GF revenge for cheating on her

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my GF in high school had long jet black hair down to her waist. she knew i had hair fetish so many times she would jerk me off with her long silky hair in my face.

we didn’t have sex often and i cheated on her with one of her friends. she found out and was so pissed. she got back at me real good.

she called 2 of my buddies and told them she was really horny and that i would not have sex with her and she needed some companionship from the 2 of them. well, both buddies fucked her multiple times and she left their loads in her vagina.

she called me on told me she was coming over to my house and she was horny. when she got to my place, she starting kissing and said she needed to be eaten out and started recording me, when i started to lick, i asked why she was so wet, she didn’t answer and i ate copious amounts of what i thought was just her cum.

she left and i get the recording of my buddies fucking her and then recording of me eating their creampies out of her! Both of my buddies got the recordings. she broke up with me but i do still jerk off to the 2 recordings! what i really miss is her hair. she used some type of  hair oil which smelled absolutely fantastic, i do miss it!

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  1. addit to above: when i found out that i ate a mixture of her cum and my buddies cum, i thought it was revolting. but now, my wife is a hot wife and i am a cuckold. i live for the times when she calls me from her motel room and her bull has left her with a cunt filled with their cum and i swallow the bull’s seed with my wife’s copius cum!

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