Great Book 3

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My walk home was silent, as I finished the last chapter of my audiobook. The journey was filled with curious stares from those I passed on the sidewalk. Each glance contained a thousand questions, but I didn’t care. The feeling of the sun kissing my tender scalp filled me with something, that I haven’t felt in such a long time… fulfillment. 

Not nearly as erotic as the earlier parts of the book, it ended the way I had anticipated. Sean was left with a permanently bald and toothless slave to love how he saw fit. There were no fireworks or happily ever afters, just a young woman that was crafted into the lover that he always wanted.

After getting home, I immediately retreated to my bedroom mirror to admire the new me. Although Rabeckah had left my pate completely denuded of hair, the redness clearly showed where it had once existed. My skin was smooth and slick to the touch, and sent a shiver down my spine. Without thinking, I removed my clothing and began pleasuring myself on the bed. It was hard to believe that the bald beauty staring back at me as I masterbated was me, but a quick run of my free hand over my scalp confirmed it was true. Moments later, I lay there breathless, feeling the bareness of my head, as I drifted off to sleep. In my dreams, I relived losing all of my hair at the salon, but just before we finished, Rabeckah commented on how my smile wasn’t quite perfect.

“You know what would complete your new look?” Dream-state Rabeckah said as she caressed my head.

“What?” I replied, enjoying the experience.

“To have all of those pearly whites plucked out of your head.” She said as she continued to massage my scalp. “Bald, gummy gals are the sexiest.”

“Bald, gummy gals are the sexiest?” I repeated.

“Yes.” She replied. “You really should be a bald, gummy gal.”

“I really should be a bald, gummy gal.” I repeated.

With that, I woke with a jolt, covered in sweat, and sopping wet in my panties. I reached up and felt the coolness of my scalp to confirm that my baldness wasn’t a dream. As my hand drifted down from my scalp, I found myself probing the inside of my mouth, running my fingers along my teeth.

“I should really be a bald, gummy gal.” I caught myself saying aloud.

As I continued to probe my mouth, my other hand slid back down to my dripping, throbbing pussy.

“Bald, gummy gals are the sexiest.” I squeezed out as my back arched in an explosive orgasm.

My shower the next morning felt heavenly. Even without hair, I still lathered my scalp with my favorite shampoo and allowed the warm water to run over me. After toweling off, I caught my reflection in the mirror.

“Damn, I look sexy.” I said with confidence. “I barely remember what I looked like with hair.”

My self-admiration was interrupted by phone chirping at me from the bedroom. Although I expected to see a text from Sabrina, bragging about her new look, instead it was a text from Kim; the bald beauty, who unknowingly helped me down my current path. I still had her discarded bandanna by my bedside.

“Any chance you’d like to keep me company today at the gym?” She messaged.

“Sure.” I replied. “What time did you want to meet up?”

“Most of the gym rats are gone around ten, if that works for you.” She texted. “Their grunting makes it hard to enjoy my cardio.”

“Ten sounds good. I’ll see you there.”

I spent much of my day in my apartment, without much excitement, and before I knew it, I was getting my gym clothes together. Just before I left, I grabbed dug through my closet until I found my one and only ball cap. It wasn’t flattering, but it would at least lessen some of the initial shock of seeing me much balder than I was when we last met. 

Just as Kim had said, the gym was quite a bit emptier than it was during the day. I made my way back to the locker room and began to get changed. 

“Wow, it didn’t take you long to lose that hair of yours.” I heard a voice say from behind me.

I spun around to see Kim standing there in the locker room holding her gym bag. Her scalp glistened in the lighting.

“You were somewhat of an inspiration for me.” I said touching my smooth head. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not.” She said as she reached up and touched her own hairless scalp. “I had a feeling you were eventually going to take the plunge. How do you like it so far?”

“I never thought I’d say this, but I love being bald.” I replied, taking a step towards her and giving her a peck on the cheek. “Thanks for inspiring me.”

Kim leaned in and kissed me passionately, as she ran her hands over my scalp. Afterwards, she reached into her mouth and slipped out a set of dentures with an audible slurp. Without missing a beat, she kissed me again, and allowed me to freely explore her mouth with my tongue. As I traced the ridges of her perfect gums, I could feel Kim slip my panties down to my ankles, exposing my dripping pussy.

“Hope you’re okay with gummy gals.” She said as she lowered me down to the bench and began to bury her face in my pussy.

“Bald, gummy gals are the sexiest.” I said as I caressed Kim’s bald head.

My orgasm was explosive, and I soon found myself returning the favor. I felt Kim push my head deeper into her mound as I lapped away at her juices. As I pleasured her, I couldn’t help but feel that my teeth were getting in the way of my tongue. Before long, Kim climaxed and pulled me up for air.

“How was that for a workout?” She asked as she slipped her dentures back in.

“Exhilarating!” I replied. “Thank you for allowing me to explore your body in more way than one.”

“I was pretty sure you wouldn’t mind me losing the dentures while we made love.” She said as she helped me to my feet. “But I sure am glad you think bald, gummy gals are sexy.”

“They are the sexiest.” I replied, planting a kiss on Kim’s lips. 

“Give any thought to losing those pearly white?” She said as she kissed me back. 

“Do you think I’d look sexy as a bald, gummy gal?” I asked sincerely.

“The sexiest.” Kim replied. 

“Do you have the name of a good dentist that doesn’t ask too many questions?” I asked with a grin.

“You happen to be talking to one.” She said. “And if you’re interested, my office isn’t too far away.”

“Like right now?” I said in disbelief.

“No time like the present.” Kim said as she kissed me passionately. “Let’s make you into a bald, gummy gal.”

“Bald, gummy gals are the sexiest.” I replied.

We got dressed and made our way out of the gym and down the street to her dental practice. She led me through the waiting area and into an exam room.

“I can do your extractions one at a time, or we can go for a whole-mouth extraction, if you’re ready.” She said as she pulled her lab coat on and wheeled her chair up to me.

“Whatever you recommend.” I said with a smile. “I just want to be a bald, gummy gal.”

“Let’s go for a whole-mouth then.” She said as she slipped her dentures out of her mouth and into an awaiting tray. “Open wide”

I did as I was told and Kim making several injections around my mouth. She then presented me with a mouthguard filled with an unknown grayish compound.

“Bite down as hard as you can, dear.” She said with a toothless smile. “The harder the better.”

After I chomped down onto the compound, I found that my jaw was locked into place.

“Ten minutes before you can live out your fantasy.” Kim said, caressing my face. “Are you nervous at all?”

I shook my head, trying to squeak out a smile. A million thoughts were running through my bald head, but I wasn’t nervous at all. Part of me thought that this was all just a dream. Before I knew it, the timer on Kim’s counter went off and she wheeled herself back over to the exam chair.

“You’re going to feel some pressure, but I want you to slowly try to open your mouth.” Kim said as she grabbed ahold of the mouthguard.

I did as she told and immediately felt the pressure she mentioned. I could feel every tooth in my head slowly slipped away from my gums. Before long, I heard a loud slurping sound and the pressure subsided. Although it was still numb, I could feel that my mouth was completely empty.

“Now that’s better, isn’t it?” Kim said holding a mouthguard full of my teeth. “How does it feel being a bald gummy gal?”

“I feel sexy.” I struggle to say.

“Very good.” She replied encouragingly. “It’ll take some time to learn how to speak without those pesky teeth in the way.”

With that, Kim reclined the exam chair flat, pulled down her panties, and positioned her dripping, hairless mound over my head. Without saying a word, she lowered herself onto me. I did not hesitate as all to use my now toothless mouth to explore Kim’s pussy, as she gyrated on top of me. Before long, I felt Kim convulse and slowly remove herself from my face.

With my gums as swollen as they were after the extraction, Kim wasn’t able to fit me with dentures before I left for the evening.

“The sockets will close up on their own, but try to keep food from getting in them before they do.” She said as she kissed the top of my head. “I’ll call you as soon as I get your denture set in, but I may be a few weeks.”

“Thank you, Kim.” I said slowly, and with purpose. “This is not how I thought my evening was going to go.”

“Good.” She replied with a smile. “Now, get out of here you sexy, bald, gummy gal.”

Kim was kind enough to call me a Uber to take me home to spare me from a very long walk home. I tried my best to not engage too much with the driver, but I could see him stealing glances at me hiding under my baseball cap. As soon as I got home, I immediately ran to the bathroom and inspected Kim’s handiwork. With the injections beginning to wear off, my gums throbbed as I ran my fingers over the gentle ridges that once held my teeth. As I explored my mouth with one hand, I feverishly pleasured my dripping pussy with the other. It didn’t take long before I collapsed into the strongest orgasm I’ve had in my life. As I lay their on the bathroom floor gently teething on my fingers I wasn’t sure how I ended up where I was, but I was excited where I was headed.

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