Graduation Sleepover (Part 2)

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With scissors in hand, I stood to face the girls and said “So, who’s idea was it to punish me with a haircut?”

All eyes looked at Denise.

“What? It wasn’t just me. You all agreed!” said Denise.

Shing! Shing! The sound of the sharp scissors opening and closing brought the attention back to me.

“Off you go on the stool girl! Hair for hair!” I said.

“Hey, we should film this.” said Jessica.

“That’s a great idea! We’ll look back 10 years from now and it would be so nostalgic.” said Abby as she went to her room to get her camcorder. “Sorry Sarah, I think you’ll have to go under the scissors a second time so that all our makeovers get recorded.”

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Hey, don’t just stand there. Comb my hair out!” Denise said, seated on the stool in the kitchen all ready.

Denise’ smooth long red hair never fails to turn heads. Even after her previous hairdresser accidentally cut off too much when she just asked for a trim, it was still long at mid-back length. Jessica and I both brushed out her hair until it shone.

“Ah, this feels so good!” she said, enjoying every stroke of the brush.

“Are we ready?” said Abby with camcorder in hand.

“Yeap. Just do it.” said Denise, contemplating the fate of her hair.

“Not so fast! I was thinking of changing your hair partition to a middle part first.” said Jessica.

“Good idea.” I concurred.

For as long as I remembered, Denise has always had a left heavy parting. She would wear the left locks behind her ears and allow the heavier right front section to cover half her face. Her hair has face framing layers, so the lock didn’t get in the way too much unlike mine which was all one length down to my waist… well, until a few minutes ago.

Jessica combed all of Denise’ hair back and then created a new middle partition at her crown. After that, she brushed her hair down on either side of that parting, completing her “transformation”. I passed her a hand mirror to let her have a look.

“Wow, I didn’t know just changing partition can create that much of a change.” she said.

“Buckles on girl. More change is coming!” I said in response.

“All yours!” said Jessica, as she put down the brush and comb and took her place amongst Abby and Ashley watching on.

Playfully, I combed her front layers down and pretended to cut it off at eyebrow length.

Shing! Shing!

“What the?” exclaimed Denise. Then she realised I was just fooling with her and had actually just “snipped the air” in front of her long bangs which was a good 3 inches below her jaws. “Sarah! You sneaky one!”

We all laughed out!

“Nah, maybe later.” I said.

I moved behind Denise and brought all her hair to fall down her back. I wanted to enjoy this rare moment as much as I could, so I decided in my mind to cut her hair in stages. I positioned the scissors at about 4 inches below the top of the shoulders and cut there.

Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud!

Every stroke of the scissors was followed by the sound of about 8 inches of her red tresses hitting the floor. It was more than music to my ears; every snip was very pleasurable to me. It was then I realised that not only did I enjoy getting my hair cut, I also enjoyed cutting hair!

Before long, Denise’s once mid-back length hair was cut straight across just below her shoulders.

“That’s it?” she said.

“You wish!” I said sneakily, and immediately snipped off another 5 inches from the right side. That lock, no longer held back by her shoulders, flicked forward to her face.

“What did you do? That’s so short!” she exclaimed with a look of shock.

Before she could say anything else, I continued to cut the rest of her hair the same length.

Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud!

More 5 inch locks joined the rest on the floor, and Denise now sported a long pageboy cut. The back of her hair is now the same length as her layers in front, hanging 3 inches below her jawline, now all one length.

“Omg Denise! You look gorgeous in this haircut!” said Ashley, handing her a mirror.

“My head feels lighter definitely.” Denise replied.

“Shake your head.” I chipped in, and she did.

“Wow, I couldn’t do this before. It feels so soft and bouncy!”

The sight of Denise shaking her pageboy around was a lovely sight indeed. So lovely that I was beginning to feel that surge of hormones through my body again. I have to stop her doing that for now and continue with the haircut.

“We’re not done yet.” I said.


“I have something special in store for you girl.” I said as I produced an electric clipper.

“You’re not serious. I won’t let you shave me bald!” said Denise.

“Whoa Sarah. This is a bit too much, don’t you think?” said Abby.

“Are you mad?” said Jessica.

“Don’t worry.” I said.

Click! Bzz! Came the sound of the clippers as I turned them on.

“No, I’ll just buzz your nape. I’m going to give you an A-line bob.” I replied.

“What’s an A-line bob?” Denise asked nervously.

“Relax girl. I know what I’m doing. You’ll see soon what an A-line bob is and I assure you that you’ll love it.”

I intend to use the clippers to shape her pageboy into a blunt A-line bob. I’ve seen it done at hairshows before, by holding the clipper inverted and plunging the flat end straight into the hair, creating a blunt edge in the hair.

Zzzz! Zzzz! Zzzz!

More of Denise’s red hair feel all over the floor and her body as the clippers dug into her hair at the back at ear level. Before long, the hair there was all reduced to ear length. The nape needed to be worked on though to neaten it. I proceeded to clipper her nape.


Denise shuddered as I brought the clippers up her nape. It must be a new experience for her, buzzing her nape.

Zzzz! Zzzz! Zzzz!

As I continued to clean her nape, I could see that Denise is gradually starting to enjoy the clipper ride. I swore I heard her moan a bit.

“Omg! You have no idea how good this feels.” she said, clearly enjoying every stroke of the clippers.

Her arousal definitely affected my own, but I continued to focus on the job. I could see Abby, Jessica and Ashley looking on with a bewildered look on their faces. Perhaps it was the shock of witnessing Denise getting buzzed at her nape and yet paradoxically, she was enjoying so much hair getting cut off.

All these while, the sides and the front was still hanging below her jaws. The contrast between the buzzed nape and the rest is incredible. After finishing the nape, I proceeded to clipper the rest of the hair.

Zzzz! Zzzz! Zzzz! Zzzz! Zzzz! Zzzz!

The final result of Denise’ A-line was stunning. It was blunt cut all around, with a buzzed nape at the back all the way to the top of her ears. It was angled down steeply down to 3 inches below her jaws in front. In fact, I didn’t touch her long bangs in front much. Not too long ago, those face framing long layers in front were the shortest locks in her head. In just a few minutes, it was all reversed!

“Wow, sexy!” said Jessica.

“Touch your nape!” I said.

Denise brought her fingers down her nape, and shuddered when she touched her shorn nape for the first time. “This feels weird but strangely incredible!” Before long, everyone including myself wanted to feel Denise’ new haircut, especially the nape and her long bangs which contrasted with it.

She then shook her head sideways, causing her long bangs to swish swosh around her face. “Jealous?” she said, looking at me.

“Hey girl, I was lenient on you. I didn’t cut your bangs in sweet vendetta. You didn’t have to rub it in!” I said, still lamenting the loss of my bangs. “Well, at least I still have it long at the back unlike yours buzzed!”

“We’ll see about that later.” Denise replied with a smirk.

“Jess, could you take over this camcorder?” said Abby. “I can’t wait to get my hair cut. This is so exciting!”

Abby jumped onto the stool and turned to the rest, “Now who wants to get her hands on my hair? Not you Sarah, you had your turn! And not you either Jess, you’re the cameraman!”

“I’ll do it!” said Denise as she took up position as Abby’s barberette. “Now what shall I do for you today my dear customer?”

“I’ve had this waist length hair all my life. It’s time for a drastic change! I’d like a bob too. Not the A-line like yours, but a Louise Brook bob.”

“Wow, that’s very short! Are you sure girl?” said Jess.

“Just rid me off this ponytail!” replied Abby. “Actually, I’ve got a cool idea. Cut it all off in a ponytail but leave the bangs last.”

With that, Denise sectioned Abby’s bangs, combing it over her face and gathered the rest of Abby’s brunette locks into a ponytail, securing it at the neck with a rubber band. With her left hand holding the ponytail and scissors on her right hand, Denise sawed through the thick mane.

Schrunch! Schrunch! Schrunch!

Abby’s locks put up a quite a fight since it was very thick. But eventually, keratin gave way completely to steel, and after a minute of hacking, Denise held up the more than two feet of ponytail in the air.

“Ah! I feel so liberated now!” said Abby.

Bzzzz! The clippers buzzed to life as Denise turned it on. “Ready for a nape clipper ride?”

Before Abby could even answer, Denise plunged the clippers up Abby’s nape, clippering away the nape hair all the way to ear level. Piles of small hair pieces fall into Abby’s shirt, tickling her back.

“That tickles! Hehehe! I’ve never had hair trickling down my back before.” Abby squealed.

“Stay still buddy or the cut will be crooked!” said Denise, holding Abby’s head down to keep it still.

Using a clippers over comb technique, Denise soon shaped the rough bob into a short nose length bob with clippered nape. The bangs in front however, were still left untouched, covering Abby’s breasts! It was a lovely contrast indeed.

“We can’t leave you like that you poor thing!” said Denise as she got in front of Abby to work on the bangs.

Still using clippers, she razored off Denise’ long veil at a level one inch above the eyebrows. Abby’s two feet long bangs rained down on her lap.

“Oh my! The last time I had bangs like these was when I was four or five!” said Abby as she examined the cut veils on her lap. “Someone, hand me a mirror quick!”

“Wow, I hardly recognised myself!” said Abby as she examined her new look in the mirror handed to her by me. “This bob is so short and those bangs are even shorter!”

“I think it suits your face really well! It brings out your cheekbones wonderfully.” said Ashley.

“You know what Ashley? I think a short cut would suit you too.” said Abby. “You have a good facial bone structure too hidden underneath all that hair of yours!”

“You serious?” said Ashley, as she caressed her waist length dark hair. “I’ll consider it…”

“I think a crop like Halle Berry’s as Bond’s girl would suit you!” I suggested.

“That’s so short! I don’t know if…”

“Okay, maybe we’ll just trim it and we’ll decide where to go from there, ok?” I said, seating her on the stool.

“You’ll be okay girl!” said Denise.

I combed out Ashley’s long dark locks which hung down to the small of her back. After she felt less nervous, I proceeded to “trim” her hair. I slide the scissors at shoulder length and snapped the blades shut!

Shick! Thud!

Ashley didn’t know it at first, but the “trim” was cutting off two feet of her hair! I continued to work across her shoulders. The other girls seem to not object to this hair massacre and just watched with twinkles in their eyes.

Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud! Shick! Thud!

Two thirds of Ashley’s crowning glory was now on the floor, joining the growing pile of hair. Her back was now exposed!


Ashley brought her hair forward and was shocked to find that it was shoulder length!

“SARAH! What have you done?” she exclaimed. “This is more than a trim!”

Unexpectedly, tears started to flow down her face. “I said I needed time to think about my haircut and you totally butchered it!”

“Sorry, I got carried away in wanting to give you a proper makeover rather than a mere trim. Here, let me give you a hug.” And the others joined in the acts of comfort.

“Well, the damage is done now isn’t it? No use crying over spilt milk” said Ashley as she wiped her tears away.

“If it’ll make you feel better, you could cut my hair shorter.” I offered.

I thought I saw her smile a little beneath her sobs. And so I handed the scissors and comb over to her and sat myself down on the stool.

“Anything goes?” said Ashley.

“Yeap, anything that you think would suit me.” I replied, secretly getting excited inside at the thought of more of my hair getting cut.

“That’s the spirit!” said Denise and Abby simultaneously.

Ashley proceeded to comb out my Cleopatra cut hair in preparation.

“I think a bowlcut would suit you, Sarah!” Jessica suggested.

“Bowlcut it is!” said Ashley as she slide the scissors into my left temple, level with my eyebrow length bangs and cut there!

Snip! Thud! Snip! Thud! Snip! Thud!

Two feet of silky tresses give way to the scissors as Ashley hacked away my midback length hair on my left side to level with my bangs. Seeing all that hair raining down on the floor got me aroused again!

Snip! Thud! Snip! Thud! Snip! Thud!

Ashley continued to snip away the remaining long locks on the right side vengefully until they were all level with my bangs. Not too long ago, I had one length waist length hair. Then it got cut to midback and bangs were hacked in. Now, I sported a bowlcut!

“Now we need to clean up your nape and temples.” said Ashley.

Bzzz! And without a warning, Ashley brought the clippers up my nape!

Zzzzz! Small dark pieces fluttered down to the floor as she buzzed my nape. The vibration got me so aroused that I had the biggest orgasm ever! I struggled to contain it and moaned all the time in sync with the buzzing motion.

“Sarah, you’re really enjoying it aren’t you? You horny girl!” said Denise as she observed.

“You have no idea how good this feels!”

My panties were totally soaked by now and it was a miracle that my body could contain the sexual explosion within. After finishing the nape, Ashley moved on to my temples and buzzed them off too.

Zzzz! Zzzz!

Before long the bowlcut is complete. My hair is back to one length again, at eyebrow length! Any stray hair below that line had been buzzed away. I touched my nape and temples and shudders even more as I felt the stubbles.

“Give me a mirror!”

“Wow, I look like a china doll!” I said as the other girls admired my new cut.

“What an orgasm you had back there! Now you’ve got me turned on as well.” said Jess. She was the last person in the room with hair past the shoulders. In fact, that was an understatement; her golden blonde hair was past her buttocks!

“Denise, I want you to buzz all this off with clippers!” said Jess as she tossed her extremely long blonde mane.

“Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! You sure you want to cut it all off at once?” I asked.

“Sarah, there’s no hiding it now. I know you get turned on by haircuts and don’t say you don’t want all this taken off.” said Jess with a horny look in her eyes. I almost melted at the thought of seeing Denise, a red head with a graduated bob buzzing Jess’s Barbie-like hair!

Bzzz! The clippers came on and Denise brandished it playfully in front of Jess’ face.

“This will be a clipper ride to remember! Got the cameras ready?”

“We’re good to go” said Abby from behind the video camera.

“Here we go!”

Zzzz! Denise brought the clippers right down Jess’s middle partition, leaving quarter inch stubbles along its trail of hair mass destruction.

Thud! Four feet of magnificent blonde hair feel helplessly to the floor. Zzzz! Thud! Zzz! Thud! More and more blonde locks add to the brunette, black and red hair strewn across the floor. The clippers continued to plow through Jess’ head easily like hot knife through butter.

After a while, Jess is devoid of her former blonde locks, sporting a crewcut instead. Her beautiful blue eyes, dimples and cheekbones, formerly veiled by her long hair, were now amplified! Jess went from Rapunzel beauty to a short haired sexy girl!

Everyone wanted to touch Jess’ hair when Denise had finished buzzing her. However, it was short-lived when we heard the clippers being turned back on.

Bzzz! Zzzz!

Everyone turned around and we saw Ashley plowing the clippers into her own hair!

“Ashley!? What are you doing?”

“What does it seem like I’m doing? I’m buzzing my own hair!” she replied. “After seeing Jess getting buzzed, I thought I should follow along.”

A lock of her shoulder length hair fell to the floor as she butchered her own hair! Could this day have gone any weirder?

Zzzz! Thud! Zzz! Thud! The sound of buzzing and the hair falling on the floor is truly sweet music and aroma to me! I noticed that as she plowed the clippers through her hair, Ashley seem to avoid the bangs. After a while I realise that she wants to sport a Chealsea; buzzed all around except her middle parted long bangs which hung to her shoulders.

“Wow, you look great Ashley! Still feminine with those long bangs still intact” said Abby.

“From that quiet and shy girl to a punk hairstyle!” said Denise. “Oh my, what a day it has been!”

“Yes, what a night indeed! I’ll look back and remember today not as the day I graduated, but the day I buzzed my butt-length hair!” said Jess.

“Okay, now what do we do with this pile of hair.” said Abby.

“Who cares? We’ll worry about that later.” I said.

That night was indeed a night to remember. It was not only the first time cutting my hair drastically, but it was also the moment I discovered the link between haircuts and my sexual arousal to it. It was not the end, but only the beginning of the hair adventures with my girl friends.

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