Giving In

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For some reason, Rebecca felt like returning home to her and Brad’s apartment was somehow coming home to an unavoidable fate. An admission, of sorts, that she could no longer deny the reality she’d been avoiding for the past two years.

Shaking her head as she walked, she ran her fingers back through the long, silky, light blonde locks that fell past her shoulders. Longish bangs fell into her eyes, as usual, while the rest teased her ears and neck. It’d been a long trek to reach this point in her grow-out, a constant effort to avoid asking her beloved to return her precious locks to the shorn, faux hawk style he’d reduced her magnificent mane to after she’d bet it on the wrong side of the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. 

He’d teased her shortly before they’d made that bet, asking if she’d never cut her hair short before because she was afraid she’d never grow it long again. She’d lied, saying it wasn’t a concern, but deep down, even then, she knew it was unlikely her wild, rowdy rock-n-roll waves would ever approach waist-length again.

Unlocking the front door and slipping inside, she was met by the sounds of whatever college football bowl game Brad was watching in the den. Given how business the week between Christmas and New Year’s day tended to be boom or bust, he’d opted to extend his Christmas vacation by a couple of days. She peeked in on him, and seeing he was asleep on the couch with his feet up on the coffee table, she decided not to interrupt his nap. If nothing else, it provided her with a few more moments to make sure she’d truly and finally lost her battle against the urge to become a short-haired girl again.

Dropping her jacket to the floor and walking into the bedroom, she thought about how little help she’d received in her fight today. First, it was her long-time client Katie, a former Rapunzel with gorgeous red ringlets, opting to abandon her own grow-out efforts. The beautiful, bouncy chin-length bob that had taken over a year to cultivate was traded in for a seductive pixie, with long, sweeping bangs and a tightly clippered nape. Rebecca felt the send of doom for her own locks begin to rise as she swept the resulting pile of ringlets from the salon floor, only to have it amplified when her good friend Lindsey showed up to have Audrey fine-tune her own ridiculously short crop before the new year.

Lindsey had lost her own long, angel-blonde crowning glory to Audrey’s shears before Rebecca had lost hers to Bradley’s, but Lindsey had never once looked back. Rebecca would have thought Audrey’s own journey over the same period would have acted as a counter-argument, as the auburn-haired stylist had gone, almost instantly, from a self-inflicted buzzcut to a riotous mass of curls that almost reached mid-back… but it didn’t. 

Instead, Rebecca had to listen to Audrey chatter away as the redhead’s clippers let the soft fuzz of Lindsey’s clippered locks gather on the woman’s shoulders, talking about how much fun short hair was, how great it always looked, and how she might be coming due for her own change-up soon, again.

Slipping her black t-shirt up over her head and tossing it aside, Rebecca shook out her hair and stepped in front of her vanity’s mirror. Once Lindsey had left and only Audrey and Rebecca remained in the salon in case any walk-ins appeared, Audrey had offered to touch up the roots that had begun to betray what Rebecca’s true hair color was — an odd shade that straddled blonde and brown so perfectly no one could ever really define what it was. 

Rebecca had declined, already knowing the needed touch-up would be the excuse for what she was about to ask Brad to do, but she relented when Audrey then offered to wash and dry her silky locks. The resulting blowout had banished the usual wild waves from Rebecca’s locks, leaving perfectly straight, silky lengths that still managed a decent amount of bounce against her now-bare shoulders when she turned and tilted her head.

Gathering her hair back into a short ponytail — a ponytail she had waited so long to be able to form again — she couldn’t help but admire how big her doe brown eyes were, how cute her cupid-bow lips appeared, or just how sexy and elegant her long, naked neck was without the long, pale blonde tresses hiding it. 

As much as she loved her hair, as much as she missed the long masses that used to fall almost to her waist in riotous waves, and as safe and mysterious as she felt with her ever-present eye-teasing curtain of thick bangs, she knew it might be time to accept that her petite features benefitted without having any of it surrounding them.

Taking a deep breath, she decided it was finally time to give in and do something about that.

Undoing her belt and sliding out of her jeans, she replaced them with a trusty, comfy pair of gym shorts and made her way back to the den. Bradley was awake now, though sleep still lingered in his eyes — at least until he saw her standing there in her shorts and bra. Bathed in the twinkling lights from their Christmas tree, her own personal dark-haired, blue-eyed Adonis started to sit up, but she quickly slinked into his lap, straddling his hips to pin him down as she kissed him deeply, her long hair falling forward to caress and tease his shoulders as her lips played against his.

She felt him come completely awake in more ways than one, and gently nestled her hips down against his as he reached up to tuck her hair back behind her ears. “Well, hello there,” he rumbled in a sleepy voice. His smile was bright, and she leaned in to assault it with another kiss as his hands trailed down her back to pull her closer. 

“Good day at work?” He asked.

“Boring,” she replied. “No. That’s a lie. There were a few fun changes…”

“Like this?” He pinched one of her straightened locks, using its end to tickle her nose.

She smiled. “Like that, yes. We had a bit of time to kill and Audrey insisted.”

“It looks good on you.” His fingertips rose to brush her bangs back from her eyes, only to have them fall forward again. “I’m surprised she didn’t insist on getting those bangs out of your eyes again.”

“She knew I’d say no.” Another kiss followed, her tongue lingering along his lips as her palms felt his heart beating beneath his soft t-shirt. “She did offer to touch up my roots, but I shot that down, too.”

He tilted his head curiously. “You’re done with being a blonde?”

Rebecca bit her bottom lip, her own heart skipping a beat as she took a steadying breath. Then she nodded. “I want to go natural again, and I was hoping you could do it.”

He nodded, releasing her trapped lock and letting his fingertips trace along the strap of her bra. “Sure, I’m sure we can find some time this week.”

She pressed her lips together thoughtfully and leaned against his chest, letting the fingers of her right hand play through his thick hair as she did. “I was thinking, maybe tonight?”

His eyes narrowed suspiciously. “I’m not sure I feel confident we could get the color right here. And that’s assuming you brought what we need home. Unless you’re asking whether we can go back, in which case you’ll need to get dressed again and that’s just not much fun.”

She grinned, shaking her head. “No, I didn’t bring anything home, and no, I don’t want to get dressed again.” She wriggled in his lap pushing her lips against his again as someone on the television behind her shouted about an amazing touchdown being scored. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and rocked her hips against his, purring into his mouth before she finally pulled away. “But I did get you that really nice clipper and scissor set for Christmas, didn’t I? I was thinking maybe you could break that in before going back to work tomorrow.”

His eyes widened and his hands slowly rose to slide back into her hair, eliciting a soft moan as his fingers moved through her thick locks. She tilted her chin upward, closing her eyes as she savored the touch. He meanwhile, shifted just enough to let him bring his lips and teeth to her exposed neck, nuzzling his way up to her hidden ear before he whispered. “What you’re suggesting … there’s not going to be much left, you know.”

She giggled. “It’s all yours for the taking, if you want.”

He pulled away enough to let her see his glorious smile. Taking that as confirmation that he was up for the idea, she fought against his grip to reluctantly slide from his lap, moving to where they had piled their gifts for one another under the tree on Christmas morning. By the time she turned back, feeling the soft brush of her hair against her cheek, he’d already grabbed one of the stools from their breakfast bar as set it in the middle of the room.

“Aw. I was hoping I could stay in your lap while you did it,” she pouted.

“Even I’m not good enough to do a presentable job under those circumstances.” He reached toward the leather case holding the new shears and clippers she’d bought him, but instead of taking it, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her against him again, cupping her chin with his free hand and seizing her lips with his own in an embrace that made her knees buckle. His hand freed her wrist and braced itself against the small of her back, but his kiss did not relent until he’d whirled her around and scooped her up to place her on the stool.

Being picked up so easily by Bradley sent shivers up and down her spine, almost as much as when he ran his hands through her hair again, gathering it back as he kissed her deeply once more. She lifted her legs, brushing the insides of her thighs against his waist as she clutched the neck of his shirt. 

When he tried, maybe, to get to work, she placed her own set of kisses along his neck, rumbling and purring and giggling before finally letting him go. 

“You are in some kind of mood tonight, aren’t you?”

She waggled her eyebrows, though they were hidden by her bangs. “I’m just acting out all of your clients’ fantasies, my Dear.”

“And hitting on all of mine, too. But come on… let’s try to behave for a few more minutes.”

She pouted, but it crumbled into a smile when he held up his shiny new shears and clacked them together. “Ready?”

She nodded. “Absolutely.”

He ran his left hand back through her locks, capturing the shiny, silky tresses that hid her ear. “Then let’s get to work.” With that, he stopped to the side and almost fully disappeared form her line of sight, as did the glistening blades of his scissors. Rebecca felt her long hair being being gently tugged, and then heard the faintest whisper of a crunch as the scissor blades came together.

Her mouth fell open as the tension against her scalp melted away, and watched as Bradley dropped 13-inch lengths of her pale blonde hair to the floor in front of her. He leaned in close, his teeth lightly nipping and nibbling at her suddenly exposed ear. Any worries, any anxieties she held about giving up her beautiful hair evaporated in the same instant she started leaning toward his touch, tilting her head in a silent plea for more nibbles and kisses.

Instead, he nuzzled into the shortened hair and nudged her back into place, gentle hands on either of her temples bringing her head up straight again. A comb slipped through the locks still falling to caress her shoulders behind her ear, but then they were lifted away as well, pinched between unforgiving fingers that lay flat against her head and shorn away without much resistance or sound at all. Nothing more than a teasing touch against her bare skin as they fell to the floor conveyed their farewell, followed by an even more teasing caress of Bradley’s lips against the exposed expanse of her neck. 

Again and again his fingers seized thick hanks of her carefully nurtured hair, only to silently shear away their length with a barely-there crunch of his shears coming together. Every caress of his fingers was soft and gentle, despite their intention to ravish and ravage her thick locks, and every touch against her now-bare skin made her play with the clasp of her bra, nestled between her breasts, even more. She wished she had gotten naked, the picture windows in the den be damned, so she could truly let herself appreciate the loving, focused attention the gorgeous man playing with her hair was giving her.

But, as she squirmed in her gym shorts with every ‘accidental’ touch against her shoulder or nape, she knew she just had to be patient for a little bit longer. Leaning forward as he sheared away the silky lengths from her crown to her nape, she scrunched her eyes shut and tried to fathom the fact that she was sitting through an incredible shearing for a second time — something she’d sworn she’d never do before two years ago, something she even managed to escape cosmetology school without having done. In a weird way, as more and more of her hair caressed her left arm as it fell away in generous chunks and hanks, she was glad she waited for Bradley to be the one to do it both the first time, and now, the last time. 

There was a gentle nudge to tilt her head to the right, and then the caress of the comb and one final, slow, soft crunch that spilled the very last of her long hair into her lap. Bradley set his scissors down and stepped in front of her, tilting her chin up so he could kiss her again, this time unclasping her bra himself and pushing it back off of her shoulders, muffling her moan of surprise with his tongue as his hands cupped and caressed her naked breasts. 

“The next part is going to leave a lot of clippings falling around. I wouldn’t want you to get itchy.”

She grinned. “Heaven forbid.” As he turned away from her, sorting through the attachments for his clippers and looking for a convenient plug in which to give them power, Rebecca lifted her hands to the hair remaining on her head even as she looked down at the masses of shiny blonde locks clustered around the stool.

She gasped softly despite having expected it all, her mouth falling open again as she felt the abbreviated lengths left behind. Her gorgeous hair was now a collection of roughshod hackings, still soft and silky to the touch but also rough and uneven. She suddenly felt like a little boy, with some of the longest locks left behind being her bangs, which she knew, without a doubt, were bound to find their way into her lap soon enough, too.

When Bradley turned around again, he took his time looking her over, and Rebecca found herself straightening her back for him, raising an eyebrow almost in defiance even as she desperately wanted him to take advantage of everything being offered to him. She didn’t fancy herself a sub in any way, but there was something about sitting in front of him, half-naked and subject to his whims, while he was fully clothed and standing over her, his broad shoulders back and his square jaw set, that made her yearn to be bent over the nearest piece of furniture and be taken as he saw fit.

Instead, he reached for her chin, gently cupping and lifting, turning her head to the right before he pressed his clippers against her cheek. With a rumble they popped to life, and she took a sharp breath despite herself. He never asked if it was okay, never tried to make certain this was what she wanted — instead he just slowly moved them upward, letting them vibrate against her skin until the thickness of her hair forced a change in their tone and made them work harder to achieve their goal.

Nibbling and nipping, the clippers purred as they moved around Rebecca’s left ear, methodically removing any length that might have remained shiny or silky. With simple flicks of his wrist, Bradley sent soft clump after soft clump fluttering down in front of her, letting her see the last of the blonde locks that had adorned her — their ends tinged with more than a little bit of her natural bronde color — fall away.

A soft breath against her exposed ear, followed by a little nuzzle and gentle kiss along its edge, set her heart fluttering again even as a firm hand on the crown of her head motioned her chin toward her chest. Then it was her nape being attacked once more, with long, slow deliberate strokes shearing down lengths that would have already been considered short for a pixie cut. Rebecca had no idea what length was being left behind; she could only tell how much was being removed as Bradley continued with his well placed flicks to add to the fluffy pile growing on the floor in front of her.

There was no nudge toward her left before her right ear was bared by the clippers, but rather a gentle cupping of her left cheek from behind by Brad’s hand. She instinctively nuzzled against it, biting her lips and whimpering softly as the miniature blades continued to rumble and purr against her skin, tiny flitters of electricity passing form the hungry machine through her body, right down to her curled toes.

After finishing his roundabout journey from temple to temple, Bradley stepped away to change the guard, and then set about the same journey once more, and then a third time. Each pass stopped lower and lower, with Bradley’s trusty comb assisting in the blending of all the lengths together. He said nothing as he worked, something that only caused Rebecca to want him even more, to properly reward hims for letting her be to sole intensive focus of his attention even on his day off. 

When he stepped away the third time, after Rebecca had felt the bare teeth of the clippers against her nape and around her ears, she ran the palm of her hand up from her nape to crown, nearly laughing in how shocking the fuzzy difference was from just a short time ago. For two years she had been growing her hair out, for two years she had aimed to once again achieve cute ponytails and elegant undoes, and he she was, shorn to the brink of baldness once again.

Lifting her hand a little more, though, she felt the two or three inches that remained atop her head, sliding her fingers forward through the cool, soft mass until they reached her bangs again. She imagined it would prove quite a contrasting site, though a funky and fashionable one if styled the right way. 

Bradley turned back to her and lifted her chin upward. Stepping to her side, he quietly said, “Almost done. Sort of.”

Rebecca stayed quiet because she trusted him, but she couldn’t hide the widening of her eyes as he lifted the clippers to her forehead, pressing them close once more. Whatever expression was on her face, it almost made her lover and now tormentor laugh out loud as he slid the clippers back, letting them plow through her thick, perpetually overgrown bangs and back toward her crown. The clippers sounded loud and angry now, and the locks that tumbled away when Bradley flicked his wrist were downright long compared to what had preceded them. Long enough to be styled, long enough to be caressed, and long enough to be played with while she was screaming out and moaning in his lap as her hips ground against his. 

But now… now it was just pass after pass, shearing and rumbling and stealing those lengths away. Not knowing how it would look, not knowing what was to come was driving Rebecca crazy, and she couldn’t resist reaching between her thighs now, her fingers rubbing up in down almost in time with Bradley’s sweeping strokes from her forehead to crown. The resistance lessened with every pass, until it was only Bradley’s palm running back and forth over the shorn, uniform fuzz that remained. And after the clippers were placed down, the thinning shears followed, carefully dancing through the remnants of her abundant mane to somehow add some depth and life before his regular shears returned to do the same. 

“Do I have any left?” She asked as his attentions with the scissors slowed. 

He grinned, and set the silver shears down on the coffee table next to his clippers. “I wanted to make sure I broke everything in. Isn’t that what you suggested I do?”

She didn’t reply, a simple scowl being her response before another caress of his hand across her crown sent indecent shivers up and down her spine. His hand moved down to her unbearably naked nape and cupped it, pulling her lips to his before he asked, “Do you want to see it now, or after?”

“After,” she blurted, grabbing the collar of his shirt and twisting him toward her so he stumbled and landed on his ass on the floor. She quickly pinned him there, seizing his lips with hers and shoving her hands up under his shirt, forcing it upward to bare his beautiful chest before she pulled away just long enough for him to get it over his head. But then he turned the tables on her, rolling her onto her back so she was looking up at the Christmas tree lights, there twinkling visage disappearing and reappearing as her eyes opened and closed with every moan that was elicited as Bradley’s wandering kisses moved over each breast and down over her stomach, and finally between her naked thighs as he tugged her gym shorts and panties away. 

As she moved and writhed, she couldn’t help but notice how different the floor felt against the back of her head, no longer padded by the silky lengths of her head. However present that notion was, though, Bradley managed to drive it away as he moved over her once more, pushing his hips between her legs, letting them rise to hug his waist as he thrust himself into her, his teeth seizing her naked, vulnerable neck and ears as she pulled him against her, releasing every bit of the pointless tension she’d been fighting against for the past two years.


Even though she was holding Bradley’s hand, Rebecca kept her free hand held outward in front of her as she was led to the bedroom. Insisting she not see the final look until he had a chance to properly style it, she found herself voluntarily blind, gentle hands placed on both of her shoulders setting her in place before the pop of plastic sounded. She listened to Bradley rubbing his hands together, and then they were in her hair, moving from left to right in quick succession across the top of her head, and then downward from each temple as his palms caressed her naked ears.

“I guess I should just be happy that there’s enough left to need styling wax.”

“Maybe. If nothing else, just remember that your hair grows pretty fast. And that you wanted the fake blonde gone.”

“Can I open my eyes now?”

“Go for it.”

And so she did. She opened her eyes and lifted her hands toward her mouth. She’d expected something short — yes, she’d asked to have all of the blonde shorn away, but what Bradley had left behind stopped just short, so to speak, of being a full on crewcut. Golden brown locks that were almost three quarters of an inch long swept across her forehead, replacing the relatively long blonde bangs she had started the day with. Unlike the last time she’d been shorn, there was no hint, not one bit of evidence, that her gorgeous hair had any bit of wave or curl to it. And for the first time in her life, she had an actual side-parting as a result, and though it wasn’t harsh, it definitely wasn’t subtle, either. From there, her mane melted away into practical nothingness around her ears and nape, showing off more skin than hair, all of it perfectly blended so she couldn’t even tell where one guard length stopped and another began. 

“I’m a micro pixie.” She whispered.

He stopped forward, wrapping his arms around her waist and lowering her lips to the point where her shoulders became her neck. “Yes, you are. And an incredibly gorgeous one at that.” 

Almost distracted by his kisses, Rebecca still managed to look into her own reflection’s eyes — those huge, beautiful doe brown eyes that sat above an adorably cute, lightly freckles nose. Her hair was brutally short, for sure, and maybe a little harsh in some ways, but it was exactly what she had asked for without asking for it, and she refused to believe, with features like hers, it could ever be seen as anything but gorgeously feminine. 

She reached up, burying her fingers in Bradley’s hair as she turned her cheek just enough to nuzzle against him. “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Do I like it?” He looked at her in the mirror. “I love it. But I’m not the one who matters.”

“Oh, you certainly do,” she grinned. “You’re the one who’s going to be looking at it more often than anyone else, right?”

He smiled. “I certainly hope so.”




As always, I hope you liked this one, and any comments or critiques are welcome and appreciated. They always help keep the creative drive going, you know?

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