girlfriend revenge cut

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Even though my ex-girlfriend Heather and I parted ways over a year ago, she still cuts my hair!  It’s a way of us still connecting, even though we now live separate lives.  As a man, I always liked my hair somewhat long.   Not really long, but long for a man.  In otherwords, not clipper cut.  About three months after Heather and I broke up, I ran into her at the grocery store.  I said, hey, do you think you’d be able to cut my hair somethime?   She grinned and said, “yes, of course>”   Just stop by the shop.   The truth is, I still wanted to be with her.  And, having a chance to talk to her, even if it were during a haircut was something I hoped for.

I left the shop with a haircut shorter than I’d had in 5 years.   From bottom of my ear to clippered up over the ears and clippered to a number 2 or 3 in back.  She just took control, did not ask me how to cut it, and clippered it.  When she got done, she said, ‘there, I always thought you’d look better with shorter hair!”    I really didn’t mind the cut!  She felt like she had gotten some sort of revenge over me by just cutting most of my hair off, but the truth is, I really was turned on tremendously by it.  I had a hard-on from the minute she pushed my head down and started buzzing the back of my head!  I liked that she was in complete control! And, in the end, I felt like i kind of looked better with shorter hair anyway!  I’d always been too chicken to ask for a short cut.  Heather never cut my hair when she and I were dating.  I had an established hairstylist, Jonelle, with really short hair, who always trimmed mine.  She said, ‘what do you think?”   I know she was believing that I probably thought, there take that, you’re leaving here with a haircut you hate.      I said,’ “it looks good, thanks”   Then, i said,  “I will be in again soon for a trim!”

Heather looked at me as if she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  She had beautiful, think black hair, just beyond her shoulders.   I always wanted to bring up the topic of her getting a really short haircut when we were dating, but i never dared to reveal my fetish of loving short hair on women.  But, when I was leaving her salon, I said,  you should try shorter hair!  I think it’d look nice!

Four weeks later,  I texted her and asked if she could fit me in for a trim that afternoon.  She texted back immediately.  “You are due for a cut!”     I went in at 330 pm as she instructed.  The first thing I noticed was that she’d had her own hair cut.  It was now a bob, chin length.  Shorter than I’d ever seen it.  And, with side swept bangs!  She looked amazing.  And, the back of her neck looked like it was cleaned up with a clipper.  There were some areas where I could tell was shaved.

I could not help it.  Before I realized what I’d done, I had said,  Oh My Gosh, Heather, your hair looks amazing!  She smiled broadly.  Yes, I wanted to try something different.  What do you think?  Again, I said, “it looks absolutely amazing!”  She seemed very pleased by my reply.   She said, “I have a friend, Brian, who said he likes short hair, so I thought I’d give it a try.”   I was dejected that she had a man in her life, but at the same time aroused by her cut.

Then she said, “He wanted me to try a shorter haircut, but now he thinks this is too short.  What do you think?”     She was saying this as she was tightening the cape and neck strip around my neck so tight I could hardly breathe.   I looked in the mirro to see my head popping out of a red and white striped cape, with white neck strip up to my chin.    I stumbled my words.  I, ahhh, I really like your cut Heather.  I think it looks….    I was going to say sexy.   then I caught myself and said,  pretty.    Then I thought, oh jeeze, that was the wrong thing to say.   But she perked up and smiled broadly again and said, “really? you think so?”    I affirmed by saying  “oh yes, It looks….  then I said it.   “sexy”

“Oh my!” she said.   and just kept smiling.   then she said,,, thanks… well let’s get to your haircut!    Before she began, she ran her hand up the back of my head.  It’s gotten long Greg,  I think it feels better really short.  I like the feel of it when it’s clippered up super short in the back.  Want to try it?

I was so aroused.  I was glad the cape was covering me, because my pants were bulging.  I looked at her eyes in the mirror as she stood behind me running her fingers over the back of my head, and said, “Heather, I trust you, if you think if will look good and,   then I said it,,,, “feel good”  then go for it.   She immediately said, “ok then!   let’s make this look and feel good!”  I couldn’t help but notice the wry smile on her face.  I was afraid I’d get buzzed all over.   I couldn’t back out now, but I did say, “just leave it somewhat longer on the top please”     She said nothing as she picked up the clippers and snapped on a guard.     “Chin down on chest”

The buzzing started in the back.  Her hand was on the top of my head the entire time holding my head down.  Up and down strokes with the clipper fast and furious.  I saw hair landing on my lap, as she flicked the clippers with each pass.   I saw her smiling still, when she clippered up the sides of my head.  And, zipping up over my ears to make a clean line.  Her hand constantly firmly on the top of my head turning it this way and that and holding it firmly.   I could only watch.  It was too late to say anything.  This was her control moment over me.  She did honor my wish to have it not too short on top, but her scissor did snip away huge chunks of hair that fell on my face and lap.  I wanted to brush away the hair from my face, but the cape seemed to have my hands shackled under it.    The sideburns I’d sported were gone with quick zips of her electric trimmers.  I could not only see out of the corner of my eye the hair being squared off and settling on my cheek, but I could imagine the shortness of no hair on my sideburns.  It wasn’t enough for her though, as I saw her pick up the bigger clippers and without a guard run them up the sideburn area in front of my ears.    And then, to add insult to injury, I felt warm lather being applied to my neck and sideburns.  The cold steel of the straight razor could not be hidden by the warm lather though, and I felt qucik up and down strokes of the straight razor on my neck and sideburns.  I wish I could have seen Heather’s face in the mirror as she did this.  Then, as the nape was shaved, and left sideburn, she turned the chair so i could see her in the mirror as she prepared to do the right side of my sideburn area with the straight raxor.  Her left hand did not gently tilt my head to the left, she pushed it very hard so my head was cocked to my left side.  She said, “OK, let’s shave up the right side.”   I watched as her smile widened brightly upon putting the straight razor to the right side of my head and did up and down shaving motions for me to see.  wiping the shaving cream on my shoulder where the towel had been placed.  Then, as if to say,,,, the torture is done,, she said,,, ‘there, looking good Greg!”   I hated the way I looked.   Shortest hair I’d had as an adult.  But, the look on Heather’s face made it all worth while.  Then, when she started running her fingers up the back of my head, and tracing the outline of my hairline in back, and up over the ears, giving me chills like I’d never had in my life, I realized it was all worh it.  I had not been so aroused in years.

I went to pay and leave, and she said, “this one is on the house”  I enjoyed cutting it.  I could not wait to get home and check out the back of my head in the mirror!  All the drive home I kept running my hand up over the back of my head, where I found out later she used a number one guard about three quarters up the back, then a number 2 guard near the crown.  It  felft amazing.

Before leaving the salon, she said, ‘so what do you really think, do you like it?”   I said,  You think it looks great, right?”  she said yes.   To which I said, well then, I think it looks great too. Then she said, my boyfriend Brian hates my hair now I think, too short.  What do you think?   Oh my, i thought to myself.  Here is the chance to kind of confess my short hair fetish without it being awkward.  I said I like your haircut now better than it was longer. Shorter is better.  This was a turning point.  She came over to me by the door, and she ran her fingers up the back of my head several times and said, I just love the feel of short hair.  I said, well, I do too now that you do it!      She said, hey, before you go, let me show you three pictures of haircuts I am considering.

She pulled out three pictures of women’s haircuts she had downloaded and printed out.  One was below shoulder lenght like she’d alwas had it most of the time i knew her, the other was like the haircut she had now, and the third, which i could not believe, was a super short haircut, clippered in the back, and up over the ears, with a longer top and fringe bangs.   I knew instantly that the shortest cut was the best!   I would love to see her with this cut, it was arousing.  I couldn’t believe she was even considering such a drastic change.   I looked at all three, pretending to ponder the merits of each one.   I thought to myself, what does it matter, just go ahead and tell her the shortest cut.  but i hesitated.  I looked at her, at her inquisitive eyes waiting for my reply.  She was asking if I thought I’d like her with super short hair.   I realized that.

I kind of side stepped the question a bit, but got my point across.   I ran my fingers up over the back of my head and felt the short haircut.  I said, I kinda like the feel of my hair short and didn’t think I would, I think you shoud try the shortest cut and see if you like how it feels,  I think it will feel and look nice.”      Her reaction was immediate..  “Really?   You think it’d look good short?”   “yes, I said, I really think it would”    I didn’t mention that I think It’d ‘feel’ good too if she allowed me to run my fingers over it.    Then i said, “but Brian would probably hate it”    She smiled and said, “who cares,  I’m glad you think it would look nice, I’ve been wanting to try short!”     I said, “if your’e gonna go short, go really short like the picture”     She said,’ yes, I agree”

I left the salon wondering what had just happened!  And, as I said, I ran my fingers up over the back of my head feeling my haircut, and waiting to see what it looked like in the mirror when I got home.

Three days later, I got a text from Heather!  She said, “hey, getting my haircut today, you really think short will look good?”    I was blown away.  I was aroused.  I wondered how to reply.  I said, “yes, indeed Heather,  short hair will look awesome on you.  but, again, if you’re gonna go short, go big with it, clipper in in the back!”     I hesitated, but hit send.  She texted right back and said,  OK, frightened to do so.   you sure?     I said,,,,”I’m 110 percent sure Heather, zip it up short with clippers in the back.     she said,  “OK,,, if you think so?”   I said, yes.  Send me a pic.

I did not get a text of the haircut picture.   I was starting to think she didn’t do it.  Then, 3 days later, I got a text, “today’s the day for haircut”     I said, oh, i thought it was already done.  She said, no, she wanted to get in to have it cut by Joanne, instead of her usual hairstylist.    I said, who it Joanne?    She said, Joanne is a licensed barber, not just a stylist.   She only works one day a week in town.  She has a shop in another town where she works full time.    Oh, I said. nice.  a barber?   I was very intrigued????   I thought,,oh wow, this will indeed be a shorter cut if it’s a barber!

I texted, “wow, you’re really into this short cut if you are waiting for a barber.   “oh yes, I am, ” she said.   If i am gonna have this clippered, i want an expert.”     Well, send me a pic after it’s cut.    she said she would, and the appt was at 2 pm

By  4 pm i’d heard nothing,  by 5, still nothing,  by 630 pm i couldn’t stand it.  I texted her.  How did the haircut go?  No reply .   by 730 no reply,,, by 830 no reply.  I was so impatient.  I wanted to see the barber cut!    AT 845 I got a text.  “hey, wanna see my haircut… i decided on a trim”     I was disappointed on the ‘trim” part.   but she said, come on out to my apartment, check out my trim if you want.    I said, ok, i will be right there. which took me 25 minutes to drive to.

She said, the door will be unlocked, just come on in.   I got ther at 930, knocked, but no answer, I let myself in and said, “Heather?”    she said,  I’ll be right out, she was in the bathroom.    Have a seat on the couch.   I did, and on the coffee table was a ponytail wrapped up in an elastic band.  I thought, oh my,,, it’s short after all.   She came out of the bathroom in and approached me on the couch, sat down next to me and started stroking the back of my head.  I looked at her clippered haircut.   Just as short as mine!   a number one in the back, up to a 2.   Her sides were clippered just as short as mine.  But her top was a bit shorter and spiked, which I found incredibly sexy!   She whispered,  please run your fingers up over the back of my head.   I needed no encouragement.  Her hair felt so  nice!  bristly in the back and on the sides.  And Only an inch or two at the top which i rand my fingers over again and again.  I couldn’t get enough.   Do you like? she said.     I said,  “I love you”    She said, ” I dared to do it, you like?” I said, please keep it like this.   Her kisses and hands felt so incredible that night.

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