From Ho to Woke: Part II of: “From Ho to Waif”

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From Ho to Woke


Continuation of “From Ho to Waif Part 1.”


By Ecstasy F.


Larissa rocked on the steel heel of her brown patent leather Gucci boot and then crushed the mound of cut off blonde hair lying on the floor with those boots, like she was snuffing out assorted smoldering cigarettes. Then she danced around the defeated Jen chanting:


“Ho to waif! Ho to waif! Off with the hair, off with the boots.”


Larissa  then danced around Jen as she stroked Jen’s ⅛ inch long shorn mane. The vinyl skirt and patent boots of Larissa scintillated power in the low late afternoon sun coming through the window. Larissa then began kissing Jen all over her face, her nose, her ears, her neck, her eyebrows. Then Larissa got down on her knees, whipped her now loosened brunette mane and began polishing Jen’s black patent leather low heel mary janes. And that was her mistake.


“No more booted whore. Just an innocent little girl with patent leather shoes.” 


Before Larissa could gloat any further she screamed. Jen had tackled Larissa, pinned her down to the ground and handcuffed her in one motion.


“Noooooooooooooo!” cried Larissa.   


“You Fucking bitch! No!” protested Larissa.


Jen didn’t answer, she just swiftly began working on Larissa. She deftly slapped on a leather slave collar on the neck of her friend. Then she produced a  heavy fishing line. Jen rammed it through the hook on the collar and up to a heavy hook screwed into the wall. Larissa rocked on the toes of her boots and strugged to gain freedom. But her hands were handcuffed behind her back and the situation was lost.


Jen got in Larissa’s face like a drill sergeant and barked: “Look at that garish painted face. Look at those slutty boots. And this obnoxious mane.” Jen stroked the healthy, thick gleaming mane of Jen and then stroked the black patent boots. Jen then got back into Larissa’s face and  again stroked her mid shoulder length hair.


“We’re gonna get you woke, bitch. No more big hair. No more wet -look lipstick. No more vinyl skirt. No more Barbie clothes. No more you. We’re gonna change your identity. From a sexy slut to a masculine woke chick no guy would even look at.”


“Fuck you, waif! Go shopping for more Winnie the Pooh dresses. Get the fuck out of my face!”


Jen stayed in Larissa’s face continuing: “No more Barbie! Off with the hair. Off with the boots. Off with the makeup. Off with the Barbie. On with the woke.”


Larissa screamed one last time, stopped rocking on the heel of her boot, and went silent.


Jen continued in drill sergeant fashion: “I’m gonna take that femininity and make you butch. We’re gonna shave off that hair. Deboot you. Take away the make-up, the long nails,the sexy clothes. Yeah, we’re gonna get you woke.


Very quickly Jen seized the electric clippers. She then circled Larissa several times, to let the soft, yet insistent whirr of the clippers get inside her friend’s brain. Jen began workeing slowly on the hair of Larissa. Cutting one square inch per minute. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Slowly the sexy mane of the booted Larissa fell in small strands on the floor.


“We’re gonna shave this mane bald, boots. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”


After a slow ten minute scraping of that sexy lion’s mane, Jen had reduced it to stubble. Jen then took off the clipper guard and just as slowly scraped every stubble of hair that could be reached. 


“We’re shaving you slick, bitch! Snarled Jen as she reached into a gym bag for a can of shave cream, towel and razor. Slowly Jen pushed down the nozzle on the shave cream can. Slowly Jen applied the shaving cream to the formerly glorious head of her fallen foe. And more slowly did Jen shave the skull of Larissa clean and smooth. As she toweled off the smooth skull of her formerly sexy friend, Jen snarled more:


“And now we’re gonna take off those eyebrows, slut!” And rabbit fast Jen lathered up the eyebrows of Larissa and shaved very slowly until the poor girl was unrecognizable from her former self. She slid her hands under Larissa’s vinyl mini and very tenderly massaged her clitorus. Larissa moaned. Jen then forcefully inserted two valium tablets deep into the ass of her victim.


“Now for that call girl make up. Woke women can’t have any make up.” And with that declaration Jen used her towel to forcefully wipe off the feminine paint that covered Larissa’s now strange looking face. Off with the eye shadow. Off with that wet look brown lipstick”


Larissa began softly moaning. 


“Now we’re gonna pierce that supermodel face with some hardware! Come in, Grace.” And with that invitation a powerfully built redhead in red boots tucked into white jeans appeared with a large gym bag. She worked on Larissa for over two hours. The poor girl was mostly screaming and moaning, but Grace kept piercing and inserting titanium pieces of metal into Larissa’s once virgin face. Meanwhile, Jen got into the victim’s face: “Now those sexy Barbie clothes are coming off.”



And simultaneously the shiny mini of the vanquished girl slid to the floor.


“And now those dirty fuck whore boots! Snarled Jen as she slowly undid each zipper and pulled off each shiny boot. Jen slapped a boot both ways across Larissa’s face. 


Grace wears the boots around here! An then she spit in Larissa’s face. And how that face was transformed. Slick bald. No eyebrows. A bullring adorned her nose. Her eyebrow areas sported six gold rings each. A titanium stud protruded from just below her lip.


Jen stroked the bald pate of her once sexy friend and spanked her bottom repeatedly. “Now for your new woke clothes.” Guaranteed to turn off any real man. Jen shoved a very loose, patchwork pattern clown blouse onto Larissa’s nude body. Just as quickly she forced on some striped yellow and blue clown pants. Jen then tucked Larissa’s feet into a pair of pink ankle combat boots.


Jen ignored Larissa’s tears and ordered: “I’m taking off the cuffs. Give me those contacts. You’re a woke girl now. Black professor glasses for you.!” She Slapped Larissa across the face and then took off the cuffs. Larissa complied by quickly removing her contacts and handing them to Jen. Jen threw the contacts against the wall and rammed a pair of thick black plastic rimmed nerd glasses on the completely routed Larissa.


Jen quickly strapped on a dildo, rubbed it with lube and then cocaine. She slowly walked over to her newly woke girlfriend and slid in the plastic cock.  Grace then cut Larissa’s inch long wet look brown finger nails very short. Grace then applied varnish to the nails and removed all traces of color. As Larissa moaned through her tears, Jen ruled decisively: “No more sexy hair. No more flashy clothes. No more slutty boots. No more makeup. No more Barbie. Just a bald, butch, pierced woke bitch.


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