German and Italy trip …..

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Germany and Italy trip

By JimB        ©opyright November 2018



“Sorry, Mary Ann,” the MC said. “That is your second incorrect answer.


“Thank you for entering “Cut or Travel”.”


She waived to the audience as she exited the stage.


“Well, Pat,” the MC said as he motion her to stand next to him on the stage.


“Now you are the only one left.”


She stood there in disbelief she had reached this far.


“You have only three questions left,” the MC told her.


“If you get two incorrect ……


“The game is over for you.”


Her mind was fumbling in disbelief.


She was three correct answers away from a trip beyond her belief.


“If you get two correct answers,” the MC began telling her and the audiences. “You are on your way for a month long trip to Germany and Italy. ALL expanses paid.


“You will, as agreed, leave JFK tomorrow morning on Lufthansa for Berlin, Germany where you began your two weeks travel across German.


“Then, the last two weeks spent traveling through Italy.


“And, returning home on Alitalia.”


She stood shaking as he told her where she would be traveling. The sites she would visit, the restaurants she would eat at, and the hotels she would be staying.

She would be going to the land of her great-grandparents, German and Italy. She would be able to look for her family there. To talk with them!


“I understand, Pat,” the MC continued, ‘This trip is of some importance to you?”


“Yes,” she replied. “I will be able to look up my great-grandparents family. To visit with them and talk about my family, their family in the U.S.”.


“Well, then,” the MC said as he turned and pointed to the curtains slowly opening up. “Let’s get to the last three questions.”


As the curtain opened she could not hear the sounds from audiences, nor see their reactions, as there was clear soundless curtain between them and the stage.


As the curtain slowly opened there, as they were told, was a barber shop setting.


Just as she, and the others, were told when they entered the contest.


The object of the game was simple. They each would be asked five questions. Two incorrect answers and the game was over for them.


Only the last one would be taking the trip of the life.


But, as in a lot of contest there were some “ifs” and “ands” to actually win the trip.


Each contestant would have to have hair that was at least fifteen inches passed her shoulder. She had to be willing to get her hair cut short, which would be donated to “Wigs for Girls” to be made into wigs for little girls with cancer or Alopecia.


But, the big catch was she would decide her short hair cut, in away.


Each contestant would have a large wheel with five blank spaces.


One of the spaces would have the trip, to Germany and Italy, covered and in place.


There would be seven boxes with short hair cuts. The boxes would not be marked with the hair cut.


Each contestant would pick four covered panels, to be placed in the other four spaces on the wheel.


Together the wheels would be spun before and after each question was asked to the contestants.


The final contestant would then spin the wheel for the last time.


When the wheel stopped, the cover on the tab would be removed.


If it showed “German and Italy”, they would be on their way to of four weeks of travel.


As agreed, if it was a hair cut, which they had blindly chosen, they would get their hair cut in the short cut shown.


“Are you ready,” the MC asked Pat.


“YES,” she said as she showed her hands with crossed fingers.


“Your first question,” the MC told her, “Is ……


“In the early 1950s there were a number of children Saturday mornings program on “science”.


“TRUE or FALSE ….. One was “E equal MC square’?”


Pat stood thinking. At forty-eight she was too young.


Like other MCs he stood there as she hung her head.


“CORRECT,” he told her. “Can you take a guest at the name of the program?”


“No,” she told him. “I am too young.”


They laughed then he told her, “One more correct answer and you are on your way to “German and Italy.”


“Your next question is,” he told her, “What was the name of the television program where space aliens came to Earth to study the people?”


“Third rock from the Sun,” she quickly answered. “One of my favorite programs.”


“Correct,” he told her.


They walked to the wheel.


Nervously she grabbed it and spun it as hard as she could.


She stood watching it slowly come to a stop.


Taking her by the hand he turned her to the barber shop setting.


There stood a woman, the barberette, dressed in a white blouse, which fit her tightly, and black skirt, four inches above her knees. She was wearing four inch high black stiletto heels.


Her ears were triple pierced, with a small loop ring at the bottom.


What caught Pat’s attention most was her hair cut.


She had a nice short “high-n-tight” cut, which she wore well.


She was standing on the right side of the barber chair, with a barber cape in her right hand.


“Well, Pat,” the MC’s voice brought her back to the game. “Will it be the “trip” or “a hair cut”?”


The MC stepped to the wheel and took hold of the cover on the space it had stopped.


Pat could not see what it was, as was also agreed. She turned and walked to the barber chair.


The barberette, Connie, was looking at the small screen on the shelf as she, the audiences, and the MC, as well as the program staff, could see what was on the wheel.


As she sat in the barber chair, Connie took a large white towel from the shelf and began tucking it into Pat’s blouse and spread it cover her shoulders.


Pat knew she was going to get a “hair cut”.


“But, what kind of hair cut! How “short of a hair cut”!


One of the reasons she entered the contest was she had been thinking about cutting her hair short.


How short she never thought about. She would talk with her co-worked, who had short hair, about it.


She looked for short hair cuts in magazine and imaging how she would look.


How she was going to get a short hair cut.


But, how short she did not know, even though she had picked for a box.


Connie stepped to the right side of the barber chair and tossed the barber cape across her.


After wrapping a white strip of paper around her neck, Connie pulled the cape up, around her neck, and pinned it in place.


Pat knew for sure she was going to get her hair cut short.


But, how short she still did not know.


Connie brushed her hair from a center part, combing the left side forward so it was falling in front of her left ear.


Pat took a deep breath and began thinking back to the day before, when the contestant were treated to a day at the spa.


They spent thirty minutes in the steam room, a warm Oriental style bath, then a nice deep body massage.


Finally, their legs, underarms, arms, breast, and “love spot”, the masseuse told her, were waxed smoothing.


Two of the other contestant had their “love spot” shaved already.


She had thought about shaving her’s after her only marriage fell apart after one year.


But, running her own business kept her time restricted and she never got to try it.


Her thoughts came back to the present when she heard a “pop” and felt Connie’s fingers brushing her hair, on the left side of her head, forward so it would fall into her caped lap.


Connie brushed her hair a few times, each time causing Pat’s head to tilt downward so she was looking at her caped lap.


The “pop” sound had changed to a soft low humming sound. One she had not heard since she was a child and went with her dad, and brother, to the barber shop when they got their hair cut short, years back.


She felt the coolness of the humming, vibrating, metal touch her skin just below her hair line.


Slowly it moved upward, left of the center part. Spotting just at the occipital bone.


It was placed next to the first upward movement and slowly began another one. Stopping a little higher than the first.


The third one was short, just behind her left ear.


She felt the coolness of the air as she began to shiver. She felt warmth between her legs, something she had not felt in years.


She felt Connie’s fingers brush over the clippered area, as they slowly pushed through the hair on the top of her head.


She felt the now warm metal touch her skin where the first pass had stopped. The movement began slowly moving forward.


Her eyes caught site of soft long medium brown hair slowly fall pass and piling in the cape.


She took a deep breath, wondering how short her hair was cut to, as another pile of her hair floated passed her eyes.


The coolness began toughing the top of her head, when Connie slowly moved the clippers.


Here eyes blinked and the last pass over her head sent another pile of her hair floating into her capped lap.


Two quick passes with the clippers and what hair was in front of her left ear was joining the hair from the top of her head.


Connie brushed her fingertips over her clippered, buzzed, head as she walked around to the right side of the barber chair.


Pat looked up from the cape to see a camera on her. She looked around for a screen but there were none.


The camera was recording, the audiences could see.


Connie had the clippers in her left hand as her right fingers pushed her hair forward, as her left hand had done.


The warm humming clippers touched skin and began a slowly upward movement, stopping just below the occipital bone.


Just as the clippered did on the left side of her head, they did the same on her right side.


With each slow pass over head her long medium brown hair joined her hair from the left side of her head.


With each pass the clippers made, the more she felt the feeling between her legs.


Her mine even thought of the long, thick, toy she would use to please the feels she was feeling now.


The humming sound stopped and it was hung under the shelf.


The warm water flowed in the sink as Connie tossed a large white towel.


She turned and undid the cape, letting it fall over Pat’s hair and cape.


Taking the warm towel from the sink. She rung it some and slowly placed it over Pat’s buzzed head.


Pat’s head, body, rose with the warmth.


Letting it sit, Connie stepped to the right side of the barber chair and reached across Pat and pulled the end of the cape together.


Then, she set it down a few feet from the barber chair, in a larger box.


Pat’s attention, her thoughts, were brought back as she heard a winding sound behind her.

Connie stood behind the barber chair and removed the cooling towel and tossing it back into the sink.


Standing on the right side of the barber chair Pat saw the white pile in her left hand.


She took a deep breath, as her body began shivering. She began feeling wetness from her “love spot”.


Connie began lathering her head. Pat knew how short her hair cut was going to be.


But, for some reason she began wondering, thinking, it could be a play, a joke.


Connie rung the towel out again and wrapped it around Pat’s head.


After a minute it was removed, tossed on the floor under shelf.


Stepping to the right side of the barber chair, again, she began lathering Pat’s head. This time she softly rubbed the warm lather covering all the “peach fuss”.


Still Pat’s mind told her it could be a joke, or her mind wondering.


Then, Connie took hold of the leather strap and held up the open blade of her straight razor.


As she began stropping it over the leather strap, Pat’s thoughts gave into the truth.


Her eyes watched as Connie slowly raised the sharp straight razor’s blade to her forehead.


As it touched her skin the wetness began to flow. Her legs twitched. Her breaths were short.


She felt the touch of Connie’s fingertips move over where she has shaved the lather.


Her mind began telling her, “This is how short your hair is being cut.”


With each stroke of the razor Pat’s body relaxed with the pleasures she was feeling.


Her eyes wanted to see each movement of the straight razor. The look on Connie, as she shaved her smooth!


She wondered what the audiences was saying, thinking.


Her head was tilted as Connie shaved the back of her head. The coolness touching it!


With the last shaving stroke she heard the audiences cheering, clapping.


The protection curtain had been removed.


Connie removed the towel from their blouse and dusted sweet powder over her head and face.


The MC walked to the barber chair with his left hand extended to help her. They walked to a marked sport on the stage, next to the wheel.


“Pat,” he said as he pointed to the wheel. “You see the little tab on the hair cut.


“It is on one other.


“Will you pull the tab?”


Pat stepped to the wheel and pulled the little tab.


The audiences gave a loud cheer. Pat began jumping up and down.


The MC, Connie, walked to her and held her.


“Pat,” the MC began. “That little tab was on twelve of the panels, with the hair cuts.


“As you, and our audiences can see too, you are GOING TO ……


“YOU are going on the big prize.


“YOU are going to Germany and Italy.”


Connie reached for Pat to keep her from falling.


“Was it worth the head shaving?” she softly asked Pat in her right ear. Who looked at her, smiled, and shook her head “yes”.


“Next month we will,” the MC began as Connie and Pat walked off stage.


Connie brushed her finger tips over Pat’s head.


“Come with me,” she began. “I have to clean you up some.”


They walked off stage to a room marked “MAKE-UP #2”.


Connie opened the door and it was just like the barber shop on the stage.


Connie walked to the barber chair and turned it to face Pat, “Have a seat and I will clean you up.”


As she did on the stage she walked to the barber chair and sat in it. This time she had no hair on her head.


With the barber chair turned so Pat was looking at her self in the large make-up mirror, Conner tucked another large white towel in her blouse and spread it over her shoulders.


Connie warped a warm towel around her head.


Pat began wondering.


“Just going to shave your head again,” Connie told her as she brushed her fingertips over Pat’s head.


“This time I am going to shave you with a safety razor. It will shave you smoother.”


“May I ask you a question?” Pat asked of Connie as she removed the cool towel.


“Ask a way,” Connie told her. “Ask more if you want.


“But, to answer the one I think you are going to ask.


“I have had this high-n-tight for the last ten years.”


“You do wear it well,” Pat began. “It suits you well.


“I mean, not masculine, just very famine.


“But, what I want to know, is have you shaved the head of other women on this program.’’


“Or, am I the first one?”


“The shortest hair cut I have given,” Connie replied as she began shaving Pat’s head with the safety razor, “Was a lady around sixty who got a short flattop.


“And, she loved it. Even her husband of forty years.”


“We were told you have been a barber for over thirty years,” Pat said.


“Do you cut women’s hair or just men?”


“Both,” Connie replied.


“My husband, John, and I met in barber school and got married a few months after we finished.


“We have two sons and three daughters.


“And, have owned our own barber shop since.”


There was a knock at the door.


“Excuse me,” the voice of the young lady said. “I need you to sign these cards.


“They will be sent to the little girls who get the wig made from your donated hair.


“This one is for your passport, which we are taking care of and will give you tomorrow before you leave.


“Finally, the release to use your image for advertisement.”


Connie continued shaving Pat’s head as she signed the papers.


“By the way,” the young lady said. “You look great with your head shaved.


“I do not think I could do it.”


“You never know,” Pat told her.


“Another thing,” the young lady said. “When you get back from your trip, you will get a copy of the complete contest.”


“Now where were we,” Connie asked her.


“You were telling me about your family,” Pat told her.


“Yes,” Connie continued. “The children went their way and not into being a barber.


“And, that is find with us.


“Now for the next question you want to ask.


“YES, I have shaved my head.


“We had just found out I was pregnant with Ted, our oldest.


“It was a slow day and John and I had just opened the shop after returning from the doctor and having lunch.


“I was sitting in my chair and he unlocked the door and turned the sign to OPEN.


“He asked me if how I was feeling, as I was just staring into space. I told him I was just thinking.


“After a few minutes I started running my fingers through my shoulder length hair.


“Out of no where I got up and walked to his chair and told him to get up and sat in it.


“He told me we just gave each other hair cuts a few days earlier. We gave each other hair cuts.


“He got up and I sat in his chair and told him, SHAVE MY HEAD.


“He looked at me and I told him SHAVE MY HEAD WITH YOUR STRAIGHT RAZOR.


“About forty-five minutes later I stepped out his barber chair with my head shaved very smooth.


“I was looking in the mirror and when I turned around he was sitting in my barber chair.


“You think I am going to let you be the only one with their head shaved.


“Forty-five minutes later he stepped out my chair with a nice smooth shaven head, which I had planted a loving kiss on.”


“How long did you stay shaved,” Pat inquired.


“Our youngest finished eighth grade,” Connie answered. “Let our hair grow but kept it short.


“Then, ten years ago he gave a little boy a high-n-tight.


“John sat in my chair and said “one high-n-tight”.


“I followed and he gave me a high-n-tight.


“Don’t worry, the children are use to us cutting our hair this short. The grandchildren are getting use to grandma with a high-n-tight.”


Connie just finished shaving Pat’s head and saw a look on her face.


“You got something on your mind?” she asked Pat.


“Well, my passport photo,” she told Connie.


“The photo was of me with my head shaved.


So, don’t you think I should keep my head shaved for the four weeks?”


“Yes,” Connie told her. “Give me a few minutes and I will walk you through shaving your head.”


After fifteen minutes of telling and showing Pat how to shave her head, Connie had her shave her head her self.

Reaching in a drawer Connie retrieved two small boxes.


“Here take these with you on your trip,” Connie told Pat as she handed her the boxes.


“This one you should lightly spread over your head after shaving, each time you shave.


“This one a few hours after. I will keep your scalp from getting tanned to fast.”


Pat put the boxes in her purse and walked to the door.


Turning to Connie, she asked, “Will I be able to see you when I get back. You know tell you how the trip went.!”


Reaching in the drawer.


“Here take this,” Connie said handing Pat a business card.


They hugged and Pat left.


Connie turned and looked at her self in the mirror. She moved her head side to side.


She reached for her smartphone and called her husband, John.


“Hi, John,” she said when he answered her call. “Yes, she does look lovely.


“I called you ……


“Well, why don’t you order a extra large pizza from Jeno’s.


“Then, got to the Grape Vine and get a nice red wine.


“But, before you go for the wine. You know that little box I keep the closet.”


“Yes,” she answered him. “That’s the one.


“Put in on the counter by the sink in our bathroom.”


“Yes, me first.” She replied. “Then, you.”


“Yes, I will sit in you lap,” she continued, “while we wait for the pizza.”


“Got a tube of KY here and I will bring it home,” she told him.


“See in an hour,” she told him. “And, you know where I will be waiting and what I will have ….


“not have on.”


They hung up and she walked out the make-up room.



The End         By JimB        ©opyright November 2018


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