Going to Ms. Henson’s cookout

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Ms. Henson invited Bella to her cookout Saturday. Bella was ecstatic to be invited, she and her three girls needed an event to go to less be out of their minds. She couldn’t wait for the day.

A thing to note about both women, they were married but their respective husbands had divorced them. It wasn’t a messy divorce but getting over their men was a chore to get through.

Bella made potato salad for the cookout and made it with love. She really wanted the dish to be more delicious than anyone had made before. Her girls helped her make the salad, becoming dirty in the process. Their mother gave them a quick bath before dressing them in matching sundresses and molding their hair into buns on top of their heads.

As for herself, Bella put on a basic tank-top and wrapped a skirt about her waist, it reached her ankles. Her hair, she teased it and sprayed a light coating of hairspray on it. She kinda looked wild but she loved the look.

All prepped and ready to go, Bella and her three girls headed south of the neighborhood to Ms. Henson’s place. It was an average suburban home and Ms. Henson greeted the quartet at the front door.

Ms. Henson was a slender woman with brown hair that was up in a 50’s bouffant hairdo. She wore a pink blouse under her black apron. Her was wide as she let the lot into her home and into the backyard. Three of Ms. Henson’s children played and Bella’s children quickly joined in the fun. As the little girls played tag, Bella talked with Ms. Henson with the latter woman flipped burgers on the grill.

”Everyday seems like a struggle”,Ms. Henson confessed,”But I assure you, it gets better as days go by”

”I wish I could borrow your optimism”,Bella took a sip of a water bottle she had,”I just don’t know anymore”

”Sounds like you just need a change in your life”,Ms. Henson smiled.

Bella gave a chuckle in response,”Maybe”

”How about when we’re done eating”,Ms.Henson proposed,”I’ll bring out my utensils and give you a quick makeover”

Bella thought it over and said,”I guess a trim wouldn’t hurt”

”Oh, you need more than a trim”

”I- guess”,Bella shrugged, confusedly agreeing with the woman.

In a few minutes, the burgers were done and everyone sat down to eat. They ate, talked, and laughed even after it was all over. When it was over, Ms. Henson told the children to into the house and watch television. Bella followed the mother, her kids, and her own kids into the living room and she was the one who put on the kid’s flick for the them.

Ms. Henson disappeared upstairs for a moment and sneaked into the kitchen as Bella and the kinder watched the movie. The woman lightly nudged Bella to signal her into the kitchen where, when Bella arrived in its vicinity, the woman had set up a tiny barbershop for her. A wooden chair replaced a more professional one but Ms. Henson acted as if she was a barber, ready to serve.

”Nice setup”,Bella mused as she sat herself in the chair.

”I know right”,Ms. Henson replied, gathering up the young woman’s hair and pinning it up with a hair-clamp,”I am considering just renovating part of the house and making my own salon at home”

The cape Ms. Henson had draped over her left arm was unfurled over Bella’s body. Ms. Henson secured the cape and unpinned the hair. She took Bella over to the sink and washed the hairspray out of the young woman’s hair. Hair tied up in a towel, Ms. Henson walked Bella back to the chair and dried the young woman’s hair vigorously. With it all dry, Ms. Henson tucked the towel into the cape and draped it over Bella’s shoulders. Combing through the hair, Ms. Henson separated the hair of the sides from the top hair. Grabbing her scissors, Ms. Henson started to cut the hair on the sides of Bella’s head.

”You sure you know how to cut hair?”Bella asked.

“I am positive”,Ms. Henson reassured the young woman, setting down her scissors and comb and taking up her clippers,”Now, let’s get you cleaned up”,and Ms. Henson switched on the clippers.

There was no guard attached to the clippers so when they went up the sides of Bella’s head, the stubble they left behind was almost nonexistent. Bella felt up the sides of her own head when the clippers switched off, she was surprisingly pleased with the new sensation.

Ms. Henson freed the top hair, grabbed her comb, and combed through the remaining hair. She suspended the top hair in the air and activated the clippers, of which glided over the comb and practically took 75% of the hair with it. Bella watched as that percentage fell to the floor and felt more of her own hair being lifted and cut away.

The well-barbered lady brushed the short stalks of hair that stood erect on Bella’s head. Satisfied that the style was symmetrical, Ms. Henson killed the clippers and felt up the fine, stubbled sides of Bella’s head before removing the cape and towel. Like Ms. Henson, Bella touched her sides and top and was entranced with its beauty when Ms. Henson provided the young woman with a mirror.

”This is nice”,Bella admired her new do.

”Yeah, but…”Ms. Henson grew a quizzical look on her face then resumed her smiling demeanor,”I do like my women to have bare-skin sides”

Bella rubbed the back of her head, enjoying the feeling, and replied,”Well, do what ever you think is best”

Ms. Henson left Bella in the kitchen as she went upstairs. Bella was still admiring her new haircut when her youngest came into the kitchen. Seeing mom all caped up and a fraction of her hair on her head made the child cry out,”Mommy! Your hair! It’s all gone!”

The little one’s outburst made the other children start running to the kitchen. All the girls’ eyes were opened wide but no one said anything for a good minute.

”Mommy just needed a little change”,Bella explained to the teenyboppers,”That’s all”

”But why?”the youngest whined.

Before Bella could explain further, Ms. Henson showed up with a canister of shaving cream a safety razor. She told the kids to go watch the movie and they’ll be done in a while. The kiddos tried to petition to stay and watch but Ms. Henson was adamant and prodded the kids out of the kitchen.

”I don’t see why they couldn’t stay and watch”,Bella said.

”Oh, honey”,Ms. Henson took Bella’s chin in her palm,”This is our alone time”

Bella began to blush as Ms. Henson shook up the canister of shaving cream and sprayed some of the foam in her hands. The barbering lady then spread that cream on the stubbled sides of Bella’s head. When it was all evenly spread, Ms. Henson washed off the cream on her hands in the sink and dried them with a towel. She draped that towel over her arm and grabbed the safety razor. Her right palm on Bella’s crown, Ms. Henson tilted the young woman’s head down to her chest.

”This is the fun part, very therapeutic”,Ms. Henson said and indeed, it was nice and felt nice as Bella caught herself dozing off from time to time while Ms. Henson was shaving her sides.

”There we are”,Ms. Henson focused Bella’s head into place,”Right as rain”

The young woman began feeling up her sides again was obsessed with touching the skin-bare sides of her head. She couldn’t stop touching the new cut, she continued to smile as Ms. Henson took a break from cutting hair and watched Bella as she doted over her new style.

”This feels so good”, the woman stretched out her syllables to emphasize her pleasure.

”You like it?”Ms. Henson asked.

”I do, I really do”,Bella went on,”Do you like it”

Again, Ms. Henson grew a quizzical look on her face,”Well-“

”What?”Bella was confused, she thought Ms. Henson loved the haircut.

”I think it would be best to just start anew”,Ms. Henson voiced her opinion,”Start fresh with a freshly shaven head, you know”

”Do you think I would look good with a bald head?”Bella asked.

”To me you would”,Ms. Henson smiled sincerely.

Seeing Ms. Henson smile made Bella smile and say,”Well, do what you think would be best”

”Will do”,Ms. Henson replied.

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