Got it short, now what?

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For years and years I’ve dreamed of getting my hair clippered up with a number 1 all the way up in back and on the sides, with an inch or two left on top.   That is a short cut for a woman!  It’s been years coming.   But, last week I did it!   I figured out a way to be able to park within walking distance of the salon, so that I could take a few shots of whiskey for my haircut courage!

From where I parked I could see the salon and if there were any cars in the parking lot there.   I sat in my car at 1 PM and took a shot.   I knew that I’d need at least 3 or 4 to work up the courage to cut my hair to a number 1 back and sides, from the two inches I have.  (had).    Then I could see the client come out of the salon, head to her car, and I was ready to take another shot, which i did.   But, then, I saw Andrea, my stylist leave the shop too!   I wondered if maybe she was going to go get something for lunch.    15  minutes later she had not returned.   I decided I’d take a 3rd shot of whiskey just in case she did.   I was mindful of the time, and the number of drinks I was taking.   I would not drive anywhere if my shots exceeded the hours I spent since my first shot.  I’d go walking in town and shop or just browse to kill time until I was able to drive while not under the influence.

10 minutes later I saw Andrea return to her shop, unlock the door, and go back in.   I was really getting up some courage after my 3 drinks!    But I was still not ready.   I decided I’d take a 4th, then message Andrea to see if she could even get me in!  ten minutes after my 4th shot of whiskey I messaged her.   She messaged back immediately!   She said if I came in within the next 20 minutes she could fit me in!!!!   I was excited now! I took my 5th and last shot, and began walking the 10 minutes to the salon.  By now I was comfortably numb.  I was finally going to be able to ask for my goal cut.  A number 1 in back and sides all the way up, with an inch or 2 on top.  She caped me before I even knew what happened, or the small talk we did when I entered the salon.  The alcohol courage really had me under its control.  It was going to happen and I was not even nervous!  I was astounded at how I told her to cut it when she asked!  She looked at me funny and said, ‘are you sure?”    Yes, I said, I have haircut courage today!    She said “ok” and before I knew it the clippers were running up the back of my head!

What was disappointing about the cut is that I was so drunk I didn’t have the faculties in me to realize what was happening.  I was just numb to it.

Well, 20 minutes later the cut was done.  I ran my fingers up the back of my head and got excited!  My goal haircut had been achieved.  After all these years it finally happened.  I was aroused.  I made some talk to Andrea about my cut, but don’t remember exactly what it was.  The alcohol made me forget.  I walked downtown for a couple hours or more, and when I felt it was ok to drive I made it back to my car.

Now, a week later, I still really love feeling my haircut!  But, at the same time, I am let down by the fact that there was nothing left to achieve!  I’d done it.  I had no desire to buzz the top, I just didn’t want to, my goal cut had been achieved.  Now what?

I could go back in a week and have it trimmed up again, but not much hair would be cut off.  I was even a bit let down with myself that even if I let it grow for a couple months and went back for the cut, that i’d be let down because I’d already achieved my goal cut.  I guess the only thing I can do now, is to let it grow a couple of months or more and go in complete sober and have it cut.  That might excite me.  But, I’m let down now that i’ve experienced the shortest cut I wanted to ever get.  Is my fetish now limited?   What to do?   I need suggestions!

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  1. You should sit her chair with a sober head and tell want to number 1 all over buzzcut. Feel those clipper at your forehead. Cause hair fetishs start and continue from there 🤭

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