Hair Dare: 100th Episode Special

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It’s been almost 2 years since the pilot episode of Hair Dare aired and it’s been an incredible success. After Heather Matthews and Delilah Judge shaved their heads clean and revealed their beautiful new look to the world woman have been lining up around the block to sign up for the show, however out of the nearly 100 episodes that have come since no other women have been shaved completely. One woman, Karen Burr, came close when she was reduced to a 5” buzz but the razors have still to be touched since the first day.

Heather was walking onto the set of Hair Dare as she does every day with her back straight and freshly shaved head gleaming under the studio lights. She’s dressed in a white Oxford shirt tucked into her burgundy tube skirt, the heel on her black pumps clicking as she walks. She has just sat down as her PA Julia comes up to her. “Good morning Julia.” Heather says as looks up at her assistant, giving her a good once over. Her hair has changed a lot since the pilot episode, now a deep red colour and hanging down around her breasts instead of that short, black pixie, her fashion sense however hasn’t she’s still wearing that same leather vest over her 1940’s style dresses. “Good morning Ms. Matthews.” She responds meekly “Julia if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you one thousand times, just call me Heather.” “Y-yes, Ms. Matthews…” Julia can’t manage to make eye contact with her, Heather sighs “Anyway, is everything ready for tonight’s 100th episode special?” “Yes Ma’am, Ms. Capellio is in make-up now, and everyone is aware and accepting of the special rules.” Heather nods “And that includes our special guest contestant?” “Yes Ma’am, she said she’s ready for anything.” “Perfect, then if there’s nothing else let’s get going.”

“Goooood evening ladies and gentlemen!” The emcee hollers to the attending audience, the blonde highlights in her black hair shining under the lights as it hugs her small frame “It’s time for everyone’s favourite game show,” she pauses “HAIR DARE!” the audience shouts “That’s right! I’m tonight’s host Charli Capellio and this episode of Hair Dare is a very special one, it’s the 100th episode!” The audience cheers wildly “To celebrate this momentous occasion tonight we’re going to have some special rules in effect.” This invokes a sound of curiosity from the audience “Yes, since this is the 100th episode we thought how else to celebrate than by increasing the grand prize by 100 times! You heard me correctly; the woman who’s willing to give away the most of her hair tonight will be going home with $1,000,000!” The audience goes wild upon hearing this “I know, isn’t that crazy!? However, with this increase in reward comes an increase in risk. The women competing will have to really prove that they’re in it to win it by cutting off an increased minimum of hair. Instead of only losing 3” of hair our brave contestants will have to cut at least one foot of their hair!” Every woman in the crowd gasps “And that’s not all, the punishment for guessing wrong has also increased. If your guess for how much hair the other woman was willing to lose is farther from the actual amount than the winner’s guess of how much you lost than you will have to lose an additional amount of hair equal to triple that of what the winner cut off!” This time the entire audience goes ballistic as they process the new rules “I know it’s astounding! That means that even if the winner only cut one more inch than the minimum they will cut thirty-nine inches off of their opponents’ heads and yes that’s right heads, because as one final special rule for the 100th episode tonight we will have four players competing!” Charli points towards the back of the stage as she says this towards two heavy curtains that fall revealing two extra podiums and barber shop facades. “Now let’s meet all 4 of our brave competitors!” The audience cheers

“First up, she’s a Food Truck Operator from Hollings, please say hello to Amber Tawny!” A smiling, bright-eyed woman walks out from the back. She’s dressed in a dark grey hoodie with a ragged Zeppelin T-shirt on over her ratty jeans and combat boots. Her hair reaches down nearly to her knees and glows fluorescent green as she stands at her podium.

“Next up, a professor of Metaphysics at Saint Mary’s University, Faith Mann!” Now revealing herself is a woman standing at most 4’5” in a maroon pencil skirt and beige blouse, she also has a pair of red rimless glasses on. Her strawberry blonde hair is tied up in a ponytail high on her head, although that doesn’t stop it from still nearly dragging on the floor

“Our third contestant is a flight attendant out of Mallondale, its Hannah Brell!” This time from the curtain appears a woman very sharply dressed in a blue and white flight attendant uniform and her black hair is pinned in a large bun, about the size of a softball, on the back of her head.

“Finally ladies and gentlemen,” Charli looks out to the audience “it’s time to reveal our super special contestant. She was born and raised right here in Kensington before finding her fame. You know her; you love her, its Hair Dare’s usual emcee, ERIKA STYLES!” The crowd goes insane again as the familiar silver hair shines under the studio lights. Erika’s hair is left down revealing that it has reached all the way to the floor and trails slightly behind her and her royal blue dress really helps the colour in it pop.

As she reaches the podium Charlie turns to the audience “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have another round of applause for our contestants!” the audience cheers once more “Now ladies pick up the pencil and paper on your podium and begin writing your guesses for each girl’s bet. While you’re doing that I’m going to come around and measure your hair.” Charli heads over to Amber’s spot, pulls out the measuring tape and has Amber hold the one part tightly to her head as she pulls the tape down to the ends of her hair. She then does this for all 3 other girls before returning to the centre stage and waiting for all the guesses to be handed in. “Amber your hair is the shortest today at 5 ½ feet, which should say something about the risks involved for today’s episode because that is almost tied for our current record of starting hair length. However after measuring all four contestant’s hair I am proud to announce that the former record has been smashed! It was at 6 feet even but congratulations Erika you now hold that record with an amazing 7 ½ feet of hair!” The audience cheer again as Erika smiles “Faith and Hannah don’t be discouraged by that you both also broke the previous record with 7 ¼ and 7 feet even respectively so you still have a lot to work with. Now with the bets in and the measuring done ladies please head into your respective shops and cut your hair!”

The four women enter their shop fronts leaving the audience to speculate on who will win and how much everyone is willing to lose. As this is happening Heather disappears from her normal spot behind the scenes and sneaks into Erika’s barbershop using a back entrance she had installed. “Good afternoon my love.” Erika says as she watches Heather come in. “I was wondering how long I was going to have to wait for you.” Heather walks over to the chair and kisses her lover passionately. “Please, you know I could barely wait for you to walk in here. I thought Charli was never going to shut up.” She laughs onto Erika’s lips “Are you ready for your haircut?” she asks. Erika runs her hands over Heather’s smooth head “I think it’s more accurate to call it a shearing no?” she laughs herself as Heather takes the cape off of the hook and places it over Erika. She then wraps a big piece of barber’s tape around her neck and secures it in place before picking up a hair tie and securing a huge ponytail at the back of Erika’s head. “This is going to take more than scissors can handle.” Heather remarks as she picks up the clippers, disregarding any guard, and flips them on. “Oh good, I didn’t want to have to waste time with those paltry things anyway.” Erika giggles “Much more fun to just get into the shaving from the start.” She says as her dress slides out from her cape and slithers to the floor. ”Oh you want to just shave through?” Heather asks smirking as she places the clippers on Erika’s forehead “Take it all off babe.” Erika grins as her hands begin to massage her clit.

Heather grabs onto Erika’s pony tight, causing a small moan to escape from the silver haired beauty’s lips, and pushes the whirring blades into her hairline leaving only fine grey stubble in its path. Erika moans again as the vibrations wash over her pleasingly. Manipulating the pony tail as a handle Heather manoeuvres Erika’s head so as to slowly peel all the hair around it off, until it is the only part that remains in a sea of stubble. “Ohhh,” Erika purrs              “you’re feeling particularly kinky today.” She says as she pulls Heather in close for another heavy kiss. “Are you thinking of leaving me with the tail and bald around it?” She asks taking a breath. “I wasn’t but now that you say it.” Heather smiles as she picks up the lather, gently massaging it around the area that once held Erika’s slate locks. “I have been waiting for this for so long!” Erika screams as her fingers again stimulate her sex and Heather begins shaving her head. “Well I’m glad you decided to wait until tonight and didn’t just show up with it done like you’ve said you were going to before.” Erika tenses as she almost orgasms in the chair, “And lose the opportunity to have you do it, Lover Girl? Not a chance.” She pants, taking in a sharp breath as Heather runs her hands over her smooth head. “Now we have the last piece, do you want to do it yourself?” Heather asks handing her the clippers. Erika looks at them for a second before shaking her head “Nah, I’d rather you finish, I’ll have my fun when we’re doing you tonight. Besides my hands have better things to do.” She coos as she continues to finger herself.

The clippers flip back on with a hum and Heather quickly removes the last pieces of hair on Erika’s head. Erika’s fingers speed up as she feels the last bits of stubble get shaved off. “Alright, you’re totally smooth.” Heather tells the horny emcee. Erika raises both her hands to her head slowly; she stares at her smooth scalp in the mirror and places them down. She gasps as she feels it for the first time and then screams again as she finally orgasms all over the chair. She takes a couple deep breaths and calms down, “That,” more panting “was the best I’ve ever had.” She smiles at Heather and Heather smiles back. “Good,” she says “now put your dress back on and go reveal yourself to your adoring public.” Heather smacks her partner’s ass as she gets out of the chair and goes through the secret door once again, returning to her post.

The other 3 girls are already outside of their shops waiting for Erika to leave as Heather sits back down in the showrunners seat. “How long have they been out?” She asks Julia. “Well Ms. Matthews, Faith has been back for nearly half an hour now, Amber for 15, and Hannah just got back only 5 minutes ago.” She responds stiffly. “Alright, and it looks like they all cut a least a noticeable amount of hair.” Heather remarks. “Yes Ma’am, Charli took the wait time to get a head start and measure out the women’s hair already. Amber cut off 50”, Hannah removed almost all of it with a 74” chop, and Faith did better than expected by taking away 33” of her hair. Now when Erika exits Charli will measure her remaining hair too and we can get figure out the winner and see if there’s any forfeits.” Heather chuckles knowingly as Julia mentions measuring Erika’s hair.

The door to Erika’s storefront opens and everyone in the room goes quiet. “Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for the reveal of our final contestant’s results!” The crowd cheers as Erika slowly walks into the doorframe, covering her head with the barber cape. “Uh-oh, it looks like she’s a bit nervous about what she’s done. Let’s cheer her up everyone!” Charli’s voice booms over the speaker system as the audience explodes into compliments and chants of “TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT OFF!” Erika saunters to the centre of the stage and slowly puts her hand on top of the cape. She makes a gesture of quiet and everyone returns to silence, slowly she grips the cape and slides it off her head letting the overhead lights reflect off her bald scalp and causing an even greater uproar than before. “OHMIGOD, she’s shaven every hair off of her head!” Charli squeals in delight “I guess there’s no need to measure you.” She jokes. Erika giggles and shakes her head no, striking a beautiful pose. “Then I guess we’ll just jump straight into the guesses and see if anyone has to do the forfeit!”

The other three women are nervous as all the cards are handed in. “Now we’re going to compare our losing contestant’s guesses to that of Erika’s and see if any of them will save their hair by guessing closer!” Charli opens the envelopes and reads them over “Amber,” the punk girl looks nervous as she’s called “you guessed that Erika would cut thirteen inches of her hair,” she becomes even more nervous at how wrong she was “while Erika guessed that you would lose fifty-one. I’m sorry but you were more off.” Amber’s eyes grow wide at hearing this and she plants her head on her podium. “Faith,” the school teacher braces to hear her results “you guessed that Erika would only cut thirty inches of her hair off,” she’s unsure if that was enough “while Erika guessed you’d cut twenty-seven. I’m sorry but you were more off.” Faith curls into a ball, not wanting to believe her fate. “And Hannah,” the flight attendant stands resolute certain she’s lost but not willing to feel ashamed or embarrassed. “you guessed that Erika would cut off sixty-three inches of her own hair and while that is the closest guess to what she did, she still managed to be closer by guessing you’d cut sixty-one of yours. I’m sorry but you were more off!” Hannah barely moves, just nodding her head in acceptance. “That means that since Erika shaved all NINETY INCHES of her hair, all three other contestants will have to lose another TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY INCHES!” The crowd goes absolutely apeshit as they realise that that means three more women are going bald tonight. “Erika, you get to do something no one here ever thought possible and shave three other contestants totally bald. How do you feel? Was it worth shaving off all of your famous locks?” Erika takes the mic from Charli and grins “Oh it was more than worth it.” She growls into the mic “You should definitely try it sometime Charli, it’d look great on you.” Erika lightly tugs on Charli’s hair, causing the interim emcee to blush. “M-maybe someday…” she titters nervously “Mmmm, today’s someday and I’ll be shaving three heads anyway.” The bald beauty stares at her seductively and the audience begins chanting “SHAVE HER TOO! SHAVE HER TOO!” “See, they agree.” Erika pushes her hand through Charli’s hair, mimicking the clippers. “We’ll see how tired you are after you’re done with them.” Charli giggles again nervously as she indicates to the other contestants waiting at Erika’s station.

Erika opens the door to the storefront and invites the losers in. “Which one of you wants to go first?” She asks, receiving nothing but blank stares. “Alright, if none of you are willing to step forward I guess I’ll just choose.” She walks right up to Faith and tugs the collar of her shirt “Come on Rapunzel, let’s get you over with first.” Faith is near catatonic as she reaches the chair and is plopped down in it unceremoniously. The cape is wrapped around her and Erika picks up the clippers “You know, I expected a lot more gripes from you.” She says to the spaced out woman. “Hello?” she waves her hand in front of her, “Rapunzel, are you in there?” she says still getting no response. She sighs and places the clippers next to Faith’s ear, flipping them on. Faith jumps at the sound and begins panicking “No please, please don’t do this!” Erika rolls her eyes “We don’t have a choice, you signed a contract right?” Faith nods on the verge of tears “Why’d you do that if you were so afraid of the risks?” Faith gulps and looks down at her crotch under the cape, Erika follows and notices a familiar pattern of movement. “Ohhhh…” she smirks “Hey Stewardess, come here.” Hannah walks forward and Erika places the clippers in her hand “You’re going to shave the scaredy-cat here, while I work on the wanna-be.” She gestures towards Amber and picks up another pair of clippers. “Hey! I am not a wanna-be!” Amber retorts as Erika gets closer to her with the machine in hand. “And I don’t know how to use these things!” Hannah exclaims in confusion. Erika sighs again “Just flip them on like so,” she turns her own device on “and push them through her hair thusly.” She says driving the clippers through Amber’s hair surprisingly quick, catching the punk off guard. “Dammit, be careful!” Amber shouts “I’m not even wearing a cape, what about my clothes? I don’t want to be itching until I can get a shower later today!” “Just take your clothes off then.” Erika replies “In fact let’s all strip, it’ll just be easier.” Erika begins by smoothly pulling her dress off her body revealing her totally naked form. Hannah is shocked at this “I will not strip in front of total strangers!” she exclaims “Well you’re the only one then.” Erika says matter-of-factly as she watches Amber disrobe and Faith’s clothes drop out from under the cape. “I, I, I, UGH!” Hannah exasperates as she begins unbuttoning her blouse and sliding her skirt off her hips.

With all the girls nude and their clothes hidden in a corner safe from hair, the shaving commences with Faith being sheared in the chair by Hannah and Amber lying on the floor with her head in Erika’s lap as she slowly buzzes her. Faith has barely made any sound aside from a moan since she sat down and was now almost totally bald. Hannah and Erika make the final pass on their respective girls’ heads simultaneously and the each go for the shaving cream and a razor, capping the girls with a helmet of white foam. The scrap of the two razors reverberates through the room mixed with the sound of moaning from both Faith and Amber. “Ohhhhh, I should ‘ve done this earlier in life. Why didn’t I do this earlier in life?” Amber says, her big brown eyes staring at Erika. “Because sweetheart, if you didn’t wait then you wouldn’t have me do it for you.” Erika giggles. The razors make their last paths and remove the final bits of stubble from the girls. Faith bursts over the chair like Erika did earlier as her head is met with the bare skin of Hannah’s hand. “I guess all that’s left is you know isn’t it Hannah?” Erika smiles at the still haired air hostess. “Yeah, weirdly enough I can’t wait after seeing this.” She indicates to the two women blissfully sitting in piles of their own hair smiling herself as she gently pulls Faith out of the chair.

Erika walks over with the clippers and begins to shave away the last of the hair in the room. The feeling is so foreign and pleasing to Hannah that she can’t help but let out a moan like Faith was. “Hooooooly shit! I can’t imagine how amazing this feels!” her response causes a chuckle from the other women in the room. “We told you.” Erika says through her laughter. Soon enough Erika has stripped the rest of the hair from Hannah’s head, she starts to go for the cream and razor and then stops. “Amber,” she calls to the youngest woman “would you like to do the honours?” Amber jumps up and grabs the supplies “I’d love to, but what about Faith?” she asks. “I don’t think Faith will mind.” Erika laughs as she looks at the schoolteacher still masturbating in the corner running her hand over her head.

Amber sprays the foam over Hannah’s head and begins massaging it in, eliciting another moan of pleasure from the former blonde. The razor scraping again echoes through the room as the final head is denuded. The moment feels like it lasts forever as Amber begins shaving the final part of Hannah’s scalp. Erika notices that she’s been holding her breath the entire shave. As Amber removes the razor from Hannah’s head for the final time, Hannah places her hands on her head. “OH. MY. GOD!” she squeals in delight upon feeling it “This is amazing! Everyone c’mon, FEEL IT!” she practically begs as she grabs the other ladies’ hands and puts them on her head. The other girls all laugh at this reaction and get in their rubs and pats. “Okay ladies, I think it’s well past time that we made our final appearance for the night.” Erika says as she stands at the exit to the shop and the other women stand behind her, clothes returned to their bodies, ready to reveal their newly shaved scalps to the world.

The audience dies down to a hush as they see the door open, Charli and the backstage crew all turn at the movement, Heather smiles from her seat. The lights shine down hard and reflect off of 4 bare scalps all leaving the storefront. The audience erupts in cheer seeing this and Charli grabs her mic and joins them “There we are ladies and gentlemen, our wonderful contestants!” The four ladies all wave and rub their heads as they thank the audience and head backstage once again. Erika hangs back and looks at Charli before leaving, she mouths the words “You’re lucky.” with a smile and causing the emcee to fluster yet again as she runs her hands over her hair. Charli puts a smile back on her face as she addresses the audience for the final time “Thank you everyone for joining us for this spectacular special episode of everyone’s favourite game show…” she pauses for the audience to finish “HAIR DARE!!!

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  1. I know you haven’t posted a story in some time, but it would be great if you wrote another story featuring the Wyld Style’s crew. Maybe one involving Julia and Charli getting their own heads shaved. It would also be nice a small conclusion of Alex and Chiho’s story, maybe meeting again and shaving their heads again.

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