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With as busy as my life was, the one thing I did  for stress relief was indulge in audio books online. There was nothing like pulling my shoulder length brown hair into a pony tail, popping in my ear buds and relax in my house. Unlike most 25 year olds, I wasn’t interested in the club scene. I always felt that I was pretty and my breasts were perky, but I was frankly too busy with my work to bother with dating. My only sort of socialization was through internet friend I met on a audio book sharing site.

“Hear anything good lately Holly?” Sabrina asked in her message.

“Not really” I replied. “Everything’s been a little stale recently.”

“I have one that I’m just about finished with if you’re interested.” Sabrina said before sharing an image of the front cover, showing a girl sitting in a barbers chair. The most distinguishing part of the cover was that the woman was completely bald. “It’s been enjoyable to say the least.”

“What’s it about?” I asked.

“About a woman’s journey into fetishism.” Sabrina replied. “It definitely gets steamy in parts.”

“Sure, I’ll give it a spin when you finish it.” I said back. “I haven’t gotten steamy in a while.”

After saying goodbye to Sabrina, I logged off to hit the gym for a bit. I slipped out of my tight jeans and into my workout shorts and tank top before heading down the street.

Midway to the gym my phone chirped saying that Sabrina had loaned the book “Shaved”

The story had a captivating start and followed the life of a girl named Emma who fell in love with a man who had a strong hair fetish.

As I listened, I climbed onto a stationary bike and began my imaginary uphill climb. I was off in my own little world as Emma first discovered her lover Sean’s fetish for women with shaved heads. The scene turned rough as Emma was thrown into an awaiting barber’s chair. She was left in her lover’s playroom to contemplate the fate of her mid-back length red hair. Soon he arrived brandishing a devilish set of bright red clippers. Emma pleaded with Sean to stop, but he didn’t listen. As if on autopilot, he turned the clippers on and proceeded to sever her beautiful red hair from her head.

The time and miles flew by as I listened. I pressed pause on my audio book app to take a water break, which was where I met Kimberly. She was a regular at the gym, and although we never really spoke, we both were familiar enough with one another to smile at each other. We also shared an interest in audio books at the gym. Always nice to know other book worms avoiding the grunts of gym rats. She normally kept her platinum blonde hair trimmed in a neat pixie cut, but today she had everything hidden in a colorful do-rag.

As she leaned in to the water fountain, I could clearly see through the gap in her do-rag and saw that her hair was gone.

“Im not sick.” She said sensing me staring. “It’s shaved.”

“I’m sorry for looking.” I said blushing. “It just caught my eye.”

“I suppose if I didn’t want people looking, than I should have shaved it off.” She said smiling back and removing her do-rag. “Want to feel it?”

As awkward as the question was, I still instinctively reached up to accept the offer. Her scalp was soft, smooth, and slick.

“Feels good huh?” She said as she slipped her do-rag back on.

“Yeah.” I said, realizing I was still staring at her head. “Why’d you decide to shave it?”

“I just finished this amazing book.” Kimberly said as she began to fill up her water bottle. “The story was so vivid, so I knew I had to give it a try. Totally worth it.”

“Being bald?” I asked, nervously touching my sweaty pony tail.

“I never realized how much I disliked hair until I shaved it all off.” Kimberly said, screwing the cap back on. “Now that I’ve experienced this, I don’t think I can go back.”

“So you don’t want to grow your hair back ever?” I responded. “Then why hide it behind a do-rag?”

Kimberly shrugged. “Guess I’m still self conscious about showing it off right now. Still pretty new to this.”

“When did you do it?” I asked as we started walking back to the cycle area.

“Buzzed everything off this morning, and shaved about an hour or so after.” Kimberly said setting down her water bottle and adjusting her do-rag. “Finished that book I was talking about last night and I couldn’t get the thought out of my head.”

“Was it called ‘Shaved’?” I asked.

“That’s the one!” Kimberly exclaimed. “Fantastic book. Have you read it yet?”

“Listening to it now.” I replied touching my ponytail again.

“Let me know what you think about it when you finish.” Kimberly said as she mounted her bike. “I also have a ton of audio books I can recommend if you want to trade lists.”

“I’ll do that.” I said walking back to my bike. After taking another swing of water, I got back into my bike. I hesitated for a moment before hitting play on my app to resume the book.

Emma cried as Sean made pass after pass with the clippers. Her red hair cascades all around her until the clippers fell silent. As terrified as she was, she couldn’t help but be turned on by the forceful nature Sean had as he buzzed her hair down to almost nothing. Sean paused for a moment and ran his hands over Emma’s head and asked her how she liked her new cut. She couldn’t lie; she liked how it felt. Sean shared that if she liked what she had now, that she would love what happened next. Sean places a warm towel over her head. All Emma could hear was Sean rummaging around behind her before wheeling a small tray close to her. Several disposable razors and a can of shaving cream was visible. Emma didn’t say a word as the towel was removed and Sean applied the shaving cream. A fresh razor was taken and Sean began taking long, purposeful strokes across her scalp.

All of a sudden I felt a tap on my shoulder, starling me. I turned to see Kimberly with her gym bag over her shoulder.

“Get to the good part yet?” She asked touching my sweaty ponytail, giving me a sweet smile. “I’m going to head out. I’ll see you around.”

“Um, I’m at the part where Sean has her down in his room.” I replied. “It’s getting pretty good. Have a good night.”

I watched as Kimberly walked out of the gym. Just before she hit the door, she took off her do-rag, wiped her scalp with it before throwing  it into the used towel hamper. The lights of the gym shown on her smooth scalp as she walked out.

Deciding it was time for me to leave as well, I packed up my bag and made my way to the door. As I passed the hamper I grabbed Kimberly’s discarded do-rag and shoved it into my bag. I don’t know why I grabbed it, but I did.

As I walked down the street I hit play on the audio book before taking the rag out of my bag, holding up to my nose and taking a deep breath. Even as sweaty as it was from Kimberly’s workout, it smelled so good. So many thoughts were going through my head. The fact that it had touched her perfectly shaved head made it even more heavenly.

Sean took extra care to ensure not a single hair remained on Emma’s head, opting to shave her a total of 3 times in various directions. He had mentioned several times that it needed to be smooth. Emma sat there transfixed by the image of her newly shaved bald head. The light from the ceiling was reflected by her utter baldness. After Sean finished, he applied a sweet smelling oil to her head. Emma felt an intense tingling sensation that subsided after several minutes. As if reading her mind, Sean explained that the oil helps to reduce hair growth and extend shaved by several weeks.

After getting home, I climbed out of my gym clothes and jumped into bed naked, still clutching Kimberly’s do-rag to my nose and inhaling her intoxicating smell. My left hand wandered down below and I started to pleasure myself as I continued to smell the lotion or oil Kimberly had on her slick scalp. As I brought myself closer to completion, I felt my right hand reach up and touch my still damp hair. It didn’t feel good. It felt sweaty and dirty from being in the gym. Feeling grossed out by my hair snapped me out of my pleasure session. I pressed pause on the audio book and tossed my phone and earbuds aside before going to the bathroom.

I stood there in front of my mirror naked and looking very frustrated from being so close to an orgasm. My hair still hung in a pony tail, looking limp and lifeless. Suddenly I looked over and I saw my leg razor sitting in its cup. Without thinking I took it out and held it gently to my center part. I could feel myself becoming aroused again as I hovered the razor a breath away from my hair. As if in a trance, I lower the razor to let it rest on my center part. Without thinking I made a short stroke with the razor, making a very noticeable bare spot just above my hairline.

I gasped, placing my razor onto the counter and touching the exposed scalp. It wasn’t smooth. As startled as I was by my impulsivity, the thought that it wasn’t smooth, caused me to take my can of shaving lotion and rubbing it onto the bare spot before picking up my razor again. I didn’t hesitate to gently scrape away at the bare spot until I rendered it completely smooth. I stood there touching my new bald spot for several minutes before I took a small amount of shaving lotion and rubbed it all the way down my center part.

Making short, deliberate strokes with the razor I quickly widened my center part significantly. It was so smooth. If I had a set of clippers I would have already reduced my hair to stubble, but I was forced to use the tools available to me.

After applying more lotion, I was able to completely denude the top of my head. The sides proved to be easier, with the back being the hardest. After what seemed like hours and several razors later, I stood in front of the mirror staring at a completely different person. I lathered myself up one last time and went over my scalp one last time to make sure I was as smooth as Emma; as smooth as Kimberly. By the time I finished, my scalp reflected the lights in my bathroom. I ran my hands over my bare scalp for the first time causing an intense wave of pleasure to hit me, almost bringing me to my knees.

After recovering, I stood up straight and inspected everything I had just done. Hair was scattered all over the bathroom floor. The hair disgusted me as it lay their lifeless on the floor. I quickly picked up the mass of it and threw it into the trash as best as I could. It needed to be in the trash, because that is what it was.

I was startled awake by the sound of my phone chirping. I was still laying naked in the bed following my return from the gym. I reached up and confirmed that my hair was very much so still attached to my head. I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed by my active imagination leading me to a very satisfying session of self love.

I groggily stood up and walked to the bathroom. My reflection didn’t show the perfectly smooth head that I had envisioned, and although my leg razor was right where I had remembered it, I knew that there were much easier ways to achieve a smooth shaved head that involved getting the assistance of someone who had done it before. One thing was for certain, I needed to finish that book first!

To be continued.

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  1. I like it a lot, and the fact it is open for continuation…. What if “Shaved” is only a first part of book series? Following parts coul be titled “Pierced”, “Tattooed”… and possibly “Depilated” 😀

  2. A great start to a new series. I can’t wait until Holly finally takes the plunge, and I’ll be interested to learn just how many other women were inspired by that book to go bald.

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