Hair feitsh baber part-3

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As we left off counties…..

She call me to her house. I go in and sit. She sat near me and we talk for 2:00 hrs and I said it’s late for lunch she said sorry I forget that we are in serious talking so we forget the time and she wait for a hour I will make a lunch.

I said don’t for that, can we go restaurant for lunch like date???

She said so you calling me for a date. She smiled and said yes we can go.

As soon as she get ready we go to restaurant. I asked her what is your age she said 22. I think fine she is my age. Before she ask me a question I began to ask all questions about what you like? And did you willing to get married and what is your job,she said she was a bank manager and salary was 50,000.she said interesting and I think you had a crush on me? I said no I had love one you. She said I will think about that Varun you created a Major​ attraction on me see you later bye. She left the place. I asked can we both go together by walking. She said hmm and we went home.

I fall asleep on 9:30pm because tomorrow my shop was full working day.

In morning I opened​ my shop…. I go for a small work for outside while my shop was open I went for 5min.After I return to 5customer waiting in the waiting area. I explain about..

1. Long Pixies cut hair women around 29.

2. Long hair (not so long) in boys style around 32.

3. shoulder length bob around 24.

4. Long texted bob with bangs around 36 .

5. Very long Pixies with undercut around 21.

I can’t imagine this much Customer visit my shop at same time.coming to the point. I entered the shop and I said the I am the baber how can I help you ma’am. The 5 asked me are you open the shop few days ago I said yes.

I call the the first women to sit the baber chair,the 1.long Pixies women. I tell her to sit and took the cape and put on her and asked what is name ma’am she said my name is latha. I asking how can I style your hair. She said cut my hair very short in sides and little bit longer​ in the top. I said latha which guard can I use in the top 4 or 5. She said 3 is fine because it will set for summer. I said it’s to hot can I use 4? She said ok fine, I regularly use the 3 only and 1 in the sides. I asked can I began she said you can start.

I took the comb and I began to comb I spary water on her hair. I comb the the top part and twisted it and make a bun put a clip to secure it. I switched on the cillper putting 1st guard. I bend her head and I started at back . By rising the cillper up slowly and again and again and move to the sides and began to sides cillping off the hairs. Now I realise the top hair I load the cillper 4 guard and run straight in the forehead and counting the process. Now she look like a boy . I dust the hair the dress and she get and pay me and said your good at this I will visit regularly your​ shop for trimming Varun. Next a aunty automatically sit in the chair I asked her . She said  mushroom cut. I tell her tell me more it many styles in mushroom cut. She said full shave in sides and a long bangs and level evenly.

I took the cape and put it on her and spary water on her hair. And took the guard of the cillper. I use cillper without guard and with the help of comb. My one hand had a comb and another with the cillper. I didn’t know about mushroom cut . I suddenly got a idea I say me.bean episode I do a mushroom cut wth the bowl. So took the bowl I use put used razor balde. Put it in her head and everyone laughed . I said it with make my job easy. I shave the nape complete. I shave the rest place below the bowl . I after I finish I took the bowl and give a finishing touch and dust her . She stood up and pay and leave.

3. Long bob women she is sexy, I tell he to sit in the chair. She sat and asked me are living in that flat . I said yes. Good I am in that 2nd floor. She said few times she saw me. She asked my name I said Varun she said my name is getha. I put cape and I asked which hairstylist do you choose she said chin length bob she said we in same building I trust you Varun. I said yes you can . I asking her what can I use the scissor or cillper. She said scissor. I said ok then it’s cillper. I spary water in her head and bend her head and attached a 2nd guard in cillper for nape (she didn’t tell me for nape shave). I began to buzz the nape the feeling I get when the hair fall on my toes with the sound of cillper. After buzzing the nape. I took the comp and long pair of scissor and put the comb in the correct chin length. I began cut by snip and snip I repat the same on the other side also. After finishing her head I took off the cape and dust her dress. She pay me and said I will visit here​ for trim like this and see you soon. She was damn sexy in the t-shirt and shorts the bob is suit her. I think if I had chance I can get her number. And I move to the next Customer.

4. The long texted bob with bangs. I asked what can I do for you. She said just trim my band a inch it’s get in my eyesight. She moved to the baber chair. I said it’s on a long cut it’s little cut,so just stand up I will finish it. I asked above the eyebrows or below ? She said above.i took the comb and comb her bangs and put the comb on  above the eyebrows a inch and took the cillper and began to cillp it off after finishing. She pay me I Sai it’s free. She leaves the shop happily.

5. Long Pixies with nape shaved. Came and sit in the chair. While I dusting the cape she began to talk she Said she was living in the next door. I began to talk I said I watched you sometimes. She said  too and she said her name is Visalia. I asked what are you doing. And are you living alone?? She said she is living with her grandmother. And she searching for a job but didn’t get any. I said it tough for job that why I open a shop or I will need a engineer.then I asked which hairstyle do you choose she said she here for free summer headshave. I asked why you shave this. She said she had any money for shampoo, so shave it off will be a solution. She then turn her head and asked me are you the only Baber . I said yes. She asked can you make a another baber in your shop you got 2 chairs. I said it fine but you didn’t know about cutting hair. She said I know about I cut my hair by own. I said fine I will give a chance, suddenly my phone rang I attend​ call it’s Seema she said today 6:00pm can we go for a date. I stund and said told yes . She cut the call.  I said Visalia I will give a chance prove it. She get up the chair and asked what. I said cut my hair I am going for a function. I sat in the chair , she cape and and asked which style do you want Varun. I said man bun buzz the sides too short and leave the top for make little pony tail, my hair is long enough to make a ponytail. She said yes. She began work by combing my hair and separate top hair and put a clip and she took the clipper and attached a 2guard and said I know about cillper I used it many varun don’t worry. I said I trust you. If you impresse me you got a job here. She bend my head and start at the back she swipe the cillper a big chunk of hair fall on the cape and repeat the process until by back buzzed. She moved to my sides my buzzing she hold my cheek like a child while buzzing my side after she finishes she took the clip from the top and comb the hair and took scissor and cut it enough to make a ma’am bun. For final touch she gather my hair and put a rubber band in the bun. I simply impressed, I tell her about the condition for the job while she dust me. I said your salary is 50% from the profit In the shop every month I gave a 15,000 advance for the job. She thanked me. I said one more condition you must Cha your hairstyle that must be different and in different colors, so tomorrow morning I will give a awesome haircut that you must maintain. She said yes. I said you can began your job today onwards, I will get you spare key for the shop, open the shop soon, she was yes boss. I tell her your not my employer, think that your my partner. She said I will do this Varun.

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