Hair feitsh barber part-2(new friends)

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This story is different for first…..

I wake in the morning 6:00am and get ready in 7:00am I close my door then I call my the negaibour​ women and she said come in. I went to her house I asked why you call me here.

She said ,you will get it soon.she tell me to sit in the sofa. She brings a tea we both began to talk. She said her name rekka  ,she was alone living and parents are died 5year ago .i said whenever you want help ask me. She asked me I watched you, you began stare at me always.

I said will watch the beauty for the women I admire it because I am a hairstylist I cannot turn my head if a women had a beautiful hair

She smiled and said thx your​ the only male to says I am beautiful. I gave her my visiting card and my personal whenever you need me.she gave her number. She said thx and soon she will call. We talk for a hour and suddenly a call.

I said I have to go bye and rekka said bye see you soon.i attend the a women asked are you a baber I replied yes I am you got a job. The opposite of your shop there is apartment come to the 1st floor I replied ma’am I am living in the apartment can you let the room number. She room number 17 and come soon. She cut the call.

I got a spare haircut kit in my room I put all stuff in the bag and move to the 1st floor room number 17 I ring the bell. I 28year old Gujarat women welcome me are you the Baber? I said yes.she tell me sit the chair. She women was so damn sexy in the morden t-shirt and jeans. I noticed that her hair was reach her butt. She said wait her daughter will come in 5min.she gave me a tea and she began to talk she and her daughter living and her husband in aboard.

I asked ma’am the haircut is for you. Because you will suit in the bob cut I began to filter. She said no the haircut for her daughter she said she will explain later.

I said ma’am you so beautiful in that dress she was smiling and we both began to filter. I said ma’am trim you Hair I will be super she said after her daughter cut.

I asked why your daughter need haircut she said her daughter was not studying and always styling her hair and time wasting. Ok ma’am arrange the chair where the mirror can we faced she said in the bathroom. While we both arranging the door bell rang. Her daughter was smoking hot with morden look and her hair was up to her hip.She was 16yrs old. She entered house shocked asked her who was he. Her mom said he is my old friend and he is a Baber . Her daughter asked why he is here. Her mom said for a haircut . Her daughter asked you want to cut your hair. Her mom reply not for me for you young lady. Her daughter was shocked and cried and said don’t do that I love my hair

Her mom explain honey do it now then your future will be nice. Her daughter then agree and moved to the chair.

When she sit, I said I forget my cape. Her mom replied don’t need for that do it as it’s.

I began to remove the rubber band from the ponytail and the hair pins. Now her daughter was in loose hair and it cover the chair back side and her face. I asked which hairstylist you want ma’am . Her mom moved​ to her and put fingers through her hair and said too short in the back and side I want to see the sclaps on there and the top want to be long enough to make little pony because we need to diy her hair in red color. Her daughter began scold her mother that was to short and she will ugly in that while she sitting in the chair she pull her mother braid and said see you want to have long hair and you will show with me uhh?

Her mother began to cry and she whipped her tears and she said start cutting.

I began to separate the part of having in her head. First I spary and comb her hair for 2min

And separate the top part of hair and make a ponytail in the top and few inches away from the scalp I put the another rubber band for the little ponytail. I let the sides​ and back of the Hair hangout. I bend her head until it touch her breast and she can’t watch what going on and I said to her don’t move you head it will leave bald spot.

I took a cillper and put the 2nd guard…Her mother stop me asked what did you attach to that. I said it’s a guard it will various inch’s. I 1st guard is 1/2inch and the 2nd it will suit for the cut.her mother asked what if you didn’t put a guard I said it will leave a bald spot it for full cut to the skin.

Her mother told me to remove the guard and shave to her skin the sides and the back.her daughter didn’t hear it.

I remove the guard and turn on the cillper but it didn’t turn on. The electrical socket was not working . Her mom move to the bedroom search for the extension cord I follow her to the bedroom. While she was bend searching the drawer her hair was below her butt on her rubber band which secure for braid her is exactly on the tailbone touching. Her braid fall down aside her she put in the back again while I watching she get up and saw me said I find it here is the extension cord I pulg in the living room the wire length will reach the bathroom.

She asked why you watching my back. I got caught and said I admire of your hair but a Miner problem. She said what is the problem. I said the hair is to long but we can fix this by cutting a 5cm above that rubber band. She get excited and said do it after the my daughter hair competed I said it is 1min job if you accept??. She then do it quickly I will bring the scissor. I said don’t of that you asked me that how does the cillper work I will show you. I told her to bend and touch the floor and I said it will easy my job . She bend and her hand touch the floor her hair fall ad touch the floor. I grab the tip of her hair and place it in her butt and I plug on the cillper it roar hmmmmmmmmhmmhmhmhmhmmhmh…….    I asked are you ready she said I am ready. In my one hand there is a cillper and another hand her hair . I put the cillper above the rubber band and I began to start the cillper sound change when it touch the hair kzkzkkkzkzkzkkzkzkzkzkkzkz……It can be heard. The hair was come off the braid I make sure it cut correct and I leave the braid to fall on the floor it unbraid it self. I told her to stand up .As she did I gave her the hair that cut and said it’s.this cut is free for this beautiful lady. She Said thanks . We forget my daughter cut. And we both move the bathroom . Again I on my cillper without guard put in the nape region of her head and began to buzz it. My first swipe was give a bald patch in the back of her head.the hair fall to the floor. Her mother said do same in the sides.

I move the left side and told her daughter to lay down her head right side. I put the cillper near the ear the szhazhsz szhszhszhszhszgszh. The some heard and I move the cillper above the ear as soon as I finish the left side I move to the right I repeat the same on that right side and took more time for a clean shave sides the floor filled with the wet Hair. I sprayed her top hair again and put the scissor on the second rubber band and cutting the ponytail and after and the small ponytail stay there for hair color.

She and her mom discussed and they said purple color I began to mix that color and remove the rubber band and diy her hair and after completing diy put back the rubber band .As soon as it set her daughter didn’t cried she said this awesome and took selfies with be I told both of them to get trim for every month . Her mother said we will do it. I said I will give apponment for both of you every month I will come to your house and I will do trimming for you. We become closer and her daughter call me as a friend I gave my number to her daughter and her mother . While I taking to them I see the time it is 11:55am it late and today is half day for my shop. I tell to her mom and I asked what is your name she said my name is Seema and my daughter name is youva. I said seems we both become friends didn’t we seema said yes we are friends. I told her your my last Customer today it about to close time because today is half day. I said bye to youva and I walk to the door Seema came to and asked me and can we go for a date?, I blinked, she said I will tell the time Varun soon.i said your husband, she said we going to get divorce. I said then fine. She said come to online daily ,I said yes I will. I move to my house. I think and I forget my payment I tell myself I can ask later my payment and a dovit.

As I was entering my flat negaibour​ rekka in the door calling me if I was free we can talk I said in part-3

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