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when I turned 15 my best friend and me decided we were going to shave our pussies. in my room on Memorial Day weekend we shade each others pussies we made sure to get around our assholes so there was no hair sticking out of her bikinis we looked great we were fascinated the way we felt the way we looked we took a shower together to rinse off all the shaving cream we couldn’t believe our fingers we were just groping one another we got out we noticed how red her p**** was just from our fingering in the shower.we spent the next couple hours just staring at ourselves in the mirror the way we look without p**** hair.then we begin to try on different types of panties what felt the most with or without jeans skirts we went to the movies later with two of our other girlfriends and with no p**** hair we felt like we were naked even though we had leggings on and jeans on we were laughing and giggling the way it felt when we walk with no hair felt like we were naked.are the two girlfriends asked us what’s up you too giggly we wanted a bathroom and we dropped her pants and showed up we had shaved her p****’s.they were amazed and fascinated in fingers when proving next thing we knew we were back at my house and we shave them what stood out the most is why one girlfriend when she saw my p**** for the first time shaved went oh my God you’re bald.got stuck with me for the longest time I hear that.a few years latermy main girlfriend and I went to a tattoo parlor she was 18 I was 17 going to be 18 in a month we wanted to get matching little tattoos the tattoo artist said I can’t touch you you’re not of age yet I’ll come on it’s only another month.all right he finally caved in what do use one we had little hearts little red hearts tattooed in her bikini area he was amazed that two of us together both had smooth bald pussies he’s in a lot of staring a lot of little fondling and he told me that I had the best skin ever I was ultra white green eyes and brunette hair and it anytime I wanted another tattoo he he would take care of me Isis I’ll keep you in mind sure enough two years later.I came to him wanting another tattoo what would you like where I’m not sure but I know for this much where I work I don’t want anything showing not my hands not my arms not my face everything else on my body is open for business.he asks what about my tits Isis a little tattoo sticking out of top of my bra fine but other than that not yet I’m a nurse I just got started in the hospital I don’t want problems I love my job and when it continued to grow up the ladder.is next question startled me just going to be many tattoos or just one here and there are we looking for a theme tell me tell me where we start tell me where I could suggest.I had said eventually I would like to have a theme what do you like oh I like tropical things flowers Birds animals okay where do you want this I’m not sure I think maybe a tramp stamp or am I a s something a little daring something that shows but not as in show everybody.his next question really threw me do you trust me he asked I said yes of course he says I like to draw freehand on you first know stencil how about I pick the area and we start there okay. I agreed to get a front upper thigh tattoo it was of a tropical flowers and a palm tree fairly large almost 7 by 7 in lots of color lots of shading lot of time.I had noticed the whole time now when he wasn’t tattooing me he was just staring at my shaved p**** anything else she said Isis not at this time little by little over the next three years I managed to get my entire body tattooed not my face not my hands my arms but both legs to fully done from p**** to ankles a full back tattoo of a tropical scene including koi fish and macaw parrots.my ass was also tattooed is well as almost but not my p**** but around my bikini lines.through all this time together we’ve become good friends kind of like friends with benefits.if he wasn’t tattooing me he was f****** me he begged and pleaded for us to move in together no let’s just keep it the way we have it I like it this way I never really paid full price for a tattoo.finally I got the word at work one day that I don’t have to be on rotation of nights and days there was an opening to become a wound care nurse at a nursing facility I’ll still be part of the hospital but nobody here at the hospital would have to see me or deal with me I’ll be assigned in a nursing facility for as long as I wanted to be only about four people who I work with know how fully tattooed I am. I was so excited to hear of this news I was told I could take a week off with pay before I start my transition I had been to the nursing facility a couple of times I’ve interviewed and I worked their field in a few times they know me they saw me.on my way home from an overnight I stop by the tattoo shop I knew he loved to be there in the morning early having coffee and just sitting there and drawing his best way to draw was just sit in his jockey boxers with coffee and draw things up either for clients or for ideas or for Flash I called and he let me in he was surprised what are you doing here all I just got done work I got a couple days off so I figured I’d stop by and see you didn’t pay too much attention to me he locked the door behind me what over to drawing table and sat down he says Grab A Chair for My workstation and come sit and chat with me I’m in the middle of something at don’t want to lose my flow. as I went to his workstation I bent down and pulled something out of the bottom drawer of his tool chest roll the chair over next to him and Saturday or chatting with him he wasn’t really looking at me he was concentrating on his drawing but still he knew I was there and was acknowledging me.what’s up he says anything new no remember how I told you that when I was ready we will go fully with the rest of my body to get tattooed. yes he replied well I got a job promotion I won’t be in the hospital anymore I’ll be working at at the nursing facility so and I played the Clippers that I took off his workstation on the table next to him you mean he says yep it’s time I want you to shave my head and tattoo it I am ready we’ll start with my head that you could do my arms and we’ll go from there. for the first time he was speechless usually in the past as I got done one tattoo and told him I’ll see him in about 6 weeks he had time to prepare he knew what body part and what he was going to put on it and I was happy I had a tropical themed going what do you want to do this now sounds good do you have time he said she’ll we have six hours till we open.Isis World sounds like time that we can get me shaved pieces I can get you shaved and the outline put on do you know what you want Isis escape with the same theme on my body give me a minute. as we walked over to his workstation I stopped got out of my uniform and dropped it on the floor one of the few and only times I wore panties was when I worked the overnight shifts you never know and I warm just for comfort. the last thing you said to me for a while was are you sure you’re ready yep I’ve been waiting for this since I’ve met you let’s do this he turned on the Clippers and Buzz me bald after that he put down the Clippers laddered me up and shaved my head.washed and shaved my head again I was listening to smooth then he grabbed his markers and started to draw he says do you ever going to want here again I don’t know I don’t think so he kept it in a hairline how he saw that I don’t know I couldn’t see it all I know it was my head was gleaming right after that he set up his tattoo gun and the inks it says today we’ll just put the outline on two or three sessions will get it all colored in are you ready yep have they seen you before it just new place yes they saw him my full head of all burn here so when I report for the work on my first day in a week they’ll see me bald with the outline of a tattoo I don’t care I want this. for the next 2 hours deposit a tattoo machine went I felt the light scraping on my head I was having my head tattooed I have been wanting to do this is the first time when I heard my girlfriend said oh my God you’re bald. well yes and now I’m also more tattood that ever when we were done he was so happy with his work that I saw his cock rock hard and his little jockey boxers that he wore I asked if you want to go back to my place or his we went to my place I put my in uniform back on he put his pants on and we left lace thing I did was I threw my panties on his workstation it’s this there you go here’s your tip they’re nice and soap for you had a busy night at work. we f***** like rabbits I was unbelievable I was so excited I felt like a full woman absolutely hairless and fully tattooed few days later I reported for work when you get my ID badge picture taken they were amazed they were shocked they since was that a week you were when you were here a few times with us know I replied that was my hair I decided to go for this I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time do we have a problem no they said you look great. Isis I know I need my ID picture taken but this isn’t colored in yet they says not to worry every 6 months a new ID page is taken as people change I was happy I was no longer in the hospital system but yet still doing what I care about I stopped to visit them at the hospital one day after my head was fully colored in they were shocked they were surprised couple of people who I work with really close new just how fully tattooed it was they had no idea how much I went into the bathroom with one of the nurses that I worked several shifts with all the time and showed her just how much on my body I was tattooed she says I only saw your legs at day and your ass I didn’t know that everything else was done she’s a switch that everything that was tattooed on me all around me on the front Guillotine it really wasn’t tattooed was my belly and my p**** well last night I got my p**** done we got married one of the tattoo artists in the shop it was a minister form online instead of the you give this ring the line was you give this tattoo we both laid there on tattoo tables we said yes other tattoo artists from the shop tattooed each other’s names on Argento Delirious I have his across my p**** and he has my name on the top of his cock. it’s been three years we decided not to get pregnant cuz we don’t want to lose all the fun tattoos he didn’t want anybody getting stretched out her changing I am now fully tattooed he has done my arms in my hands I still work at the nursing facility as a wound care nurse and I’ve never been happier I’m coming off of being 30 years old and this is something since I was 15 I’ve been wanting to do I finally achieved it I love being bald and tattooed.

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