From Young to Old

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Translated and adapted by Marquis d’Ayre (from ‘Van jong naar oud’ by Anonymous)


At a given moment Janey felt that she was getting older.

She was 22 now, but she felt like 45 already.

She wanted to dress and act older.

However, her boyfriend was not ready for that yet.

He had a lot of fun with this pretty, fresh girl, he enjoyed the admiring glances others gave his girlfriend when they went out.


She had a girly haircut. Beautiful straight brown hair halfway down her back. Cut blunt to one length. If I want to settle down, I’ll have to sort out my looks, she thought. So she made a hairdresser’s appointment.


The salon was one normally only frequented by ladies in their seventies. A petite woman with a tight short gray perm was the owner and only hairdresser. She walked in a little uneasy. That shouldn’t take long, she thought, she planned to become a regular. “Hi, ” she said to the hairdresser, “I would like to get my hair cut.” “Fine girl, sit down in the chair.” In the chair sat a beautiful girl with a short black skirt and a red top. She had no panties on because she wanted to experience the moment intensely. She already had her pubic hair grown into a thick black fur.


“How do you want it?””Well, the same as yours please.””Are you sure?” the hairdresser said, “you’re still so young!””Yes,” she said, “it’s about time, I’m up to it.”The hairdresser laughed and said “ok let’s go.”A white hooded cape was thrown around her slender body, the button was fastened to the tightest setting.Then the hairdresser squeezed in a white crepe paper and folded it.


Whereupon she wet the long brown locks with a spray bottle. After which she combed the long brown locks into a parting. She took a pair of steel scissors and cut the hair merciless to just below the ears. The neck is somewhat covered and the bangs reach the eyebrows.A basic haircut that would also suit a man.The transformation into an older woman had begun.


Janey got a wet slit from this ruthless cut.Her fingers curled through the black fur and found a wet cave.Slowly she let her fingers disappear into it while the hairdresser collected a cart with rods. Gently she touched her clit. The hairdresser took a lock and wrapped a rod into it. It went on all the while until she was completely covered in rods.She enjoyed it. Rod Paper rod paper rod paper. It all felt a bit tight.


The hairdresser applied a cold, foul-smelling liquid to the rods.Janey blissfully inhaled the scent, so she thought, this is the scent of liberation.The whole had to work for half an hour. Meanwhile Janey was reading an old ‘Good Houskeeping’”Get used to it girl, ” the hairdresser said satisfied.Then the hair was thoroughly rinsed and dried. Janey sighed with relief, just a little while and my appearance will reflect me. A new fluid was applied.Janey continued reading, but less than fifteen minutes later her hair was rinsed and the rods removed from her hair.When she saw her curly head in the mirror, she came spontaneously.”Now a set,” said the hairdresser.Curlers were rolled in, a hairnet was stretched over Janey’s head. Then came the hair dryer. A wonderful experience for our young heroine. She saw herself with the hair dryer in the mirror and came again.


So this is what I will see in the hairdresser’s mirror for years to come, she thought!When the drying was finished, the hairdresser removed the rollers from her now dry and short hair. She didn’t know what she saw.A young girl with old wives hair.The hairdresser combed the perm well up and put a good mist of hairspray on it.Then she simply tore off the cape. Two-foot-long brown hairs lay like old dirt on the floor.The hairdresser swept them carelessly into a corner with a broom.


On her way home, she bought a pretty floral dress, big old-fashioned knickers and thick glasses at Target, leaving her skirt and top behind.When she got home, her boyfriend couldn’t believe what he saw. He went completely wild. “What a woman you have become,” he cried. “Now we’re going to have adult sex too! ” He pushed her up the stairs into the bedroom with her floral dress. He put her on hands and knees on the bed and yanked the big underpants down a bit. He left the dress on. He then took her anally while he caressed her through her perm. She got so horny that after he came she gave him a blowjob, he still fondled her curls. She kept the thick glasses on….


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