Friends revenge haircut -1

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There are 3 friends living in a city .Their names are manu ,manaswi and suma. Out of all ,Manu is the richest.In those 3 , Manu and manaswi have long hair. Suma has some problem with her hair so she always maintain midback hair.But this time Suma has some lice problem in addition to her hair problem ..she keep on losing her hair so she cut her midback hair to shoulder length hair.
By seeing Suma’s hair her friends made comments on her hair for fun.But Suma took it Somewhat seriously And get hurt with their words and got jealous on her friends hair.

One day manu parents all went to some temple in other manu is alone at home. So she called her friends manaswi and suma to her home to play cards. Since manu is rich ,Manaswi Made a plan and Ask suma to made an understanding to match fix each other and get total money from manu. Suma accepted for it and they both went to Manu’s home.They all 3 started playing cards..Manu plays well generally but now she keep on losing her money ..Manu becoming frustated slowly game by game..Now Manu lost her money totally with their friends.Now Suma,who is jealous of manu and manaswi’s hair..she called manaswi aside and made a plan to cut Manu’s hair and asks manaswi’s permission.Now manaswi bcoz of suma’s help in getting Total money from manu by cheating her.manaswi also accepted for Suma’s wish to cut manus hair.Now suma Asks manu to play final game .manu already lost totally money and became frustated bcoz of losing all the games.she told ‘no’ and told Suma that she don’t have money anymore. Now Suma told Manu to put Manu hair as a bet and gave one deal to Manu to return all the money that manu if she won, and if she lost She will give all her hair to Suma as her wish to do anything.Manu in a frustated situation she accepted the deal of suma and played the game..Again as usual manu lost the game..Now Manu became very much frustated and irritated because of her Continuous losing of her games. Now suma became very much happy inside to fulfill her wish ..Now suma ordered manu to handover her hair to me.Now Manu in a frustated mind she hold her hair braid to front and went near Suma and put her hair braid in Suma’s hand.Suma hold manu braid in her Hand and started pressing and pulling the braid .Now Suma ordered manu to bring comb and scissors too..Manu never thought that they will really cut her hair.Manu as per Suma’s order she went inside the room and took scissors and comb and hand over it to Suma.Now manaswi brought a stool and ordered manu to sit in this stool.Manu came and sat in that stool..Now suma came back of Manu and hold her braid in her hand and Keep pressing And pulling it..By seeing it manaswi also got exacited to cut Manu’s hair..Now manaswi came back and took her braid from Suma’s hand and started unbraiding it.Manu sitting silently and waiting for their action w what they will do to her hair.Manaswi unbraided her hair and started doing comb with her fingers..Now Suma also came and joined in that ..they both started playing with manus hair.Manu also feeling well with their play of her hair and enjoying their behaviour with her hair..In between manaswi went and took wine from manus room and all 3 started drinking slowly..Manu also bcoz of her frustration with her games she drank more than her friends..Manaswi pulling and playing with manu hair..manu keep on drinking in between..Now Suma took the scissors into hand and brought it near manus hair..Manaswi became very excited for Suma behaviour..she went aside and looking at Suma work with manus hair interestingly..Suma placed scissors at the 3inches edges of her hair and cut her hair..manaswi became aroused with the Suma’s behaviour.Manu sitting silently and seeing their behaviour with her hair.Now manaswi came back of manus hair and took all her hair in her hand And Took comb and started Doing comb her hair ..she combed her hair properly and now took scissors from Suma and placed at the midback of manus hair and started cutting it ..manaswi didn’t notice it properly at the starting of cut..later she feel that her hair becoming light weight and look back at her suddenly..her long hair locks keep falling on the ground..she got shocked looking at it and asks manaswi what u r doing ..manaswi said that bet is a bet.You don’t have any other option she said..manu in a light sleepy mood she felt that she don’t have any other option and looking at it sorrowfully.Now because of manus sudden turn back,some strips of her hair get cutted at the shoulder length..Now Manu hair improper totally like some hair is up to midback and some hair is up to shoulder length.Manu got to know that and questioned manaswi what did you do..Now Suma look at her hair and felt happy inside and act like cunning sadness and scolded manaswi for doing that ,but inside she is very happy.Now Suma told manu that ur hair is no more manu.. it should definitely get cut to shoulder length to maintain the level..With no other option Manu accepted for it..Now Suma took back scissors and reducing her hair to shoulder length ..her hair keep falling in her lap and some hair falling on the ground..Manu feeling bad because of her work she did..Now Suma cutted all her hair to shoulder length..but it is not in a again she started reducing 3more inches of her hair to make a good level and finally make her hair to Bob length..Manu became very sad because of her friends behaviour with her hair..She went inside the room in sorrow and locked the door.manaswi and suma went back to their homes in Unforgettable happiness moments inside.

Part -2 will be posted soon based on this story reviews.

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