitch even if I didn’t have you all nice and tied down.” I smiled a little as I stared ahead at the walls before me. “That’s enough fun for the moment,” she said, “time to get this haircut started.” With that, she wrapped my hair around itself until it was in a rough bun on the back of my head and put a clip on it to keep it there. Then she wrapped some kind of tissue around my neck. I heard cabinets being opened and closed and then heard the leather creaking as she stood up again. I heard a loud swoosh as I saw something being thrown out over me. It was a black and white pinstriped cape. It felt like something you would see in a men’s barber shop rather than a woman’s salon. They always just had us wear a robe to keep our clothes clean in the salon I always went to.


The cape settled between my legs as she fastened it very tightly on my neck. I felt myself gulp as I heard the loud snaps being fastened together. She fastened at least five snaps making the cape feel very secure. I heard a strange noise and felt myself bumpily ascending. She was pumping the chair up with a foot pedal. I bumped up again and again until I was at the desired height for her to work. She spun me around to face the large mirror on the wall. It looked totally strange seeing myself mostly covered by a barbers cape except for my strapped-down hand. She scoffed a little as she leaned down and straightened the cape, then let my hair fall down. I just tried to take in the strange sight of myself seated in a barber chair with the stripped cape around my neck and a dominant leather-clad woman preparing to cut my hair.


She pulled out a wooden brush and began to slowly pull it through my hair. While she was doing this, she commented on its luster, thickness and health. “Its almost a shame,” she said as she put the brush down, “but this is going to be sooo much fun for me.” “Sh…..shame,” I stuttered, “whats a shame?” “your hair really is lovely,” she replied, “But its got to go!” “What?!” I exclaimed. She didn’t respond, but she did open a drawer and pull out a very large pair of haircutting scissors.


Upon seeing them, I began thrashing against the restraints. It was no use though, I couldn’t move. “SLAP!” went her hand against my cheek as she slapped me hard. “Now,” she said calmly as I felt tears welling up in my eyes, “When a girl sits in my chair, I expect them to sit like a little lady rather than some brat. Your hair is going to be cut the way that I decide. If you decide to cry or resist, then I will shave every hair from that head…….so OBEY!” I stopped trying to move because I knew that I couldn’t go anywhere and I didn’t want to be bald and ugly. “Much better,” she said as she snipped the scissors a few times in my face, “Good little slut.”


She firmly grasped the top of my head with her left hand. “Kiss the locks goodbye darlin,” she said as she put the scissors in my hair on the right side. I watched in horror as she began to close the blades. “Schick…..Schick…..Schick,” I couldn’t even move my head with her holding it still as she continued to cut the hair off in a straight line around my head above my shoulders. “Schick…..Schick……..Schick……..Schick…………Schick” I couldn’t stop the tears as I watched almost 2 feet of hair being brutually chopped away by this woman. “Schick…..Schick……..Schick……Schick……..SHCICK!!!” the line was finally complete, and I didn’t have a hair on my head that went to my shoulders. My beautiful hair was lying strewn over the black and white stripes on the cape.


She quickly made it obvious that I wasn’t going to have long to lament my lost hair. She picked up a comb and a few hair-clips. She began sectioning my hair in a circle right underneath the crown of my head and pinning all the hair above that on top of my head. When she seemed finished she reached into the drawer and pulled out an unfamiliar object. It was very large and black machine, she pulled out something silver and attached it to the top of the object. I suddenly realized that it was some kind of hair clipper. She gave me an evil smile as she turned them on.


“BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,” went the clippers as they powered up. She spun the chair back around so I couldn’t see anything in the mirror. She grabbed the top of my head in her hand and bent it far forward so I was staring at the stripped cape and my shorn hair. “Now we’re gonna get this nice and short,” she said as I felt the cold metal blades touch the back of my neck and begin to move up. “BUZZZZZZZZZZ,” went he clippers in a different tone as they began to clip my hair. The pitch increased and I immediately felt the hair being sheared away from my head. She pushed the horrid machine all the way to the top of the section and flicked it up so that the hair was thrown onto the cape where I could see it. She repeated the process again and again until the entire back of my head was hairless. I saw clump after clump of hair plop down onto the cape after she sheared them from my head and flicked them forwards.


When the back was finished, she tilted my head to the side and began repeating the process on the right side of my head. All I could hear was the loud, “BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ,” as the clippers cleared paths of hair near my right ear. Again I watch as clumps of hair fall to the cape and roll to the floor. It doesn’t take long for the clippers to finish with the right side of my head and strip it bare of any hair. She repeated the process on my left side. “BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,” and path after path were clipped until everything below my crown didn’t have a single long hair left.


“MMMMMMM,” she said as she stroked the back of my head, “its sooo sexy when my Whals shave a girls hair off.” She kept chuckling as she began to fiddle with something on the counter. I didn’t even want to guess what she might be doing until I felt her hand rubbing something cold onto my scalp. It took a few moments to realize that it must be shaving cream. She quickly put a thick layer of lather onto the entire back and sides of my head below the crown and then wiped her hands clean. She put a towel over my shoulder and picked up something on the counter. “Stay very still darlin,” she commanded, “I’d hate to cut you!”


She worked quickly at removing the lather from my head with a razor. I felt the sharpness of the blade scraping the last remnants of my hair away. Once she was finished, she undid the clips from the top of my head and let my only remaining hair spill out above my shoulders. It was the strangest thing I had ever felt as what was left of my hair brushed over the shaved portions of my head. She grabbed my head again and leaned me forwards. I felt the hair on the back of my head being combed.


“Snip……snip……snip…..snip,” went a different pair of scissors as they began cutting my hair high up on the back of my head. She kept combing and cutting, and combing and cutting. She cut my hair at an angle going up higher on the back of my head than in the front. “Snip, snip snip snip snip snip snip snip,” went the scissors as she kept cutting my hair off. Finally she seemed satisfied that my hair was even. She walked in front of me and checked the two sides against each other. “Hmmm,” she said with a devious smile, “much improved, but it needs one last touch…………….”


She combed the hair in front over my face. “I think you need some nice high bangs,” she said as she put the scissors on my forehead. “Snip snip snip snip snip snip,” went the scissors as they sliced a high fringe on my forehead. I watched the wall of hair in front of my eyes falling away to the snipping of the scissors. “There,” she exclaimed, “All done!”


She turned me back around to face the mirror.


I sat staring at a stranger. She had bangs on her forehead and a bob haircut that I could see went high up the back of my head and was shaved underneath when the leatherclad lady held up a mirror. This couldn’t be me. I was in shock that this woman had actually cut all of my hair into an inverted bob with bangs and a shaved undercut.


The cape and tissue were both whisked away sending all the cut hair floating to the floor. She put a headrest onto the chair, and she reclined the back of the chair. I was staring at the ceiling which also had a mirror on it. I watched her remove her leather top and pull up a stool and place it near my restrained legs. She reached out and began playing with me between my legs. I felt a surge of warmth as she fingered me. She smiled and winked at me in the mirror and leaned her head between my spread legs. I gasped in both shock and pleasure as she began…………………………..

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