getting older sometimes sucks

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it was a miserable week at work on top of it all I have a dentist appointment on Saturday morning. that’s what I found out even better news to make my week all the more perfect my teeth had to come out they aren’t bad I am in pain a lot and the dentist suggested getting them ripped out and getting dentures.great I said to myself  there goes what little dating scene I have I mean yeah I do like black men and I also dabble women from time to time but no teeth who’s going to want me? set the appointment was made to get the teeth pulled couple weeks later I found myself in the chair getting sedated having my teeth ripped out of my head when I came to as I rolled my tongue over my gums it felt weird but titillating in a way.I was helped home by a friend and tucked into bed and let the pain meds do their bit. if I begin to feel better there in the swelling begin to go down I made the appointment to get my dentures I left the dentist appointment a couple months later with the new shiny teeth in my celebrate I figure I take myself to a bar and then see who’s interested in the night went on I was attracted by a very nice black man.he was absolutely bald and for what I could tell had no hair on his body either but we’ll get to that a little later soon I was going back to his place and I was really looking forward to one last time. as we got into it I decided let’s just go for it I discreetly turn my head pulled out my dentures and went down on his cock your reaction from him was overwhelming he always exploded in my mouth what did you do he asked I looked him Square in the eye and what my gummy lips I says I have no teeth I was wearing b****** I’ve had Yeti screams.mind you we’re both are 50s we had a great night and yes he is absolutely Harris through his whole body and we laughed and we giggled then we f***** like time went on I found myself spending more and more time there with him and he called me one morning in the mirror fuling my hair up looking at myself pulling it back tight he asks what am I doing this is how you just wondering what I would look like with hair like you none. he just left it says you’re a tough gal but I don’t think you have the balls for that will wrong thing to say to me next thing I knew I was at the salon it was getting closing time I sat in the chair and the girl says you’re my last appointment of the day perfect I timed it this way what would we need to do I pulled up on my phone various pictures and said this is what I want done .no no honey you’ve come to the wrong place you said I won’t do it it’s too too wrong so I just got the dead ends trimmed and then I left what am I going to do I really want to do this but nobody wants to help me. so I went online trying to find baby a different Salon make some phone calls and see what can happen it’s like typed in wanting to shave my head a website came up with pay up the $5,000 to shave your head and eyebrows on video. next thing I knew I’m contacting them set them pill photos of myself couple weeks went by and they contacted me they gave me all the preliminaries.if I can I have to fly to a central location where they do several care Cuts & Clips I can wear or not wear anything I want it’s up to me I want to be naked fine I want to wear a bikini fine address fine.we set the appointment up I booked a flight and got their prior to the shoot they brushed my hair and ask how was I going to do this I said naked of course I got to get on a plane later tonight I don’t want hair at all my clothes. we sat down the video camera went on the stylus slowly trimmed away and trimmed away various haircuts, shorten up my hair to my shoulders then Buzz the back of my neck then gave me a pixie then gave me a high top next thing we went for it shaved me bald.well I still was sitting there she leathered me up pull that is straight razor edge shaved me smooth it felt wonderful when all done to give me a little slap on the back and says going to take a shower the video camera followed in and watch me shower washing off all the shaving cream in a little hair bits I felt great I felt wonderful I really and Away cannot wait to get home and show him I did it now we are the same they took some photos they offered me if I wanted to wear a wig I went all hell no.I am bald and proud I got dressed what little bit I wanted to put on and the last picture I took with them I pulled out my teeth gave him a big gummy smile and says when you have nothing in your way of a good f*** it will be the best. flew home and before I knew it I was in bed pounding the s*** out of him he loved it and it for the first time I actually felt good about myself pretty weird huh I am toothless I am bald I have no hair on my head I have no eyebrows I have no p**** hair haven’t had that since I was 15. but yet I was happy horny and getting my brains f***** out by a big black stop is going to have to be the tattoo parlor cuz I am so addicted to Blackhawk I am going to tag myself with a Queen of Spades tattoo we’re we’re we’re going to go 421 we’re going to go for a tramp stamp and to we’re going to go on on my left tit I am black loving and proud .

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