Great Book: Part 2

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Following my fantasy shave from the previous night, I didn’t get much sleep. My heart and my thoughts were racing. How could listening to an audio book give me such a push do do something so erratic? My phone ringing snapped me back to reality. It was Sabrina.

“Are we still down for lunch?” Sabrina asked, more chipper than I would have preferred given my sleep deprived state.

“Lunch?” I replied. “I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. What time is it?”

“One.” Sabrina sounded concerned. “Are you okay?”

“Long night.” I replied.

“Well get your butt out of bed and meet me at the crepe place.” Sabrina returned to her chipper mood. “You can get breakfast and I’ll get lunch.”

I climbed out of bed and walked over to the bathroom to get ready. Having not done my hair after last night’s shower, my head was a mess. As I stood there brushing out the tangles, I found myself fantasizing again about Emma and Sean in the book. The more I brushed, the more I longed for a smooth, shiny bald head.

After getting myself somewhat presentable, I headed out of the door and down the street towards “Nothing but Crepe.” It was a crepe place… that served nothing but crepes. Despite the corny name, the food was amazing.

I found Sabrina sitting at our usual table outside on the patio. She was way more put-together than I was, wearing a light blue maxi dress, large floppy sun hat, and dark sunglasses. She waved me over once she saw me approach.

“She lives!” She said in her best Dr. Frakenstein voice. “Welcome to the land of the living.”

“Not quite there yet.” I replied with a smile. “I need coffee first.”

The waiter came and took our orders while we caught up. The coffee came quick and was most appreciated. 

“Have you finished it yet?” Sabrina asked before taking a sip of her water.

“The book you loaned me?” I replied sheepishly. “I’ve made a decent dent, but haven’t finished it yet.”

“It’s good, right?” She said, adjusting her hat.

“So far so good.” I said playing it cool. “Nice hat by the way.”

“Oh, this old thing?” Sabrina replied pulling down the rim to frame her fame and struck a pose with a chuckle. “Decided I didn’t want to shock you right off the bat.”

”Shocked about what?” I asked.

Sabrina replied by slowly removing her hat, revealing a completely hairless scalp. I was shocked and envious at the same time.

“I really liked that book.” Sabrina said with a smile. “What do you think?”

“I think that you are very, very bald.” I replied with my eyes fixed on her scalp. “It looks good.”

“Do you want to feel it before I put my hat back on?” Sabrina said, beckoning me in. “I’d prefer to not have a sunburn, it’s very sensitive right now.”

I slinked over to her end of the table and ran my fingertips over her scalp. It was slick and smooth. It looked perfect. As I continued to touch every inch of her scalp, I could hear Sabrina softly moan.

“I love it.” I caught myself saying. “How did you get it so smooth?

“I had it done at this Salon called Razor’s Edge.” Sabrina said as she replaced her sun hat. “They did the initial shave yesterday, and I had a follow up appointment today to make it last a little longer?”

“How much longer?” I asked

“If the treatment I had today worked, it’ll definitely take a while.” Sabrina chuckled. “With as sensitive as my scalp is right now, I’m hoping that is a good sign.”

Our food arrived, and I mindlessly ate as continued to talk. The conversation, of course, was completely sidetracked by Sabrina’s new “hair.” Before I knew it, we were finished and settled the bill.

“So what else are you doing today?” I asked unconsciously running my hands through my hair.

“I have a dentist appointment.” She replied as she out her purse over her shoulder.

“Just a check-up?” I asked

“Not really.” She smiled back cryptically. “You really need to finish listening to that book.”

We said our goodbyes and I made my way down the street. I plugged in my earbuds and hit play.

Sean made several visits into Emma’s holding area. She started to look forward to the visits, as each one began with Sean massaging the sweet smelling oil into her scalp. She noticed that with each application that the tingling sensation wasn’t as strong. Over the next few days she noticed that the shadow of hair that was once visible after her shaving had faded to nothing. She looked like she had never had a single hair on her head. She was perfectly bald. Once the shadow was gone, Sean started using a different product on Emma’s scalp, making it feel almost uncomfortably tight. He shared that the lotion helped to close up the pores and create a more perfect looking scalp. Emma smiled. She was happy that Sean had taken away her beautiful hair and welcomed her new perfect look. Upon seeing her toothy smile, Sean shared that they still had more work to do.

All of a sudden, I looked up and found myself standing in front of a Salon. Upon further inspection, I discovered that it was the Salon Sabrina had told me about “The Razor’s Edge.” Without hesitating, I pressed pause on my book and walked inside.

“Can I help you today?” A woman with copper colored hair asked me from the reception desk.

“I think I want a haircut.” I said, not sure what I was actually doing.

“I have a stylist that will be free in a moment.” She said as she clicked away at her computer. “What is your name sugar?”

“Holly.” I said stepping closer to the desk.

“Okay Holly, have a seat and Rabecca will be out momentarily to collect you.” She replied. “Welcome to the Razor’s Edge.”

I sat down on the couch to wait. The salon seemed empty, expect for a good looking woman with dark hair sweeping up an absolute pile of blonde hair. She swept it all into a large dustpan and made her way towards me with a smile.

“I’m Rabecca.” She said with a smile. “Would you like to follow me?”

I nodded my head and allowed her to take me back to her chair. Without saying a word, I sat down and was caped.

“What are we doing with this mess today?” She asked while playing with my hair.

“You’re going to think I’m weird.” I started to say. “But I think I want you to shave my head.”

“Oh honey, that’s not weird at all.” She replied. “I think you’ll feel much better after we get this onto the floor where it belongs.”

“I don’t just want it buzzed.” I caught myself saying. “I really need for it to be smooth, like bald smooth.”

“I can do that for you.” Rabecca said with a smile. “Do you wish for this mess to go away and never come back?”

“I think so.” I said biting my lip.

“You just let me take care of you honey.” Rabecca said as she grabbed a red set of clippers and flicked them on with a loud pop.

She wasted no time and sheared my hair. Strip after strip of brown hair tumbled onto my lap. After a moment, the clippers were turned off and returned to their hook. I felt her well manicured fingertips run over the stubble that remained.

“Ready for the magic to happen?” Rabecca asked as she continued to rub my head.

I nodded as Rabecca began to smear a bright blue gel over my scalp. The gel felt ice cold, like she had just taken it out of a freezer. I winced each time she slathered more onto my newly shorn scalp. She continued to apply the mystery gel until every inch was covered. 

“That has to set up for about 20 minutes.” Rabecca said as she removed her gloves. “Can I get you anything?”

“No thank you.” I said as Rabecca walked away. I popped my earbuds in and continued to listen to my book.

Sean had come into Emma’s holding area the following morning. This time he didn’t have the oil or lotion in hand. Instead he brought with him a pair of dental pliers. He shared with Emma that he needed to begin extracting her teeth to make her perfect. Emma was confused at first, but she felt an overwhelming dire to make Sean happy. She couldn’t explain it. Sean had her sit back up in the chair and provided her a mystery liquid to swish. After she was instructed to spit, she could feel that her entire mouth had been numbed. Without delay, Sean took hold of Emma’s upper canine tooth with the pliers. With a fair amount of effort, the tooth was pulled free of Emma’s mouth and dropped into an awaiting jar. Emma felt no pain, just a lot of pressure. Where the first tooth took some work, the second tooth was pulled out easily. One by one Sean was able to extract all of Emma’s teeth, banishing them to the awaiting jar. After the final molar was pulled, Emma was provided some more of the same liquid to swish around. Her mouth felt so different, after having all of her teeth removed. As she swished, she could feel the sockets that once held her teeth close up. After spitting, she ran her tongue over her smooth gums and gave Sean a toothless smile.

I was startled out of my fantasy land by a hand on my shoulder. I removed my earbuds and looked up to see Rabecca standing there completely bald, with her hair dangling from her index finger.

“Ready to say goodbye to your hair?” She asked as she placed her wig onto a crystal mannequin head on her station.

“I thought I already said goodbye to it.” I said with a smile.

“This is the big goodbye.” She said as she picked up a handheld device and held it to my head. I heard a low humming sound being emitted from the device when she turned it on. Immediately I felt an intense sensation that quickly subsided after a few seconds. “Thats the feeling of your hair saying goodbye to your scalp.”

Rabecca continue to run the device over my scalp very slowly. I watched as the bright blue gel turned an opaque, milky color. Eventually she turned the machine off and placed it on her counter.

“Are you ready?” She asked as she began feeling for the seam where the gel met my head.

I nodded and Rabecca began to peal back the gel very slowly. After what seemed like forever, I felt the gel release from the back of my head and I felt a cool rush of air kiss the top of my head.

“Would you like to see?” She asked, holding the gel in her hands in front of me. Millions of tiny hairs clung to the gel, each had a tiny, white bulb attached to the end. “Bye bye hair, hello smooth and sexy.”

I didn’t recognize myself as she turned me towards the mirror. I was as bald as I had fantasized about. Instinctively I reach up to touch it. It was very sensitive, probably due to having all of my hair ripped from my scalp at once.

“What do you think?” Rabecca asked as I explored my newly exposed scalp.

“It’s not as shiny as I thought it would be.” I said, marveling at the smoothness.

“I can take care of that.” Rabecca said with a smile. She rummaged through her drawer and pulled out a bottle of oil. Without hesitation, she poured some into her hands and began to massage it into my scalp. It felt heavenly.

“How often do I need to come in?” I asked as she continue to rub me down.

“That’s a one and done treatment sweetie.” She replied. “If I did it right, you’re permanently bald and beautiful.”

“For life?” I asked, clearly in doubt, staring at the mound of brown hair that was once attached to me. 

“If I’m worth my salt as a hairdresser, a single hair will never grace that head again.” She replied. “I hope you’re not having second thoughts, because that ship sailed a while ago.”

“No” I replied. “Just grasping the gravity of my new look.”

I settled up my bill with reception, who seemed thrilled at my new look and started walking home. At first, I was very aware of the fact that I was drawing a lot of attention as I walked home, but eventually I stopped caring and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on my denuded scalp. Although I was as bald as I had imagined, I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. Before I could put my audio book back on, I received a text message from Sabrina causing me to pause.

“Just finished my appointment.” She sent.

“How’d it go? Any cavities?” I replied.

“Lol. No. The extractions went smoothly.” She texted back.

“Extraction?!” I replied

“You really need to finish that book.” She sent.

“Did you have your teeth pulled?” I replied.

“You have no idea how good this feels. I should have done this long ago.” She sent.

“You found a dentist who would pull all of your healthy teeth out?” I replied

“It wasn’t as difficult as you might think. I told him I wanted them pulled, and they accommodated.” She texted. 

“I don’t know what to say.” I replied.

“You don’t have to say anything. But if you need the name of a good dentist, let me know :)” She texted.

I decided against telling her about my trip to the Razor’s Edge and continue my walk home, hyper aware of my teeth and the space they were taking up in my mouth.

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