Free Haircuts Girls Only

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Christine walked along the long stretch of sidewalk. Her chestnut brown hair, hanging over her shoulders. It was basic, never touched . She had never dyed or had more than a inch cut off. Her shapely body, covered by a beautiful floral sundress to cover herself from the hot summer heat. As she walked. She found herself outside the park several houses outlined the park. She decided to walk through, finally after taking a hour to walk around and rest herself she sat at a park bench, she took a few moments to text her friends to update them on what she would be doing that day. She looked up from her phone across the laws of the houses across from the park. Her eyes scanned before she saw a metal sign, sticking in the ground of a beautiful blue house. She took a moment to read it. “ Free haircuts….Girls only.”

She took a strand of her hair, trying to force herself to go to the door, telling herself if the person behind the door was a creep, or not a woman themselves. That she could just turn and walk away. But, still she sat not moving she texted her friend. Who quickly responded telling her that she dared her to get a haircut there. That was it, she knew her friend would make fun of her if she didn’t do it. She fingered the ends of her basic almost perfect hair before walking to the door. She knocked once…twice…again. Finally after the third attempt. The door handle was turned and a woman appeared, she wasn’t fat. But she definitely had curves to her, she wore black leather pants, they hugged her juicy behind tightly, her top was a larger pink t-shirt. The craziest thing about the woman was her haircut. She didn’t have long hair, she had a messy pixie cut, but the sides and back, were almost shaven to the skin. It looked as if she had been to a barbershop. The woman introduced herself. “ Hello? My name is Sarah, what do you need?”


“ I saw your ad for a free haircut. “


“ Come in.”


Sarah guided her inside. She ordered her to take her shoes off. Watching the younger woman do so. Christine didn’t even bother to fight it, she dropped her shoes off at the door. “ Your hair, it looks so dry honey, follow me upstairs. It needs to be washed first.” Sarah did not even give Christine a option but to follow her up the stairs, pushing her into the bathroom. Christine looked around not knowing where the sink or chair she would be receiving her hair washing would be. Sarah smirked watching the girl look around, she lunged in ripping Christine’s sun dress over her head, seeing her naked body, seeing as Christine had no underwear or bra on under the dress. Christine had no time to react as she tried to cover herself. Sarah threw her down her, forcing her head above the bathtub before handcuffing her to the legs of the old styled tub, Soon after Sarah had a neck corset and a chain attached to the wall, she had a bright smile on her face. The tub was filled to the brim with ice cold water. She took her newest victims head and pushed her in the water. Christine screamed in shock as she was forced into the water, trying to escape screaming at the woman to be let go. Sarah replied with a strong ass slapping forcing her to relax. Sarah pulled a bar of soap out running it roughly into Christine’s hair. She ran it as hard as she could into her hair after a while it made bubbles and she dropped the bar to the side before scrubbing it in painfully to her hair. Finally dunking her head back into the tub of ice cold water, making sure her hair was washed thoroughly. She dunked her several more times. Grabbing her by the neck she turned her head as she stood up throwing her dress into the garbage. Unlocking her cuffs and neck bondage. She grabbed her by the hair forcing her into the side room connected to the bathroom, shoving her forcefully into a old fashioned barber chair, Christine was so much in shock she couldn’t fight back, her arms quickly being handcuffed down, a leather strap being slammed across both of her arms and then against her upper arm. Several other straps were attached to her legs, from her feet to her thighs. Then a long leather strap went below her breasts and her upper waist. Sarah disappeared behind her and tied her neck down to the chair, so she couldn’t leave her sight. Christine smiled and left the room to leave her to suffer. She changed into a corset and latex bodysuit. Her messy pixie looking perfect as she came back, raking her fingers through the woman’s hair. She took a pair of shears, and grabbed her long hair taking several long clumps snipping them close to the skin, she would take the clumps and shove them on her captives naked body. She gave her no mercy letting the locks fall over her body. A finger leaving between her thighs sliding inside her warmth fingering her. Sarah pulled out of her newest pet before grabbing clippers, they were soon turned on, being dragged across her scalp, front to back. Christine could feel the loud buzzing as it went through her once gorgeous long locks. when she was done she took a straight razor out, covering her head in warm shaving cream, including her eyebrows. Sarah decided to show her victim a good time. She climbed up and into her lap. Shoving her breasts directly into her face. Making sure the girl couldn’t see above her breasts. Her intoxicating perfume shot right up into her victim’s nose. Sarah showed no mercy, scrapping her eyebrows off, before pushing the razor into her scalp, long powerful strokes against her face, Each one making Christine more and more turned on. The latex breasts of Sarah smashed right against her submissive victims face. Finally Sarah had finished, she took the lever on the side of the chair pushing it all the way back. She noticed Christine was fully shaven below. She saw Christine’s look being forced to look at the ceiling, a huge mirror showing her all of the room, including herself. Sarah smirked, pushing the two legs of the chair apart, she got to her knees and crawled into Christine’s warmth her latex shining perfectly, as her tongue slithered inside her warmth lips, sliding in back and forth quickly. Her head bobbing back and forth forcing Christine to watch the dominant woman eat her out, her new found bald head and eyebrows would stay permanently, she wouldn’t be allowed to visit anybody to shave her except her new owner Sarah. Sarah’s hand moved up pinching her pet’s nipples. It went on for what felt like hours. But in reality was a few short minutes, Christine started to shake, her sweet juices left her body and went into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah smiled before standing, unzipping her catsuit to show her freshly shaved lips, she climbed onto the chair. Sitting herself right against the girls face, she started to grind herself against her mouth, finally feeling Christine slide her tongue inside her. She bucked back and forth before finally giving the victim what she wanted, her juices poured into Christine’s mouth. Sarah stood immediately unbuckling all of the girls bondage. Before speaking to her. “ How was that for a free haircut.”


Months later, Christine was living with Sarah, they had started to date, but actively Christine would act as if she never knew Sarah and would knock on her door asking for a free haircut all over again.

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