Freshening up for the guests

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“Rosalyn, get up”,the girl’s mother said sternly, yanking the quilt off her body,”We have a lot to do today”

Rosalyn was confused,”What could we possibly have to do today?”

”Get up”,her mother ordered,”Hop in the shower, I want you downstairs in ten minutes”

The girl wanted five more minutes to sleep in and she decided to do just that.That really ticked her mother off and the woman made the girl feel her displeasure. She didn’t strike her daughter but pulled her daughter’s pants off and unbuttoned her shirt quickly. Before she could protest, the girl was thrown from her bed and marched to the bathroom.Her mother scrubbed her up and down before she released her to go dress.

Dazed, Rosalyn picked her dress at random and started downstairs.Her mother took one look and took her by the arm back up the stairs.The girl hated her mother choosing her clothes for her and said her grievances to her.”I do not care”,her mother put,”You are not having your hair done looking like a slob”

”Wait, hold on”,Rosalyn said,”Go back, I’m having my hair done? By who?”

”She’ll here in ten minutes”,her mother replied,”Now that you took your sweet time dressing so raggedly”

With that, she tossed a green, modest dress onto her daughter’s bed. The girl didn’t want to but her mother forced her to wear the dress. She hated the fit, the style was not hers.

In her new duds, Rosalyn was ushered down to the couch downstairs. She was allowed to watch cartoons until the hairdresser arrived. But when she did, the tv was instantly shut off and Rosalyn had to stand up straight as if for a queen.Her mom had hired a woman to come to their house to do their hair.

She was a tall lady, thin waist and vintage garb about her. Her hair was cropped short to her head, her demeanor was polite and very attentive.”We do this in the kitchen?”she asked sweetly.

”Yes”,Rosalyn’s mom replied,” I have prepared an area for us. Extra combs and scissors, I provided. Do you have everything you need?”

”Yes indeed”,the lady nodded,”So two heads?”

Two heads?,thought Rosalyn, confused.

”Yes, my daughter here is all good to go”,her mother embraced her,”Let’s go”

”I’m Marie”,the lady told Rosalyn,” I promise to do a good job”

Rosalyn gave her a nervous smile. The lot came to the kitchen, the girl’s mother had laid down a large sheet of cloth on the floor where the table should be. She left a single chair atop the fabric, in the middle.Maria set her bag on the counter and looked at the two,”Who’s going first?”

”I will”,Rosalyn’s mother raised her hand, walking to the chair. She sat in the chair as Maria took from the semi-large bag an almost see-through cape. The hairdresser threw it over the parent and secured it with pins.Maria smoothed out the cape and pressed her palms together lightly,”We doing the same style we talked about over the phone?”

The mother nodded,”The very same”

”Okay”,Maria went to the counter and sifted through her bag,”I guess we didn’t need those shears you got”

”I guess not”,repeated the mother under the sheet,” I just thought you would remove the bulk of it first”

Then it hit Rosalyn, like a ton of bricks.Maria pulled from her bag black, steel clippers. She wanted to run out of the house but her efforts to do so were in vain for when her mom saw her trying to escape the kitchen, she snapped,”Sit down, young lady. You having your head shaved”

The voice made Rosalyn pause and freeze into place. She loved her long, brunette hair. Why did her mom want it all cut off?Reluctantly, the girl stood facing her mother as Maria plugged in the device.

With its infamous hum shrilling through the air, the clippers buried itself into her mother’s scalp and pushed all it could to the back of her crown.When the first pass’s contents fell from the mother’s head, Maria felt the landing strip of stubbly skin.She dusted the loose hair from the path and made another with the tool.More and more of the light brown hair fell from the mother’s scalp til all that remained was very short stubble.

Maria felt it all up and kinda massaged the scalp by shaking off the hair remnants. She took the mother’s head in her hand, Rosalyn watched as her mother had her eyebrows shaved off. Maria dusted off her brow line and readied the clippers for the next head, she dusted them off and propped them on the counter. The blades faced the girl and just that sent shivers up her spine.

Rosalyn’s pumped in her chest. She didn’t want her head and eyebrows shaved but when the cape was thrown off her mother, she knew the chair was destined for her.Her mother asked her to feel the softness of her head but Rosalyn just stood there, deer in the headlights.

Her mind not knowing what to do, she allowed her mother to guide her to the chair and cape her up.”Can you cut off most of the length in a ponytail?”her mom asked the hairdresser,”I want to preserve it”

”Sure”,Maria nodded, gathering up the hair on Rosalyn’s head and binding it up with an elastic band. She grabbed the shears and snip! The tail was gone and Rosalyn would never have it again.Giving the ponytail to Rosalyn’s mother, Maria combed through the short hair.

Hearing the clippers almost gave the girl a heart attack but Maria assured her that it would all be over in a minute.Rosalyn still hated that all her hair was falling off her head at the behest of her mother. She couldn’t even get revenge on her for the act.

Her head was moved this way and that until all of her top hair was gone.Maria put her finger under the girl’s chin and lifted her head, saying,”Eyes closed, my dear”

Rosalyn shut her eyes to try to escape the nightmare but all she could feel was the vibrating blades on her brow line.When she opened them, her hand instantly went to her brow line: it was just skin. She wanted to cry but sighed instead, accepting defeat.

”Oh, you look so cute”,her mother stroked the girl’s head.

”Mom, can I ask you something?”Rosalyn asked.

”Sure, honey”,her mom replied.

”Why?”she asked,”Why do all this? What are we doing today that we need our heads shaved!?”

Her mother looked at her, sensing her distress. The mother smiled and kissed her bald daughter’s head,”To freshen up, we have people coming over”


”Why, my whole family is coming over for a shave”,Rosalyn’s mother answered,”I paid Maria good money to do this and I let her shave our heads first to show off her talents”

”You’re insane”,her daughter blurted.

”Well”,her mother asked,”Am I wrong?”

Maria chuckled as she undid the cape and shook off the stray hairs. She knew her part and prepared her tools for the arrival of the incoming onslaught of new heads.Rosalyn wanted to hide her baldness but every hat she put on, her mother threw off her head. She wanted them all to see Maria’s handiwork.

It was a few minutes before another knock came to the door.Rosalyn’s mother was giddy and flung open the door with a flair of the dramatic. The ovation of aghast gasps made her so proud.

“Mother and daughter”, she told the mass of women and girls,”Bald and beautiful. You all will love it”

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