Glad I Swiped Right

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Bzzzzzzzz….. “Get off of me!” I begged. Bzzzzz…. “Please stop”…. Bzzzzz… the clippers roared. My hair was being shorn and I couldn’t stop it. This was by far the most bizarre tinder date I’d been on. It all started so nice. A few weeks ago I had matched with this Goddess. Her name was Kerra. Thin, athletics build. Big, curvy chest. A gorgeous face, and long blonde hair. 10/10. I’d never matched with such a beautiful woman before. She seemed smart, funny, and everything I could ask for. We met up a few days later for coffee, and all went well. I had a great time and she did too! Second date, we went for a walk in the park. Tonight, 3rd date, we went to a bar. We both had so much fun. We danced together, had a few drinks, and all was going well. I invited Kerra back to my place and couldn’t believe she agreed. She was wearing a tight red cocktail dress, cut super deep in front and high on the legs. She wore black strappy high heels that flaunted her pedicure. Her hair was blown out in waves, and she had a full face of makeup on. Expertly arched brows, precise eyeliner, and a bold red lip.

As soon as Kerra stepped inside, I could tell something was up. “Where’s your bed?” She asked almost immediately. I showed her the way, she dimmed the lights, and pounced. She made out with me like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t even breath. She suddenly stopped. “Babe, I wanna see you naked…” she said as she made her way to the bathroom with her purse in hand. I quickly hurried to strip down before she came back. Moments later, she emerged, in full naked glory. Her body was everything I imagined and more. All she wore were her 4″ high heels and her purse. “Are you ready to have your head blown out?” She asked seductively. I couldn’t even believe my ears. Was I dreaming?

“Yes dear” I responded to her. She made her way back to the bed, straddling me. Once she was comfortable she leaned in to whisper in my ears. Her hair draped over my face and I could smell her delicate perfume. “There’s just once thing” “Anything for you” I said. “Close your eyes then..” I did as told. But then, instead of what I was expecting to come next, she took a firm hold of my right arm. She shoved it to the bedpost and then wrapped something around it. From the sound of it I could tell it was a ziptie. She repeated on the left. Then shimmied around and locked my feet against the bed’s footboard. I was still so dazed from her kiss that I didn’t feel the slightest bit threated. But then I heard it: Bzzzzz. There were clippers in her hands. I thought she might be grooming my manhood or something. But the sound got closer and closer to my head. Before I knew it, Kerra had grabbed my face with her left hand, and the buzzer met my forehead. It was my hair. She was cutting it.

Bzzzzzzzz….. “Get off of me!” I begged. Kerra was crouched on top of me on all fours. Her breasts were on top of my face. Bzzzzz…. “Please stop”…. “bzzzzz…” the clippers roared. “What are you doing?!” I demanded desperately. “Babe, short hair will look so good on you…” Kerra said. She had started slowly, making a smooth path straight down the middle of my head. “Listen Kerra, I’ve been growing it out for 6 months now, please don’t go too short…” But it was no use. The buzzers kept going. Kerra was shearing off my head. “What guard are you using?” I asked… resigned to my fate. “A #3” she said coldly. I breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m just glad we’re not going too short then” I tried to smile. But Kerra seemed to be enjoying my misery. She couldn’t stand that I might like the new look. “Oh ya, you like the buzz?” She teased. “Fuck it” She popped off the guard before plunging the clippers into my hairline again. She viciously attacked my head with the clippers. Then she sat up, sitting right on top of my lower belly. The naked beauty took a firm grip on my chin and lifted my face so she could look at me. “Should I just leave you like this?” “No, please no…” As much as I didn’t want to be bald, I didn’t want to be left with a bald patch much more. “Fine.. then shut up and let me shave you all off” She ordered. Kerra shimmied over to her former position. Now she spared no mercy. Aggressively she attacked my hair with her clippers. She swooped in with force. She was quickly mowing through my hair with fast short motions. First on the top, the on the sides, and finally she turned my head so she could shave the back. Then the clippers fell silent. “All done” She smiled with sadistic pleasure.

I was so scared. Was she just gonna leave me strapped like this? Steal my wallet and run? But instead, she wrapped her arms around my freshly shaved head and came in for another kiss. She didn’t stop. Things just got steamier and steamier. As night turned to day Kerra said. “I’m so glad I swiped right”

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