Hair color and rollers for boys

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Had to share this story as I had just heard from this person after 17 years.

I had moved into an apartment by myself after a relationship break up and was getting used to the single life again. I had no interest in dating anyone or even starting another relationship. I travelled to Vegas a couple of times and connected with some friends and had a great time and that was good for me.

After a couple of months a younger guy moved into the apartment just around the corner from mine. He too was coming out of a relationship break up and living alone. He and I would see each other at the mail box and laundry and started to talk and share experiences. Occasionally he would come over for a beer or dinner and watch a movie. He was tin and lean and had shoulder length dark blonde hair. I had noticed he had his eyebrows trimmed and had both ears pierced. He was thinking about a career change and going back to school. He had been working at Nordstrom’s and wanted to go to cosmetology school. He wanted to do it all, hair, make up and nails and open his own salon. I told him that I had gone to ” beauty school” as we called it back when I went, a long time ago and Had worked for a while as a ” shampoo girl” for a friend of my mothers. He said ” really, wow, do you still know how to do hair?” I told him yes and that I did mine from time to time and some friends on occasion. He asked ” if I get some stuff can you help me color my hair tomorrow?” I told him that I would be glad to help and told him what to get and where to get it. We finished the evening with desert and he hugged me, kissed my cheek and told me he would see me tomorrow.

I got home from work and had picked up some Chinese food for the two of us for dinner. He came over about 6 with some wine and a bag from the beauty supply. I had brought out my bags with all my hair stuff in it and got out what I needed. He looked in the bags and saw all the rollers, perm rods, combs, clips, brushes etc.. He asked Do you know how to do perms and roller sets?? I told him I still did and enjoyed setting my hair in roller at times. He got excited and asked ” after we get done coloring my hair can you do a roller set on me please?” ” I have not had my hair in curlers since I was little and my mother would set my hair.” I looked at him and said your mother used to shampoo and set your hair too? He said ” yes ever since I was five.” I told him that my mother used to shampoo and set my hair every Saturday morning and Wednesday nights for a long time. That is why I went to beauty school.

We sat and ate dinner and talked for a while about our mothers and our obsession with hair. I asked him when was the last time he shampooed and he told me day before yesterday because I knew I was going to color it. We cleaned up he table and cleared the kitchen since we were going to be using the sink and the counter there. I had him sit in the chair and place my cape around his shoulders. I combed and sectioned his hair and then mixed the developer and color in the applicator bottle and shook it up. I started to apply it section by section and then lather it in. I removed the plastic clips when I was sure all the hair was saturated with color and shampooed it through. I piled his hair on top of his head and set the timer. He asked ” what comes after the color?” I told him that I was going to check the color and if it was ok then a rinse, shampoo, conditioner and set. He told me that he really appreciated this and asked ” after you set my hair can I shampoo and try to set yours please?’ I told him that it would be ok and I would critique his shampooing style.

The timer went off and I checked is color. It came out perfect. I had him get up and go over to the sink and leaned him over to rinse. I got his hair wet and worked the color mixture into a lather and then rinsed that. I applied some shampoo to his hair and lathered him up again. He began to lean into me as I shampooed his hair and He could tell I enjoyed it. I rinsed the shampoo from his hair and applied some conditioner and left it in for a few minutes. He turned around with the conditioner still in his hair and kissed me. He asked me if I wanted him to spend the night and I told him yes please. I then had him lean forward and rinsed the conditioner and then had him sit back in the chair.

I began to comb and section his hair to roller set him. I gave him the nag and a box of clips and had him hand me the rollers and clips as I needed them. I did an old fashion block set on his hair and used my black net over his rollers. He got up from the chair and went to look in the mirror. He said ” this is better than my mom used to do it. I love it.” He then asked ” Can I shampoo you now please?”

I went over and got my hair wet in the sink and wrapped my shoulders with a towel. I handed him the bottle of shampoo and said ” OK honey let’s see what you can do.” He applied some shampoo and began to lather me up, then applied some more to get it thicker. He stood behind me as he shampooed then worked his way around the front of me. I could see his excitement bulging out and I became a bad girl and released him. I worked him as he worked the shampoo then I took him in my mouth and finished the job.

He kept shampooing as I told him he was doing a great job. He said ” you too.” I got up and went to the sink and had him rinse my hair and the attempt to roller set me. He did ok on the top but had trouble on the sides and back so I finished it and had him net me up. I told him that he was going to need some practice and he could do me anytime he wanted. He said “well we had better get more supplies because I will be here a lot.”

We went back to the bedroom and climbed into bed. He asked me if I preferred top or bottom and I told him I am flexible. He then placed a cushion under my hips and got on top of me. He guided himself in and began his magic motion. This was on of the first times any boy had made me climax that way. Both of us in rollers both of us climaxing at the same time. What a beautiful night.

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