Girls will be girls

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Meno was bored one day, she was watching reality television and was chilling out at her house.
A knock came to the door so Meno answered it.
“Hey sis”,Mary Lou, Meno’s neighbor, greeted,”My folks are still at work and they won’t be back til late, I was thinking we could do something, you know”.
“Sure”,monotoned Meno,”Come in”
A few notes on Mary Lou:
She is Meno’s age (15) but her spirit differs derasstically (very prim and proper, Mary Lou was) with a frocked dress on and straight dirty blonde hair down her back with blunt bangs.
Compare that to Meno’s loose shirts and tight short shorts. Her hair flung ruffled and feathered (emo style sprayed pink in parts).
As they watched TV, Meno soon became bored again and annoyed with Mary’s complacency.
Meno desired mischief, twirling some of Mary Lou’s hair, she got an idea.”Hey”,Meno said,”Want to play billiards”.
So they went down stairs to the game room. There it laid, the 7 by 4 billiard table.
Meno readied her pole and said,”How about we raise the stakes, eh?”
“Um, I guess. What did you have mind?”.
Meno went over to Mary and lightly tugged on her straight blonde tresses.
“Loser gets their hair redone by the winner”.
Mary thought for a moment,”Ok, you’re on”.
With that, the deal was salitfied with a handshake.
Ball after ball fell into its pocket.
Unfortunately, Mary Lou lost.
“Yes”,exclaimed Meno,”Come on, time for your makeover!”
Meno took her girl-friend to the bathroom.
She set a stool and grabbed a shower curtain,”Sit your butt”.
Mary Lou sheepishly did as she was told and sat on the flexible stool.
The curtain draped her shoulders and secured by giant hairclamps.
“Um, what are you going to do to me?”
“Cut your hair, silly”
“I know that but what style?”
“You’ll see”
Meno opened the drawer and retrieved her father’s clippers.
Mary Lou yelped and quivered in fear at the device.
“You scaredy-cat, they’re just clippers”
Mary Lou tried to protest or request a different punishment but the words didn’t convince her barber.
Meno opened a box of guards and picked up a number #4 guard, she clipped it onto the device and started it to make sure it worked.
“On second thought, I don’t think this is a very good idea”,pled Mary Lou.
But Meno got behind her bossum buddy and started the clippers,”Now, stay still”.
Mary Lou dared not to move, fearful of what would happen if she did.
Meno shifted Mary’s right half of hair to the other side of her head and clamped it with her pressing hand.
She started the tool which caused her “client” to shut her eyes tightly.
“What a drama queen”,thought the wannabe stylist as she slid the clippers up Mary Lou’s nape.
The nape hair fell and Meno continued buzzing that side.
Mary Lou felt the vibration behind her ear and inside her skull.
“Open your eyes”
Mary Lou reluctantly did, what she saw shocked her.
All the hair on the right side was buzzed to reveal a fuzzy scalp.
“Oh my god!”
Watching her friend inspect her handiwork, Meno got to work on the left side.
She glided the clippers over and around the ear and buzzed off the sideburn.
“Chelsea!”the stylist squealed, taking hubris in her work,”It’s a damn shame to see them go but a bet’s a bet”.
At that, Meno buzzed off Mary Lou’s fringe.
Mary Lou became overwhelmed with sadness and tears streamed down her rosy cheeks.
Removing the guard and tilting Mary’s head down, Meno tidied her neckline.
Still having adrenaline in her system, Meno carved a line from on side of Mary’s hairline down to the exit of her clean neckline.
The clippers then were killed and put away, Mary Lou still was quiet as she was dust off.
“Mmm, nice and short. Well, what do think?”
“I-I-I need to… I need to go home”.
Mary removed the cape and rushed out of the house.
It was raining and Mary Lou forgot her coat so her fuzzy scalp was drizzled on by droplets of rain.
To be honest, it felt nice and Mary spent some time enjoying the experience.
She returned to see Meno tying off the trash bag that was filled with her dirty blonde tresses.
“Um… I forgot my coat”
“Oh, yeah. It’s on the couch”
“I’ll go get it”
She retrieved her jacket and looked at her girl-friend who was closing the garage door.
“Um.. hey, Men”
“Yeah, mate”
“(sigh) Thanks for the cut”
“I knew you would like it”
“(slight giggle) yeah”
She proceeded to leave but stopped at the door.
“Uh, is it alright if I stay the night?”
“Mm, I don’t think that’s a good idea. If my folks find out what I just did, they’ll be cross with me”
“Oh, I see. Well, goodnight”
Mary Lou rushed home and entered her house.
“Ah, Mary, you’re home”,came her mom’s voice,”Come wash up, dinner’s almost ready”.
Mary Lou washed her paws and looked at her new lady-like look in her reflection.
She went to the kitchen where her father was absorbed in his newspaper and her sister frozen to her social media life.
“Hey, kiddo”,her dad said, patting her scalp but not realizing anything different,”How was your day”.
“It was good, papa”
“That’s nice”
Mary set the table when her mother dropped a stack of plastic bowls.
“M-M-Mary Lou, y-y-your hair, what happened!”
“What?”asked her father, folding his paper and gasping as a result of seeing his daughter buzzed.
“Who did this to you?”demanded her mother.
“Uh…M-M-Meno did”
Just then, Mary Lou’s dad started snickering.
“Why are you laughing, our daughter was assaulted!and what is this stripe in your scalp?”
The father could only manage the words,”Girls will be girls”.

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