Going to niece’s tenth birthday party

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“I got the letter”, I confirmed,”And sure, I’ll come. She’s how old?”

”Ten”,my brother’s wife repeated excitedly.

” Oh man”, I heaved in surprise,”They grow up so fast”

”Well, see you there”,she concluded as she bid me goodbye.

I arrived with drinks for the kiddos and my bro, Liam, helped me bring the stuff in.

His wife was Daisy, a brunette with a pearly smile.

The backyard was flurry of little girls and mothers of the town, it was truly becoming a party.

As I was unpacking paper plates, Daisy came up to me,”So did you bring the stuff?”


She sighed and said,”I bought a spare. It’s in the hallway drawer if you want to grab it”

I was confused so when no one was not looking, I opened said drawer.

Inside, a clipper kit laid with a cape next to it.

” Oh”, I said to myself, I was a hairdresser back home and Daisy knew that.

She wanted me to the cut the teenybopper’s hair, didn’t she.

I grabbed the stuff and put in a secret place, I wanted to know whose hair I was styling.

Daisy stood on the back porch, watching the young ones play as I asked what she was planning.

”Free, professional haircut done by my husband’s stylist brother of course”

”Let me get this straight; you invited me here, to your daughter’s parties just so everyone can get a free haircut”

She nodded,”Yup, now, hurry up and prepare. I want you ready before the party”

I was credulous but then a plan formed in my head.

My time came and I was introduced to the mass of tressed heads that were my models, they all thought I was some fancy hair stylist who catered to the most elite clients.

”Who’s first?”I asked.

”The birthday girl goes first”,replied Daisy, prodding her special kin to the chair I had set up.

My niece, Ashley, was black-haired and very nervous about having her hair cut at her own party.

”I want her hair short”,Daisy requested as I snapped the buttons on the cape, giving no regard to what Ashley wanted done,”Above the neck, okay”

I couldn’t rely on my brother for a second opinion because he was out retrieving some stuff for the party so I had to comply.

Ashley didn’t cry as I chopped off her ponytail, I wouldn’t blame her if she did.

Mothers took pictures and videos of the spectacle, recording this travesty of a girl’s birthday party.

I separated Ashley’s hair into four sections and each of the three sides got a trim.

”Round her ears with clippers, won’t you”,Daisy told me.

Again, I did as I was ordered, rounding her ears with the tool.

After trimming the top, I let my sheared niece go from the cape, I hoped she didn’t hate me for what her mother did.

The short-haired girl left the yard as her mother tufted at her cut tresses.

”You’re a big girl now, it looks good on you”,Daisy consoled her daughter as they went inside.

I, however, had to stay and give unwanted alterations to little girls at the behest of their mothers.

Lobs, bobs, and pixies were oftenly requested, the lawn became littered with prepubescent locks.

The adults came next, asking for a trim for themselves.

I felt embarrassed for the shorn girls seeing their mothers only getting a trim, it was truly a shame.

The final mother seemed to sense what I felt, she had brown hair and a yellow dress on; when she was on the chopping block, she had a interesting request.

”Can you give me a buzz cut, please”,she asked as she folded her glasses and relaxed in my chair.

The other adults were aghast at the request, I nodded as I snapped the buttons to seal her fate.

The mass of curly brown fell as I sheared it away, leaving only a jagged crop on the lady’s head.

”What guard, Miss?”

”Three, please”

I applied said guard and flattened down her hairline,”Ready?”

With the nod, I passed my clippers over her head several times til it was all the same consistency.

With no guard, I carved around her ears, hairline, and cleaned up her neckline.

Reapplying her specs, the lady gazed  her buzzed self in a mirror that Daisy gave me.

”Very well done”,the woman praised me,”I will have to come back if you’re the stylist next year”

I gave her the address of my shop and she, her name: Shannon.

When all the mothers were satisfied with their and their kids’ styles, the party officially began.

Ashely was a bit happier, now that the haircutting was over, but I was still angry that Daisy arranged all this and didn’t receive a haircut herself.

I could only sip pop for the time being, but rest assured, she would get one.

The party winded down and the mothers loaded up their shorn daughters.

My brother remembered he’d forgotten something at the store so it was just me and the girls.

”You enjoy your party?”,Daisy asked her daughter.

”I guess”,Ashley replied as she headed for her room.

The mother then turned to me,”I guess you’re heading home”

”Got one more thing to do”

Daisy was confused,”What?”

I grabbed the cape and placed a chair in front of me,”Sit

My manner scared her to comply and I caped her.

”Please don’t cut it short”,she said as if she had some say in the matter.

I placed the clipper case near her and popped it open, she became increasingly anxious as I plugged in the device and turned it on then off.

I brushed her brunette tresses and took up my device.

I aimed the device at her left side and dug the clippers a bit above ear level, dragging the hair below the line down, exposing her skin.

Around her head, I went, giving her a sort of bowlcut.

Her face, a hand over her mouth in shock.

I smiled as I pushed back her hairline and inserted the clippers, buzzing down her top like her sides.

I turned off my device and patted the tiny hairs off my palms,”Stay seated”

Daisy didn’t move as I went into the bathroom, I found and returned with my brother’s shaving cream and razor.

I had a feeling Daisy knew what I was about to do but still, she remained still as I applied the cream to her dome.

I finally had my revenge after five to ten minutes, Daisy was bald and I was satisfied.

I removed the cape and let her flee to bathroom to inspect my work.



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