Girls Barberama Barbershop

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This story contains graphic sexual content.


Tracy and her best friend Monica decided to open an old fashioned barber shop catering to women and girls and offering short haircuts, where they could enjoy having their hair buzzed with clippers.

The shop, Girls Barberama Barbershop was very successful and soon they had 10 chairs. The barbers were mostly young women with short cropped hair. There was one guy.

In addition they added a back room for special services. The room had 4 tables with stirrups to do bikini waxing and landing strips. A lot of the teenage girls loved getting their first treatments with their pussys being buzzed with the Oster clippers.

Girls would be strapped into the stirrups then buzzed and lathered and shaved with a straight razor.

They also offered breast and vagina rejuvenation, including breast enlargement and reduction options.

They also had three new benches. Girls would bend over the padded bench and their legs and butt would be strapped down and their butt would be pumped up for tatoos or branding.

Miranda was 18 with a newly developed hair fetish and had always wanted to get her long hair cut short. She saw 10 young women in old fashioned leather barber chairs with their little heads poking up, as the barbers were buzzing most of them very short. There were another twenty women and girls waiting for haircuts with various lengths and styles from pixies and bobs to long hair down their back and to their waist.

She nervously took a number and signed the release allowing the barbers to choose the haircuts. Miranda’s gorgeous blond hair cascaded to her waist. Most heads turned and stared at her stunning hair and smoking hot body with Double D cups.

Miranda watched as women and girls got into the chairs, tissue were tied around their tiny necks and capes draped over them. Cutting was usually done with heavy duty Oster clippers.

One girl in the chair in front of her had an adorable French bob and the barber placed the clippers at her nape and plowed them up the back of the teenagers head leaving a strip of stubble. She repeated this several times before placing the clippers next to the girls ear and buzzing the side up and around her ears.

In less then a minute the bulk of the girls hair was removed. She switched attachments to a triple zero and skinned the sides and back. In ten minutes the girl looked like a little boy and was released from the barbers chair.

Miranda was having second thoughts and got up and started to leave. Jane said you’re be next in a few minutes, just have a seat and I’ll take care of you.

Jane recognized Miranda from high school and remembered she was very stuck up and thought, I would love to get her in my chair. She saw her number and figured out how to time it. After 15 minutes and several other girls were called, Jane announced number 47 and looked right at Miranda and said that’s you honey, let’s go.

Miranda didn’t recognize Jane and slowly walked up to Jane’s chair and took a seat. She quickly wrapped a tissue around her petite little neck and said what should we do today, not really asking Miranda.

I decided to have my hair cut. You know we specialize in short haircuts. Yes I do she said.

Without saying a word Jane picked up her Oster clippers and plowed then into the side of Miranda’s head next to her ear and Miranda watched in horror as 3 foot locks of her golden blond fell to her lap and the floor.

She took the bulk of Miranda’s hair put it in a long pony tail and buzzed it off close to her head. This will make a nice addition and took the three foot golden blond trophy and hung it on the wall next to the mirror for everyone to see.

Miranda had tears and Jane said I really enjoyed that sweet cheeks.

Jane gave her a flattop with shaved sides and back.  Miranda was in shock but was so wet with cum.

Jane noticed and said, if you enjoyed being buzzed, you’ll really love some of our special services, come to the back and I’ll give you a sample. Miranda said ok and nervously followed Jane to the back room.

Miranda’s mouth dropped open as she saw three young women in stirrups with their legs spread eagle. Jane said take off your clothes and hop onto the table. Miranda removed her clothes and sat on the table. Jane leaned her back and fastened her legs into the stirrups, strapping her down and then spreading her legs a wide 180 degrees apart. Then she secured her arms.

Jane said that’s a massive bush, I’m going to enjoy mowing this down to nothing. She picked up the Oster 76 clippers and proceeded to buzz Miranda’s hairy pussy to stubble. She shaved a nice landing strip to match the flat top on Miranda’s head.

I’ll give you a sample of our breast and vagina rejuvenation treatment. You’re really going to love this.

She attached two large suction cups to Miranda’s ample Double D breasts, and another suction cup to her freshly shaved pussy.

Jane programmed the machine for breast reduction and selected Miranda’s Double D’s and then selected Double A cups. The screen displayed a notice; warning you have selected a five cup reduction. This is a permanent extreme reduction. Are you sure you want to proceed?Jane smiled and pressed yes.

She then selected vaginia rejuvenation and selected, full virginity, extra tight.

Miranda not aware of what was happening as Jane pressed start and said just relax and enjoy pumpkin.

Miranda felt her boobs getting smaller and her pussy getting very tight as well as very wet and aroused.

45 minutes later, Jane removed the suction cups and Miranda looked down to see her extremely flat Double A boobs where her once magnificent firm rack had been. What have you done to my boobs?

You don’t remember me, do you cupcake, said Jane. Miranda didn’t understand. Jane said, you use to tease me about my flat chest and short hair. Welcome to the club sweetie.

Miranda was crying. Jane said I have one more surprise for you, as she inserted a ball gag into Miranda’s mouth, and then put on a giant strap on.

Your pussy is almost like a virgin now and is so tight. I hope you enjoy loosing your virginity again. It should be fun for both of us. Enjoy the ride.

Jane drove the massive strap on into Miranda’s freshly tight snatch, ramming it into her so hard that Miranda almost passed out.

Getting her cherry popped felt so amazing and extremely painful but Miranda felt better than the first time so many years ago.

When Jane finally released her from the stirrups, Miranda was whimpering in pain and pleasure. Jane said, one final thing, and lifted her onto the bench, strapped her on and pumped her bubble butt up.

Finally shoving her strap on into and up Miranda’s tight little ass. She repeated this over and over as Miranda screamed.

Jane smiled and said your hair will grow back but you’ll still be flat as a pancake. See you in two weeks to clean up that flat top, and if you’re a good girl I’ll drill you again.

As Miranda was paying, the receptionist said wow, are you the blond with the gorgeous waist length hair with the large rack? Now that’s a big change, what made you decide to loose all your hair and your big boobs? You’re flat as a pancake now. You look like a little boy.

Miranda smiled and said I’ll be back in two weeks for a trim and another rejuvenation.

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