Good Girl Gone Bad

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The Beach

    It was a sunny July day. Karen and I were at the beach. Karen is my lovely fiancé. We’d been dating for 3 years before getting engaged, and our wedding was next month. I was lying on my back watching her swim in the water. As she approached she noticed “Were you staring? Shame on you. That isn’t very modest.” You see, Karen was a bit more conservative than most girls. Her parents had met at a school for religious leaders. Her father led a large Church upstate. So Karen was quite religious. Dating her was kinda weird at first. We never kissed. The most I ever got from her was to hold her hands. But boy was she pretty. Her long blonde hair was every woman’s envy. Her big breasts made heads turn. And her smile was so radiant it would just light up a room. She had been recruited by some of the largest modeling agencies in the world, but never accepted the idea because she felt that a religious woman shouldn’t be flaunting her beauty.

    It was about 7 pm and the sun was starting to set. “Let’s watch the sunset Alex” She said, while spreading her towel next to mine. As she sat down she slipped a bit, landing on my lap. In a flash I started feeling butterflies. I had never felt how soft Karen’s legs were. Silky smooth, it was such a good feeling I couldn’t control myself. “Wow Karen” I said. “Maybe I’ll shave my legs now”. “Huh? Why’d you do that?” She asked with an innocent smile.  “I mean, your legs feel so nice and all, I’d wanna shave them”. “Haha “ she laughed. “Shaving them smooth. Okay, I can do that”. We sat there watching the beautiful sunset, until slowly the sky starting turning rather dark. My stomachs growled. “Hungry ?” Karen giggled. “Ya, very hungry. I’m in the mood for that Chinese place you like” I said. “Tell you what, you go get some food, and meet me by my place in like an hour”. I couldn’t believe it. I rarely got to go to Karen’s, and tonight was the first time we’d be alone there. Her roommates were away for the weekend, and we’d have the place to ourselves. “Ok! I’ll get you your usual” and off we were.

Her Place

    As I was in line, I got a text from Karen “Hey Alex, I’m gonna need some more time to get ready. Let’s meet up a bit later. Maybe go home and get a shower and head over here after” That’s weird, I wondered, what did Karen need all this time for? She’s usually quick to get ready. A woman as gorgeous as her, she never did too much makeup or anything.

    I picked up the food, showered at home, came over, and knocked. She opened right away, flashing her gorgeous smile. She looked like a million bucks, her blonde hair blown out and she was wearing a white top which showed off her fresh tan. I, on the other hand, had come rushing from my place looking like a wet mess. I didn’t even style my hair. My hair is long and black, reaching about my chin. I always have had long hair, and normally I slick it back. But tonight I didn’t and now here I stood with my wet hair all over the place looking like a mop. We went straight for the couch and started eating. She was watching a movie that she had just started. It was pretty racy for her taste. It got me really aroused. And apparently her too. After we finished the movie, she looked at me with sparkles in her eyes, leaned in, grabbed my face with her manicured hands, and kissed me. I was shocked- this was our first kiss! And boy was she good. I never wanted it to end – and it went on for quite a while. She fussed with my shirt a bit and pulled it off as we were kissing. After we finished she grabbed my hand, pulling me towards her bedroom. I was so excited. Would tonight be the night? She stopped just in front of the table and commanded “Take off your pants”. I rushed. Off they went. I was naked. And then, she slowly pushed my head back onto the table. Although I was a bit confused, I complied without questions. The next thing I know, she pulls out handcuffs that were hidden under the table. She quickly locks my legs to the legs of the table. “Umm, honey? What’s this for”. “Well” she said in a seductive tone “you wanted smooth legs ? Didn’t you? I don’t want you kicking me in pain” Oh, I thought, this was quite the treat. “But since when does shaving hurt so much?” I asked innocently, as she cuffed my hands to the other end of the table. She giggled as she made her way to the bathroom. She came back with a tray- it had scissors, a pair of clippers, a shaver, a blow dryer, shaving cream, a razor, a bowl of water, and cloth strips on it. “Quite the kit, Karen” “But is this all really necessary? I mean, shaving can’t hurt that much”. She ignored me and went into the kitchen with one of the cloth strips. “But babe” again in her seductive tone “Waxing really hurts” and as she said those words she spread hot wax from a pot I just noticed onto the cloth. “Oh but umm Karen” I stammered “We don’t really need to wax my legs” I said fearful of the pain “Your legs? Nah we won’t wax those, that’s against the Bible” She replied. Then she came over and gave me another amazing kiss. As she withdrew, she took the cloth and spread it right over my mouth, pressing it there firmly for a few seconds. I tried to ask her what this was for, but my lips were waxed shut. She leaned over me, her hair draping over her face and onto mine. “You wanted to feel smoothness, and tonight you’ll get it. Just not your legs…” She paused. “No, no… sweetie, tonight we’re gonna be shaving your head” My heart skipped. I couldn’t breath. What did she just say? My head ? I couldn’t believe it. I’d always been scared of cutting my hair even just an inch too short. And now, here I was at the complete and total mercy of this blonde goddess who could do anything she wanted to me. I was strapped down, powerless, lying naked handcuffed to a table and couldn’t even say a word.

The Cutting Begins

     Karen took her time. She was teasing me. Karen ran her nails from my nape to my forehead a few times. Then she grabbed a fistful of my hair and just pulled. “Babe, you really don’t need all this hair” And with that she snipped the first bit of hair with her scissors. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. And then “schink” the scissors made another slice through my long hair. She pulled a bit of hair from the front of my head right over my eyes. “Snip” the scissors went. And as the severed hair fell into my eyes she said “ooh your poor you, you’ve got hair in your eyes ? Here lemme help” she blew on my face, sending the hairs off. And then she repeated the cut, bringing more hair back into my eyes “Oh gosh “ she teased “having long hair must be so annoying, it keeps getting in your eyes. Well Alex you better not worry- that won’t be a problem after tonight.” I was petrified, never having seen such a dark side to the woman I’d be soon marrying.


    The torturous sounds of scissors continued. More and more hair was coming off. I was glad that I couldn’t watch it, being in the position that I was in.  And then, I heard the dreaded buzzing sound- clippers. I cringed in pain. I closed my eyes. “No hunny, you can’t close your eyes for this. You gotta watch” I opened my eyes and saw Karen holding a mirror right in front of my face with one hand and clippers in the other. She held them there for a bit then giggled “Bye Bye Hair!” And without any warning the clippers went straight into my forehead. My dark hair fell away to reveal my light scalp. She shaved a strip from the center of my forehead all the way back. And then another strip right next to it, and another… and another. Before too long I felt the now-hot clippers near my ears. She went around them. Then the vibrations made their way to my neck. After that, the room went silent. The clippers were off. Karen stepped back to admire her works. She bit her lips.

Part 2

    Suddenly the roar of the clippers restarted. “It’s not even. I’m gonna have to even this all out. Now you be a good boy and don’t move” She held my face with her left hand and with her right she forcefully pushed the clippers into my head. This kinda hurt. She wanted to make sure the clippers did an even super short stubble around my head. Thankfully, this ended quickly enough. Thinking I was done, I tried lifting my head. “Nope hunny, you’re not going anywhere. We’ve got plenty more to do”. Oh boy. What’s next?

The Shave

    Now I heard another buzzing sound. This was a lot higher pitched than the drone of the clippers. It was the electric shaver. The cold foils of the shaver started gliding over my head. This kinda felt nice. Karen finished with the shaver and held up a mirror to my face. I looked so different. I started crying. All of my precious hair was gone. I looked like some thug. Dark dots of stubble dotted my pale scalp. Karen put down the mirror and inspected her work. She ran her soft fingers over my scalp, making sure everything was nice and even. Then she walked behind me and the next thing I heard was a “Shhuuuup” sound. And then “plof” and cold mass of shaving cream was smacked onto my head. Karen spread it around evenly and started scraping away the last remnants of hair with a razor. She’d stop after every stroke to rinse the razor in the bowl of water. Finally, the scraping of the razor stopped. Karen smeared some shaving balm over my head and took a step back. She started smiling. “All done, smooth as a baby- heck- smooth like my legs!”

With that, she came closer. She suddenly took off her white t-shirt and then her bra and began rubbing her huge boobs on my smooth shaved scalp. Ooh, this felt divine.

Karen stood up- looking at me with a sparkle in her eyes and said “Ok Alex, now let’s get your legs shaved, just like you wanted ”.

    Karen grabbed her clippers and slid down my body until she was at the top of my legs. Facing me, she leaned in and started clipping away at my long leg hair. All of a sudden I heard a loud “bzz” different than the drone the clippers were making until now. As Karen looked up, a long lock of her hair cascaded down. The clippers had accidentally cut a lock of Karen’s hair. Karen started at her hair, horrified. But after a few moments of staring suddenly her eyes opened, she started to smile, as if something had clicked in her head. She let out a little giggle, quickly drawing the clippers up to her head. I had no idea what she was up to, but it definitely wasn’t good. When the clippers reached her forehead, Karen suddenly plunged them straight into her forehead. She shaved a path right through her head, before quickly repeating the motion, shaving another path right next to it. She was merciless. All of her beautiful long hair was falling onto my naked body. “Bzzzz” I couldn’t bear to watch. I closed my eyes. “Bzzzz” The sound was torture. Why was she doing this? Karen’s flowing golden hair was her crowning glory. “Bzzzz” I felt more and more hair falling on my body. Suddenly I felt Karen shimmying up a bit, before the clippers finally fell silent. Before I felt safe to open my eyes, I heard another buzzing sound. This one was higher pitched – it was the shaver. It droned on and on, as I heard Karen shave her head. I didn’t want to watch. After what felt like forever, the shavers went quiet. I was almost ready to open my eyes when I heard the familiar “Shuuup” sound that the can of shaving cream had made a few minutes ago. She was going bald. I listened as her hair were scraped away from her head. Finally, Karen seemed to finish. I waited a moment, looked up, expecting the worst. Karen had wrapped a towel around her head, so I couldn’t tell what exactly she looked like. Karen straddled over, coming closer to my face. “Who wears it better? ” She asked mischievously. “Well, I’ll let you be the judge” She said, before yanking the towel off. I cringed. Karen was no longer the barbie doll she was when we met. No, this was someone else. This is a different Karen, a new Karen. The new Karen looked bad. She was really badass. Actually, I kinda liked the new Karen. She turned me on. I didn’t even realize that I was getting hard. Karen felt it. “Oh! Babe. I guess you like it haha” “Come” She started unlocking my handcuffs. “We have some business to take care of in my bed” she said with a wink.

That was probably the best night of my life.



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