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Cake carefully brushed her flowing beautiful wavy mermaid hair. That soft thick light brown hair reached to her knees. It’s the best wavy hair you’ll ever see, long, shiny and healthy. It was her dream to have health long hair, after many years of growing, she fulfil her dream. 

I’m proud of cake’s hair. I have been taking care of her all these years. Feeding her good healthy food and buying her excellent shampoo product. I met cake in middle school, at that time her hair was at above chin length. Cake hated her short wavy hair, always frizzy, and its thick and hard to style. Cake wanted to shave it off, but at the same time she desired to have long hair.

I’m attracted to cake, even if I’m a hair fetish person who’s into long hair. I love her strong character. She’s fun, kind, and friendly to everyone and she’s cute with a slim body. One day after class, cake was was having a hard time brush out her frizzy hair. Since I was sitting behind her, I offered to help. She handed me her brush. I applied some hair oil on to her frizzy hair and brush it out gently. After a few minutes, her hair is shiny and smooth. She turned around confused, while touching her smooth hair.

Cake: HT? What did to you do my hair?

HT: I applied some hair oil on your hair. I was helping my younger sister to keep her hair oil just in case she needs it, the oil smooth out the hair.

Cake smiled and thank me happily. The whole day she was touching hair hair, because it was never this smooth. We become closer, and after a few month, we in a relationship. I vowed to cake that I will help her grow her hair long to fulfill her dreams.

Its been 10 years since then, and we’re happily married. I watched Cake hair grew over the years. Everyone in town admired Cake knee length hair. Complements kept pouring on Cake hair because they never seen such long and healthy wavy hair. The fragrant smell of her hair always catches people attention, and heads turning. At home, while I was brushing and playing with cake beautiful long hair. I talked about the fulfillment that I promised her 10 years ago and was proud of her living her dreams. She stood up and kiss me with love.

Cake: Honey, its time to for me fulfill yours. She whispered

HT: You remembered? I thought you have forgotten your promised?

Flashback 4 years ago before we got married. Cake was loving her waist length hair. Everyday I would applied some hair oil on her hair, brush and comb, and picking the right shampoo. I even learned to cook her healthy delicious food that is good for cake and her hair. One day, I was in a rush for work and I forgot to switch off the computer. Cake saw videos of girls cutting their hair short and and some headshaving. When I got home, Cake told me that I forgot to shut down the computer. And I knew instantly she saw what I have been watching on the internet. When I was trying to explained to her. She just smile and told me not to worried too much, she promised when the time comes I could cut her hair short.

That time I thought she wasn’t serious. But I didn’t mind of I didn’t cut her hair short. All it matter that she’s happy with her long hair.

Cake: I never forget, HT!! I still remember all the headshaving video you watched.

HT: LOL! You know, I don’t expect you to shave your head for me. Your hair is too beautiful to be cut off. Beside, I love your long hair!

Cake: I love you so much H.T, you have been taking good care of me. There’s a reason why I follow your instruction and allowing you to care for my hair. I want it to be the healthiest and longest for you to enjoy. And, there’s no greater excitement than cutting off this beautiful hair, right? 

I was lost of words, I have nothing to defend her from shaving her head. She knew I wanted to shave off that hair. Cake brought a gift that she hid it under the bed and told me to go look for it. I went under bed and pull out a box. I open it, there’s a big shiny sharp scissor, clippers and a razor. I grab the scissor testing the strength by closing and opening multiple time. I could hear the loud sharp crashing sound from the scissor as I open and close it.

Cake: Do you like your scissor? (smiling)

HT: Cake, are you sure about this? You don’t have do this. I love your long hair!

Cake: We can start all over again my love. Hair grows back. I have you to take care of my hair, it would be beautiful again.

Cake undress herself and sat on the chair. Looking at the view behind the chair, the light brown hair that I been taking care of all these years is about to be cut. I kissed her and smelled cake’s long hair one last time. “Are you ready?” I said to her softly stroking her hair through my fingers. I could heard her breathing harshly in nervous excitement and slightly nod her head.

I place the scissor downwards on the right side of the hair, close to her ears. Shhhhkkkk shhhhhkkkk!! a loud sound cutting can be heard from shearing her hair. I continue cutting her hair downwards, listening to the music of the scissor working it way through her hair, until Cakes ear appeared. I stop for a moment while snapping the scissor in the air. I looked and admired the work on right side of her head that spotted a cute pixie cut. I could see cake was in a deep traced, like she seems to be enjoying it. I moved to the back, and grab a handful of her hair, and cutting it downwards. ShhhhKKKK SHHHHHKKKK SHHHHKKKK SHHHHKKKK SHHHHHKKKK. I continue grabbing a handful of hair and cutting it off until I could see her neck. At took me a good 3 minutes cutting through her neck. That’s how much hair she has!! Cake touches her neck and a “hmmmm” sound coming out of her. Now for the left side, but this time, cake wanted to cut it herself. She took the scissor away from me, and slowly hacking away her hair. I sat back, enjoying myself as she sheared away happily. When the last piece was cut, Cake and I was amazed just how much hair was on the hair.

Cake: “WOW !! we could make a carpet out of this hair! Look at it, so much hair !!!

Cake’s was shaking her head left to right. Feeling the lightness of her head. I pick up to clipper and turn it on. A loud buzzing sound is ready to eat up the rest of her messing pixie hair style. Right down the middle of her head. A small pile of hair of tumbling down in the middle of her head, then I moved to right side to remove more hair, and lastly the left side. I could see Cake was enjoying the buzzing feeling on her head. This took about 5 minutes to buzz off her hair. I finish it off with the sharp razor scaping it all over her head.

“HMMMM…. my head feels so light!” Cake said, touching her head all over with her hands.

I just shave off the most beautiful long wavy hair!  I couldn’t resist myself, cake looks hot bald. I kissed her and undress myself. Cake and I had wonderful sex on the carpet of hair that was shorn off on the floor.

Cake: “Well… how is it? does it satisfied you?”

HT: “(breathing hard) WOW!! can we do it again?”

Cake: “LOL! It will take 4 or 5 years to grow it again. Beside, I know you will wait. And I know you going to take care me.”

HT: To do it again! Why not!


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