Girls Forced Flattop at the Barbershop

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Dana and her twin brother Jimmy both 16 and their younger sister was Melinda 14. Their mother Janet was getting remarried. Her boyfriend Robert had 4 children, two boys and two girls.

Robert’s kids including the girls all had very short hair buzzed at the local barbershop.

 Jimmy’s hair was a long thick blond mop that completely covered his ears and collar, while Melinda had a dark brown thick full French Bob. Dana had beautiful long full blond hair that cascaded down to her waist. It wax stunning.

Marybeth told Dana when our parents get married, she and her brother and sister would have to get their hair cut. Dana was horrified and said no way she was getting her hair cut. We’ll see Marybeth said smiling.

Melinda asked her sister if she thought they would have to get their hair cut short like their new step sisters.

At school their classmates knew the parents were getting married and talked about how the 2 girls and their brother were in for a trip to the barbershop for short buzzed haircuts.

A few weeks after the wedding Robert had all the kids in the car and they pulled up to Barberama Barber shop and said its time for some haircuts. It had 10 old fashioned barber chairs and it’s where he took his boys and girls for their haircuts. They walked in followed by his new step kids and they all sat on the waiting benches.

The two boys got their regular buzzed high and tight crew cuts and the girls received their short boys haircuts with shaved sides and white walls. As one of the girls stepped from the chair with her freshly buzzed boys cuts, she looked at Dana and Melinda and said smiling, in a few minutes you’ll be in the chair getting all that hair buzzed off.

It would soon be Dana and her siblings turn as the barbers finished up with his kids. Jimmy was first and stepped into the chair, the barber said this must be your new boy, what should we do with him. Robert said let’s make this one he’ll remember. A nice marine Paris island induction cut. The barber laughed and said he’ll remember that, as he tied the tissue tightly around his neck. After placing the black and white striped cloth cape, he picked up his heavy duty Oster clippers with the number 2 attachment and held Jimmys head firmly with his other hand and plowed them at his forehead shearing off the mop with several passes.

His twin sister watched in horror as the barber cut off Jimmy’s  massive beautiful mop of blond hair. The barber quickly switched attachments to the five zero and proceeded to skin him. In less than a minute Jimmy looked like a cue ball He looked at his sisters with tears.

The barber looked at Dana and said laughing, As his twin, I guess you can see what you’ll look like when we’re done with you.

Another barber pointed to Melinda and said you’re next sweet cheeks and she slowly walked to the waiting barber’s chair. He said let’s go pumpkin into the chair. As she sat down, he quickly pulled her back and tightly fastened the tissue and cape.

Her new stepsisters smiled and laughed as they knew what was coming. Robert told the barber to give her the same as her new sisters. The barber said one short boys haircut coming right up. High and tight white walled with shaved sides. She didn’t really know what that meant, but was about to find out.

He tilted her head forward into her chest and plowed his Oster clippers into her thick French bob at her nape, sending hair flying and falling to the floor.

He quickly did the sides and in a few minutes she looked like a little boy. Tears were running down her cheeks. The barber said, without any boobs she really looks like a boy.  He shaved her sides and neck with lather and a straight razor.

The boys from school watched with their mouths open as Jimmy and Melinda were shorn down to nothing. They couldn’t believe the kids were being forced to have all of their hair buzzed off.

Dana couldn’t believe she would be next. Melinda’s barber, who was the owner, announced, I’ll take care of Barbie after I finish with this princess, as he shaved her sides with his straight razor.

Her stepsister looking at Dana said, I can’t believe he’s going to cut off all of your gorgeous blond hair. I imagined this ever since our parents started going out. I hope he skins you like your brother.

Melinda’s barber released her from his chair and looked directly at Dana and said, ok cupcake, let’s go, move that bubble butt into the chair.

Your won’t have the same problem as your sister, not with that rack of yours, that’s some set of knockers. After tightening the tissue around her petite neck, he let her sit there in the chair with all the guys ogling and now staring at her big boobs. She felt so exposed and vulnerable as guys were being buzzed all around her. She was also getting very aroused for some reason. The tissue was so tight, she could hardly breathe.

Her stepsister looked at one of the boys from school and said, I bet you would really like to suck on those tits.  You think you’ll still want to fuck her in five minutes when he buzzes off all of that long blond hair?

The barber asked her as he was fastening the striped cloth cape, so what are we doing? skinned like your brother? Tears were forming and she looked terrified. Oh, please don’t cut off all my hair.

The barber said to Richard, this is one of your new kids? She’s got beautiful long blond hair, it will be a shame to cut it all off.

Dana’s new stepfather said, let’s give her a nice flattop. Shaved  sides and white walls. High and tight.

The barber said ok sweetheart, hold still, as he gripped
her chin tightly with one hand and guided his massive heavy duty Oster 76 clippers with his other hand up the side of her cheek next to her ear and into her long waist length golden blond hair sending over 30” of it to her lap and floor.

She watched in the mirror and cried as he drove the clippers around her ear leaving a path of stubble in their wake.

Her stepsisters smiled and laughed as their new sibling was relieved of her long tresses. After the sides and back he ran the clippers straight through the top starting at her forehead. Then skinned the sides and back and proceeded to give her a perfect flattop.

Dana looked at her 3 feet of hair on the floor and her lap. She realized she was very wet and had experienced an orgaism as he was buzzing her hair off.

He finished her off by lathering and shaving the sides and back with his straight razor, Dana‘s loins and pussy again were throbbing and had another massive orgasim. One of her stepsisters could tell and smiled. Don’t worry sis, I’ll take good care of you tonight when we’re alone. This just made her more wet.

When they all left Robert said to his new stepchildren, now we all look like one family. We’ll be back every two weeks for touch ups, so get use to it. His kids all smiled, his step children looked horrified.

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