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As it was way too hot to go outside, I decide to cruise the web and see if I could find anything interesting. I stumbled on the website of a private club and had a look at the ladies that worked there. Many were beautiful women, but one – called Gaby – caught my special attention. Why? She was both an escort as well as a mistress. Different name but surely the same woman.

I decided to be bold and from the safe seat behind my laptop I send an e-mail with an inquiry.

(Text of the e-mail)

I would like to make a fantasy come to life. Nothing shocking, but something special. It is a GFE and role play. In which a big role for sensuality and mind-fuck in addition to sexuality.  Summary: My hair and everything related to it is my most erogenous zone. In more detail : Gaby (not her leather alter Gabriel…) takes on the role of my girlfriend and she seduces me to allow her to cut my hair. She says my hair is way too long, that shorter would suit me much better. She talks sensually about cutting my hair and how she would do this. How in fact she has already cut someone very short in the past and even shaved someone’s head. That it makes her very wet and horny. She explains what short haircuts she likes and she thinks would look good on me. Anyway, I think she’s creative enough and has imagination of her own, right?

She pulls everything out of her seduction cabinet, both verbally and physically, to get the green light. To do whatever she wishes, with me and my hair. French kissing, intimate etc. She plays with my body and with my hair. Teases me with the scissors and other barber tools (I bring those along) and pretends/ play acts to cut my hair. As ‘the persistent woman wins’ she sexually puts the steam on more and more, to get ‘carte blanche’ and cut my hair in any way she sees fit. Whether I want to go that far I cannot tell yet. We can make good agreements about this in advance when we first meet. (Small side note, so it’s not about dominance as with a mistress, nor about role-playing where she merely plays hairdresser.)

(End of e-mail.)



Surprisingly fast I received an answer. The manager at the place talked to Gaby and yes, she was willing to comply. Though she was explicitly mentioning that we should properly talk about this, before starting the roleplay as she was definitely not a pro hair stylist and this would be at my own risk.


A few days later. After a long drive, I finally arrived at the place. Parked my car in private area and all kind of thoughts passed my mind, like ‘I can still escape this.’

But I decided not to. I rang the doorbell and as I was right on time, Gaby figured it was probably me and opened the door herself. She was a tall dark haired beauty, hair very tightly tied in a ponytail. Wearing a short French actress like summer dress that showed the contours of her beautiful body. Slim and curvy on the parts that do justice to a beautiful woman.


We sat down with a glass of white wine. Once more she made it very clear, though she was very enthusiastic about the roleplaying that I suggested. She was very thrilled to cut my hair but I should keep in mind she was not a pro. Hairdresser that is.

Gaby asked if was okay that she would give maybe give an extra twist to the scenario I wrote in the e-mail, maybe even turn things around?


I answered having no problem with that.


‘So there is one more thing’ Gaby spoke. ‘Even though this is not a real BDSM play, I guess it is wise to agree on a stop word in case you cannot handle things anymore, sexually or haircut wise.’ I nodded yes.

‘Let’s keep it simple and just use the word STOP if we need to, you agree?’

I did agree. She took my by the hand and walked through a long corridor, that led to a fancy bedroom.


‘So from now on it is  playtime.’  Gaby whispered in my ear. ‘Let me have a look at what’s in the bag you brought with you.’

Gaby placed the full content on the bed, examining each piece of the hair tools meticulously.

‘You sure prepared well as for the equipment we might or might not use.’ She smiled.


‘So you wrote me what turns you on. But would it not be great to have me turned on as well?’ She grabbed one the shears from the bed, lifted her dress and slowly cut the sides of panties she wore underneath. Which of course landed on the floor. With one finger she slowly went towards her pussy. ‘This could be wetter, much wetter …. Why not sit in front of me on your knees and let your tongue help me getting in the mood’.


‘One thing. Just make me wet. Do not make me come. It’s for your own good you know. If I come I might not be in control of these.’ She still had the shears in her hand.

With caution I went down on my knees and approached her. I put my hand on her bottom, pulling her towards my tongue. The moment I reached destination, she breathed heavily. Firmly moving her fingers through my tresses. Messing up my hairdo. At some moment maybe even too firmly. Pulling my locks.


As I licked her, dwelled my tongue around her vulva, she became moist. More and more with every stroke my tongue made. Having ‘worked’ the outside, I leaned back for a second to catch a bit of fresh breath and I saw a fine line of moist slowly dripping down her right leg. Back to work, I grabbed her bum with more power and pulled her as close to my face as I could. Now letting my tongue explore the inside edges of her vulva and even penetrating it.

The way she was caressing and playing with my locks was like fueling me up.

Her breathing became lighter but faster. Then turning into a sort of moaning: ‘Yes, yes …. No no no… please … don’t’


She now held my hair very tight, upward like in a tail. As her moaning became loader and turned into yelling, she squirted my entire face with her fluids and simultaneously she closed the shears at the bottom of the tail she had created.

She pulled me up and I saw and fell a large strand of hair falling on the floor. Leaving traces on both of our naked bodies.


She pulled me on the bed and said ‘Fuck me, fuck me real hard’. What choice did I have. To be honest, I couldn’t say if my hard one was the produce of her cutting a strand of hair or, like normal people getting very horny having sex with this beautiful woman.


‘Wait’ she said. ‘We are forgetting about our play. Careful, stay inside of me …’ Like a snake she managed to transform our position to Yab Yum and slowly began riding me like a young girl would do on a pony.

‘Sorry for that strand of hair, I couldn’t help myself. Doesn’t change much of your looks to be honest’ she said while styled my hair with her fingers.

‘Actually that’s a bit of a pithy. You really could do with haircut. A major one.’


I asked her what she meant with a major one.


‘Well for a start I can even it all over to the length that was left when I did that cut.’


How much is that, I asked. She still had a piece of the lock sticking to her breasts, which she took between her fingers and held in front of my eyes. ‘This is how little came off. But of course we can do a bit more if you dare?’

I estimated it being at least 10 centimeters. She called this little?  I had not had cut so much of my hair in a decade.


‘What is a bit more in your opinion?’ I asked.


‘Let me show you.’ Gaby took a thin strand of hair on the side of my head and made a cut. ‘Like this, unless you wanna go really short?’ Was that a question or a command? Judging the length of this lock and feeling her holding it close to my head when doing the cut, it nearly was the full length of my tresses leaving maybe an inch or so. This was going too fast for me.


‘Then perhaps in between the two locks I did …?’ I agreed. ‘Unless …. You come before I finish, okay? Then I can do it like the lengthy one.’ Gaby pushed her body closer to mine and again softly riding me. We were both very wet below. So the danger of me coming somehow premature was to be neglected. Gaby let the shears do the work. Cutting a 15 centimeters off. Starting at the front, then the sides. Every minute or so, holding back to look me in the eyes and French kiss me.


‘Lay down ….’she said. Pushing me backwards gently. She bend over took my cock into her mouth, as deep in her throat as she could manage. Oh my god. This was unexpected. She had tricked me for sure. I knew that this could make me come quickly. Gaby  whispered ‘Most times I get what I want …’

I felt every vain in my .. being tensed and I must have been 20 seconds from ejaculating, when Gaby stopped. I felt fortunate. She moved her body to sitting behind me and grabbed my cocked, slowly moving it up and down. Until I lost full control and had to release. I sighed and leaned my head backwards on her shoulder. As I could not see her, I simply surrendered to the feeling. She played with my hair again and gently pushed my head a bit forward, away from resting on her shoulder. Folding and crossing her legs above my waist. Her high heels – she never took those off – touching or rather pushing my skin. If this was a wrestling match, she won.

With her left hand she raised my locks at the hairline in my neck and with her fingers combed it upwards. Heaven! Till there was a rude awakening from this dream. I heard a click and then the all too familiar sound of clippers. Though I never heard that sound so close to my skin. Decisively she moved the clippers up my neck, paused a second reaching my skull bone and then without any hesitation moved the clippers up to the crown of my head. She repeated that left and right side, till the back of my head was ….. stubble? Or completely bare …? I was not sure of that.


Her tongue licked my neck and up. I still had some hair ….


‘Oh I really like this’ Gaby spoke. ‘The again … could do better.’ I heard her clicking off the clippers attachment. She handed it to me. ‘No need for this …’

Her left hand directed me to raise my head, tilted backwards. The cold steel of the clippers made a path right down the middle of my forehead. Meeting the stubble at the crown and going down my neck. Not leaving any hair on its way. I had mixed feelings. Was I being stupid or fulfilling a long cherished dream? I decides for the last and enjoy the red pill that I took.


It didn’t take Gaby long to finish the job. ‘Keep it this way. It suits you. Very powerful and masculine.’ That was not exactly how I felt at that instant though.

‘I’ll give you a reminder …’ She cut a lock of her own hair, tied it together with an elastic band. ‘If you reach this length again – make take a while – (she smiled) come and visit me again.





I woke up upside down in my bed. This dream surely got my by the  …..

But I did sent that e-mail to the place where Gaby is working. Already sent it in February. Unfortunately something came up and Gaby was not coming.

This week I watched the website of the place again. And sent another e-mail to the place, asking if they would be so kind to get it under Gaby’s attention when arriving this weekend for a two weeks stay. They confirmed.

So now ….Its waiting till Sunday how Gaby will respond to my request and if she’s interested hosting me for a visit and under what conditions. I feel very nervous, even the thought of really meeting her …. Well if you are a guy with a barberette fetish I guess you can imagine.

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