Goodbye Ponytail

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Ted had grown tired of his wife’s Stacey’s mid back length chestnut brown hair that was worn 80% of the time in a ponytail. She had agreed to have it cut in the summer after the big summer trip. However, Stacey’s regular stylist when trimming a few months before told Ted she would never cut Stacey’s soft thick brown hair short. Ted was looking for a fearless stylist.

Mother’s Day was coming up and Ted took Stacey into Regis Salon at the Mall to pick up a gift card for his mother. Stacey was wearing her hair up in the usual ponytail. He was standing at the counter with her getting his gift card when he casually mentioned to the girl helping him. ” My wife Stacey says she will get her haircut short this July. Do you think she would look nice with short hair? Are you a stylist? ” Yes, I think she would look terrific with a short style and I’m a stylist. My name is Anna.

Anna looked at Stacey ” Why don’t you come over and sit down at my station. I’m not busy right now and my next appointment is in two hours.” Ted looked at Stacey ” Go with her honey as it won’t hurt for you to talk with her.” Stacey went over and sat down in Anna chair. She had been through consultations before. Anna looked at Ted and then at Stacey. How short did you want your wife’s hair cut? Ted replied ” Oh, I’d like it to be a more mature look something short on top and side with a bit of fluff on top. Something she could easily style and not be able to ponytail. Anna looked at Stacey ” How do you feel about it Stacey? ” Well, I am nervous about short hair but I don’t want it cut till July.” said Stacey.

Anna spoke ” Well, Stacey I think that with your face shape and bone structure that short hair is nothing you should be afraid of having. To be honest with you your thick brown hair is limiting your styling options and overwhelming your facial features. Now do you know that in July your hair will only be two inches longer. I can give you a nice short style that will be much more easier for you to take care of on your trip. I can do it now and give you a nice new customer discount. Come on Stacey, let me cut your hair. I just know you’ll like the style and so will your husband. Ted spoke excitedly ” Go for it honey. I mean it is just a two inch difference between now and July and then you’ll pay a higher price.”
Stacey reached over and grabbed her ponytail and looked at Anna. Then she looked at her husband. ” Ok, I’ll let her cut it now if that will make you happy and you’d better not complain how I look afterwards.”

“Fantastic Answer” said Anna as she grabbed the blue cape and put it tightly around Stacey’s neck. She then released the long brown ponytail and turned Stacey away from the mirror. Ted quickly took a hairstyle picture from his wallet and showed it to Anna. Anna looked at it and nodded in agreement. She then combed up the hair tight into a tighter ponytail. She then took a curling iron and curled up the ends of the soft hair. It was a 18 inch thick soft luscious ponytail. She spoke to Stacey ” Now, no use to wash hair that you won’t have so first let me remove this bulky tail.” Those words spoken Anna picked up a pair of sharp scissors and schnick, shnick, they slowly cut through Stacey’ long ponytail. Snip, snip, snip, plop was the sound as she held the severed hair up and spoke. ” I assume the husband wants to keep this.” as she handed it to a smiling Ted. Stacey looked up and said ` Oh, my do I have any hair left?” Anna said nothing as she told her to lean back so she could shampoo and condition Stacey’s hair that was not cut into a rough looking bob. While Anna worked she told Stacey ” Now, don’t worry Stacey your going to look great with short hair.”


A raised up Stacey and towel dried her dark brown hair. She then sectioned it off and using a comb and pulling the hair up through her fingers she began cutting Stacey’s hair shorter. Stacey could hear the scissors snip, snip, snipping locks of hair off her head and see it tumbling down the cape and on to the floor. The scissors cut the damp hair down to a three inch length with ease. Ted stood by and watch Anna cut his wife’s hair down to about 3 inches on the crown and near two inches on the sides. He saw Anna tip his wife’s head forward and cut the nape to near an inch length. Once in a while he would reach down and pick up a few of the severed locks and put them into an envelope that Anna handed him. Then she pulled down the cape and shaved the bottom of Stacey’s neck nice and smooth and free of any hair. Ted smiled as he knew there would be no ponytails in Stacey’s foreseeable future. He wouldn’t’ have to push hair aside to kiss her lovely sexual neck. Anna cut short soft bangs on Stacey just like the picture Ted had showed her. The floor around the chair was covered with brown hair pieces both long and short. Anna began adding in layers and moving Stacey’s head to and fro as she grabbed a blow dryer and brush to finish up the look and blend everything into a nice short above the neck style. Finally, things got quiet as Anna pulled away the cape and turned Stacey to the mirror. ” Ok, it is time for you to see your new look. Here is a hand mirror.” Stacey grabbed the mirror and reached up to her short hair. She moved her head back and forth and her hair bounced nicely. She looked at Ted with a smile ” Is this how you wanted my hair to look. ” ” It is better than I had hoped for honey. I didn’t know you could look so pretty with short hair. Do you like it? ” responded Ted.
” It was a shock at first but I do like how it brings out my facial features. I guess Anna was right when she told me I was hiding under all that hair. Change is so hard to do as the years pass .” said Stacey looking at Ted and Anna. Anna spoke ” I knew you would look good and I’ll give you a few tips on how to style it quickly. Sometimes a woman has to give up something to gain something else. You look just a pretty now as you did when you walked in here.” ” Yes, I do look pretty and I’ll come back for a trim in a few months. Thank you for doing such a good job. It just took a bit over an hour for you to give me a new look. I sure feel thirsty. I’ll let Ted pay you and meet him in the food court.” said Stacey as she got up and left.

Ted lingered and praised Anna’s work. He gave her a $20 tip and spoke ” I thank you so much. I really did hate seeing her in a ponytail all the time. Ponytails are just not my favorite hairstyle day after day.”

Anna smiled and winked at Ted ” I don’t like ponytails either. I hope you’ll find a nice place to save your wife’s. ” Thanks for coming in for the gift card.”

” THANK YOU” said a smiling Ted as he left towards the food court and his now short haired wife.

The End

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