Fresh Start Fantasy

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Iris was so ready to stretch her legs as Kevin pulled the Jeep into the driveway after being on the road since 5:00 that morning. The excitement of moving to Santa Ana, California from Cleveland was building as their arrival made it real. Kevin was due to start his new job as a software engineer in two days. As a freelance writer able to work from anywhere, Iris had the luxury of getting settled into their new home. This was a big step toward starting their family.

Their new house was a few miles out of the city on a quiet road. Iris frowned as she got out of the car. There was a sign over the front porch with pastel pink lettering that said, “Bonnie’s Beauty Bliss Salon”.

“Are you sure this is the right place?” she started looking through the folder they had received from the realtor’s office.

“Larry told us that the previous owners ran their business from their home,” Kevin said as he closed the car door and walked toward the front door.

As they entered the house, it was as though they were stepping back in time. In front of the window, there was a salon chair upholstered in light green vinyl facing into a mirror. The counter in front of the mirror had a shampoo sink built into it with a green plastic cover on top of it. A few feet away from that was another upholstered green chair sitting under an old timey hair dryer. There was a faint perfumed smell in the air – a mixture of shampoo, hair spray, and perming lotion.

There was a knock on the door. Their realtor, Larry Smith, entered and shook hands.

“Did you have any trouble finding the place?” he asked.

“I guess the owners didn’t have time to move their business out. What happened?” Iris asked.

Frowning, Larry said, “It’s a really sad story. As you can see, the couple, Bonnie and Ray ran a beauty salon in their home. This salon has been here for over forty years. They were tragically killed in a car accident a month ago. Their daughter, Angela, didn’t have time to come and clean the business out. That’s why the price was reduced. Will this be a problem?”

Sighing, Iris said, “Luckily, I have some time to work on it. We’ll get it cleaned out.”

After a quick tour of the home, they could see that the rest of the house was clean and in good condition, even though the furnishings were very dated. Larry gave them a packet with more information about their home and local businesses and then he was gone.

Later, as they were relaxing after eating take-out burgers, Iris backed up and sat down in the salon chair. With her phone in her hand, she was checking her e-mail and watching her favorite cat videos. Kevin stood behind her and smiled at her in the mirror. Iris’ long, wavy brown hair cascaded over the back of the chair. She smiled back at him.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and began massaging them. She sighed happily and leaned her head back a little. He picked up a hairbrush off the counter and started gently brushing her hair. She felt turned on.

Smiling, Kevin said softly, “Remember when you told me you used to have fantasies about haircuts and beauty salons?”

She had told him about her salon fetish a long time ago. She was surprised he remembered. She had always dreamed of having her hair cut really short in a salon or barbershop, but she was always worried what her friends or parents would say. So she had just kept her long hair in the same style for years.

“Looks like we have ourselves a great opportunity. We’re hundreds of miles away from Cleveland. We’re in a new city. You can live out your fantasy and have plenty of time to let your hair grow back if you want to. What do you think?” he asked as he continued to run the brush through her hair.

Her mouth was dry and she felt warm. All she could do was smile and nod.

“Leave it to me,” Kevin said. “Do you trust me to make your dreams come true?”

“Yes, Kevin,” she purred. “I’m in your hands.”

With that, Iris felt the chair she was sitting in being pumped higher and higher as Kevin used the foot pedal to get her into position. He brushed her hair a few more times and then gathered it all up into a clip on top of her head.

Taking a few moments to gather up equipment, he placed a tissue strip around her neck. He draped a light green plastic cape over the front of her and secured it at the nape of her neck. He placed a white towel around her neck.

He lifted the cover off of the shampoo sink. Turning her chair around, he found the lever to recline the chair so that her neck was on the cushion designed for it and her head was in the bowl. He removed the hair clip and she heard him adjusting the faucet handle. Soon the gentle spray of water began. After a few moments, the water was warm and Kevin began to wet Iris’ head. Soon he was gently massaging shampoo into the roots of her hair. The steamy floral scent was heavenly and Iris felt all of the tension in her body melt away as Kevin fingers traced small circles on her scalp.

The water came on again and Kevin rinsed her hair thoroughly until all of the foam had washed down the drain. He applied conditioner throughout her hair before he rinsed it once more.

Kevin gently wrapped her head in a towel. He adjusted the chair back into a sitting position and turned it so that Iris was facing the mirror. Kevin squeezed her hair in the towel until all of the extra water drips were gone. He picked up a comb and worked it through her hair lightly. He worked his way around, removing all of the tangles.

“Ready?” he asked, looking at her in the mirror.

She really was turned on and anxious to see what he would do. She nodded with a smile.

“Okay then…”

He used the comb to separate a section of hair on the top of her head and secured it with a big clip. He grabbed the scissors off the counter. With the comb, he smoothed the hair behind her left ear, and held the strands between his fingers. He pulled the hair a bit from her head and with a loud snip, cut a straight line just above the ear.

She gasped as she heard the first cut. He smiled and dropped the lock of hair in her lap. She felt a slight flutter as he did that. She definitely wanted more. He continued combing and cutting, around the back of her head. He pushed her head down a bit and turned the chair slightly as he continued working. Before long, he was cutting the hair behind her right ear.

“Are you enjoying this?” he whispered in her ear.

She was beyond happy. She just nodded.

He released the section of hair at the top of her hair. He picked up a water bottle and sprayed it several times to dampen it. He continue combing sections out and clipping.

The pile of hair on the floor and in her lap was growing. And even though she knew her hair probably looked like a disaster, she didn’t want him to stop.

He stopped for a moment and brushed the hair off her lap. They both looked in the mirror and laughed. Her hair was an uneven mess. The more he tried to even it out, the worse it got.

“I think you know what we need to do,” Kevin said.

Even though she was a little scared, she knew it would look better to cut it all off.

“I have plenty of time to let it grow. I’m so turned on right now, let’s do it!” she said, laughing out loud.

“All right then…”

He looked around for the clippers. He selected a heavy duty looking pair. Popping off the guard, he hit the switch. The clippers roared to life. Iris’ nipples hardened as he brought the buzzing clippers up to her hairline on the top of her head. He started pulling them back, further to the crown of her head. The hair immediately fell on the floor as he brought the clippers back up and made another pass to the right of the first one. Over and over he was cutting and cutting all the way to her right ear. She loved the feeling of the air on her head and the tickling buzzing on her skin as he kept cutting pass after pass on the other side of her head. As more of her head was being exposed, her face and eyes seemed to be getting larger. There was no stopping now.

He gently pushed her head forward and began buzzing up the back of her head, from the nape of her neck to the top. He continued clipping until he was folding over her left ear and clipping around it. He continued back around to her right ear. She loved the buzzing and wished it would go on forever.

After several more passes, Kevin turned the clippers off. He picked up a hair dryer, turned it on, and used the warm air to blow all of the bits of hair off her lap, shoulders, and the top of her head. He rubbed the top of her head with her hand and she thought she was going to melt. She reached her own hand up timidly. It felt so weird, but she just smiled.

Kevin soaked a towel in hot water. Wringing it out until it was no longer dripping, he wrapped it around her bald head. After it sat on her head for a few minutes, he removed it. Gently he smoothed on shaving cream all over head. She giggled as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“Hold still,” he said.

Starting at the top of her head, he followed the natural growth direction of the remaining stubble, shaving everything that was left down to her scalp. He continued making passes with a safety razor until she was completely smooth.

He soaked another towel in hot water, wrung it out, and wiped all of the remaining shaving cream off of her head. He found some after-shave lotion on the shelf and finished off her haircut.

“What do you think, madam?” he said as he pulled off the cutting cape.

He gave the salon chair a playful spin as she giggled.

“Are you as turned on as I am?” he said.

She had no words. He scooped her up into her arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom.

After they had made love, she smiled.

“You know, I’m not in such a hurry to give the salon stuff away. I wonder if you could fit me in for another appointment to maintain my new look,” she said with a smile.

“Only if you return the favor! We will totally save money on haircuts this way!”

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