Girlfriend taken for a haircut

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Sia couldn’t process what was happening, Sid had warned her to not spend much time on her hair but she loved her long brunette hair reaching her lower back. Sid just had enough of her wasting time on her hair and he decided to take the matter in his own hands,he quickly told sia to get in the car.

She thought they were going for a date but they Stopped infront of the salon sia guessed what was gonna happen and told sid she wouldn’t spend more time on her hair but sid just opened the door and dragged ger into the salon.He told her that if she doesn’t co-operate she leaves bald. Meera was sid’s great friend and hence they chose her salon.

Sid had already called her and told her that he was coming and what he wanted,Meera was all ready to begin the shearing when they arrived. Sia hesitantly sat in the chair and meera secured a cape around her neck.

She quickly brushed her hair and drew her scissors. She sectioned her hair and soon Sia felt the scissors at her nape, she could hear the noise of the scissors against her thick,long and lustrous mane. Tears rolled down her eyes as Meera chopped more and more of her hair at the back,she then picked up clippers with a number 5 attachment and ran it on her nape.

She then removed the clip from her right side and cut her hair just at her ear and a long lock fell in her lap she could to nothing and just cried helplessly and in no time the last long locks on the left side if her hair were chopped off. She was left with a short clippered angled bob. Sia couldn’t recognize her reflection in the mirror

Sid ruffled her hair and planted a kiss on her forehead.



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