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I hated that my daughter had such long hair it was always clogging our drains there were hair ties always lying around the house and she spent hundreds of dollars on it hours buying all kinds of shampoos and conditioners and so much time was wasted on something as superficial as hair I had been asking her for years to get it cut but she refused time in and time out. I was getting fed up with it I had traded in my long mane of hair for a crew cut the moment my husband had walked out leaving me to raise a 7 year old girl by myself that was 7 seven years ago my daughter sommer was now 14 going on 15 she was a pretty girl with big chocolate brown eyes and a pretty smile but her most distinguishable feature by far was her butt Length caramel gold hair. It was thick many times thicker than my own hair had ever been. She was soon to be 15 year old teenager and I was getting busier in my professional life she couldn’t manage all that hair by herself to save her life . she constantly needed help brushing it or detangling it. She needed to find a way to strip her of her hair. Low and behold the perfect solution presented itself to her when she took sommer to the local hair care store to buy new conditioner as sommer was looking for her product I saw it hidden on a shelf in the back “Hair Be gone” a hair
depilatory that was it she could mix it in with her conditioner and her daughter would be none the wiser she’d be killing her own pride and joy she loved conditioning her hair she did every night. She payed for sommers product that night then drove her to her friends house she just happened to spending the night at before driving back to the story to buy the “Hair Be Gone” she returned home and grabbed the conditioner and emptied it out in a bowl she looked at the depilatory and read the back label for 1 minute would cause small hairs to fall out and regrow with in a weeks time 5 minutes would cause longer hairs to fall out and would be gone for up to anywhere from 1 to 5 months 10 minutes and above would cause permanent hair loss. Perfect she knew that Sommer had the bad habit of sitting in the shower letting her conditioner set in for a good 7 minutes long enough for her to lose significant amount of hair but nothing permanent. Now left the real question what should the ratio be she thought about it for a couple of minutes and decided she wanted it be a slow process as much as she hated that hair she wanted it so seem as she was losing it naturally. So the ratio was 9:1 mixer of conditioner and depilatory if her theory was right she start thinning out immediately she wouldn’t appear to be balding for at least a week and even then sommer would never admit that she’d believe she was seeing things and by then it would be too late to save her mane she continue to condition her hair in hopes of saving it but would only being condemning it to its fate of falling out. She made the mix in a bowl before depositing it back In The conditioners bottle. Sommer returned the next day from her sleep over and was immediately back to her habits of leaving hair ties everyWhere she went around leaving stary hair behind as well . The night after a spegethhi diner she announced that she was going to take a shower. her shower was on a bit of a shorter one than usual but was still to long by my standards. I was in the hall as she left he bathroom her hair hanging loose around her. her bangs and crown already looking thinner to the eye that was looking for it she’s was no smarter to what was happening to her Precious mane. Sommer happens to be out for summer break so she spent a lot of time at home I decided to take the week off from work to see the progression of my plan. My theory was correct her hair was now significantly thinner if you were to look closely you could see her scalp in the right light and her forehead looks bigger. sommer had started spending more time in the bathroom but had said nothing to me it was obvious she had noticed the thinning of her hair her crowning glory. I had to returned to work the next week but i didn’t mind the process was already to far in motion for anything to stop it. Sommer had stopped leaving the house her forehead looked huge compared to what it was before. Her scalp was almost always visible now. I returned home one night from work to the sound of sobbing coming from the bathroom. A Pang of guilt came over me for a moment but left as quickly as it came ‘she refused to cut off that hair. Something had to be done about it she brought upon herself’ I entered the bathroom to find sommer clutching what remained of her lock to her chest tears pouring down her face. I had been busy with work the last couple of day and had not taken a Chance to really look at sommers hair the hair around the sides and back had retained length for the most part but the crown of her head was almost completely bare only being cover by a thin layer of wispy hair “ that some bald spot there honey” I said rubbing it pulling out a good amount of hairs from her head “ it’s gonna be alright honey lots of woman lose the hair” she only started to cry harder after. “I’m cutting off the rest of your hair” I said, she clutched the hair harder to her chest in some vain way of saving it. I pulled her up by the wrist and moved her aside and open a cabinet a grabbed a black box I grabbed her wrist again and brought her down to the kitchen and sat her down on a chair in the middle of the room I placed the box down on the table and opened it and picked up a pair of wireless wahl clippers. Sommer sat in the chair defeated and tired looking. I turned them on and dove them through what was left of her bangs I repeated the process across the whole crown then the left side than the right and finally the back the once strong thick hair had not been able to put up much resistance in its weak and frail state and was quickly removed. I pondered get the shaving cream but decided against it seeing as there was very little stubble left over. “ I’ll be right back ok sommer” I left to retrieve something from my room I was getting the Hair Be Gone I have already removed the label from the bottle so it was just a blank bottle. Still though I came up from behind her so she wouldn’t see the bottle and lobbed a good amount in her head “ don’t worry honey this will make your head smoother and it won’t burn up” I rubbed it all across her head and idly entertained the thought of leaving it on for more then ten minutes but thought against it going through the process of losing her hair was enough for now but if the same problem ever came to be again she wouldn’t hesitate to leave her permanently bald. “honey you look beautiful like this your hair doesn’t make you your ears are pretty and now people will focus on your smile and eyes more than they did on your hair.”

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