Groomed for Success

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“Just look at her!” Steamed Mary. “Running around in that short little dress and scamming every guy in the club!”

“Relax Honey,” replied her husband Dave, “you know that’s how she is. Besides, it’s not like she’s actually going to go home with one of them. She does belong to us after all.”

Mary just shook her head and took a sip from her drink.

“I know,” she added. “It’s just that she does it with such…such enthusiasm! I wish she would put that kind of effort into her contractual obligations to us.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, she has beet slacking off a bit lately.”

Mary’s friend Vickie over heard the conversation and added “It’s like I told you guys from the beginning, Jujou is just to social to by tied down, contract of no contract. You know what they say: A zebra can’t change its stripes!”

Vickie’s date Mike added, “That one NEVER slows down. I bet by the end of the night she’s had her fill of drinks AND has handed out a dozen different fake phone numbers to every guy in the bar!”

“Wouldn’t be the first time!” Added Mike’s brother Ron. “That was her specialty in High School. We used to get together after a party and play Poker with the different numbers she gave out! Never repeated herself…not once!”

“Really? She was THAT bad?”

“Oh yeah…that bad. Sometimes she would go out with one guy and leave the party with a different guy!”

“You’re kidding!” Exclaimed Mary. “Did she ever do that to you?”


“Look! Look!” Exclaimed Vickie, “She’s giving a number to that guy. The one who just bought her a drink.”

“Why that little bitch!” mumbled Mary under her breath. “She is going to pay for that…”

“It really is amazing, isn’t it? said Make. “All she has to do is shake that cute ass and red hair and they flock to her like moths to the proverbial flame!!”

“Yup, That’s how she’s always done it.” said Ron. “Bet she learned to do that before she could walk!”

“Well, she better unlearn it pretty damn fast” said Mary, “or I’ll toss her out on her ear. Contract be damned!”

“Yes” replied Dave nodding his head in unison with the others as they watched Jujou close in on another unsuspecting victim. “I do believe this situation calls for an intervention, one with consequences.”

Jujou flitted from man to man as the night wore on. On occasion she would glance back to her Master and Mistress and they would simply smile and nod giving away no hint of the plans they were laying for the naughty little red head.

Jujou sensed something was wrong the moment the van started rolling. Mike, Ron, Vickie and especially Mary and Dave all gave her the cold shoulder.

“OK” she said, “Out with it…what’s wrong?”

“What’s WRONG?” said Mary in an angry tone. “What’s Wrong? You don’t know WHAT’S WRONG!!!”

“Jeezzz!” Answered the sassy little red head, “I’m right here…you don’t have to YELL!”

“You see!” Said Mary to everybody except Jujou. “You see what I have to fuckin’ put up with EVERY. FUCKIN’. DAY?”

“Wow…what crawled up your ass?” Jujou snapped back.

“YOU DI…You know what? Never mind. I’m sick to death of your shit. When we get home pack your fuckin’ shit and get the fuck out on my house!”

“Wha…? What about our contract? We signed a contract. You can’t jus…”

“It’s my fuckin’ house, I sure as hell can!”

“But the contract!”

“The contract? The contract? YOU have the nerve to ask ME what about the contract? Where in the FUCKING contract does it say you can do what ever the bloody hell you want? Where does it say you can address ME as an equal? WHERE?”

Jujou recoiled in fear. Her Mistress had never yelled at her before.

“But, but…what did I do wrong?”

Everybody in the van groaned at once and Jujou looked at each in turn, a confused expression on her countenance.

“Did I miss something?” she inquired in a girlish voice.

“I think you missed the entire point of having a contract Jujou.” said Dave in his best courtroom voice.

“I…I don’t get it. I serve you guys all the time. I fulfill my household duties and my sexual ones. I deserve a LITTLE time off every once in a while.”

Dave shook his head in disgust and asked “Jujou, what kind of slave are you?”

“I’m a service slave, I serve the needs and wants of both my Master and my Mistress.”

“Yes but what kind of service slave are you? What does it say in your contract?”

“Ummm…it says I’m a 24/7 service slave”

“OK, what is the meaning of 24/7?”

“24 hours a day, seven days a week”

“And does it say anything about ‘time off’ in your contract?”

“Um…I don’t remem…”

Does it mention any time off? Answer me, yes or no.”


“So, ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, According to her contract does she get ANY time off?”

“NO!” they all answered at once.

Has Jujou violated her contract?”

“YES!” the others replied.

“Well then, that settles it then, the contract is null and void and you…need to leave our house immediately.”

“But, but, I don’t want to leave! I want to stay!”

“NO!” said Mary. You don’t listen, you don’t obey. You just do as you like. We might as well have a freeloading roommate living with us. You need to leave.”

“Pleas! Please don’t make me leave. I want to be good, to be a good slave. I want to make you happy…both of you.

By now Jujou was crying. She actually got down on her knees and begged Dave and Mary not to throw them out. Not just because she wanted to stay but, also because in truth, she had no where else to go. If they threw her out she would be homeless.

“I’ll do anything!” the petite redhead pleaded, “ANYTHING Just please, please don’t throw me out!”

“Well Mary, she does sound sincere. Should we give her another chance?”

“Ha! She’s just crying because she has no where else to go! She’d be gone in a second if she hadn’t burned every bridge in 3 states!”

“Please!” continued the tiny woman. “I’ll be good. I promise!”

“Well Mary? What’s the word? It’s up to you.”

“Come on Mary,” said Mike, “Give the little tart another chance. If she disobeys again…she’s out.”

“No, she’ll just use the time to find a sugar daddy and leave. What sort of lesson will THAT teach?”

“She did say she would change.” added Ron.

“I need more than promises. She’s said she’d change too many times in the past with no results. I need assurances.”

“Assurances?” inquired Vickie. “I think I know a way to fix this. Take the next left, Dave.”

“What do you have in mind?” asked Mary.

“An assurance…what else? But first…SHE has to agree to it”

“Agree to what?” asked Jujou.

“You have to agree to give Mary assurance, that’s what.”

“What sort of assurance?”

“What ever kind she wants. Right at the next light Dave.”

The van made the turn onto a brightly lit commercial street and continued on its way.

Vickie’s eyes pinned Jujou’s with a laser like intensity. “Will you give Mary any assurances she wants?”


“No prevaricating…quickly now, yes or no?”


“Excellent! Now, as a show of good faith, give me your clothes…all of them!”

“What?” asked Jujou incredulously. “I don’t think I understood you correctly. I thought you asked for my clothes?”

“You heard me correctly…slave. Hand over your clothes…ALL OF THEM. as in EVERY STITCH!”

“You have GOT to be kidding! We’re in the middle of town! I can’t be naked here! I’ll get arrested!”

“You see!” cried Mary. “I have to deal with this shit all the time!”

Vickie patted Mary’s back and said “There, there”.

She then turned to Jujou, held out her hand, palm up and said “Last. Chance.”

Clearly annoyed, Jujou began to undress. Much to the delight of everyone. Especially Ron, Mike and Vickie who had not had the pleasure of seeing the petite red head in the nude before.

Off came the ‘Little Black Dress’. Off came the pumps and stockings. Hesitating for a moment she looked to Mary and asked “I don’t suppose you’ll let me keep my bra and panties, will you?”

“Not a chance” she replied as she opened and closed her hand.

Moments later Jujou announced with false bravado “There you go, as bare and as naked as the day I was born!”

“Not quite” muttered Mary as she accepted Jujou’s clothing.

Jujou wanted to inquire just what Mary meant by her remark but her attention was diverted as Mary lowered the van’s window and unceremoniously dumped everything out into the street.

“Those were my clothes!” she exclaimed as she turned to see them shredded by the traffic that followed behind. “What am I supposed to wear now?”

Mary matter of factly looked her in the face and replied, “Nothing!” before turning to Dave and saying “Third building on the right. park in front.”

“You mean the pet shop?”

“It’s not a pet shop silly! It’s a groomers.”

“Well, that’s fine” said Dave. “But, it’s closed.”

“Not for me it isn’t!” replied Vickie as she jingled her keys. “Oh, the advantages of business ownership!”

They exited the car together though truth to be told, they had to push Jujou out the door. She would have jumped right back into the van had Dave not had the presence of mind to remotely lock it upon her exit.

Jujou tried to hide behind the others as they walked the 30 or so feet from the car to the shop but, the others insisted she follow at a respectable distance behind them and would not let her approach within 10 feet as Vickie fumbled to find the correct key. Even after the door was opened she insisted that everybody remain where they were while she went in and deactivated the alarm.

The lights came on as they waited on the sidewalk and suddenly Jujou’s milky white skin and red hair stood out like a beacon to all who passed by. She ran to follow the others as they entered the shop only to find the heavy glass door slammed in her face.

“Hey! Hey…let me in!” she cried as she pounded on the door.

“Do you promise to do as you are told without comment or complaint?”

“Well…what do you want me to do?” she asked as a passing car honked at her naked form.

“What ever you are told to do!” was the answer.

“But what is that?” The car had traveled down the road a bit and was making a U turn.

“Yes or no?”

The car had completed its turn and was slowly heading her way. As it passed under a street light she could see the faces of several unsavory looking young men. This was NOT good.

“Yes or no?”

The car was picking up speed, only a few yards away now…

“YES!” Now open the door! Quickly!”

The car rolled to a stop just as the glass door swung open. As she fell forward, Jujou briefly say the tattooed face of a rather large man as he exited the vehicle. Then, the door snapped shut and he was gone.

Many hands helped her to her feet but, she couldn’t take her eyes from the opaque glass door. She expected that any minute it would crash in and a parade of dangerous gang bangers would come pouring in to slake their vile desires upon her tiny body. But, the door held and just as she was beginning to calm down someone placed something around her neck and snapped it snugly closed.

“What the…?” she began as her hands sought her throat, but she already knew what had happened. Seconds later Vickie attached a leash to the collar and with a light tug said “Come”

Vicky led her down a short hall to a room bright with stainless steel and tile. There were several tables and what appeared to be a large steel bath tub with a tall pole at one end. Never having been to a dog groomer before the poor girl no idea what anything was so, she just stood there with a deer in the headlights look on her face and blinked.

“Well,” began Vickie, “After all of those nocturnal activities I guess the first order of business is a good bath!”

“Yeah,” added Ron, “With all that running from guy to guy she must be pretty stinky!”

“She is!” said Mary, I can smell her filthy cunt from here!”

The others laughed loudly as Vickie led her charge to the tub. Jujou stepped in and Vickie forced the poor girl to her hands and knees.

“Filthy bitches don’t walk upright like Women” she said as she hooked the leash to the stout pole. Pulling sharply, the lead forced Jujou to hold her head high though still on all fours.

The water was cold!

“Hmmm…guess the staff turns the water heater off at night!”

In moments, the wet redhead was shivering.

Mary and Dave lathered her up and Mike and Ron scrubbed her down with a stiff brush…EVERYWHERE!

By the time they were done there wasn’t an inch of her freezing body that wasn’t bright pink from the stiff bristles!

By the time the rinse came around, the water was even colder and Jujou couldn’t wait for the ordeal to be over. Nothing could be worse than THIS! Or so she thought.

“You know Mary, I think this one has a high probability of running away. Have you given any thought to how you’ll recover her if she does? After all, you don’t want any unexpected litters should she escape.”

“I was just thinking about that! Is there anything we can do?”

“There sure is! You use this!”

Mary held up a small plastic bag. In it was an small object about the size of a grain of rice.

“What is that?”

“It’s the latest generation of PIT tag. Unlike the old style tags this baby can be tracked by satellite! If she runs away you’ll be able to locate her anywhere in the world!”

“How does it work?” asked Dave.

“It’s very simple really. You just inject it under the skin, read it and register it on line. The whole process takes about 10 minutes!”

“Great!” said Mary, “Let’s do it!”

“Hey…Wait a min…” began Jujou before she was cut off by Vickie.

“ANYTHING…Remember? One more word out of you and I’ll de-bark you as well!”

“You can do that?” asked the surprised Mary.

“Sure! We have all the equipment here to silence her forever.”

“Is it hard to do?” asked Dave?

“No, not at all, we do them every day! Five minutes and you’ll never hear another word from her.”

“Hmmm…well, that’s something to bear in mind…”

“Want the tag?”

“I think it’s the prudent thing to do, don’t you?”

“I agree.” added Dave.

Vickie led Jujou on her hands and knees to the grooming table and lifted the petite girl up. With dizzying suddenness she pinched the skin between her shoulder blades and injected the PIT tag. By the time the poor red head registered the pain the deed was already done. A quick swipe with the tag reader and a few minutes of internet time and she was registered. For the rest of her life Jujou’s location world wide would be available to anyone with the proper code.

“Now…about breeding her. Is that something you are interested in?”

“No, I don’t think so.” replied Dave.”At least not at the moment.”

“Well, we could just spay her I suppose but, if there’s even a chance you might want to breed her we’ll have to come up with some other way to keep the boys off of her.”

“Isn’t there some kind of spray or something you can use to make her less attractive to them?”

“There is for canines but for this type of bitch that wont work.”

As the 5 of them ruminated on the subject Mary absentmindedly played with the groomer’s tools. She took a large set of clippers in her hand and suddenly, an idea sprang forth.

“I’ve got it!” she exclaimed! “Like Ron said earlier that all she has to do was wiggle her butt and toss her hair to get the boys’ attention. We can’t do anything about her butt, but we can sure as hell take care of that lovely red hair!”

“Yeah!” said Vickie, “That’s a great idea, make her look like a poodle or something!”

“I, I don’t know…” said Mary thoughtfully, “That might backfire, with my luck all it will do is make her look edgy. Them she’ll just attract even younger men!”

“We could do something the color” suggested Dave.

“Well, I do have what we need to bleach it out and blue it, like we do to poodles. Turns out a nice powder gray.”

“Nah,” answered Mary, Dying your hair gray is kind of a thing right now. Again, it’ll just make her look better to the younger guys.”

Without warning, Jujou bolted from the table. If it weren’t for the leash around her neck she would have run out the door and down the street naked as a jaybird. Luckily, Vickie had a hold of the other end and didn’t let go. Reaching the end of hear leash Jujou was yanked off her feet and landed on her ass…hard.

The angry red head cursed a blue streak as the three men loaded her onto the table and held her fast.

“Don’t worry folks!” announced Vickie as she prepped a syringe. “This happens a lot with these smaller breeds and we are prepared to deal with it.”

The needle plunged home and a few seconds later the tiny red head was as relaxed as she could be.

“Better hurry, that shot wont last long. I’d give her a bigger dose but I wouldn’t want her to miss out on all the fun!”

Mary leaned in, face to face with the dull eyed red head. Grabbing a handful of the poor girls luxurious locks she held her nodding head up and said,
“I was going to just mess up your hair a bit, but I see a more profound lesson is in order. One that will stay with you for some time.”

She turned to Vickie and with a voice that dripped the venom of anger said “Let’s take it ALL off!! Every little red curl decorating that beautiful head of hers has to go bye bye I think”. The others nodded and to Jujou’s disbelieving ears she heard Dave respond “It looks like we are all in agreement. It will be for the best anyways. She is just too attractive with that long red hair. Without it, I think she will be much more pliable.”

With the decision made unanimously, the clippers came to life and with a deadly efficiency born of many years experience Mary plowed them through Jujou’s pride and joy right at her forehead as Vickie held her head in place by the chin to keep it steady. Though relatively immobile from the drug she retained enough conscientiousness to fully understand and comprehend all that was being done to her. Gazing at the mirror on the opposite wall Jujou watched in despair as Vickie plowed the clippers through her crowning glory again and again and strip after strip of pale, white skin was revealed. Tuft after tuft, lock after lock, her beautiful hair rained down upon the cold steel table beneath her.

Minutes passed like hours as the clippers tugged and buzzed away at the poor girl’s rapidly disappearing locks, but at long last they fell silent and Jujou breathed a sigh of relief. The ordeal was finally over.

Somewhere, another motor started up. A higher pitched hornet like sound. Once again, something was running over her scalp. As she worked Vickie remarked “This one will pretty much takes her down to the skin. The only way to go shorter is the old fashioned way. A straight razor and hot lather”

“Will that make it smoother?” asked Dave.

“Smooth as a baby’s butt.” she replied.

“Well then,” said Mary, “A baby’s butt it is!”

The poor girl looked into the mirror. Where once beautiful long locks of gorgeous red hair had been there was now a wasteland of fine red stubble.

“What’s the matter SLAVE?” inquired Mary. “Don’t you like your new look?”

The foam was hot…VERY HOT and the rhythmic scraping of the straight razor nearly put her to sleep.

“Well, what do you think?” asked Vickie as she scrapped away the last of the shaving foam. “Smooth enough?”

Mary, Dave and the others ran appraising fingers over the ex redhead’s scalp.

“There’s still a bit of stubble here and there.” said Dave.

“Well, we certainly can’t have THAT! answered Mary with an evil laugh. “Shave her again!”

More foam, As Vickie stropped the razor to a keen edge Mary rubbed the foam in just to emphasize what was happening to the poor girl.

The razor found little resistance this time. Here and there small patches of stubble gave up the ghost with a slight scratching sound but, by and large, Jujou’s head was now hairless.

“How’s that?” Vickie inquired,

“Her head is GREAT! Nice and smooth but, I want it ALL gone.”

They rolled her onto her back to “do the front”. Her legs were spread exposing her manicured red pubic hair which Mary ran her fingers through before spraying shaving cream over her mound and lathering her up.

Would this never end?

Someone said “Might as well have the carpet match the drapes.” and before she knew it her pubic hair was razored off as well. She just lay there, powerless to stop them from taking her beauty.

“Are you sure this is enough? Let’s ensure that nothing is left for her to exploit!! She certainly doesn’t look near as beautiful as she used to but we don’t want her using the exotic fuck toy card with the geek types, perhaps we should just spay her.” Mary’s exclamation roused Jujou from her stupor. What was it now? Hadn’t they done enough?

Jujou tried to struggle a bit at the word “spay her” sunk into her mind but, they were ready for her this time and the drug was still strong enough to make her weak. Try as she might she couldn’t break the hold they had upon her.

“Wait a minute guys” said Vickie. “I think I have a solution.” Holding Jujou’s head with one hand she brought the smaller clipper to bare and with two deft strokes she erased the poor girl’s eyebrows A pair of tweezers quickly took care of her eyelashes as well. The shaving cream and razor followed.

They stood her up to admire their handy work. Cell phones snapped pictures and they all laughed at the ridiculous sight before them.
By the time they finished cleaning her up the sedative had warn off. Not that it really mattered. The removal of her hair had pretty much broken Jujou’s spirit. The final straw came when Vickie and Mary had gloved up and covered her entire body with a depilatory cream designed to keep show dogs bare for months.

“How long will this keep the hair from coming back?” asked Mary.

“Well” answered Vickie, “On dogs it’s guaranteed to last 3 months, but dogs have much coarser hair. So, on her, I really couldn’t tell you. Might last 6 months…might last forever.”

They toweled her dry and for the first time in her life, there was not a single hair to resist the terrycloth. She was so smooth that the towel simply glided over her denuded skin.

The boys kept Jujou busy while the girls changed their clothes. Their hands glided over her smooth porcelain skin exploring every nook and cranny.

The cream had been very effective. There was not a follicle on her body that retained even a hint of a hair.

“Amazing! She’s totally smooth from head to toe! It is almost hard to believe she was a gorgeous red head just a half hour ago.” Exclaimed Mike as the girls returned.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” said Mary. “I think we should share the results of all our hard work with the world!”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I think a return to ‘the scene of the crime’ as it were is in order, don’t you? After all, she does have some debts to pay off.”

“You mean take her back to the club?”

“That’s EXACTLY what I mean.”

The ex red head began to whimper and squirm at the thought of all the guys she’d deceived seeing her in her present state.

“Don’t complain now you ungrateful little bitch! It’s your own fault you’re in this condition. You were given more than ample warning that there would be consequences for your bad behavior!”

“You really have no one to blame but yourself.” Added Dave as he placed the collar about her neck and attached the lead.

As they pulled her toward the door Jujou naturally reached for the towel to cover herself up with, Vickie yanked them away from her and tossed them in the rubbish bin.

“You’re a bitch slave now, not a woman.” Mary coldly told her. “WOMEN wearanything …Bitches do NOT. Just be happy I don’t make you walk to the van on all fours!”

A short time later the they pulled up to the club. The party was in full swing as the group swept into the place but, EVERYONE, even the house band fell silent as Jujou came into view and you could hear a pin drop as people started to recognize her and Mary began to speak.

“I want to apologize for my slave’s poor behavior earlier this evening. As you can see she has been appropriately disciplined for her actions.” She explained running a hand over Jujou’s smooth scalp. “I believe she made some promises to more than a few of you which she did not intend keep and I just want you all to know that she’ WILL be making good on ALL of them TONIGHT.”

The crowd broke into laughter and as Mary led her through the crowded club on all fours Jujou blushed crimson from bald head to hairless toes.

The ex red head heard her name murmured through the crowd followed by gasps of recognition and derisive laughter and the words ‘bald’ and ‘hairless’ often stood out to her through the hubbub of the conversations. They were shocked at the smooth head she was now sporting. Some of the women looked a bit smug, particularly those she knew had been jealous of her flirting in the past.

They sat at the table nearest the dance floor, Jujou in all her hairless glory sat at Mary’s feet. The man they’d witnessed buying her a drink earlier came over and joined them.

“I don’t suppose this is any good.” he said, tossing a scrap of paper with a phone number scrawled across it on the table.

Mary leaned over and glanced at the number. “Nope” was all she said.

“What did she promise you?” asked Dave.

“Kept talking about how good she was at giving blow jobs. Implied that I could test her claims for a few drinks.”

“And did you buy her a few drinks?” inquired Mary.

“More’n a few.”

“Well…” said Mary, I’ guess you’re owed a blow job then!”

With a tug on the leash and a nod to the man’s now clearly bulging crotch Mary said, “Time to pay your debts bitch.”

The man opened his pants and withdrew his rapidly stiffening cock and as others began to wander over realizing that it was pay up time for Jujou. Jujou went to work paying off the first of many debts she had incurred that night.

The End

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