Girls Mistaken & Buzzed While Touring the Reform School

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Contains some graphic sexual content.

Marybeth and Dana were touring the girls reform school for a college class. They were 22 and very petite, Marybeth with long blond hair to her waist with a perfect body with round c cups, and Dana with a cute French Bob with A cups.

They stopped to go to the ladies room and Marybeth said all the girls at the school had buzzed heads. Dana said they were all shaved when they arrived to humiliate them.

 When they came out of the bathroom, their tour group was no where in sight, and there was a group of 15 new students being led in, all in their early 20’s. TgThe guard told the two girls to stay in line. A bit surprised they didn’t know what to do as they were led through a door with the group.

In front of them was a barbershop with 3 old fashioned leather barber chairs with porcelain arm rests. They watched as the first 3 girls were told to get into the chairs. Tissue was tied tightly around their petite necks, then caped. The barbers picked up heavy duty Oster clippers and proceeded to shear off their hair.

Marybeth tried to tell them they weren’t with the group but was cut off by the guards. Dana was next and thinking they are going to cut off all our hair.

The guard said next 3, let’s go cupcake, into the chair, as Dana stepped into the waiting Barbers chair. Marybeth watched. They both had perfect gorgeous hair. They looked so different from the other girls in line.  The barber commented on Dana’s perfectly coifed French bob and laughing saying, we don’t usually get girls with $300 haircuts. That’s ok honey, you’re getting a $3 haircut today. This will only take a minute

Tissue was tied tightly around Dana’s petite little neck and a striped cloth cape draped over her. She said I’m not with these girls. The barber said, if you’re in my barber’s chair, you’re a reform school recruit and you’re getting a haircut, as he picked up his menacing looking black heavy duty Oster clippers and flipped the switch

Marybeth watched as the barber plowed the clippers into her friends forehead leaving a strip right down the middle of Dana’s head, then repeating this over and over until Dana was bald as a cue ball.

The barber next to Dana looked at Marybeth and said lets go princess, move that bubble butt into the chair, it’s your turn. I can’t believe I’m going to skin Barbie.

Someone grabbed her by the arm and forced her into the chair, and Marybeth found herself being restrained to the porcelain armrests by leather straps.  The tissue and cape were tightly fastened and the barber held her head with one hand as the clippers began to shear off 3’ lengths of her golden locks. In less than two minutes Marybeth and Dana looked just like the other 15 girls.

They were led to the next room which had two chairs with stirrups. They watched as the girls in front of them were told to strip and then strapped into the stirrups.

Marybeth and Dana’s turn came and they were led up to the chairs, stripped and forced to sit as their legs were strapped down. The stirrups were then spread wide 180 degrees.  That is one massive bush pumpkin, as the barber proceeded to mow Dana’s thick dark mound to stubble. Marybeth’s blond patch was also reduced to peach fuzz.

The new recruits were then taken to the common showers where they were greeted by several of the other students. They singled out Marybeth and Dana. The two had the best looking bodies of the group.

Shelley, one of the women said, looks like we’ve got two good ones to break in, as they pushed the two new students to their knees. Several others held them down, while Shelley attached a large strap-on and immediately rammed it into Marybeth’s butt, who screamed out and had a massive orgasm.

You’re nice and tight, I think I’ll make you my new plaything. We’re going to do this two or three times a day. Another woman took Dana and they both came, and said we’ll double date with Shelley, and we’ll take turns with you two.

After they were showered and issued the school uniform, the tour group that Marybeth and Dana had been with came in to see the new students and someone said isn’t that Marybeth and Dana, oh my god, what happened, they cut off all their hair.

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