Grand Desert

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This was actually our first date. Me having bragged about my skills as an amateur chef, she came up with the idea not going out for diner, but coming to my place instead. See if I can really make a decent meal, or rather a delicious one.

I spend the whole day shopping and preparing a five course meal. It was clear she enjoyed this diner. When it was time for desert, she proposed to take a break for a few minutes.

‘So you didn’t lie to me. All of this was superb. You really can cook Mr. Grey.’

I smiled. ‘If you call me Mr. Grey you’d better watch out.’ We both laughed.

She stared at my hair. ‘Did you hair turn grey at young age?’

‘Well II guess so. I used to dye my hair for years and years. I got tired of dying it, so a few years back I decided first let it grow for a while, then had it cut short.’

‘That must have been quite a transformation. It being so long now. ’ She reacted. ‘You don’t mind having grey hair?’

‘I would rather be not grey, but don’t wanna start dying it again. When I started that, nobody noticed. If I would do it now, people will laugh at me I guess.’

‘You know …’ She touched my hair very gently. ‘You don’t need to dye it to get rid of grey hair.’

I looked surprised. ‘You got me puzzled there. You know of some magical recipe?’

‘You wanna know? It’s actually mathematics. The longer your hair, the more the grey catches the eye. Less hair means less grey.’

‘So is this your way of saying I should have it cut short. You’d think that suit me better?’

‘When you had your hair cut short before, you didn’t consider having it all off?’

‘No that did not think of that.’

‘Never had it buzzed, not even for summer when you were a kid?’

Where was this leading to?


‘Mathematically speaking, no hair is no grey at all. You should have given it a thought. You still can …’

‘Can what?’

‘Give it a thought. Or rather don’t think but just do it. It make you look both younger and more masculine. Such a shame it’s Sunday and all barbershops are closed.’ That last sentence came as a relief.

‘I suppose you don’t owe a pair of clippers do you? I would be gladly of service.’

She left her chair and came sit on my lap. Caressing my hair, eyes wide open staring at me in anticipation of my response.


‘You do have clippers, do you?! Tell where they are and I’ll fetch them.’

‘There is a little brown bag in the closet of the bedroom.’

She immediately ran upstairs and returned in mere a few seconds. Sat in my lap again, got the clippers out of the bag, adjusted the guard and turned them on. Or … she tried. Battery was empty.

‘Don’t think this is saving you.’ She got out the cable and plugged it in to recharge the clippers.

‘I’ll keep you busy, so you cannot escape.’

She started ferociously kissing me. Her hands were all over me. Especially in my hair.

‘I am getting really turned on by the prospect of shaving your head.’ So was I. Bit tried to hide that from here the best I could.

After half an hour the green light of the (quick charge) clippers blinked. She took them in her hand, looked me in the eye …. ‘I am Mrs. No Grey.’

She pulled my head towards her cleavage, resting it between her breasts. Keeping it steady, I heard the clippers come alive and slowly but decisively, she ran them from my lower neck upwards. The grey hairs tumbling down on her breasts.

‘Hmm I like to feeling of those hairs there. I want more of it.’ She repeated the movement she made till I felt the cold skin on the back of my head. She then lifted my head and looked me right in the eye. I was speechless and could not resist getting aroused. That didn’t get unnoticed. She put the clippers on the table and pulled of my trousers. Apparently she didn’t wear any panties as she sat down on me again, me entering her. She grabbed the clippers once more and while slowly and gently going up and down, she held them near my forehead. I wanted to scream. And as I did scream, she firmly pushed the clippers right down the middle.

To finish the job, she carefully shaved every inch of my head, until it was about an inch all over. After she had the clippers recharged once again, she took of the guard and in a never ending passage she shaved me completely bald.

‘How was that for desert?’ she asked.

‘It was a grand desert I admit.’

Moments later she grabbed her coat and left. Never saw her again.

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